Liz Returns


A friend of mine told me of this sex club that he went to. What he said is that they put on one hell of a show. People up on stage performing sex acts. And sometimes the girls roved around the cafe, asking if they could serve you. He said that he didn't partake of the services. But that is was very interesting to watch.

I was intrigued by it and I got the address from him. The place was an old factory that was built in the around the time of the American Civil War.

The upper floors of the mill were in a sorry state but the first floor was still in decent shape. The windows were covered over with that fake brick stucco. There were quite a few cars parked in the back of the lot.

My friend had told me to park there as they didn't want to draw to much attention from the cops I parked my car and walked to the metal door, I knocked on it and a small slit opened. I told the attendant the password, the slit closed and I heard the metal bolts slid back. The door opened and a big burly bald headed guy grunt "Thirty!"

I knew what he meant and handed him my entrance fee. It took me a few minutes for my eyes to adjust the dim lit room. Scattered about were some wooden tables and chairs. There was quite a bit of room between tables.

I sat down at one of the tables in the southwest corner of the place. A cute redhead came over and asked me if I wanted something to drink. I told her a Bud in a bottle.

She shassyed away in her red corset that was pushing up her tiny tits and barely covered her flabby ass. She came back rather quickly and said "Six bucks." I handed her a ten and told her to keep the change. She smiled at me and saw that she had quite a few missing teeth and one tooth had a gold star placed on it. She said the show would be starting soon.

I sat there sipping my bear and saw three men come onto the stage and take off their robes. A strawberry blond was lead onto the stage by Amazon woman dressed in black leather. She held a leash in her left hand and a crop in her right.

She tapped the exam table that had previously been placed on the stage. The girl climbed up and placed her legs in the stirrups.

The three men took positions around the table, one at the head, one between the stirrups and the third on the back side of the table. The guy at the head started to rub his cock over the girls face. She opened her mouth and let her tongue slide over his shaft as he moved in closer.

The guy in the back of the table grabbed a hold of her 38B tits. He slapped them rather roughly. She remained quiet as he kept slapping them. He started to pinch her erect nipples and then twist them.

The guy at the end of the table was stroking his cock as he watched the action. He got his ten inch cock nice and hard and slammed into her pussy. You could hear his balls smacking against her.

The guy who was getting head was fucking her face as well; He just kept slamming his eight inch cock into her face.

The guy pinching her nipples, he was dry humping the table.

You could see all of their bodies tensing up, getting ready to cum.

The dark haired Amazon just smiled. She brought the crop down on the table with a smack. They all grimaced but kept on doing what they were doing.

The Amazon yelled out "RELEASE!"

All the bodies tensed up and then spasm into orgasm. It was quite a sight to see four bodies explode in such sexual unison.

The crowd clapped as the performers were lead away from the stage by their Mistress.

I was sitting there with a hard on. I was lost in my sexual daydream. But the Amazons voice snapped me back into reality.

"Hello Stranger did you enjoy our show?" She asked.

"Oh yes very much so Ma'am." I said.

She ran the crop over my jean covered crotch and my cock twitched underneath. I groaned a little.

"Well I guess you did, didn't you?" She smiled with an evil grin.

"I am Mistress Lori and I am the owner of this establishment. "Would you like to partake of our slaves?"

I groaned again as she kept up running the crop on me.

"Yes Ma'am please!" I managed to croak out.

She jerked on the leash in her left hand, I finally noticed the skinny blond behind her.

"Lilly is one of my best slaves, she will make you quite happy." "Won't you pet?"

The blond just nodded her head.

Mistress Lori jerked on the leash and Lilly crawled forward between my legs.

She unzipped my pants and pulled out my nine incher. She waited until she was commanded to proceed.

"I only want a tribute from you. It could be many things like diamond rings, necklaces or two tickets to a Broadway show

I was in no state to deny her that, so I told her I would get her a tribute and bring it on the next visit.

She nodded and then told Lilly to proceed.

Lilly took a hold of my cock and licked the underside of my shaft. She snaked her tongue up and flicked it over where the cock head joins, it sent a shiver up into my spine. Then she slipped her tongue into my pee slit before taking my cock deep in her mouth.

As she did something stirred inside me besides my load. The mouth felt familiar as it bobbed up and down on me.

I moaned as she kept on sucking and I grabbed her head.

"Liz!" I moaned out. "Yes Liz!"

I looked down as she looked up for a moment and there was a moment of acknowledgement in her eyes. But it faded as she kept on sucking.

It wasn't much longer as I came in her hot mouth. She swallowed every drop from my spurting shaft.

Lilly/Liz pulled off my cock, slid it back into my jeans and zipped it back up. She crawled to the wall and waited. Her hands on her thighs and her eyes cast down

Mistress Lori came back "Lilly was quite Satisfactory?" She asked.

"Oh yes and more Mistress Lori" I said not letting on that that her slave was my former wife.

"Good then we shall see you again I hope?" She replied

"You most surely will Ma'am."

She grabbed the leash and led my former wife away.

I gathered my thoughts and left. On the drive home I kept thinking. "How did She get there, how do I get her away from there?" I had to get Liz out of there, get her back to her life, if that is what she really wanted.

So for over the next few weeks I visited the club and Mistress Lori made sure that Lilly was available to me.

We got to spend some time together. Slowly l learned that Liz after we had divorced; Liz had been lost. She had met some women who ran a divorce recovery program. But it was really a front for Lori's slave program.

Over the course of months she was shown the training program. She was at first drugged, the she was reprogrammed. She told me that the strawberry blond was her friend Amanda who had been lost as well.

I asked her if she wanted to get out of there permanently and she said yes but Lori was too well connected to the locals.

I thought it out for awhile and told her I would take care of that.

I called in some favors from friends of mine in the local state police.

After some undercover investigations by the Attorney General's office it was found that Lori's place was nothing more than a bordello.

They got an arrest warrant and the club was raided. Mistress Lori was charged with extortion, kidnapping and sodomy.

As for Liz and Amanda they are now seeing my therapist to help them readjust to normal life.

They both have my love and support. I think they will be alright.

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