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Liza & Tommy #10


The Ending

From the e-mails I have received most readers wants me to speed this story up and conclude it. I was hoping I could finish it telling about the slow and evil ways that Lee completed taking Liza and making her his whore. But I have tried to explain everything that happened to Liza and Tommy in this last chapter. It is greatly condensed but I think I got my point across. At least I think I have done that without loosing the message I want to provide to all women out there, but especially white women who are think about cheating with a black man. She better know who he is and what he's like in real life and not the BS and smooth way he acts with her in the beginning of the chase to get into her paints.

Please read this story and try and understand that if you think this can't happen to you, you're wrong. Liza and Tommy were our friends. Liza was one of my best friends and I worked with her. I saw what was happening and couldn't do anything to stop her or help her because Lee did it so slow and so smooth she didn't know what was happening until it was to late. Between Mary and Tommy and yes, the diary Tom found later on, which was kept before she was to far gone to continue to write in it, I was able to construct a story which I have said in the beginning is mostly true and very sad. Only the sex was enhanced because it is Lit and erotic web site.

Before Liza left her husband she wrote a great deal about her times with Lee and his black friends and the sex she had with them. I have taken a lot from the diary and have recap these last weeks and days but feel I have expressed the situation properly as to how it played out for her. She wrote a great deal about her sorrow and sadness for cheating on Tommy and how she couldn't stop. She also wrote about how she knew sooner or later Tommy would catch her and leave her. So according to her diary, Lisa in the end left him because she loved him and had hurt him enough. But as she said she had no choice. She had this need for the drugs now and a deep desire to go with Lee and she wrote most of what she did and felt about how she had the very nasty and whoring sex.

As I mentioned before only the sex was enhanced since I wasn't there to actually see it I wrote it like I think it happened and from Tommy seeing it a few times and using Liza's own words from the diary. Some of the things I heard from the others and read from Liza's diary makes me think I have it pretty well right.

Oh and for those guys who yelled at me about talking about Tommy and his "5-incher" well I did that too from reading how Liza felt. I wasn't trying to belittle him or make him a wimp.

This is the last chapter but anyone who would like to know more of what happened to this young woman and once loving couple should write me and I'll answer your questions if I can. Thanks for your patience and input to this story. I just had to write it. I'm still crying as I finish it! So here goes.

The sexually meetings between Lee and Liza and Mary and Tommy continued just like Liza wanted them too. While Tommy met with Mary it was strictly according to the agreement Liza and he had worked up. He always had Mary come over to their home and with Liza participating at first most of the time. The two of them met with their lovers once every two months. The sex took place in Tommy and Liza's home. But there was really no set timetable for Tommy and Mary.

But Liza had her schedule with Lee and come hell or high water she would be there to fuck him while Tommy watched TV or did something else to past the time. But, he was always there in case it got out of hand. However, Tom was getting more and more upset with this set up with each month that passed.

It had been maybe 6 months and Tommy and Mary had met a total of 3 or 4 times. Liza and Lee on the other hand had met a total of 8 times, four of which Tommy had no knowledge. As well as I could make out from Liza's diary she met Lee on four different Wednesdays as each week went by. Four times she met Lee outside the house and they fucked in the afternoon while her husband would work. Wednesdays was the day Tom always had to work late and didn't come home until 6:30 or 7 PM. She knew that was the case and would always be home by 5 PM to cook and clean herself up before he got there. From her diary, she wrote that Tommy never knew about those times. Tommy told me he didn't know until it was all over and he had read her diary.

As time went by, it seemed that Liza's biggest fear was that Tommy would find out and catch her with Lee outside her home and on a day when she wasn't to be with him. She really didn't want to have to sneak around on her husband. So that's when Liza told Tommy she wanted to have sex with Lee more then once every two months. She told him she wanted to do it every month not every two months. She told him it just wasn't enough and she felt it hurt everyone's relationship. She told Tommy he should take Mary as often as once a month too and enjoy his fantasy more often.

While he really didn't want this Tom could see she did and so after a number of fights and her nagging and complaining, he reluctantly gave in. Tommy agreed to it on a trial basis but Liza said once it started that she had no intentions of going back to the two months. (Again after read all this in her diary, I wondered if some people could love another person too much. Didn't he see the handwriting on the wall? I didn't know the answer to that.)

So Tommy met with Mary once a month and as time went by, Liza didn't participate with them any more. It seems she was to tired or was having her period, or she had a headache or something to keep her from the threesome. And each time Tommy wanted to cancel, Liza insisted that he and Mary continue without her. She wanted Tommy to have his sexual fantasy as often as he could. So even without Liza, the sex was good and Tom and Mary started enjoy doing it once a month.

That gave Liza the impression that she could have Lee more than once a month to make up for Tommy and Mary doing it when she didn't join them. That was her logic. Tommy knew what she was trying but for once he held her to their agreement. It fell into once a month except he didn't know she was seeing Lee on the side too and cheating on him for real.

Liza still wasn't happy about it and neither was Lee. Lee wanted more. He wanted more than once a week and he wanted her to come to his house and spend the night. Tommy told her and Lee no deal. But Lee kept working on her and Liza worked on Tommy. Then one night Tommy exploded with his frustration and anger. He asked her if she wanted a divorce so she could go live with Lee? Liza backed off telling him no she loved him only him. Lee as a fantasy and that was all. She Liza finally agreed and stopped pushing since she was seeing Lee once a week now on the side anyway.

That had it's own problems one because she was cheating while she was with Lee and secondly after she had been with him. Liza stopped giving Tom sex on Wednesday and Thursday and sometimes on Friday nights too. Tommy was become more and more frustrated with her behavior. While Liza worked out at first and did exercises to try and keep her vagina tight and clean. She was always scared that Tommy would feel what Lee's bigger cock did t her stretching her pussy. That was the reason she kept her husband out from between her legs for two days after she had been with Lee. That gave her vagina a chance to recover and adjust back to its normal tightness. There was never any sexual odor either since she was douching a lot more now. But fucking Lee as often as she really was doing now made her continue to fall deeper and deeper into the nasty black sex Lee wanted with her.

While Tommy had agreed to the change in her meetings to once a month, she made him say it repeating it for her each time she met with Lee so there would be no misunderstandings later on. He told her she could see her black lover but only at their home. Tommy would insist that the time Lee could be with his wife could be no longer than 2 hours but then agreed to move it up to 3 hours and always absolutely no drugs were allowed.

When Liza met Lee on the side she did by going to Lee's house. And each time she did, Lee took her harder and nastier as he fed her drugs. The sex was ruff and hard and he fucked her over and over again as much as he could wearing her out completely before ending it and sending her home again. There were times when Liza didn't know how she had the strength to drive home.

But she always seemed to manage.

However, there were days when she would just get home shower and go to bed. On those days she didn't bother to cook dinner or wait up for Tommy. It was sad and as it happened more and more Tommy began to get really upset with her. She was always tired half way into the week and he didn't understand why. She told him she didn't and he insisted she see a doctor. But Liza refused yelling at him until she fell back on the bed and held her head. It seemed like it was always Wednesday when she would be sick. He started to think more and more that she was cheating on him and he was sure it was with Lee. He talked to Mary and she said she would check up with her. Mary also told Tommy that Liza had missed a lot of time at work and her boss was getting pissed.

Liza continued to refuse sex with Tom for two days every time she had Lee on the side. She kept Tom away from her pussy and started to suck his cock and became really good at it now that Lee was instructing her to deep throat and take much bigger cocks that Tommy's in her mouth and down her throat. An afternoon with her black lover would make her pussy sore and painful. On those nights when Tommy was persistent she would suck his cock trying new things and different methods she had learned from Lee. She told Tommy what Lee had done to her or taught her on that regular schedule night at their house. Then she told Tommy that she wanted to try all those things with Tom on Saturday night.

Tom always enjoyed it but she was running scared now because it seemed there was nothing Tom did that got her to cum like she did with Lee. She never had sex with Lee without the drugs in her system now. And Lee knew it had the effect he was looking for in her! He knew without the drugs, her husband wouldn't be able to give her the high or the orgasm intensity that she got when she was with Lee. She drank Tommy's cum all the time now and she worked to get the last drop out of his cock. She worked on his smaller cock for hours if he wanted it. She loved sucking cocks now and drinking cum. Tommy would tell her how good she was and held her and thanked her. Lee never thanked her, but she had thanked Lee many times. She was becoming a real whore in the bedroom for both men but especially with Lee.

Liza even was bold enough or hooked bad enough that while Tommy had Mary in his bed one night she had Lee fucking her downstairs on the back porch. The meeting between Liza and Lee now became a weekly thing now and she never missed the day. Mary and Tommy had decided that Mary would be spending all night with him in his bed since Liza didn't care at all. Lee would come over give Liza the drugs and then fuck her hard on the back porch. When Liza passed out or was just to tired to continue he would leave. They never got caught for weeks as they fucked on the back porch.

That is until one night Tommy went downstairs for another bottle of wine and caught them fucking. Liza was so high she didn't even know her husband when he yelled at them. Lee and Tommy got into a shouting match with Lee pushing him against the wall. Tommy wasn't as big as Lee but got a few really good hits in before Mary came down and broke it up. Mary told Lee to leave and he told her to mind her own fucking business. Tom had had it! He took Liza by the hand and made her stand up. As she bobbed back and forth, Tommy asked her who she wanted him or Lee. She left with Lee that night.

That was the beginning of the end. Tommy was heartbroken and this time even Mary couldn't help him. Liza was gone for three days and nights and when she came home she looked like she had been used and used and used again. Her hair was messed up and her clothes ripped and torn. She was unwashed and smelled badly. She had bags under her eyes. She looked 15 years older maybe more. She looked like a street whore on crack.

Tommy got scared for her and he shook his head as he helped her into the house and put her to bed on the sofa. Two days passed and finally was sitting up and eating when she told her husband how very sorry she was and how the drugs made her do what she did. She told him she was so wrong and she begged and begged him to take her back.

He did but on a probationary basis with rules and if she didn't follow them she was gone and Tommy was going to file for divorce. She agreed. She saw a doctor and began to work in a program. Meanwhile Mary and Tommy didn't see each other for a couple of month while Tommy helped his wife.

Then finally Mary insisted on checking up on Liza. The first time she saw her she warned Tommy that Liza was still taking drugs. Somehow she had drugs in the house and she was taking them. Liza had dropped a lot of weight and since she was thin to begin with Mary was worried about her health. Liza wasn't eating much and was so tired almost all the time.

Time passed and Liza tried, she really tried. But her diary told how she needed the drug and the sex with Lee and he did anything to give it to her. She finally gave in when he called her and she went to him again took the drugs and fucked him all afternoon. She was back in the grove again fucking and taking drugs again.

The sad thing was Lee had been able to get Liza the drugs enough now that she needed them all the time, she was in fact flat out hooked. Once when she refused he put some on the tip of his cock and when she sucked him he rubbed it between her teeth and gum as he fucked her mouth. She received an exceptional big dosage that day. And that was the day Lee gave her the double penetration (DP).

As I read her dairy, she wrote about how she met Lee away from home that Wednesday afternoon and she was almost raped by Lee but she finally said yes to DP. It seemed that Lee and another man whom he called Dawg or Jerome was there and waiting. She didn't know it when she started to have sex with Lee sucking his cock and receiving the drug. But as the sex went on, and he fed her more drugs she finally saw him.

She wrote that he was older, maybe about 40 and not as nice looking as Lee. Once the drug went into her system Liza released all her fears and went with whatever Lee wanted. The sex felt so good she didn't care and would do anything for the high he gave her. That afternoon Lee made her get on top of him and began to fuck her. After her first mind-blowing orgasm, Lee whispered in her ear that it was going be the day she tried two men. She didn't understand at first but then he told her she was about to try DP.

Liza was out of her head and hot with her sexual need and desire. Tommy knew it and he even gave her more drugs before he motioned for Jerome to get on the bed. . Liza wrote that Lee ran his finger covered with the drug around her lips and over her tongue when she sucked his finger. She was rotating her pussy on his cock still fully buried inside her. She told him how good he was making her feel as he fucked up into her. He laughed as he held her on top of him now and started sucking her tits. He used his arms and wrapped them around her stomach holding her down on top of him.

That's when Jerome up behind her. With Liza held on top of Lee holding her tightly on top of him, Jerome moved behind her. Lee told her she was going to love the DP once she got use to the other cock in her ass. As Jerome stood there completely nude his black cock bobbing up and down with his excitement he began to coat his cock with lubricates that were sitting on the table and some of Liza's juices that had leaked out of her pussy. He said, "Jesus Lee you got a good one this time. What a fucking ass and body! She's beautiful!"

Lee moved his hands down and over her ass cheeks. He began to spread her ass cheeks wide, which in turn opened Liza's ass hole a little. It was in plain view for Jerome. Lee continued to hold it open as Jerome put his cock head in her ass with two pushes.

Liza wrote she remembered it hurt like hell at first and she moaned for him to stop. Of course he didn't and as he pushed his weight on top of her and with Lee holding her down she was helpless. Lee told her to relax and that it would be good soon.

Liza wrote in her journal that she remembered moaning and protesting and crying out that it hurt and hurt and hurt! But the two men didn't listen or care at this point! That day Liza would understand what pain as well as pleasure was all about. That day had moved her to the next level of her training and learning about being a slut for black cocks. She wrote that from then on she would be Lee's lovely little white whore, as he called her. She wrote that Lee smiled as he looked at Jerome and told him to push his dick all the way into her asshole.

At that point little Liza never knew what hit her. The feeling of two cocks and the effect of the drugs drove Liza wild. She said she remembered shuttering and shaking as she absolutely went crazy as they began to fuck her and fuck her and fuck her. Screaming and cried and begged now but not because of the pain but from them fucking her harder and faster and eventually she guessed she passed out from the feeling of orgasms that went on and on.

She even described how they fucked her. It seems that at first the two men moved in unison going in and out of her body together stretching both her holes and pushing her head against the bed board. Lee held her tightly and they then shifted and while one was going in her body the other was coming out. This was the ultimate fucking for her She then stopped her fighting completely and began fucking them back. As her orgasms swept over her driving her higher and higher with lust and rapture, she passed out.

She wrote a great deal about the times when she was DP and it had been many. Seems Lee like the way she fucked him with a cock in her ass too. So he arranged it with different men and almost every time she was with him now he always had at least one other black man there too. But now he didn't hide them. They would be sitting in the living room or laying on the bed completely nude and stroking their cocks as she came into his house. There were all size cocks too, small medium and big and one time there was a huge cock for her. He was so big she couldn't take him all the way. She wrote he must have been 14 or 15 inches, She knew he was long because he laid his cock on her face and while she licked his balls his cock head was over her hair.

Liza wrote at least a page about the fucking that she got each time that she came to see Lee. She was now cheating on her husband at least twice a week with no end in sight. And each week it got nastier or more violent. Some nights she would come home and couldn't sit down properly. Her ass hole was now being stretched as much as her pussy. It went on and on for weeks. And always as one man shot his load into one of her holes, Liza would find that cock in her mouth and she was told to start sucking it hard again.

The men always made sure they dipped their cock heads into the whitest power before they put it in her mouth. Since their cocks were wet with cum and her juices they picked up more power. Liza was in a constant high and she would suck their cocks back hard again and again. She was there for over three hours each time and was never let up off the bed.

Then one day there were five men there and Lee. They gave her the first gangbang and hurt her badly. She was drugged badly too and completely out of it for most of the five hours they kept her that day. When they were done with her they let her lay there while they all showered and dressed. It was 6:30 PM when Lee and two of the other men were able to get her dressed and they drove her home. They helped her into the house and left her car in the street in front of the house. Then they drove away in Lee's car with just a few minutes to spare before Tommy was pulling into the driveway.

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