I don’t know how it happened, how it came down to that. Liz was in my English class, she was a hippie by any standard, and most guys would have been repulsed by the simple fact she never wore deodorant. I thought she was wonderful, tangled black hair, olive skin, natural smell and all.

I knew she always got on campus late, and more often than not had to park near the edge of the parking lot. When she left the lot was empty except for very few cars. I lied to the professor, told her my brother had called, and was in a wreck, he needed a ride home. I went out and waited about fifty yards from her car, off in the side of the lot, nearly hiding in the bushes. I dressed completely in black usually, so no one noticed when I was wearing black jeans and a black sweater, it worked as no one that left seemed to notice me.

I wanted to run away, run to my car, drive home and scold myself for hours in the mirror for even thinking about what I was about to do. Right before my conscious was going to win though, I saw her walking up from the other end of the parking lot. She didn’t look as nervous as usual when she walked to car. She often asked me to walk with her after class so she wouldn’t havta worry about anyone jumping her. I felt like a such a shit as I sunk a lil farther into the shadows on the driver’s side of her car.

She looked so great in her cloths from good-will, the bell-bottoms were stretched tight on her ass just below a light coat that was wore over a fuzzy sweater. I could smell her as she walked beside her car, it was a musky scent covered up by a strong smoky smell, not of cigarettes and nicotine though. I knew the smell pot from family and friends, as well as a few of my own experiences.

I moved just as she unlocked and opened the back door to put her books inside. I rushed silently up behind her, I didn’t want her to see my face, to feel that betrayal yet. I clamped my hand over her mouth and my other arm around her waist. She struggled and tried to scream. “Shh, sh, shh.. quiet down, or I’ll make this painful.” I whispered and prayed she didn’t recognize my voice.

I undid her pants first, and wrenched my hand down the front of her panties. She struggled and tried to clench her legs shut, preventing me access to her bush. I gave her head a slight a jerk and pushed down harder til she relented and let my hand freely into her fur covered crotch. I had heard her mention that didn’t shave her legs, but I never thought that applied even to her pussy. I didn’t mind, if anything it made me more aroused. I pulled my hand out after I stroked across her fuzzy slit a few times, just enough to where I could smell her sex. I was beyond caring about if she knew me or not when I realized her pussy was slightly damp.

I let go of her mouth so I could push her pants and underwear down to her ankles, and after pushing her to her knees in the backseat, wrenched a shoe off and took one leg free of her clothes. I looked at her ass and her furry snatch before climbing in after her. I could feel hair on her legs, and couldn’t care less. I stroked her pussy with my fingers a few more times while I unzipped my own jeans to pull my dick out, and moved closer to her, getting millimeters from her lips. “Please...” she whimpered to me.

I knew meant “Please no, don’t do this to me. Please stop, this is isn’t right and you know it.” but all I could think was “Please, fuck me.” I lurched myself forward, my penis penetrated her and she screamed. I nearly put my hand over her mouth but she had quieted down, now moaning instead of screaming. I started slowly pumping in an out of her, not pausing to think about how wet her pussy already was. She was tight, like a vice on my dick, it felt more incredible the deeper I got into her. The more I pushed though, the louder her moans got.

By the time my stomach was flush with her ass, and my cock was throbbing deep inside her, she was nearly screaming again. I reached into her coat pocket and pulled out a hankerchief and quickly tied a gag on her mouth. Now knowing she wouldn’t make any noise, I grabbed ahold of her hips and began pounding into her pussy. As I was violating her body, I heard a beep. I slammed into her and fell over her body causing her to drop her cell phone.

I grabbed her wrists to keep her from reaching for it and leaned back, pulling her arms behind her back as I started fucking her cunt again. I glanced down and in the dim light I could see my cock, greasy with her juices sliding in and out of her tight hairy lips. I was still wrenching her arms behind her by the wrist, and I apologized for hurting her right before I looked down and saw her left eye staring up at me. Her head was to the side, and she could see me over her shoulder. The street light was behind me, and I hoped it shadowed my face enough to conceal my identity. I pumped her pussy for a few more minutes, and then I heard. “God, please, don’t cum in me. I don’t want a child from this. Please.” I figure she had worked the gag loose, and I at least owed her this favor.

I pulled out from her, but I still wanted to be inside her body when I came. I was smarter than to attempt a forced blowjob, so the only alternative was quivering in front of me. My cock was still slick from her cunt, so I pushed it between her cheeks, and the head was wedging her pucker apart. “No...” she whimpered as I forced the entire head inside her tight sphincter. I heard her suck in a sharp breath as I pushed harder, getting more of my cock into her ass. It was tight enough to nearly be painful. I mounted her ass higher and forced my weight on her, pushing my dick all the way into her ass.

I fucked her this way until my legs were cramping, and then slid back behind her again, pounding nearly as fast and hard in and out of her anus as I was her pussy before. She was moaning again, but it sounded like she was biting her lip to keep from getting too loud. I was getting close when I noticed this, so I pumped my dick into her a few more time and I shot my cream in her ass. She seemed to get tighter if it was possible, and my cum was filling her up. I never remember cumming for so long than on that night, in Liz’s ass while she clenched her eyes and teeth shut. I couldn’t help but notice the wetness spraying from her pussy lips and all over the front of my legs.

I collasped on top of her, my dick limply sliding out as her ass lowered until her pussy was pressed against the seat. “I’m sorry Liz.” I told her. “I didn’t want to hurt you. I’m so sorry.” I paused while eased off of her. “I never meant you any harm baby, I just wanted you more than I can say. I still want you, and I never want anyone else to have you.” I kissed her then, and pulled myself out of the car. I tucked myself back in my pants, and zipped them up before running away to my car and speeding home.

I worried all that weekend that the cops would come to my door. That I’d end up in prison getting raped like I had raped Liz. I hated myself for doing it. I hated her for letting it happen. I prayed that the college would burn down before Monday, or I would be ill and not have to go. But I went, and I sat in class worried about what Liz would do. She showed up just as the role was being called. She had her usual wider than possible smile on her face, and her light blue eyes didn’t show any sign of worry or horror about what I did. That was all I could look at her though.

I stared straight ahead the entire class, and never said a word. When class as over, I was the first up and out the door. Liz caught up with me as I reached my car. She pushed me against the car, and kneed me squarely in the crotch. My temples pounded and tears came to my eyes as I feel to my knees. “That was for raping me you son of a bitch!” She yelled and walked away for a second, then turned and ran back over to me. I ducked and closed my eyes, hoping she wouldn’t kick me again. Liz grabbed my shirt collar and pulled me up nearly to her height, and locked her lips to mine, forcing her tongue into my mouth and wrestling it with my own. When she finally pulled away she told me. “That was for one of the most powerful orgasms of my life.”

We kissed again, this time I was standing, holding her almost off the ground. “Let’s go back to my place.” she told me.

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