Living With Aunt Jane


"Damn Brian, your cum is so hot and sweet."

Aunt Jane and I switched places. She spread her fat thighs to reveal a nice dark patch of hair covering her cunt.

"You like your Aunt's fat hairy cunt?" she asked.

"Oh Aunt Jane I fucking love your big hairy cunt."

"Feel how wet sucking you off has made me," she grinned, "eat my fat cunt baby."

Aunt Jane lifted her belly so I could get a better angle at her hairy bush. I reached out and palmed her hairy cunt, slipping my middle finger inside her juicy, wet slit. I fingered and licked my Aunt's pussy for what seemed like an hour. I removed my fingers from my Aunt's cunt and replaced them with my lips. Sucking and licking my Aunt's tasty cunt until I had her wide fat ass squirming all over the bed. I pulled her fat cunt lips apart with my thumbs and ate her juicy cunt.

"Oh yes Brian I love it" moaned my Aunt, "Put a finger inside my asshole baby, finger my fat ass."

I reached under her fat ass, licked my finger and gently inserted my finger up her ass.

"Um oh yes Brian."

My Aunt was driving her fat ass down onto my finger as I continued to eat her hairy treat. Aunt Jane moaned uncontrollably as she came in my mouth, squealing and squirming like a slut as I sucked her clit deep into my mouth. Her cum was so wet and tasty..

"Fuck me now Brian, fuck me hard, I want to feel your thick young hard cock deep inside me" cried my Aunt.

I got up on my knees and positioned my thick cock right in front of Aunt Jane's wet hairy cunt. I eased my prick into her hole and pushed. I grabbed her belly into my hands and began rocking it, pushing in deeper. Harder and faster I pumped into her fat cunt.

"Yes, Yes, oh god yes Brian I love your hard cock" moaned my Aunt.

I continued to fuck my Aunt's fiery fat cunt. Thrusting harder and faster. As much as I hated to, I stopped and had my Aunt get on her hands and knees. I wanted to fuck her doggie style. I grabbed her wide hips and placed my cock back into Aunt Jane's furry hole and went back to pounding. I moved my hands on top of her ass and squeezed her heavy cheeks as my cock buried deeper inside of her.

"Oh yes baby play with my big ass"

I licked my middle finger and gently placed it at the center of her ass, slowly pushing it inside.

"Umm yes, harder fuck me harder, fuck your Aunt's nasty cunt baby."

"Oh yeah Aunt Jane you nasty slut I know you love my cock inside your hot incest loving pussy."

"Oh yes I love it in my pussy but I want it in my ass too."

I slide my cock out of her wet cunt and leaned down and licked Aunt Jane's fat hole. I eased my throbbing head past Aunt Jane's big cheeks and deep inside her heavy hole. God now I was really in heaven fucking her fat asshole. I fucked and fucked harder and harder.

"Brian, oh Brian yes fuck my slutty fat hole."

I could feel my balls tightening as my cum burned inside my cock. I had to cum soon. But I wanted more of her fat cunt. I removed my cock from her ass and slide it back into her hairy cunt. Ramming and fucking harder and harder. Jane belly was bouncing back and forth as I rammed into her cunt.

"I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum Aunt Jane," I moaned.

Hearing this Aunt Jane pulled away and moved so she could wrap her lips around my cock. Seconds later my throbbing cock erupted. I could feel my cum spurting from my cock and down Aunt Jane's throat. Licking and sucking for all she was worth, again Aunt Jane didn't miss a drop. As the last drop of cum oozed from my cock I collapsed next to my Aunt Jane.

After we recovered my Aunt Jane said "Oh Brian I'm so glad you decided to come and stay with your Aunt."

"Aunt Jane, so am I" I replied.

From that day on my Aunt Jane and I continued to fuck every which way we could. Our fuck sessions have become even more intense and more erotic. I could never have thought living with Aunt Jane could have turned out like this.

* * * * *

This is my second story and I wish to thank all those who contacted me about my first story (Mom's Nasty Boy). I would love to hear comments from anyone who enjoyed this story or have had either fantasies or real life occurrences with an older fat woman or mother. Please write I will answer all mail that is sent… thanks. Please be sure to indicate your sex and age when writing.

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