tagLoving WivesLiza & Tommy #4

Liza & Tommy #4


Again for your inforanmton and to save you time and energy, this story is about cuckolding and interacial sex. It is trying to show how a wife can be slowly changed into a whore by a black man. If you dont like this type of story, please don't read it. I have gone to great means to crated the wife as the biggest slut she could be. It is meant to show how the woman can be drawn into the nasty world of cheating and interacial sex. There will be revenge for her at the end, but it will take some time since I plan to draw her deeper and deeper into the world of sexual domination by a black man. In other words I'm doing it on purpose.

The sex for Liza that night was unbelievable, the best she had ever experienced. She never knew sex could be that way, so violent, yet passionate and lustful. And it went on and on for hours. Liza was out of control most of the time having many orgasms and feeling things she never felt before. Lee's cock was big and he continued to stimulate her body and brain all the time, he nerve stopped.

Even weeks later, when she looked back at that night, she remembered that he never left her body alone. His hand or mouth or his wonderful long hard cock was always in or on her. Oh they took breaks of course, to shower, or eat and drink, or to check on her husband sleeping on the sofa. They even played and fooled around, like new lovers do, and yes, they even slept in between the sex. But that night for her seemed to be filled with heated passion and animal fucking even when they slept she dreamed of his cock fucking her.

There had been absolutely no resistance or hesitation from Liza not to try anything that Lee suggested. She did things with Lee that she had never done with her husband. She would never tell Tommy about those things, those nasty whorish things she did with this black man. But she did them non-the-less and to make matters even more sinful, Liza liked them. She loved the nasty things she did with Lee. She was nothing but a whore for Lee just like he knew she would be. He could almost tell just by looking at white women and how they looked at him, if they would react to him sexually. He had learned from fucking over 50 in five years that most of these proper married white women he fucked were willing to try new sexual things with him. Things they would never agree to do them with their husbands. They didn't want the husbands to think they were that big of a whores.

But with Lee, they were uninhibited and willing to try anything and everything. They didn't seem to care and so they let Lee have their bodies anyway he wanted. They seemed to let it all hang out so to speak. And Lee found they absolutely loved doing it.

At one point that night Lee had her hanging her head over the edge of the bed. He pinched and pulled hard on her nipples as he stood there and fucked her mouth and throat with his big cock. While she hadn't been about to relax her throat muscles enough that first night to actually take his entire cock and deep throat him, she sucked him good. She let him push his cock into her mouth deep enough to chock her a few times. She had never allowed Tom to ever do that to her. Oh she had sucked Tommy's cock all right but she never let him gag her like Lee had done to her.

Lee also pumped his cum into her mouth and told her to drink it all. He told her not to let a drop of his seed fall out of her mouth! And she drank it down without hesitation! He pumped it into her mouth and throat and Liza drank and drank. She even wiped the few drops that hit her chin on to her fingers and then licked them clean with her tongue while he smiled at her. Then she cleaned his cock until he pulled it away.

They did nasty things you see in porno films. But the biggest and newest thing they did that first night was let him fuck her in the ass. Lee took out a tube of lubricant from his suit coat pocket and covered his cock with it. Then he put some on his two fingers and pushed it gently into her ass. He opened her hole a little more and then inserted another finger. Now with three fingers in her other hole, Lee began to fuck her ass with them. After he had her opened up a little more, Lee slowly replaced his fingers with his big cock. He went slow and easy but he was able to insert more than 6 inches of his big black cock into Liza's pretty little tight white ass hole. She never did anything like that before. As he moved in and out of her ass, he used his fingers to rub her clit. As he pumped in and out of her ass he made her cum with his fingers on her pussy. Then he filled her ass hole full of his cum before removing his cock. He had now filled her in all three holes.

After each filling they showered or slept. He told Liza she had done very well for the first night with a large black man. Usually the women he had been with were scared or hesitant. He congratulated her for doing what most black men love, giving herself completely to him. "Yes", he was thinking, "Liza is working out very well. She takes to things much faster than most of these horny white bitches. She'll be doing many new things for me soon."

It was very late or extremely early depending on how you looked at it but Liza woke to Lee moving behind her again. As he pressed into her from behind, he took her in his arms and lifted one of her legs up high. He whispered for her to take his cock and insert it in her pussy. Liza smiled as she reached between her legs and took his big cock in her hand. It had been resting on her thigh. As she guided it to her open waiting pussy hole she easily inserted the head this time. It was much easier now since Lee's big cock had fucked her so long and so often that night he had stretched her pussy wide. As he pushed it into her all the way she realized this would make the forth time Lee was hard and was fucking her.

But now he fucked her much slower and easier from behind. They fucked for a very long time as they glided against each other. This time he wanted it to last and last. And it did it went on and on and on. In fact he fucked her until she just couldn't fuck him any longer.

Lee felt her stop moving on his cock and he pulled it out. He simply pulled her head towards his crotch and Liza took the slippery wet cum covered cock into her mouth! Her small hands stroked his large cock shaft as her mouth sucked so hard her cheeks caved in. Lee moaned as she did it like a pro and he tried to push more into her mouth. He told her to suck him dry this time. She reached for his balls and cupped them feeling their size and the heat coming off of them. She felt the tightness of the sack they rested in. He had big balls. Liza loved everything about his wonderful cock.

As time went by, Lee gasped out loud as her lips gently encircled his cock head as she licked it again and again and again stimulating him. She wanted him to feel good and she worked hard to give him that pleasure. As she licked and kissed it, her tongue was massaging the under side of his cock head and her hand was working his balls. She worked on his dick as if she was worshiping it, as if she was in love with it, she was. Lee held her head and his hips were moving to her touch now. Her head moved up and down taking the cock head and some of the shaft deeper and deeper into her mouth. She held and stroked the shaft with her two hands on top of each other and she still had enough cock left to suck on and gag her if she let him.

Lee had a really big cock and she was struggling with his enormous size and his aggressiveness to have her take more and more of his dick into her mouth and down her throat

As his passion grew her small lips stretched wide to accommodate his thickness. As his hips bucked harder now matching the rhythm of her mouth sucking he moaned loud, loud enough that her husband heard him again.

His hardened dick head felt huge in her mouth! When Liza looked up into his face she saw Lee's eyes closed and he was smiling as she continued to please him.

She wanted him to cum and she was going to swallow all of it or as much as she could. She was going to drink his seed and make him as happy as he had made her. She was now taken his cock as far into her mouth and a little down her throat as she possibly could. She had been sucking him as best she could for over 25 minutes and doing a really good job. Lee was moaning now and holding her head as he pumped and pumped it into her mouth.

And then......he erupted. As she suck him he told her, "Ah yes baby take it all! Suck it! Yea that's it, take it all. Again!! Aagin! Again Liza. Show me baby! Show me you love my cock. Suck me make me cum and drink it Liza! Drink it all. Don't spill a drop baby! Keep sucking Liza! That's it hard now, suck my black cock harder! Keep sucking baby! Oh fuck yes! Suck me dry. Im going to........cum!"

There was only the slightest resistance from Liza when Lee pushed his cock to far into her mouth as he shot his load. It went deep into her mouth and down her throat. She gagged but didn't take his cock out of her mouth. He was face fucking her hard. She took it! Finally she had to move her head back a little when he went to deep into her throat. Lee simply pulled her head back towards his crotch and Liza's small hands stroked and pumped the large cock shaft as she continued to suck hard on his head. He was grinning at her as she looked up into his eys and watched her take shot after shot and drank it.

Her tongue was massaging his dark meat as she sucked and drained every drop of his cum out of his balls. She cupped them and softly squeezed them as she milked him dry. She had learned very well tonight and she knew her husband would love this too. Her head continued moving up and down that big cock while she stroked what would not fit in her mouth.

As she finally popped the softening cock out of her mouth Lee moved over her and dropped down laying between her legs stroking her pussy. They had showered just a short time ago. Even if her pussy was clean as it could get, Lee knew she still had his cum deep in her womb. He knew it wouldn't stop coming out for quite a while, days maybe. But he went to work on her pussy anyway with his mouth and tongue.

When he was fully hard Lee's cock was a good 9-inches long. But now his completely soft 6-inch cock hung between he legs wet. From Liza's mouth sucking it she ahd drained him. Lee knelt in front of her lovely nude white body. His dark face moved in closer and his mouth met her wet and already opened pussy lips. As she felt his tongue begin to make love to her cunt, Liza moaned and reached for his shaved head with both hands. She moaned and said, "Oh God Lee you eat pussy too! Oh my God yes!! Eat it! Suck it!! Lick it baby! Make me cum on your tongue. Oh God I fucking love my pussy licked!"

He smiled up from between her open thighs and began to lick her clit and slit! Liza loved to have her pussy licked. When she closed her eyes she saw an image of her husband Tommy as it came into her brain. It upset her a little that this was the first time she had even remembered him since Lee had started fucking her earlier that night. What time was it? She had no idea. She was pretty sure Tommy would be sound sleeping by now. She held Lee's head between her legs and moved it around making sure he licked and sucked on all of her pussy. She was arching her back pushing her cunt into his mouth now.

She compared the two men. Lee was good but Tommy was better at eating pussy. Yes she would tell her husband that he ate her pussy better than Lee did. But oh God, Lee fucked her so much better. There was no comparison between him and Tommy. Tommy made love to her but Lee fucked her. And Lee's cock was just so much bigger and thicker that poor Tommy's that he didn't stand a chance in that department. She wouldn't tell him that part.

Then she felt a small chill and some guilt and she wondered what Tommy was feeling? She hoped he was OK now and that this wouldn't destroy their love or marriage. Just then Lee sucked her clit and she arched her back and pumped her hips into his mouth and climaxed. She forgot all about Tommy as her body reacted to Lee's stimulation and she went wild as Lee sucked and sucked and sucked her entire pussy into his mouth and fucked her with his tongue. He had her hips pumping and her pelvis pushing and her pussy fucking his face. As it went on, Lee held her under her ass with both hands. He lifted her ass up and his mouth sucked her cunt some more. Finally he stopped and she fell back on the bed. Liza pulled on him and lifted his head up and out of her pussy. He came up from between her thighs and kissed her hard shoving his tongue and moving into her mouth making her taste her own juices mixed with his cum.

They lay on top of each other and Liza reached between them one last time. She took his hardening cock as he lifted up enough so she could reach it. She moved it to her pussy hole and he pushed it in. He embedded himself deep into her body again. They began to fuck for the last time at this first meeting just as the sun began to come up.

Lee gave her one last fucking and emptied his cum deep inside her body. She was so tired! Finally stopped pumping into her but continued lay on top of her. His big prick was still buried deep into her womb but becoming soft now. She was still marveling about his staying powers. They were incredible but Liza just lay there she was so tired. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

It was about 8 AM and Liza was so extremely tired from fucking her lover almost all night. She had to force herself to stay awake. Lee had been sleeping next to her just dozing on and on.

Finally she rolled off the bed and woke him. Lee slid off the bed and went in the bathroom and took a long hot shower. When he came out she went into the bathroom next. She had to pee badly and then she took her shower. She was in there for a while and when she came out Lee was almost dressed. She didn't understand and told him they could all have breakfast together before he left. She told him she wanted him to stay and talk with both her and her husband Tommy. She wanted him to get to know Tommy and vise versa.

Lee took her in his arms and kissed her. Then he told her it was best he got out of the house as soon as possible before her husband came into the room and asked what they were doing taking so long this morning. He said he would be upset that they had spent all night together. Most likely Tommy didn't want to talk with him at all right now. He said that Tommy would most likely be very upset with both of them. To keep peace he would leave before Tommy got up. She could always invite him back if they agreed.

But she reminded Lee that she told Tommy earlier that Lee would be leaving no later than the morning. Lee told her they would talk soon but she had a lot to talk and explain about to her husband abouthim staying all night.

Lee knew Tommy expected him to stay just a few hours at the most. He told her again that Tommy would be upset that he had spent the entire night with her especially since it was their first time together. He told her she would be hit with a million questions and that she should go easy and be gentle if she wanted to do this again since he was sure Tom was going to be pissed off.

She told Lee she would go easy and realized now after he said it that that Tommy would be really unhappy. She wasn't sure if Tommy knew that they had spent the entire night with each other. Lee said, "Oh he knows I'm sure of it."

She said, "I'll have to make it up to him then for letting me have my night with my sexy black lover."

She circled his body with her arms and told him, "Well I did tell Tommy it might take all night to satisfy me with that big black cock of yours baby. He said that she might have told him but Tommy felt it would just take an hour maybe two, three at the most. She said, "Well I was right, Tommy wasn't."

She kissed Lee long and then said, "I guess I just couldn't seem to get enough of my black lover's big cock."

She smiled and Lee pulled her to him by cupping her freshly washed ass and holding her close. Her nipples were so hard they hurt. Her pussy throbbed from his touch as it was still leaking a little of his cum. She slipped on a robe with nothing under it and they walked towards the living room where Tommy had spent the night sleeping, or trying to.

As they stood by the front door they kissed as Tommy lay there watching them. Liza was sure he was still sleeping. But Tommy hadn't slept much last night, Liza's cries of passion and lust had kept him awake and more pissed off as each hour passed. He had stood by the bedroom door a few times and listened to his wife being fucked like she had never been fucked before in her life. It was nasty and hard and very upsetting for him to hear that and know what was going on. He had actually watched them a couple of times until he just couldn't watch her arch and cum on the black man's big cock any longer. He was to say the least, very depressed, upset and very angry. He said to himself, "If I had a gun last night I swear I would have killed them both a couple of times. He was glad he didn't have one he didn't want to spend the rest of his life in prison.

As Tommy watched them kissing now he saw Lee had his hands on her ass and Liza was reaching between them squeezing his cock. They stayed together for a long time kissing and touching before Lee finally told her he better leave.

When she shut the door she started to walk back into the bedroom to go to sleep. She was smiling as she was thinking about the night of sex she ahd. Then Tom startled her when he almost yelled, "Finally! Jesus Liza, finally you let him out of your whoring wife cunt. He finally left. And you my dear loving wife, you spent the entire fucking night with him. How could you do that to me Liza? Jesus you fucked him all night! You know damn well that I didn't agree to that at all when I told you that you could fuck your black man. This isn't what I agreed to and you know damn well that you took advantage of me and the situation. I have to tell you this has pushed a really huge wedge between us. I hope to God that we can get passed this and our marriage is still is in one piece. But right now I'm so upset I don't think I can handle it! I'm so mad at you I could hit you!"

Liza was shocked Tommy had never talked to her like this and she was surprised that he was reacting like he was. She told him, "Tommy! Why are you so upset? I know I told you from the start when you agreed to this that I might stay with him all night. You knew it Tommy, you knew it might be that way. You can't say I didn't tell you that. I wasn't sure how it would go or how long we would be together. That's why I had you agree to let me have him until morning. He's gone now and it's over. Please! Let's talk about this like normal people. You're upset and I know you are but please let's wait until you're calmer and then discuss it. I'm sorry I upset you that much. I was sure you understood we might be together for the entire night. I'm sorry if you didn't understand. I really am sorry."

She came to him and tried to hold him. He refused her advances. She asked him to kiss her and again he told her, "Hell no! Not after you sucked his cock at least twice and drank his black cum. Hell, I may never kiss you again. I think you better just leave me alone. "

She said, "Tom...Tommy! Please, please baby! Hold me I don't want this to wreck our love."

He laughed saying, "Love!! There's no love here now. You fucked a black man all fucking night long! All fucking night Liza! You sucked him and fucked him and did it over and over and ...."

He broke down. He was so upset he was screaming and he choked on his own words coughing. He grabbed his coat and keys and left with Liza crying for him to stay and talk to her. "Please Tommy. Don't go! Stay and talk to me. Please baby! We can work this....."

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