tagLoving WivesLiza & Tommy #3

Liza & Tommy #3


Again dear reader if you don't enjoy reading about wives CUCKOLDING their husbands OR INTERACIAL sex, stop reading this story! You were told ahead of time. Again this is a sad story with an unhappy ending to it. It's something different than I usually write.


On Saturday, Liza was singing and humming most of the day as she did her normal Saturday things with her husband doing his. Tommy could see how excited and happy she was today. Oh she was very loving and had been for the entire week. But today she kissed or hugged her husband almost every time they passed each other. When 4:30 PM came Liza stopped her cleaning and went upstairs to get ready. She told Tommy not to bug her until she was ready. She wanted to surprise him with the new things she had purchased for tonight.

Tommy finished cleaning the SUV and went into the living room and checked the things one more time she had asked him to pick up, booze and snacks and things like that. He decided to make sure there was enough ice and emptied the trays and icemaker into a large plastic bag. Then around 5:30 PM he too went upstairs to start getting ready for tonight. They had made reservations for the three of them, Lee, Liza and Tommy at their favorite restaurant. If things went Ok there they planned to bring Lee back to their home where Liza told him she would feel much more comfortable.

Tommy know that it meant he would have to sleep on the sofa but had agreed to do it for Liza this one time. They had talked again and again and she told him she couldn't really do this if he was going to watch. He told her he wasn't going to leave her alone with the guy. Finally they both agreed that he would sleep in the living room. And she would take Lee to their bedroom. He didn't enjoy this at all but he saw how very happy his wife had been since he had agreed to let her have her greatest fantasy of sex with a black man.

As he finished showering and dressing he came to the bedroom door and knocked. She said, "A minute please."

When she opened the bed room door Tom lost his breath. She looked absolutely stunning and Tommy knew she was dressing like that tonight for Lee not him. His heart sank and he became upset and told her again that he didn't like this at all. He ramped and raged for a few minutes telling her she never dressed like that for him. He wanted to know where she got her outfit and why she had decided to look that good for a man she was only going to see one time?

Liza saw the worried look in her husband's face and heard the pain in his voice. She knew she had to make him more assured of this night right now or it could turn out to be a disaster. She took him in her arms and kissed him as she held him tight. She told him she loved him with all her heart for allowing her to do this. She said he had nothing to worry about and that this was only sex, and wonderment on how it would be with a black man. That's all there was, no love at all.

She told him again how it would only be once and then they could begin to work on his fantasy of adding that other woman. She talked quickly and held on to him trying to reassure him that he knew she really did love him. He did. She again told him she just wanted to be fucked by a black man, which was all this evening was going to be about. She said that tomorrow she would be his and his alone and she would show him just how much she loved him and appreciated his love by letting her have this one night. She told him he was showing her the highest form of love by letting her complete her fantasy. One where most men wouldn't be able to do because of their jealousy or that their love just wasn't as deep as Tommy's was for her. That proved that Tommy love her more than most men loved their wives.

She again said she did love him more than anything. She said that she had dressed like that for him and Lee, not just Lee. She told him she wanted to look sexy so Lee would agree to come back to their home. She laughed a little when she said she didn't want him or Lee to think she was an old plain Jane and not be interested. She kissed him again and then asked if he was OK?

Tommy knew the black man would have to be half blind and gay not to think Liza was sexy. He knew he had agreed to let her do this but deep inside he just didn't think she would go all the way for this black man. He was scared that Lee would become to attached to her or her to him and not want to just have her once. He was worried that Lee would know where they lived and would bug them again and again.

Liza stroked her husband's face and told him that Lee knew it was a one-time thing she had told him that from the start. And he lived to far away for some kind of stalking or long-term affair. She told Tommy not to worry it would OK. She promised. She then straightened her outfit and fixed her lipstick. They were ready to go.

They were on time and met Lee at the restaurant. He looked very handsome dressed in his best suit and as Liza looked at him closer she saw he had a face and build like a black male model. He was tall, slim but not to slim, and he had a nice face. His nose large and wasn't all over his face, like some black men. And, he didn't have those really big lips which she didn't like either. He didn't look like a pure African as Liza called it. Lee looked as if he had some mixed blood in him having some white features. He had a very nice smile and bright penetrating dark as night eyes.

Liza was looking at him all the way as she walked sexually towards him. She smiled as she saw him standing there looking at her body swaying as she walked. She felt he was very handsome as she gave him the once over looking up and down his body. Tommy and he were about the same size height and weight wise. But Lee was actually better looking. He had no dread locks or any type of gangster or hood features or dress. And he had none of that drug dealer look either. She called it that because she didn't know what else to call it. She liked him already as he held out his arms and gave her a hug saying, "Wow you are even more beautiful in person."

He hugger her tight and she could feel his warmth. Then he turned to Tommy and they shook hands. Then Lee went back and kissed Liza on the lips. It startled both Tom and Liza a little. Tommy watched as he did it. Then they sat down and Liza was smiling and felling a warm sensation all around pussy and it finally centered in her clit. She could feel it throbbing lips. She squeezed her legs together and felt her cunt tingle.

Tommy looked from Lee to Liza and back again as they began to talk. He noticed everything. Liza was wearing now. And he saw how it highlighted and emphasized her body and face. She had on her highest heels that made her calves and legs look shapelier than usual. She had on thigh high stockings, which were light colored almost transparent with a hush of white/blue coloring. He could see the tops of them as she sat with her skirt hiked higher than usual. The bottom of her dress was only inches from showing her panties and Tommy saw Lee looking down ever few seconds. So did Tommy.

As she bent forward now Tommy noticed the top of the dress hung open showing a great deal of her breasts and her deep cleavage. She didn't wear a bra tonight. Tie strings held up the dress over each shoulder. Her shoulders and all of her neck were exposed plus there was the firmness of her breasts pressing against the front of the dress. Tom knew Lee could see her hard nipples pressing against the thin material too as they talked. They both knew Liza was extremely excited. Her eyes shined with that look of expectancy of what would come later that bight. Tommy knew his wife was very sexually aroused.

Tommy knew Lee liked what he saw and was sitting forward talking with her. Their faces were inches apart. And her back was to her husband. She was smiling and laughing and touching his shoulder and arm and hand as she listened to him. Lee's black hands were touching Liza's shoulder and arm. From time to time, Tommy knew Lee could feel her breasts pressing against the back of his hand.

A they continued to talk, it was very apparent to anyone including Tommy that Liza was with Lee. They hardly included him in any of their conversations. But mostly they talked between themselves finding out all sorts of things new to be lovers want to know about the other person. Tommy was upset but didn't say anything as Liza almost threw herself on Lee. He knew she was hot to get Lee's cock in her pussy and fuck him.

She actually moved her chair a little closer as Lee whispered something in her ear. She laughed and left her chair only inches apart now. Anyone could see Lee and Liza were the couple not Tommy and she. It was a embarrassing for Tommy the way they both had a hand under the table now and Tommy knew they were both exploring each other's body right there in the restaurant.

They ordered and when the food came, it became a three-way conversation again. Tommy didn't say a lot but did ask about what they had planned for tonight. Liza told him that after dinner they would all go back to the house. Then Lee and she would ask Tommy to let them be alone for a while to see if they were as comparable. She reminded Tommy that he was not to come into the bedroom once the door was close. She wouldn't be able to enjoy anything if he was there watching.

Tommy told her he remembered their deal and then Lee thanked him for the opportunity to be with Liza. She smiled when he said it and Tommy saw Lee take her hand and kissed it! Tommy was more pissed off than he showed or made out to be. He knew he had promised but this was killing him. He asked if Liza and he could have a few minutes alone? Liza looked at him and he knew she didn't like this. Lee however said, "Sure. Tell you what Tom I'll go to the men's room and you two talk. Then when I get back we can take off for your house if it's still OK."

Liza said it would be. Lee got up and walked towards the bathroom as Liza turned to her husband and said "Well that was very nice."

Tommy said, "I don't want you to do this Liza. I have changed my mind. I can't do this it's fucking killing me."

She knew he would be upset, Mary had told her he would try and back out of it. She moved close to her husband and kissed him gently but long. Then she said, "You can't mean that Tommy! I mean not now! Not that we have met and talked and planned tom go back to the house. No Tommy, you can't possibly tell me I can't do it now. Look Tommy you have to come to terms with this baby! I mean we have gone way to far now to stop this."

He said, "Why? Why Liza? Why can't we just say thanks but no thanks to Lee when he comes back? And go home and make love with each other? Why can't we?"

Tommy looked like he was going to cry or scream or something. Liza sighed and took her husband's hand. She said, "I know this is hard for you. It would be hard for me too and will be when you have that other woman in our bed baby. But telling me that you don't want me to have him now would be.....like...like if I put that other woman on our bed nude and told you that you couldn't finish your dream. You can't say I can't go through with this now Tommy. You just can't! I mean it would so unfair. Unfair to me and to Lee and to you too because I wouldn't be able to say you could have that other woman. I told you when we finish with my dream we'll start working on yours. Now come on it's just one night out of our lives. One damn night Tommy, and maybe not even that long. Who knows Lee may just leave after an hour or so. I mean right now you can see he wants me badly. And I want him, but who knows once we get back to the house and we start.....well you know that maybe he won't like what we're doing and leave. Or after we do it once, he'll think it's nothing or no big deal and leave. Maybe he'll only be able to get it up once. Who knows. But Tommy, I want him, I want to try him. Oh Tommy, I told you before my love that it's just sex. And you know I think it's the best gift you could ever give me. I mean letting me have my greatest fantasy shows me you love me so damn much. I promise it has nothing to do with love or you and me, it's just fucking. I have always wanted to try it with a black you know that. That's all, it a piece of meat fuck, no more. It's fulfilling my greatest fantasy and now we're so close to completing it. Oh come on Tom. You can't say no to me now! I'm throbbing inside to try him."

Tommy hung his head and said, "No I guess you're right it is to late now. I am just so sad that another man will be in your body and making love to you Liza. I mean I feel like I could scream!"

She kissed him and held his hand and told him again that it wasn't making love. Only he did that to her. It was a fucking. She tried to tell him it would be a fuck just like when he would fuck that other woman when she was in their bed. It was just a fuck and a one night, one-time thing. As she finished Lee came back to the table. He said, "Everything OK? OK if I sit back down now?"

She smiled up at him and said, "Yes Lee. We're Ok with this now. Tom had some misgivings about this......about what you and I will be doing later on tonight. But we have talked it out and he's OK again. Right Tommy?"

Lee looked at him and so did Liza. Tommy looked at Lee and said, Yea! Come on let's get out of her and get this over with!"

Lee said, "Wait a second Tom. If you don't want this now is the time to tell me. Once I have your wife in bed and start.... Well you know having sex with her, it will be too late to stop. So are you sure you're Ok with this man?"

Tommy said, "I said I was, come on."

They stood and walked to the front door.

Once outside Liza asked Tommy if she could ride with Lee so they could talk a little more. Liza took his hand and before Tommy could say yes or no she kissed her husband goodbye and told him she would see him at the house. Liza and Lee got into his car and drove away as Tommy walked slowly to his car. He drove home sad and wondering just how big a mistake they were all making? He wondered how the hell his life got so crazy and his marriage so mixed up. He knew he loved his wife and she loved him. He also knew he would have done anything for her including making her greatest wise for hr fantasy to become real. . But he guessed he just never imagined he could love her so much that he would let another man, a black man, fuck her in his own bed. It was a disgrace and so damn humiliating.

He drove the 15 or 20 minutes it took to get to his driveway. As he pulled in he could see that they were just starting to get out of Lee's car. He felt that was a little strange since Lee had a few minutes head start on him when they left the restaurant. They should have been inside the house by now. Then he wondered if Liza had waited for him to come home before letting this other man into their home. He was glad about that. But then as he watched Lee offer his hand to her helping Liza out of the car, he saw Liza's skirt was up her thighs much higher around her thighs then it should have been. As he looked he could see all the way up between her open legs. Liza seemed to hold her legs open wide-open purpose so that Lee could look at her. She didn't move for a few seconds just showing Lee all of her cunt and ass and upper inner thighs. Then Tommy saw that Liza's dress was so high up her legs as she moved slowly out of the car that he could see that she had removed her panties, or Lee had!

"What the fuck", Tommy said as he saw her spread her legs even widely in a lustful whoring way so Lee could see all of her pussy slit! Tommy could see for sure now that her sheer baby blue panties were missing. Then he saw that Lee was holding them bunched up in his hand. Tommy was sure that Lee had been playing with his wife's pussy maybe even fingering it as they drove home together. Now, Tom was very upset. Lee looked at Tommy and then put the panties to his face and smiled at Liza knowing her husband was watching. Tommy saw Lee inhale her wetness and musk. Liza smiled at Tommy when she saw him looking at them both as he walked towards them. She knew Tommy saw her panties in Lee's hand. She said, "All set guys?"

Tommy said, "Why does he have your panties in his hand Liza? I mean couldn't you have waiting until you got home and inside?"

Liza said, "Tommy!! For God sakes I took them off so he could have something to remember this night. He asked me for them now because he didn't want to forget them later on. That's all baby. I mean we are going to get nude tonight when we are together you know that! I just removed them so he could put them in his pocket now. That way he wouldn't forget them."

Lee said, "Nothing man. I mean I didn't do anything else. Well I might have patted her pussy a little and rubbed it but I was driving so I didn't do much else. Besides, you both invited me here right? We're still good with this right. I mean it's the last time I'm gong to ask either of you if we're OK. From now on she is with me. Right?"

Liza said, "Right. From now on Lee's my date and we'll be left alone. Right Tom? I don't want any trouble out of either of you two.

Tommy said, "No trouble we agreed. I'm not OK but I'll live. I was just wondering, you couldn't wait for him to touch and see you and it sort of pissed me off."

She opened the front door and they all stood in the living room. She said, "Well when that other woman is in our bed I'm sure you're going to have her undressed as fast as possible and feeling her pussy as quick as possible. I mean you men, you're both so visual."

She laughed as she turned and went to the bedroom. The two men followed her. She said, "While I get your things for tonight Tommy please would you and Lee make drinks?"

Both men walked to the kitchen and Tom started to make drinks as Lee sat there watching him. He said, "Tommy, it's going to be OK. It's just sex man. I don't love her and she doesn't love me. We're just going to fuck that all. You don't have to worry man! I mean she is a beautiful woman but she told me it's only tonight. She won't be seeing me again."

Tommy said, "Yea I know but it's still very hard. I mean would you let your wife do this?"

Lee smiled and said, "Hell no man. But then I'm not married and I'm not white. But if I was and I loved her enough and she wanted a white guy I might consider it."

Tommy sighed and handed him his drink. A few minutes later Liza came out of the bedroom with a pillow and blanket and made up the sofa for her husband to sleep on. She took her drink and they all sat and talked for a few minutes going over a few things. Tommy told her that he knew that he wasn't to go into the bedroom when the door was closed. He would sleep on the sofa for tonight. Lee told Tommy that he knew he could stay for as long as he wanted until the sometime in the morning when he woke up. The he would leave if he was still here. Liza said, "Good we all know the rules."

And with that Liza took her husband into her arms and kissed him long and hard. She whispered that she loved him more than anything else in the world and thanked him again for giving her this one night. She kissed him again harder this time and held him for a long time. Finally she slowly pulled away and out of his arms.

Tommy stood there watching her take Lee's hand and walk way towards the bedroom. Tommy was so upset. Lee looked at him once and said, "I'll see you man. Remember it's just sex and nothing else. It's OK Tom it's cool."

And with that he watched his wife and the black man walk into the bedroom and as the door was about to close Tom yelled, "Liza! Wait!"

She turned and looked a little mad. Tommy almost ran up to her. He took her into his arms one last time and kissed her. When they separated he said, "Oh God this is so hard baby! So hard! I love you so much but this is killing me. It's just too hard!. Please.... Please, I'm begging you. Please.....don't......."

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