tagLesbian SexLiyla and Serenity Ch. 02

Liyla and Serenity Ch. 02


Liyla reached under the bed and produced a box with a combination lock on it. Serenity had seen it once before, Liyla had been hurriedly stuffing something into it one day when she had arrived home from work. Liyla opened the case and ran her long black nails lovely across each dildo that lay within it. She stroked the double headed cock, then withdrew it from the box. She left the box open, should she wish to take another. She pulled what looked like a leather pair of panties out. Serenity looked at them, and noticed they had a hole in the front and it dawned on her what it was she was looking at.

Liyla poured lubrication onto the cock on one side and leaned forward, taking Serenity's hand and placing it on the double-headed dong, catching her mouth with her own, she stuck her tongue deeply into Serenity's mouth, probing her tongue out, she licked her mouth all over, she guided Serenity's hand to her throbbing pussy and helped her guide the head of the cock inside her hot, waiting hole. Serenity slid it up inside her lover, pulling it in and out, working it into her. Once it was in place Serenity's hands slid up Liyla's hot body and rested on her breasts, she paused in kissing her to take a nipple into her mouth, her teeth tugging against it, licking and sucking the nipple until it stood an inch erected. Serenity moved to the other nipple doing the same. Liyla tilted her head back and moaned softly.

Liyla regaining her motor functions, pulled up the harness panties and slipped the remainder of the dong through the hole, adjusting it as if it were her very own cock. she stroked it for a few moments like a man would his own member, feeling it slip in and out of her, and rub against her clit, making her throb. She looked at Serenity, diving onto her mouth again with her own, she pressed her naked flesh against her. Liyla's hands groped at Serenity, her faux testosterone taking over, her strap-on becoming a real cock in her mind. She ran a hand down Serenity's body, kissing down her neck, biting it, dragging her teeth along it until she reached her collar bone. She dug her nails, almost abusively into Serenity's flesh. She got near her ear and whispered," Your pussy is mine bitch, remember that" Liyla reached down between her legs and fiercely grabbed her pussy, pulling at her labia, using her entire hand to rub it.

Serenity moaned under her rough touch. Liyla grabbed Serenity's hips and yanked her closer to her. She lifted her legs and put them on her shoulders, she grabbed her cock and slammed into Serenity's hot, wet, dripping slit. She bore down and grabbed her hips, slamming against her with all her force. She got lost in the sound of Serenity's pussy juices covering the cock, the bed squeaking and Serenity moaning. She fucked her ferociously, feeling the cock in her panties slide between her labia and rub her pussy and clit, she picked up a rhythm that gave her the most pleasure, coming all over the double headed dong, she continued to pound her own moans mixing with Serenity's. She lifted her hips off the bed and turned sideways to slam better, she looked down and saw that her lover was in ecstasy. She smiled, sliding her hands over her roommates ass, she dug her nails into the flesh.

"That's right bitch, take my cock, take it all, I'm going to fuck you until it comes out of your mouth, and them I am going to fuck you more. You want more, tell me, you want more slut?"

Serenity moaned loudly at the words, they made her pussy pulsate even more, she loved feeling the hard slams into her vagina, she loved how rough Liyla was being with her, she loved the nails all of it, in a gasp orgasm cry she said,"

"Oh God, fuck me harder baby, fill me up with that cock, make me bleed baby, fuck me deep, I am a dirty whore. oh God Oh God."

Liyla complied and pressed Serenity's knees to her chest, folding her damn near in half. She turned herself around and sat on top of her legs, fucking her in reverse. using leverage from the wall, she pile-drove her cock into Serenity. Liyla spied the box again out of the corner of her eye and grinned. She turned to sit up and pulled Serenity up on top of her.

"ride me slut" Liyla said slipping two fingers inside Serenity's asshole, without lubing it up. Serenity let out a cry, but came on Liyla's cock at the same time. Liyla smiled, she lifted her hips off the bed and fucked her from underneath,placing her free hand on Serenity's hips and slamming her ferociously onto her cock. She pulled her fingers out of her ass and rubbed Serenity's hole a little. She reached down beside the bed, feeling each of her dicks in the box and finding the biggest one, she brought it up, she pulled her cock out of Serenity's pussy and slipped the big, horse sized cock back into it, putting the internal attachment into her own throbbing pussy, her clit feeling like it would explode. Still having the double header buried deep in her pussy, she slid the free end into Serenity's ass, and again commanded her to ride her cocks.

"Fuck me like you life depends on it whore."

Serenity complied, feeling her holes full of cock, she rocked herself on each grinding her pussy into Liyla's body. Coming repeatedly over and over. Liyla, slammed her from underneath. Serenity's body became rigid as she came hard enough for her juices to spray Liyla all over.

"That's right whore, cum on my cock, cum hard on my big fat cock, cum on my cock that's in your ass too, bitch."

Liyla reached up and grabbed Serenity's hair and pulled it hard, she dug her nails into Serenity, which just made the girl come harder. Liyla climaxed again as felt the release from Serenity's pussy drip down her own. She pulled her cock out of her pussy and flipped her over, keeping the cock in her ass she pounded her into the bed, she fucked her deeper and harder than the girl had ever been fucked before, she felt Serenity's body start to shake knowing her huge orgasm was about to happen, she stopped, yanking her dildo out of her pussy and fell face first upon Serenity's gash. She licked and sucked her pussy, treating it like a starving man treats food, she bit and licked and sucked and even fingered her until she orgasmed, at which time Liyla dove her face into the hole her tongue going into Serenity's pussy, and began to face-fuck and suck her pussy until Serenity began to flow pussy juice into her mouth like a man's cock exploding it's cum. She continued to suck Serenity's pussy until she finished coming. Liyla pulled away, her face covered in cum. She smiled up at her. She slid the entirety of her body up Serenity and dove her tongue into her mouth, giving her a taste of herself. Serenity moaned as Liyla's fingers reentered her pussy, working her to orgasm again, sliding a finger into her ass, and moving it around in a circular motion.

Serenity, feeling overwhelmed moved, grabbing Liyla, and positioning herself between liyla's legs, entwining her own legs with liyla's she parted her labia, and parted Liyla's too. She reached into the box and pulled out a studded double ended cock. She slid the heads into both of their pussies, and then scooted until their pussies were touching, separating pussy lips until clits were touching, Serenity began to grind against Liyla, scissoring her, humping each others pussies. The women moaned in unison, the scent of pussy juices everywhere, the pressed and rubbed and humped each other, until both were hoarse from moaning, finally, Serenity climbed on top of Liyla and threw her legs over her shoulders and fucked her, hitting her head against the headboard repeatedly. Fucking her deeper, and harder with each thrust.

Liyla growled out, "oh my GOD..Fuck me..Fuck me..fuck this little pussy, drive that cock deep into me."

Hearing this caused Serenity to lose it, and come again, she pressed the cock deeper into her, and also into Liyla at the same time, causing Liyla to orgasm as well, they came at the same time, falling into each other with exhaustion.

Liyla curled up against Serenity, cock still inside both of them, they held one another and drifted off to sleep, pussy's still throbbing and wanting, but they would finish when they had rested, until then, they could ride the cocks in their sleep and dreams.

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