tagLoving WivesLiving With Lust Ch. 04

Living With Lust Ch. 04


Maggie tidied herself up while I carefully tucked my stiff and sticky dick back into my jeans. We were once more presentable – although probably not completely respectable, because Maggie always wears a lazy, slightly smug expression for an hour or two afterwards, which to me is a dead giveaway as to what she's been doing. She might as well wave a banner announcing she's just been fucked, it's so obvious. I didn't mind though. Far from it. I thought it was great that the woman I loved was so at ease with herself that she didn't care if people could guess she'd just had sex.

I backed the car carefully out of its concealment and we rejoined the road. Half an hour later (we overshot the road up to the farmhouse and it took a good ten minutes for us to realise, turn round and retrace our route) we pulled into a parking area some twenty yards from the house. I turned off the engine and for a moment or two we sat there, feeling the heat seeping into the car once more, now that the air-conditioning was off, while we studied the building.

From where we were parked, I was gratified to note it looked everything the advert said it would be. Although the style and building materials were typical of the region, the construction was clearly recent. The plants and shrubs around the building were well-tended and the crazy-paved path leading from the parking area and disappearing around the side of the house was neat and weed-free.

'I like it,' Maggie announced. 'I think this is going to be pretty much as we hoped.'

'I like the look of her, too,' I grinned, drawing Maggie's attention to the girl who had appeared and was now approaching us with a smile of welcome.

'Down boy,' Maggie said warningly. 'I think someone has sent their daughter to meet us. She looks too young to be anything else.'

Initially I agreed with Maggie but, by the time the girl reached the car I realised that the sway of her slim hips and the enticing way her small, bra-less breasts jiggled, suggested considerably more experience than her youthful appearance and innocent expression would indicate. The bold and appraising way she ran her eyes over me as I climbed out of the car added to my impression that here was a girl who had seen her share of bedrooms.

'Welcome!' she greeted us in what I thought was a delightfully sexy voice as she extended a small hand for us to shake. 'I'm Gina and I'm guessing you two are Maggie and Charlie.'

'Indeed we are,' I smiled back at her, unable to stop my eyes drifting from her wide, sexy mouth, to her small, high breasts and then down to her neat waist and long, slim legs.

She returned my smile with a knowing one of her own. What woman isn't aware of being checked-out? Far from being perturbed or embarrassed she took my scrutiny as her due – as all attractive women do – and, after asking us to follow her inside, she turned to lead the way and, in doing so, gave me the opportunity to admire her nicely rounded ass. I grabbed our two cases while Maggie scooped up our hand luggage and we walked around the end of the house.

The view across the valley opened right up as the land dropped gently away to a small, tree-lined river before rising up again on the other side. However the scenery, stunning as it was, couldn't compete with the two women sitting casually on the terrace by the swimming pool. I presumed the two men in the pool were the women's partners but I wasn't interested in them. The women, however, were something else again.

Whilst neither of them seemed as good-looking as Maggie, the fact that younger of the two was stark naked while the other wore only a tiny thong, made up for a lot. Unfortunately, Gina led us inside without allowing me the chance to get a good look at our fellow guests – and potential sex partners – and instead showed us into a large and airy room dominated by a huge bed. Almost as an afterthought, there was a wardrobe against one wall, a dressing table against another and two large armchairs.

'That's a big bed!' Maggie gasped. 'Are they this big in all the rooms?'

'Of course,' Gina smiled, glancing at me, 'they need to be, in case you decide to bring some friends back. What do you think, Charlie? Will there be enough room for you?'

The way she was smiling at me, it was like she'd have been more than happy to demonstrate to Maggie that there was plenty of space to play in.

'I would think so,' I smiled back, nodding slowly and noting how her nipples had suddenly become very obvious.

'Yes, well, I'll leave you two to settle in. The en-suite is through there,' she pointed towards a door next to the wardrobe. 'We're expecting James and Claire anytime now. Daisy-Mae and her husband, Karl and Pete and his wife, Sue, you saw by the pool. Mick and I will serve drinks on the terrace at six when the idea will be for us all to introduce ourselves before dinner. After that . . . '

Her eloquent shrug left us in no doubt that she fully expected things to kick-off straight away. Then she gave us both a last smile, before slipping away.

We waited a few moments to ensure she was out of earshot before speaking. Maggie went to sit and then lie on the bed, finally rolling about on it.

'You could get lost in this thing,' she giggled.

'I'd find you,' I grinned.

'Huh! Not if little Miss Perky-Nipples has her way! I swear if I wasn't here she'd be testing the bed springs with you right now.'

'You think?' I laughed.

'Admit it, you fancy her.'

'I admit it,' I grinned. 'But there's any number of women I fancy. That doesn't mean I'd do anything about it.'

'Maybe not normally,' she muttered darkly, 'but the whole point of a swingers' holiday is that everyone is available. If you fancy someone – and they fancy you – you fuck. And she made it very clear that she fancies you. I bet you, right here and now, that you fuck Gina at some point this holiday.'

'What time is it?' I asked, refusing to be drawn.


My change of subject confused her.

'What time is it?' I repeated.

'Nearly half-past four. Why?' she asked, rolling onto her stomach.

'I want to lick your pussy.'


'I want to lick your pussy,' I said, joining her on the bed. 'I want to lick, suck, tongue-fuck, finger-fuck and generally make a pig of myself between those lovely legs of yours. Then I want to hook your ankles over my shoulders and fuck you senseless.'

'Oh. Okay,' she agreed and started to undress.

At six o'clock, feeling ridiculously nervous, we presented ourselves on the terrace where the same four people we had seen when we first arrived were already gathered. Gina was also there looking even younger in a loose, summery dress that just about reached the middle of her slim thighs. As we nodded our greetings another couple came out of the house to join us.

'Ah. Good. Everyone's here,' Gina smiled in greeting, walking round with a tray offering everyone drinks. 'Except Mick, of course. You'll meet him at dinner. Right now he's cooking up a storm for us all. Oh, can I just say, the drinks I'm offering – and the wine we serve with your meals – are with our compliments. However, if you would like a drink from the bar at any other time – and all you have to do is ask – we must ask you to pay for them. Of course, if you want to buy your own alcohol from a shop or supermarket, then please feel free to do so.

'Right. Let's do the introductions. I'm Gina and, along with my husband Mick, I own this little hotel. Mick – his real name's Michelangelo by the way, but that's too much of a mouthful, especially at crucial moments. Can you imagine it? "Oh, yes, yes, Michelangelo, yes!" Much easier to just say, "Mick".'

There was a round of smiles and a few laughs. Daisy-Mae – the girl who had been naked earlier, I realised – raised a few more when she said in an aside loud enough for us all to hear: 'Personally, I like to have my mouth full at certain crucial moments.'

'I met Mick in Florence,' Gina continued. 'I spent a year there as part of my art degree and he was cooking at my favourite restaurant. I nearly didn't want to come back to England to finish my degree but my parents, who weren't too pleased about me falling for an Italian chef – that was before they'd tasted his cooking, mind – said if I finished my course and still felt the same about Mick, then they wouldn't stand in my way.

'As you've probably gathered, I did and they didn't.'

'That all sounds very romantic,' Claire smiled. 'But, judging from your age, you haven't been married long, how did the hotel for swingers come about?'

'Mick's dream was to be the cook in his own hotel so we were always looking to have a place like this but, as to the swinging side of things, well . . .' she paused to give us a raunchy grin, 'let's just say that, although I missed Mick during my final year at university, I wasn't what you might call celibate. And, as he admitted when I nipped over to see him from time to time, neither was he.

'We agreed that, as long as we were apart it would be okay to allow ourselves some casual sex. In fact, if anything it convinced us even more that we were right for each other because even though weren't being faithful, we still missed each other like crazy and wanted to be with each other. If nothing else, it proved our relationship wasn't based purely on lust.

'Getting married didn't stop us having opportunities to have sex with other people and we decided that, as long as we were open about it, it might be fun to take advantage of them. When Mick inherited enough money to buy and restore this place, we thought we'd see if there was a market for swingers holidays. And, so far, so good,' she smiled. 'So, Daisy-Mae, that's our story. Would you like to share yours?'

'Sure,' Daisy-Mae grinned, looking round us all to make sure we were listening.

She had put on a loose, sleeveless vest that, whilst not actually transparent, was nevertheless thin enough to allow us to see her breasts had large, dark aureoles. The short, pleated skirt showed off her long, slim legs to good advantage.

'I had a fairly strict, religious upbringing,' she began, 'and I was nineteen when I let Karl take my virginity. I have to say sex just blew me away and I kicked myself for waiting so long. For the next year or so I went wild. All a guy had to do was tell me he wanted to fuck me and I'd let him. But I still kept coming back to you, didn't I honey?'

Karl smiled proudly and nodded his agreement.

'Much as I enjoyed sex with other men,' Daisy-Mae continued, 'there was something about the way Karl did it to me that made me keep coming back for more. Of course, he wasn't just sitting around waiting for me to call. He was getting his share too.'

'But Daisy-Mae remained the best I'd had,' Karl chipped in, 'so I didn't mind her playing around as long as she allowed me my share.'

'It didn't take us long to realise that no matter how many other people we did it with,' Daisy-Mae resumed, 'we had this thing going between us. So we decided the best solution would be to make sure that when we fucked other people, we did it at the same time.'

'So I found us a swingers' club,' Karl shrugged, 'and we've never looked back.'

'And when we saw your ad,' Daisy-Mae smiled at Gina, 'we thought we'd have the best of both worlds – a European holiday and the chance to get down and dirty with some new folks.'

'Well, let's hope you're not disappointed,' Gina laughed. 'Anyone else like to share their naughty pasts with us?'

I could feel Maggie plucking up the nerve to speak but Pete put his hand up before her and, receiving a nod of encouragement from Gina, took a step forward.

'I'm Pete and this is my wife, Sue,' he began. 'We're both in our early thirties, no kids, good jobs. We've always liked reading and watching porn and we've tried just about everything two people can do. Neither of us wanted our sex lives to become stale or predictable so we decided the way forward would be to keep things fresh and add variety by taking on additional partners. If we liked it, great. If we didn't, well, we'd look for something else.'

'Obviously we spent a lot of time talking about it,' Sue joined in, 'and we couldn't decide if we wanted another male, another female, one of each or what. All the permutations we came up with sounded as though they could be fun in their own way and we figured the best way to find out which we preferred would be to get together with a group like we have here – and do some experimenting.'

Gina gave a broad smile of approval.

'So, you're willing to try girl-on-girl?' she asked Sue.

'Definitely,' Sue nodded firmly.

'How about you, Pete, are you interested in trying guy-on-guy?'

'Let's just say, if everything felt right, I might be prepared to try it,' he replied warily.

'Fair enough,' Gina nodded. 'I'm sure we all appreciate your honesty. Anyone else?'

She looked at me and Maggie and then Claire and James. This time Maggie was ready.

'I'm Maggie and this is my husband Charlie. Until about six months ago neither of us had shown any sign of expanding our experience of sex and, if I'm honest, we've now come to realise that, although we were happy with things as they were, our sex lives had become predictable and mundane.

'Then I had a one-night-stand. It wasn't premeditated or in any way deliberate, I was just away from home, lonely, more than a little drunk and feeling horny. I was at a conference and one of the other delegates was very attentive. To cut a long story short I spent the night with him.

'It was a revelation. The sex was unbelievable – not because we did anything different, so much as I'd forgotten about the thrill of doing it with someone new. I returned home feeling guilty for having had the fling, but grateful that I'd been reminded as to how good sex could be. Charlie was quick to spot there was something bothering me and I told him what had happened. To my surprise he was as understanding as he was upset – but it proved to be a turning point in our sex lives.

'We became more open about what we liked and disliked. We became less inhibited and we started trying all manner of things as a result. We also discussed our fantasies and we both discovered that the idea of watching each other having sex with someone else was a real turn-on. Of course the reality may turn out to be totally different, but we decided that, since we'd enjoyed everything else we'd tried, we had to try watching each other at least once, just so we knew.

'As the others have already said – your ad offered the ideal situation for us to try it out. So here we are.'

'Here you are indeed,' Gina smiled warmly. 'And I'm sure that over the next few days you'll have the opportunity to live out your fantasies. Claire and James, what brings you two here?'

Claire smiled nervously and took a quick gulp of her drink. She was a plump and cheerful-looking little blonde. Her long, loose skirt and dark red blouse revealed a full ass, wide hips and heavy-looking breasts. The thought occurred to me that of all the women present, she would make the most interesting and different change after fifteen years of the taller and slimmer Maggie. She may have been the oldest woman in the room, but she had a lovely face and there was a wicked twinkle in her eye as she handed her empty glass to James and took a deep breath.

'I see we're the oldest couple here,' she began, 'both of us being in our mid forties. However, I hope that doesn't make any of you think we're not as eager to widen our experience as the rest of you. We both enjoy sex every bit as much as we did when we were newly-weds – possibly even more so these days – and we see this holiday as a safe and harmless way to try something we've only read about until now.

'So far, James is the only man I have ever had sex with,' she admitted. 'James has had two other women besides me but that was more than twenty years ago. Now our daughters have left home, we have decided to try as many new things as possible and we made a list. So far we've both done a parachute jump, driven sports cars around a race track and swum with dolphins. I suggested us having sex with other people as a joke but, once spoken, the idea refused to go away. Finally, almost as a dare, we decided to put it on the bottom of the list – just for a laugh, really. I don't think either of us thought we'd ever do it, even though we had started talking about it. Then we saw your advertisement and it was almost as if Fate was telling us we had to go ahead and try it.

'That being the case – and I think we're all in agreement here – if there is such a thing as an ideal time and place to try swapping partners, this is it. We can explore the beautiful countryside and it's wonderful towns by day – and explore new partners by night!'

'And I'm sure you'll enjoy doing both,' Gina said, with an encouraging smile. 'Of course, you don't have to restrict you, er, more personal explorations, to the evenings. Mick and I have had a lot of fun right here by the pool in broad daylight and if that's what any of you fancy doing, then just go right ahead.

'Okay then, why don't I refill everyone's glasses and then leave you to chat – and flirt – with each other while I see how Mick's getting on with your food? And remember, the only rule here is that you do what you feel comfortable – and want – to do. If that means having sex with someone right now, before you eat, in the pool or anywhere inside, then go for it. If you want to wait until after the meal – or if you feel it's maybe a little too soon, then that's fine, too. Just relax and enjoy.'

She was about to leave when Karl raised his hand.

'One thing, Gina, er, do you and Mick ever join in with your guests?'

'If invited,' Gina said, with a brilliant smile, 'then Mick and I love to join in. And let me tell you right now, there isn't a man – or woman – here this evening, that I wouldn't love to join in with. Either one-on-one, or as part of a group. And I can assure you that Mick will feel exactly the same once he's had a chance to meet you.'

'So later this evening, you and Mick will join us?' Karl asked hopefully, his lust for Gina obvious to all.

'If you're inviting us,' she said slowly, letting her eyes run up and down his body in the same suggestive and assessing way she had done to me earlier, 'then definitely.'

With that she gestured to the open bottles of wine in their ice buckets and walked gracefully away. I think it's safe to say that all of us, men and women, watched the provocative sway of her hips until she disappeared from sight.

'That is one, sexy woman,' Maggie breathed as she took a sip of her drink. 'Bet you she has every man here before the week is out.'

'From the sound of it, she'll happily have every woman too,' I grinned and then turned to face Sue and Pete who had approached us.

'So this will be your first time?' Sue asked.

'Yes,' Maggie nodded. 'As I said, I've had a single little fling. Apart from that, we've always been faithful.

'Same for us,' Pete said holding out his hand.

'Tell me something,' Maggie asked, shaking his hand but not releasing it – and giving me a twinge of jealousy as a result, because Pete was not dissimilar to me in height and build, but was a good ten years younger.

If I was Maggie's type – and clearly I was – then so was Pete.

'What?' he smiled.

'Did you mean it when you said you'd consider doing it with a man?'

'I said if the circumstances were right, then I might,' he conceded cautiously, 'although it's not particularly high on my list of things to do. I'd rather say that I've an open mind about it, in that I wouldn't categorically rule such a thing out.'

'He's always asking me what it's like to suck a dick,' Sue offered. 'And he doesn't mind the taste of his own cum . . .'

'Neither does Charlie,' Maggie giggled, finally releasing Pete's hand. 'In fact we both like giving each other snowballs.'

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