tagLoving WivesLiza & Tommy #2

Liza & Tommy #2


Can you love your wife or husband to much? This story is about a husband who loves his wife to much. It's a very sad story with cuckolding and Interacial sex. If you don't like that sort of thing, STOP! Stop reading it now. Don't read any further. You have been informed!

The sex that night was great and after Liza had sucked her husband for a few moments, Tommy was now hard again. She moved over him and let his cock slip into her. It was easy, very easy, this time. Her already very wet and cum full hungry pussy was rocking and squeezing her husband's cock tightly as she rode him for a longer time now. Then she felt him cumming in her begging pussy for the third time that night. It was a record for him. They had never fucked where he had been able to cum three times in one night.

Liza had to fake her orgasm but she knew she was making Tommy very happy to think he was making her cum again. She loved her husband very much and wanted him to be happy. All women fake a cumming once in awhile. But, for Liza especially tonight was something she had to do. Since she had taken step one into having her husband allow her a black lover to complete her greatest fantasy, she want Tom totally happy and satisfied. Now as Tommy's cock was squirting his cum into her, she was holding his body and thrusting her hips down on him as she cried out loudly faking the peak in her own orgasm.

She was laying there holding him and smiling, as she knew he was completely drained now. He was a good lover, not great but good. But she knew from the start of their relationship that Tommy could make her cum a few times with his tongue as he sucked her clit and then fuck her hole but hardly ever did it with his cock. His tongue was almost as long as his cock. That was to bad, she really wanted to feel a cock go deeper, much deeper. But she loved Tom very much; he was very good to her. He had saved her from having to go back home where she would certainly not be living the life that she was living here in the states. Plus she loved him and was sure he loved her. But the fantasies, oh God those fantasies of a big black cock driving deeper into her body made her moan with desire.

Now, as they held each other panting like animals, she told Tommy that she loved him. He told her the same. Yes, sex tonight with her husband was great. God Tommy felt she was so sexy tonight getting him to cum three damn times in less than 2 hours. He held her and stroked her as he kissed her neck and shoulder. She squeezed him tightly and told him she loved him so very, very much.

He looked into her eyes and told her that he loved her so damn much it hurt sometimes. He had that said many times. He would do anything to make her happy when she came to America and then he said it again when she told him yes and they married. He told her how very much he adored her and he would try and do everything to make her happy. He told her that when she first told him she loved him he almost passed out from the feeling he had for her. Now he pretty much told her that about every day but always when they had sex or she did something special for him like sucked him off. She knew he really did love her that much and that she was his life. She didn't want to ever hurt him. But now he could prove it to her by showing her he was serious about letting her complete her fantasy and trying black. She might even work to find him that other woman afterwards.

Tom was actually wondering how sexy it just might be and how much fun it could be to have his wife and another woman in his bed. He imagined he would fuck the new woman first while she licked his wife's sweet pussy and made her cum. He smiled thinking about how nice it would be to fuck another woman as she gave his wife so much oral pleasure. And it was indeed a turn on for him to think another woman's tongue and mouth would love his wife, as he watched them. It would be exciting and thrilling to Liza watch as he fuck the other woman too. Then he said to himself that he would make slow love to his wife after that when the other woman sucked his cock back hard again. "Two women the same night to fuck, WOW! Yes, I would love that", Tommy said under his breath!

But how could he find the other woman? He didn't know. Then he got a chill when he imagined his wife in bed with another man and a black man at that. Seeing the man with a big cock fucking his wife wasn't so good, he didn't like that image at all. He wondered about that! She had said she felt she only wanted to try it once since it was her greatest fantasy. But what if she liked it too much? What if she wanted it more than once? Then he said to himself, "But she told me just one time! Just once to see how it would feel. If I gave Liza this pleasure then she would have to be sure to give me my wish. But could I handle it?" He didn't know the answer to that.

That was Friday night. It was Saturday afternoon before they both finally got out of bed. After one last fucking that morning to wake them up, they showered and got something to eat. As they sat around the table Liza looked at her husband and asked, "So tell me sweetheart how would we ever find these other two people? You know a black man for me and another woman for you to fuck."

He didn't hear her since he was thinking about the black man fucking her like a wild animal. Liza shook his shoulder gently and she smiled at him asking again about finding people to fulfill their dreams. Tom asked, "I'm not sure where we could locate a safe man or woman for us to use that way?"

She looked at him and hugged him. She said, "I don't know either for sure Tommy, but maybe the Internet? How about I ask Mary she seems to know all about that sort of stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if she has already done it once. With her husband's approval I'm sure."

Tommy said, "Well I really would love a three-way with another woman. Yea, go on and ask her Liza. I mean we're just talking about it. Right? I mean we haven't really agreed to actually do it have we? What harm could it do to check it out?"

She kissed her husband and said, "Well you did tell me it would be OK last night Tommy. We both agreed to talk about the rules and procedures for actually doing but you did say it would be OK. I think I really would like to try it once since you did agree. Didn't You? I mean I was sure you did Tom."

She looked at him and he saw the look in her eyes. Yes, he had given his tentative approval but now she was actually talking about locating someone and doing it for real. . He was starting to get worried! Worried and a little tense was what they both were as Saturday turned into Sunday. But each time Liza saw or felt he was backing out she assured him that it would be just sex and only once and that she loved him dearly. He said he was uncertain about her being with a black man. She said she had the same misconceptions about another woman. They talked long and in depth about how they would approach this taboo for both of them.

They finally agreed that they would do it. They would attempt to complete the other's greatest fantasies. Then Liza took her husband to bed and showed him her love and thanks for allowing the chance to fuck another man. Tommy reciprocated and licked Liza's pussy at three different times, during their lovemaking. Two of those times she was full of his cum. But he didn't hesitate at all he was so much in love with her. He didn't seem to care he just wanted to show her his true feelings for her and to give her as much pleasure as she was giving him. Liza sucked and fucked him dry. He finally rolled off of her and just laid there totally exhausted. She held him and thanked him again for the wonderful love and sex and for allowing her to take a black lover.

Tommy knew it was done and he had agreed to it. Now he had to face up to it. She too wondered what would happen when she tried it as well as what would happen if Tommy ever got another woman into their bed. That night they both slept solidly since both were physically and mentally exhausted.

The next morning Tommy asked if she had dreamed about her black lover after she fell asleep? She told him, "No, I didn't dream at all. But if I did I can't help what I dream about."

She smiled at him and said, "Like you don't dream about your other woman in my bed fantasies sometimes." She kissed him and he kissed her back. They both smiled at each other and then finally got dressed. But all day Sunday they fooled around and played. It was a good day for both of them.

That Monday after a long weekend of the best sex they have ever had, Liza went to work. At lunch she talked with Mary at length about what happened. Mary told her the Internet would have a lot of places where men offering her their services. Many would be black. She could check them out and maybe even write one or two. She said, "But I have no idea where your husband can find another woman to bring to your bed." They both laughed because Liza really didn't want another woman in her bed fucking and sucking her husband.

As they talked Mary said, "Just wait a week or so and then try it. But, make sure Tommy always knows what you are doing. Maybe he could even sit with you while you write them. That way he wouldn't think you were hiding anything from him. It could even help if he checked out the men you are interested in fucking"

They both laughed at that comment. Liza asked Mary if she knew of any specific web sites she could recommend. Mary gave her two of the best she knew of. These sites offered men but mostly black men with big cocks exactly what Liza was looking for. She would have a virtual storehouse full of men on the Internet to pick and chose from. And Tommy would help her, help her pick out her new black lover. This was starting out so great that Liza went home with her pussy actually throbbing with excitement.

She worried about what Tommy would think and wondered if he would want to check out sites later where he might find a woman. She would have to have her wish filled first that's all there was to it. She turned on the PC and investigated the sites Mary gave her before Tommy came home. She looked and looked at al the beautiful neb with their hard cocks. Mary was right many were black. She didn't write any or chat with them. She just checked them out, all of them. She waited over a week before telling Tommy about them. Every night for about a half an hour she came home started dinner and then opened the web page. She would look at the site and then 20 minutes before Tom came home; she would remove the history and evidence that she was on line.

She then decided that after next Friday night's dinner and maybe some fooling around, she would get Tom to help her check out the web sites that Mary gave her. She might even write a couple guys and then take Tommy to bed and fuck him crazy again.

The days went by slowly and then it was the Friday of the following week. Yes, tonight was going to be the night she and Tommy would look seriously for her black cock lover. She smiled as she turned off the engine to her car and went into the house. She started dinner and then showered and put on another sexy nightie for her husband. Then she waited for Tommy to come home. They had dinner after Tommy ate his appetizer as he paid her on the kitchen table. She had a tremendous orgasm as she was thinking of a bald black head between her legs licking hr and getting her off. She was dressed in another new nightie she had purchased from VS a few days before.

Liza looked so sexy and beautiful Tommy couldn't hold off until after dinner. They fucked right there on the kitchen table as dinner got cold. Then they heated it up in the microwave. Liza looked fantastic with that after fucked look on her face. Her hair was in her face and her tits were out of her nightie as they ate with her sitting on his lap. He took a bite and then sucked her tits. He could feel his cum leaking out of her pussy on his thighs as she sat on him.

He took a bite and then kissed his wife. It went on and on and she was now straddling him and rocking on his cock. She didn't have it in hr she was teasing him. It was a super erotic dinner. At the end Tommy was hard again and as Liza faced him she lifted up enough to lower her pussy back down on his cock now. Teasing was over and now she would fuck him long and hard. As they sat at he table she rotated her hips and did a little dance as she took all of him up inside her pussy. She knew that Tommy loved this way of fucking her. She held him and kissed him and rode his cock for a long time. When he moaned she felt his cum begin to pump into her again. She held him tightly and rode him to the completion of his orgasm. She too had a small one.

Then as the afterglow of Tommy orgasm was receding she kissed his neck and shoulders as she held him tightly. She whispered hat she had talked to Mary today and had some web sites she wanted them both and to check out later. As she slowly fucked Tommy up and down his cock finally slipped out of her pussy completely. He held her and sucked her nipples and didn't look al that happy. She had moaned as she closed her eyes and tried to imagine a 9-inch cock deep inside her. As Tommy had begun to shoot his cum into her she shook with anticipation of having that big cock cumming so much deeper inside her.

It was an outstanding sex session and they hadn't even gotten out of the kitchen. Finally, she smiled and kissed her husband one last time and then as she stood up she took his hand and they walked to the PC. It was time!

Everything went well and after dinner she told Tom what Mary had told her a couple of days ago about the sites. But she wanted to look at them with her husband. He didn't look that happy about it. He told her he was hoping she had forgotten about actually doing it. She said, "Now how could I forget about my greatest fantasy? Really Tommy did you forget about yours? No I didn't think so, come on look with me it could be fun!"

After a few minutes of discussion she said, "Could we at least go check out some sites for both of us? Could we just go check these sites out for a few minutes Tommy? Then I'll take you to bed and fuck you like we did in the kitchen and last weekend! We had such a good weekend didn't we? Remember?"

Tommy sighed, how could he forget that! It was the best sex they had for a very long time. He took her hand and they sat in front of the PC bring up the various sites for her.

Liza was amazed at the sites they were unbelievable! She felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter as her passion and lust built to a powerful level. There in front of her were photos and descriptions of the men. She read a few of the nicer looking white and black men. Some were just too ugly and some didn't sound like they could be trusted or sounded like they were hoods or dealer.

Finally Liza picked five men all black and who were tall and built well and lived within a reasonable distance from her city. She also picked them for what she considered to be handsome, well that's what she told Tommy. However, she noticed the descriptions of the men and especially the descriptions of their sex organ. Some often showed their cocks. She saw some very large black cocks, some were hard and huge and some were soft hanging down between the legs of the men.

She realized that some would be lying while other would be honest. She finally wrote down the five names that interested her most. She had to be careful Tommy was getting a little pissed off she could feel it. She saw the way he sat and the way he acted and sighed, taking deep breaths. She kissed him a number of times and even sat back on his lap with her top off allowing him some fun as he played with her tits and nipples. He sucked them as she read and flipped the pages to another man. It actually made her very wet to read and see those black cock while her husband played with her body.

Finally as he slipped his hand under her blue, almost transparent, panties that came with the nightie, she felt his fingers stroking her pussy and rubbing her enlarging clit. She opened her legs and let him enter her with two fingers. She was soaking wet! But she continued to read about the black men.

She knew she would have to hurry. It wouldn't be long before Tommy would want his cock inside her pussy. She wouldn't be able to concentrate then and she wanted to e-mail the two men she had picked out for sure! She had to send out the e-mails before Tommy took her wet cunt with his cock. She was writing the last man when she felt Tom lifted her ass up a little so he could pull her panties down. She let him. Her musk floated up into both of their faces. She was so ready to be fucked and Tommy knew it! Then she felt Tom's cock head bumping against her ass. Liza opened her legs wider and guided her husband's cock as it entered her hot cunt. As she sat back down on him his cock slipped right in all the way since she was drenched inside.

Tommy was balls deep as Liza sent the last of the two e-mails out. This was it she had done it and with her husband watching her. She had written two black men asking for more information and telling them what she would like to do. Tom had read both e-mails and didn't say anything. He had let her do it and now she began to rock back and forth with her pussy filled with all of his small cock. He was fully inside her pussy and his cock was throbbing with desire. As she sat on him now finished with her searching of the web site, she laid her upper body back against him and turned her head. She said, "Squeeze my breasts baby! Yes, mumm yes Tommy that feels so nice. Thank you baby! Thank you for allowing me to try this. You know I love you. I love you so much."

Tom was squeezing her breasts and pulling on her hard and very red nipples as he felt her leaking her juices down on his body. He said, "Jesus Liza! You are so wet. You are really into this black man fantasy aren't you? I mean you really want to do this don't you?"

She turned and kissed him again and said, "Oh God! Oh Tommy yes! Oh God yes Tom fuck me. Fuck me hard now! Fuck me fast with your cock! It feels so good inside me. Talk to me and fuck me baby! Fuck me like you did last weekend. Oh God Tom I'm so horny thinking I might actually get my greatest fantasy filled and it's all because of you baby. I love you so much my husband! So very much!"

As they sat there with Tom lifting her up and down moving his cock in and out of her very needed to be fucked hard pussy. She moaned again and said, "You must love me so very much to allow me to do this. And I love you more for letting me do it!"

She stood up and felt his cock slip out of her tunnel. He looked at her as she took his hand and they walked arm and arm to the bedroom. Tommy's stomach was turning upside down with uncertainty. Liza's stomach was turning with excitement and lust!

As he re-entered her pussy now in their bed, Tom knew he did love his wife with his entire being. He decided that he would allow her to do this just once, just so she could get it out of her system. Then they would look for that other women to fuck him.

Liza held on to her husband and fucked his brains out for two hours. But, she was thinking of the black men almost the entire time. She had been looking their photos and remembered their big cocks as she arched her back and cried out with a huge orgasm! She had picked out only two out of the five men. She didn't want Tommy to get upset with her writing more than a couple of them. They were Lee Johnson and Tyron Jackson.

She had written them both a very short e-mail about herself and what she wanted to try. While her husband watched and read the e-mails he had been fucking her as she sat on his lap with his cock up inside her. The e-mails simply said she was interested in trying a black cock and that the man she was writing interested her very much. It would be a one-time fling and her husband had agreed to it. She wanted more information about the men. Now she would have to wait to hear back from them.

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