Living With Daddy Ch. 1


"Baby you awake?" He whispered.

"Mmmm, Daddy?" I mumbled quietly, sleepily.

"Can I come in?"

He shut the door behind him and my eyed adjusted to the dark room again. I saw his body towering over my bed. I looked up and felt my heart thundering through my little breast. I felt the covers being pulled away from my body. Then his huge hand was on my belly, too. He covered my hand which was also there, and he began to stroke my belly lightly. I moaned.

"Ohhh Daddy..."

He sat on the side of my bed and moved my hand away.

"Shhh just lie there, my little baby...just lie there and feel Daddy loving you..."

I moaned again, whimpering as I breathed. I could hear his breathing in the quiet, dark room. I wanted to reach out, to hurry him up, to touch him, to touch him deeper and fuck him and have him fuck me. It was agony not to be able to touch him. But I just lay there, following his instructions.

He ran his hand over my belly, then lifted up my night dress and touched my bare abdomen. I wore my tiny G string panties and they were soaked through. He touched my pussy, pressing down and swirling his hand over the soft, downy fuzz of hair. He slid one finger between the lips of my dripping pussy and began to toy with me lightly.

Daddy leant down over me and I felt his lips touching my cheek, then on my mouth. We kissed lightly for a moment, then he slid his tongue between my lips and I felt it roaming through my mouth. Daddy's tongue in my mouth licked all inside, over my own tongue, around my teeth, to the back of my throat where his cock head had rubbed so well. His slick, wet tongue was almost greasy, soft and so hot against mine. We kissed deeply and I moved my hips up to meet his hand harder. I wrapped my legs around his hand and tried to grind my pussy against his wrist.

He pulled away, "Ohhh baby your cunt is so hot..."

"For you, Daddy!" I gasped, "Make me cum, Dad, please!"

He pulled his hand out from my thigh-grip and pulled my panties down over my thighs, then all the way over my ankles until they were loose in his hand.

He held them to his face and inhaled their honey scent. I reached out to stroke his arms.

"God, little baby, you smell divine..."

He knelt at the end of the small bed and pulled me down so that my legs were lifted up high over his shoulders. I felt his tongue licking my thighs and I writhed around on the bed, gasping and crying out for him to hurry up.

This was like a dream. I felt Dad's hands on my ass as he parted the lips of my cunt, and he suddenly dove into my cunt like an animal in heat. He began to work on my hot, juicy pussy with his mouth and his face. His tongue lapped and licked at my cunt, eating me out. I cried out, my arms flailing out into the dark air of my bedroom. His tongue flicked over my clit, circling in heavy, gentle motions, licking it up and up again, fleshy waves of tongue motion. I cried out, tried to grab at his head as he licked my pussy.

"Daddy! Fuck me!" I begged. "Ohhh!"

I came in a torrent of pleasure. I bucked wildly up against his face, cumming too quickly to savour it and enjoy it. He drank me in, licked up every drop of honey, then set me back down on the bed, breathless and tingling, my entire body felt as if it was humming.

I didn't know because I couldn't see him in the darkness, but he was hard again. I didn't feel his rock-hard cock until he climbed up over me on the bed. I felt his heavy weight pressing down on me and he began to maul my breasts with his grunting, hungry mouth. I wrapped my arms around his back. He was naked, fully naked on top of me.

"I'm going to ram my cock inside your sweet little tired pussy, baby."

"Mmm Dad.."

He parted my legs and I pressed my ankles into his ass so that I was spread open underneath him. He began to stroke his fat stone of a cock against my wet pussy, teasing me for a moment. He kissed my mouth again, that deep kiss which rocked through my body in one easy motion. Finally I felt his cock pressing and bobbing against my pussy lips, widening so that he might fit inside me. I felt his fingers playing with my clit again.

"Daddy's little girl." He whispered.

"Oh fuck me, please.....please Daddy, please!?"

"Oh God, I love that." He grunted and pushed his cock into my pussy deeply.

He began to rock against me, shoving his cock up further into my cunt hole, pulled it out again and ramming it up inside me again. All the white his fingers tickled and teased my sore clit, spreading my cum around the base of his cock and around my pussy lips, around my clit so that I was wet all over and so was he.

"God Dad... more, deeper."

He pulled my legs up so that they were around his neck, and he pushed himself up off the bed, grabbing hold of the bed-head behind me. My cunt was wide open and tight to his cock and he rammed himself into me again, building up a delicious rhythm as we fucked. We moved against and with each other, I milked his prick when he was inside, then as he'd pull out I'd make it hard for him to do so, pulling him deeper inside me. Then he'd slip back inside me easily and follow the same motion over and over.

"Oh sweetheart!" He grunted again, his voice and breath thick and heavy in his chest as he broke my pussy, writhing and swollen and thick with cum. I lifted my body up against his. He pounded me and raised himself up so that we were fucking harder and deeper. He shoved his hard prick into me as we both felt the oncoming surge of pleasure and orgasm. It built up in me in huge waves. I cried out again, gasping in time with him.

"I'm your baby, I'm your baby, your little girl."

"Daddy's little baby....." He stammered as he began to fuck my cunt quicker.

I felt his cock swelling up inside me as he shoved the deepest, hardest stroke inside me. I felt the cum explode up into my belly but he kept ramming it up into me. I whimpered again and came in a burst of ecstasy and cries. Tears spilled out the sides of my eyes and I squeezed them tightly shut. 'Daddy's cum in my womb. Oh God, Dad's cock in my cunt!' I thought to myself, in disbelief, as I came harder.

I rocked against him a little more and he groaned, feeling me cumming on his cock. He pulled out of me and I felt more cum oozing out, filling my pussy, belonging to both of us. I moaned loudly and he fell on me, exhausted. I could hardly breathe, but it felt great. I kissed his mouth again, licking around between his lips, through his beard. He tasted salty and spicy. I could taste my own cum on his mouth. I licked his tongue.

His cock shuddered and he pulled away from me finally with a loud, satisfied moan.

"Ohh baby, I love you."

"I love you too."

"I think we should go to my bed."

I agreed, and he took my hand in his, lifting me up off the small, wet bed.

He led me into his bedroom where we lay down together in his big, warm, solid bed. I cuddled up into his huge, sweaty frame, and fell asleep, the sensation of his cock wet and warm in my hand.

To Be Continued...

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