tagIncest/TabooLiving with the Decision

Living with the Decision


This story is fiction. Any real people or events that this story describes are purely coincidental. All characters described in this story are at least 18 years old. This story is the sole property of the author and in its original form, with non-exclusive rights granted to Literotica to publish it on their website. Please do not share or redistribute this story in any way without the approval of the author and/or Literotica. Thank you.


Melanie Travers woke up to the sound of birds chirping on a warm summer morning. She stretched, threw the blankets off of her nude body and walked downstairs to begin making breakfast for herself and her son. She filled the coffee pot with water and set about breakfast, hoping her son would be up soon. She giggled to herself as she thought about her son and the interesting change their relationship had taken in the last few months. It had been three months since she had began in incestuous relationship with her son, and it had all been precipitated by a life-altering decision by her to live a textile-free life with her son, which meant that they would not be wearing clothes as much as they could help it. This had quickly led to a progression towards a new level of intimacy between them that both of them would have only hoped to dream being possible. What a joy the last three months had been! Since they wore no clothes, they could gaze upon each other's naked bodies anytime they desired, which fueled a desire for sex at almost all waking hours of the day. Melanie laughed at the thought of their ravenous libidos and all the passionate sex it led to.

Melanie had presently finished breakfast and set it out on the table, then poured herself a cup of coffee and stood over the sink, looking aimlessly out the back window as she thought of one such sexual incident between them. She became so engrossed in her memory that she hadn't heard her son Max come down the stairs and sneak up behind her. She gasped loudly when she was forcibly bent over the sink at an angle, while simultaneously feeling her son's hard cock shoving up her wet pussy, which had reached such a state from her previous lusty thoughts.

"Good morning sweetie." she gasped haltingly as she felt his cock begin thrusting in and out of her wet cunt at a steady pace. "How did you sleep?"

"I slept wonderfully mother, especially after the fun we had before we went to sleep." her son said with a chuckles. Melanie groaned at the thought of their sexual antics last night and felt herself get hotter as Max began thrusting into her harder and then reached around her to play with her tits, caressing them and pulling and pinching her nipples. "Baby, we need to hurry and eat breakfast so we can get on the road to Aunt Rachel's." Melanie warned breathily. "We'll get there in a minute. There's something at hand that we need to finish first." Max said cheekily as he began thrusting even harder and moved one hand from her breast to her clit to rub and pinch it. Melanie moaned with lust and sighed as she thought about how Max's behavior had changed in the three months of their relationship, particularly towards sex.

As their relationship had developed, Max had become increasingly more confident and secure about their relationship and things had even reached a point where Max had become quite commanding about their relationship. While they didn't have a strict dominant/submissive relationship, it had become accepted that Max's commanding behavior would shape their relationship. It was normal now for him to take her hand in his in public or kiss her fully on the lips when he thought no one was looking. He would get very bold with his intimate touching, going as far as to grope and slap her ass in public when no one was around and even rub and squeeze her tits in public when they were alone. He would even push things towards public sex, asking her to wear skimpy clothes with no underwear and then putting his hand up her shirt to rub her tits or shove his hand up her skirt and rub her bare ass or shove his fingers up her usually hot, wet pussy. He especially loved to catch her in a position where she was bending over in a short skirt and no panties because he would be so bold that he would unzip his pants and free his throbbing erection and, being free of any underwear himself, would proceed to shove his cock into her wet cunt and thrust away into her. She would always protest about getting caught, but that only seemed to spur him on further. He would always put them in the position where they would almost get caught, but just narrowly escape such an event. At home, things were much the same way. Whenever he got the urge, he would simply put her in the desired position and have his way with her. She eventually acquiesced to his controlling ways because it honestly thrilled her to let him behave like this. She was usually always ready for him because she got such a rush out of both his controlling ways and potentially getting caught doing something sexual in a public environment.

Presently, she felt her orgasm beginning to grow and began thrusting back onto her rutting son. Max's hand on her breast began kneading her breasts and nipples harder and the hand on her clit began pulling and pinching harder as well. Melanie began crying out for Max to give it her harder and shoot his cum into her. Max, in his lust-filled haze, began spanking Melanie's clit, which sent Melanie over the edge as she wailed in orgasm. Melanie's contracting pussy was enough to send Max over the edge as well as he came with a loud grunt and began shooting his hot cum into her.

When Max removed himself from his mother, she turned and kissed him hard on the lips. "Thank you for the morning fun, but we need to hurry up and get going or else we'll never make it to your Aunt Rachel's in time for lunch." They sat down to eat their breakfast, which had mostly gone cold, and hurriedly shoveled in their fill of food. As they stood up, Max pointed to Melanie's legs and said "Damn that's hot." Melanie looked down to see what Max was talking about and saw his come flowing from her cunt and down her legs. She looked up and saw Max's cock begin to stiffen slightly. "Ok mister," Melanie said in a stern voice " you go up to your own bathroom and finish getting ready while I get these dishes put away and get cleaned up and ready to go. If we get carried away again, we'll never make it in time." Max made an exasperated face but dutifully did what he was told to do.

As Melanie put their dishes in the sink and washed them, she began to think about the adventure ahead of them. Max was on summer break and she had no idea what they should do for a vacation when her sister Rachel had called her and invited her to spend the next month with her and her three children at their summer home, which was conveniently near where Melanie and Max lived. Melanie agreed and had taken some unused vacation time in addition to her regular vacation time to cover the month that she would be off.

Melanie finished the dishes and went to her shower to wash off the sex smells from her body. As she showered, she began to think about how she should approach her current lifestyle with Rachel and her family. By the time she exited the shower, she had reached the conclusion that they needed to know as little as possible and that she would only tell them about the changes in her life if it became absolutely necessary to do so.

She walked into her bedroom and began packing her bags for the month-long stay. In the process of packing, she began to wonder what she should wear on the way there. She wanted to stay true to her pledge of living textile-free, but she thought she should put at least a little something on for modesty's sake. She finally settled on a bikini she had just been about to pack. It was a bikini she had gotten at her husband's insistence. It was a hot green bikini that was little more than strips of cloth. The bottom was just a little piece of cloth that barely covered the shaven slit of her pussy with a string in back that slid between her full ass-cheeks. The top was just two bits of cloth that barely covered the areolas and nipples of her large breasts and was tied in the back and behind her neck with two tiny bits of string. Melanie put it on, feeling a little naughty at the idea that she would be driving to her sister's house wearing only this tiny bikini.

After donning the tiny bikini and finishing packing, Melanie headed to their 2009 Chevy Escalade and put her luggage in the trunk. She sat in the driver's seat and waited for Max to come out. After ten minutes of waiting, she got out and walked towards the house to investigate why Max was taking so long. She got about halfway to the house when Max came out carrying his luggage. However, her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw that Max was completely naked and had a throbbing hard-on!

"Max, what the hell are you doing?" Melanie squeaked incredulously. "Put something on or we'll get arrested on the way there." "Relax Mom," Max said soothingly. "It's only a forty-five minute drive there and we aren't on public roads for long. Besides, I'm just keeping with our pledge to live textile-free. Why aren't you doing the same? It was your idea after all."

Melanie wanted to protest, but couldn't find any fault in her logic. She felt paralyzed and couldn't make any words come out of her open mouth as Max approached her. "C'mon mom, stay true to yourself and live a little." he said as he reached behind her back and neck to undo the strings of her bikini top, then doing the same to her bikini bottom, leaving her standing on their front lawn completely naked.

Melanie stiffly made her way to their car and got in the driver's seat. She put the keys in the ignition and started the car, only to stop before she backed out of the driveway to clear her mind of the wicked thoughts going through her head from the idea that she was going to drive to her sister's house completely naked.

"C'mon mom or we're going to be late." Max whined at her side in the passenger's seat. Melanie slowly pulled out of their long driveway and pulled onto the main road, hoping that she wouldn't get arrested or have an accident and that Max would control himself so that she would have less of a risk of those things happening. They continued on their journey for about ten minutes before Max began to make things difficult for her.

As she pulled onto the main highway leading to Rachel's home town, Max leaned over and sucked the nipple of her right breast hard. "Max!" she squealed as she fumbled to control the car "you're going to cause me to have an accident or get us arrested. Stop it!" "Calm down. These windows are tinted really well and I promise I won't distract you...much," Max said, grinning mischievously. Melanie gave him a stern look, but couldn't help the thrill that ran through her at the idea of fooling around naked in the car.

Max then placed one hand on Melanie's naked pussy and shoved two fingers inside her now sopping wet cunt. Melanie hissed in pleasure. Max thrust his fingers in and out for a few seconds before adding a third finger and placing his thumb on her engorged clit, rubbing it furiously. Melanie groaned loudly at the sensation of pleasure coursing through her. "Max, if you don't stop that, I'll wreck for sure." Max ignored her plea of mercy and compounded her struggle by leaning over and taking the left nipple in his mouth, sucking hard, while using his free hand to caress and squeeze her right breast and nipple. All the while, he had been fingering her clit and pussy with increasing vigor and speed. "Oh fuck!" Melanie yelped as her eyes closed and the car swerved. Melanie immediately reacted and corrected their course, but had to take a few breathes to calm down.

"Pull over." Max said commandingly. Melanie didn't even question him as she quickly pulled over to the shoulder. "Stand up." Max commanded once they had made it over to the side of the road. Melanie looked at Max curiously, but did as she was told, standing as best she could in the tight space of the driver's seat. Max slid over into her seat, as if he were going to take over driving. "Okay, now sit down." Max said in his commanding tone once more. Melanie, unsure of what he was thinking, dutifully sat down and gasped as she felt his hard cock spear into her soaked cunt. She tried to stand back up, but Max wrapped his arms around her waist and held her in place. "Now let's go" Max said as he slowly began thrusting his cock into Melanie's wet hole.

"Max...I don't know if I can drive like this." Melanie gasped as she fought to control her reaction to Max's fucking motions. She groaned as she began wantonly thrusting back onto him, reveling in the wickedness of being naked and fucking her son on the side of the highway where cars going by could potentially see them.

"Don't worry," Max said reassuringly. "I'll hold on to the wheel and make sure we don't steer off course. We'll be fine. Just enjoy the ride." Max laughed at the innuendo of his words.

So they went on, driving the rest of the stretch of highway before the turn off to Rachel's house, with son and mother slowly fucking one another. Halfway through the drive, Max took one hand off the wheel and used it to go between squeezing and caressing Melanie's tits and nipples and rubbing Melanie's drenched cunt and hard throbbing clit. Several times Max had to correct their course because Melanie, grunting and groaning and squealing in ecstasy, became too enthusiastic in her sexual ministrations.

Fortunately, no police officer happened to observe their increasingly erratic driving behavior and the just managed to stave off any accidents from occurring. However, as they pulled off onto the gravel road leading to Rachel's house, their slow pace had prevented either one of them from reaching orgasm, and both were severely worked up and ready to come if their pace were just quickened a little bit. Ten minutes later, they pulled into the driveway of Rachel's house, still worked up and anxious to climax. When they had parked the car, Max slid over to the passenger's seat once more and pulled Melanie up onto all fours between the driver's seat and the passenger's seat. Without preamble, he plunged his cock into Melanie's wet pussy once more while reaching one hand over to grope her tits and the other hand over to play with her clit.

"Does this turn you on, you naughty girl?" Max said tersely into Melanie's ear. Dirty talk had become a regular part of their sex lives and Max like to use it liberally because he knew it did a lot for him and it gave a not-so-secret thrill to Melanie to receive it. " Does it turn you on that your own son is fucking your tight, wet cunt right in front of your sister's house when she could be out at any second to greet you? Does it get you hot knowing that the first thing she'll see when she comes out is your face screwed up in ecstasy and your large bare tits flopping around as you're getting fucked hard from behind?" Melanie whimpered at his words and thrust harder into him, causing him to thrust harder into her.

Their momentum was slightly interrupted when they saw Rachel and her children rush out of the house to come greet them. Melanie looked over wide-eyed at the approaching family. She and her son were about to get caught having sex by their own family! Just as that thought hit her, she felt herself being pushed forward so that her face hit the glass of the driver's window as Max began thrusting harder into her sopping cunt as his left hand grabbed her hair and gave it a tug back. "Look, here they come to catch us rutting like animals. Imagine them coming up to the car and hearing you screaming in orgasm as I pump you full of hot cum. Imagine them looking in on us open-mouthed and wide-eyed as we fuck each other senseless. How do you think they'll react? Do you think they'll be disgusted or will it turn them on? Can't you just see Rachel and her girls dropping their jeans and panties and rubbing their hot, wet cunts? Or can you see Rachel's boy dropping his shorts and rubbing his hard, throbbing cock?" Those sexual images were the last straw for Rachel as she screamed in ecstasy and heard Max grunt as he shot his seed into her hot channel.

No sooner had they finished then they heard "Oh my word!" and looked up to see Rachel and her kids standing outside their car. While Rachel had a wide-eyed, open-mouthed look about her, her children were giggling and held mischievous smiles as they observed the situation in front of them.

Melanie looked out at them open-mouthed, trying to come up with a way to explain their condition, when Max, bold and confident as ever, called out "Everyone, there's a perfectly good explanation for all of this."

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