tagIncest/TabooLiz Ch. 02

Liz Ch. 02


Liz got out of the shower, and I followed her to her room to get dressed. She went to her dresser and got out bra and panties. I stepped up behind her before she closed the drawer, my cock rock hard again and poking her in the back. I reached over her shoulder, grabbing all her underwear from her hand and the drawer.

"I told you, you are not allowed underwear anymore, ever. And no clothing at all in the house. Now get your uniform."

"Yes, master. I forgot master."

She put her work clothes on, which consisted of a fairly tight white blouse and a skirt that came to about two inches above he knees. I walked around her, checking her out. Her nipples were erect, pressed tight against the material of her shirt. You could even make out a hint of areola through the thin white fabric.

The skirt wasn't short enough for my liking. I grabbed the waistband and rolled it up three times. That put the bottom hem at about two inches below her ass cheeks. I told her to bend over at the waist. I stood behind her as she did so. I watched in great delight as the back slid higher and higher as she slowly bent double. When she placed her hands on the floor, her pussy and her asshole were plainly visible. It was more than I could stand. I stepped up to her and shoved my throbbing cock all the way into her glistening pussy.

She screamed as I grabbed her hips and started pounding her as hard and as fast as I could. I only had a few minutes before she had to leave for work, and I wanted her to go with fresh load of cum in her pussy. It took less than five minutes before I was grunting and erupting inside her deliciously tight pussy. She came at the same time, bathing my balls and legs with her slippery nectar. I pulled out as I finished and shoved my cock into her asshole before I went soft. I pumped her a few times before I was too soft to continue.

As my cock slipped from her asshole, I told her, "Now get over here and clean me off, slave."

She flipped around on her knees and looked at my cock in dread, she knew it had just been in her asshole. She swallowed hard, but then took my whole cock into her mouth. I spread my legs as she finished with my cock and moved onto my balls. She licked her own cum off my hairy balls and legs. When she finished, she stood up, licked her lips, and then wiped her mouth. I looked between her legs, I could see a trail of cum running down her leg, almost to her knee. She reached down to wipe it up, but I stopped her. I said, "Leave it. When I get to the restaurant with Heather, I expect to see the dry trail on your leg."

"Yes, Master."

"Good, now get to work."

"Yes, Master." With that she left for work.

When Heather got home two hours later, I was still naked. I was sitting on the couch watching the video of her sister, absently stroking my hard cock. At that point of the video, Liz was getting her asshole pounded by Kevin, and you couldn't see her face. Heather glanced at the screen, but all she say was a porno of a black man ass fucking a little white girl on a coffee table. She sat down next to me, grabbed my cock, and took over stroking as we watched.

"Gee, that girl looks tiny. Especially next to that huge nigger. And holy shit, that dick is huge. I wonder what that feels like. But anyways, what are you doing sitting here watching porn? Liz could be home anytime."

"Oh, she seems to be enjoying it, well enough. See, she's even got two fingers in her pussy. And Liz only went to work a little over an hour ago."

"Oh that's right! She switched shifts today. Hey! Why does it smell like sex in here? Wait a sec! That's my coffee table! Is that Kevin?"

"Yeah that's Kevin. I made this video earlier today."

"Where was my sister while you were doing this?"

I just smiled as Liz turned her head on the screen, facing the camera.

"Oh my god!!!! That's Liz on the table??? You let you friend rape my little sister on my coffee table? And you recorded it???"

"There was no rape involved. As you can see, she is definitely enjoying it. And you should see her cum. It's awesome. Oh, and Kevin wasn't the only one. He was just the last. Liz took four different cocks in every hole."

"She did what?! But she's a virgin, and she's saving herself for marriage. And let's not forget that she's barely eighteen. How could you let your friends do that to her? And record it for that matter?"

"Oh, I didn't just let them, I invited them over to do her. It was part of her punishment."

"Punishment? What on earth could that be punishment for?"

"For not taking my whole cock down her throat, of course. Oh, and she not allowed to wear clothing at home anymore."

"You forced your cock into my little sister's mouth and then made her try and deep throat you? I can't even do that, and I've been trying for years. How can you expect her to do it when she's never seen a cock before today?"

"First of all, I didn't force her in any way. She begged me for it. Second, she did a pretty damn good job of swallowing my cock. As a matter of fact, she swallowed Kevin's whole cock too. And third, how did you know she hadn't even seen a cock before today?"

"Well, um... Ok fine! We talked about it. She saw you yesterday. You were wearing exercise shorts and apparently you had a boner. She was curious and asked me about it last night after you left for work."

"I thought she was checking me out yesterday. I didn't say anything cause I figured I was imagining things."

"What are you doing walking around the house with wood, anyways? You know my sister is.... was totally innocent."

"I couldn't help it. You know your sister goes without a bra most of the time here. Well yesterday, her shirt was a bit tighter than what she normally wears, and white to boot, and it must have been a bit chilly in here too. I could clearly see the darker circles of her areolas through the shirt, and her nipples looked like they were trying to tear through."

"Well, you shouldn't be looking at my sister at all. And you certainly shouldn't be looking at her boobs. Though even I have to admit, they are pretty nice. Now wait a second, you said she did take your whole cock. And that huge black one on the screen?"

"Oh, yeah! All the way down her throat. And up her pussy, and in her asshole too. She's a little cock whore. And right now, she's at work, wearing no underwear at all, with her skirt rolled up so it barely covers her ass. No enough chatter. Slide that beautiful pussy onto my cock, we got a dinner date."

With that she stood, lifted the skirt of her business suit, revealing her perfectly smooth pussy, without any panties. I slipped one finger into her already very wet pussy. I quickly added a second, tried for a third, but even after years of fucking, she was still incredibly tight. I pumped her pussy a few times, spreading her lube, then I grabbed her hips and lowered her onto my waiting cock.

She began bouncing on me for all she was worth. I'll admit, she wasn't quite as tight as her sister, but she knew how to do things that made up for that slight lack. After a couple of minutes, she spun around, so she was facing towards the TV. By this time, the video had started over, and it showed her little sister down on her knees, trying her damnedest to swallow my cock. Heather saw that she wasn't getting it all in and said, "Didn't you tell me she deep throated you?"

"Oh, she did, but that wasn't until later. Bout twenty minutes after this."

"Well, I still won't believe it till I see it... Damn, Steve! All over her face?! That's so nasty, but strangely arousing to see my husband do that to my sister."

"That was my second load too."

"That much? For number two? Damn!"

She started moving faster when the video jumped to Liz bent over the back of the couch. As I started licking Liz, Heather said, "How did she taste? Was it as good as my pussy?"

"She tastes a lot like you do actually. I can't really say which tastes better."

"Oh my! Does she squirt like that every time she cums?"

"Oh, yeah. Every single time. It's actually pretty awesome."

I started fingering Heather's asshole at the same time we watched me start to lube up Liz's asshole. She groaned out loud as she watched me press my cock into her little sister's virgin asshole. She came on my cock as I pressed my finger into her asshole.

When my cock was fully into her sister's asshole, and her orgasm had subsided, she stood up off my cock, grabbing hold of it on the way out of her pussy. She changed her angle just slightly, and lower herself back onto my cock, this time, in her own asshole. She doesn't let me have her asshole very often, usually I have to beg for it, so when she does it on her own, it's so much nicer.

As she began sliding up and down my rock hard shaft, I reach around her, slipped two fingers into her soaked pussy, and rubbed her engorged clit with my thumb. She came almost instantly, but she never even slowed down on my cock, as she watched me hammering her little sister's asshole.

She reach down and grabbed my hand out of her tight pussy. Dragging my hand up her body, over one of her nipples, which I pinched, she brought my fingers to her mouth. She sucked my fingers like she had seen her sister do. She had never tasted herself before, she wouldn't even kiss me after I ate her. I was so amazed and aroused by this, I grabbed her tit with my other hand, slammed into her asshole, and fired off my load. After the first shot, she jumped off, spun around, and took a shot in the face before she got my cock into her mouth. She swallowed everything I had to give her, also something she had never done before. As a matter of fact, she had always avoided as much contact with my cum as she could.

"Damn, Heather! That was fucking awesome! And so damn sexy, too."

She stood up, wiping the cum on her face into her mouth, and said, "Thank you. After tasting your cum, I'm sorry I haven't tried that before. But I figured that if my little sister can swallow your cum, then your wife should at least try it. I'm very please that I did too, it tastes pretty good. Now what were you saying about a dinner date?"

"We are going to dinner at Liz's work. I gotta special treat for you there."

"Oh really? What is it?"

"You'll just hafta wait and see. Now go change into something tight and sexy. That little black dress will do great. And no underwear. No bra either. I wanna see those nipples."

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