tagLoving WivesLiza & Tommy #5

Liza & Tommy #5


It was 9AM on Saturday morning, which was actually 7 days, an entire week, after he had walk out that Tommy finally came home. Liza was beside herself with worry and she didn't think Lee was right when he told her that her husband was just punishing her and he would be home sooner or later. Tom was gone for more than the three days he took off from work and when she woke up four additional days later on Saturday morning she was sure he wasn't coming back at all. She was sure that any day now she would receive the divorce papers. She didn't want a divorce she didn't!

As she sitting on the sofa and the front door opened and she jumped. When she saw her husband she ran to him. He held his hand up and told her they had a lot of talking to do and maybe just maybe if she was honest with him they may still be able to work this out and keep their marriage together. But he let her know he was still really pissed for what she did and it would take some doing to get them back together again as a normal couple.

He explained everything on his mind and it was a lot. The most important and biggest thing that pissed him off was the fact that she let Lee spend the entire night with her in their bed!

She told him she understood and was so sorry, sorry, sorry for keeping doing it. She said she should have never let Lee spend all night having sex with her. She realized that now.

Tommy said he had agreed to allow her to have her one night of sex with Lee. He also knew that she would love it since it was her greatest fantasy. But he was really pissed about that fact that she didn't even have the decency or respect for him to come out and talk to him about her lover spending the night. He told her he relived that he told her it was OK for her to have sex with Lee one time. He knew it was part of their agreement to provide her with her greatest fantasy she had always wanted. But once didn't mean all night! She should have come to him and they should have talked and both decided on whether or not Lee could spend the night. He told Liza how he lay there and listened to her going wild and being fucked many times that night. And it almost destroyed him mentally and emotionally. He said he didn't know what else to do but leave before he hit her or did something he would be sorry for. That's why he left. It took him this long to have enough strength to come back and try and talk it out! He said he still had his pride and if she expected him to stay she would have to respect him and honor him as a wife. It was either than or he was leaving her for good.

She fell toher knees beging him not to leave her. She said she understood but Tommy said, "I don't really think you do understand how it felt Liza. I mean what would you feel like if I had a woman in our bed and then had closed the door on you? Then how would you feel if I kept that woman in my bed all night fucking hr and making her scream in lust when you felt it would an hour or two. Then spending all fucking night with her without discussing it with you first?"

She was about to say she had told him it might end up in an all night fuck fest. But, then she felt he surely wouldn't want to hear that. In his brain once was one time and not being fucked many times all night long. Bad communication she said to herself. She told him she agreed and said she did understand how he felt and promised she would work very hard to make it up to him.

After some long heart to heart conversation about that night he found out just how good Liza had been fucked and he sort of understood that she was thinking of him. She tried to explain that if it was the other way around and Tommy was being fucked wildly by some beautiful sexy woman he wouldn't be thinking of her either. She didn't use it as an excuse, only to show him why she did what she did. She continued to tell him she loved him more than anything else in her life did. And promised she would never do it again.

They talked some more about what she did with Lee that night, to my wanted to hear about it, positions and if she let him fuck her in the ass, she told him no. He asked her if she sucked his cock and she said yes he asked if she swallowed and again she said yes because she was sure Tommy had seen her do it.

He continued to ask her things and finally asked her, "So was he better? You know did you like him better than me? I want you to think and be honest because it sure sounded like you did."

She didn't reply right away. She knew she had to answer this question like a diplomat. She had hurt his pride and feelings too much already. So she spoke slowly and was as straightforward as she could be without busting his ego any more than she had too. She said, "Well this is a hard question for me Tommy because you both are so different and I have sex with you both so much differently too. Let me see if I can explain it to you this way. You see Tommy with you and Lee the sex was unbelievable. I mean it is what I call super sex. Plus this was my first time with Lee and it made it even more thrilling since he is black and you know it was fulfilling my greatest fantasy, and I have you to thank for that. And I really do thank you baby! It was so sweet of you to allow me to do it. Now I can't really compare you with Lee by saying who fucked me the best because Lee wins. But!! (she said it very quickly) saying that let me explain." She could se the sadness appeared in his eyes and ace. She said, "But wait! When you asked me who makes love to me best then I would have to pick you hands down. You make love to me so much better than Lee there's on comparison."

When he asked her, "Why?"

She said, "Because you and I make love Tommy and with Lee, well he fucks me like an animal.

Tommy said, "I still don't see the difference. I don't understand."

She smiled as she said; "Well Lee fucked me like an animal. He's hard and nasty and took me like that every time. He hurt me in the beginning Tommy! I almost him until he worked on me a long time and got me worked up enough. You know wet enough to accept him. He is huge but big isn't everything when a woman is being hurt. Men with bigger cocks should know that and I had to tell him a couple of times."

Liza knew she wasn't telling her husband the absolute truth. Lee did work her up and Lee did take his time stimulating her body t the point that she was the one who was so hungry to have his big dick inside her. But she continued telling Tommy by saying; " He didn't show me any love. He didn't take me slowly or easily or lovingly at any time we did it. It was great and he made me scream when he was all the way inside me. I have to be honest Tommy when we were both use to each other and he was fully inside me it was fantastic. It was new and different and because he was so big he touched me in places I haven't been touched before. He fucked me wildly Tommy, and he was good. But, you make love to me baby. There is a great difference and while both are fantastic to a woman, I can't really compare you two against or with each other. You're both so much different! I hope you can understand."

He didn't answer her right away. Then he said, "OK Liza! Then who was the best? Which one did you like the best? Which one do you want more? Answer me that way."

She waited and then again carefully spoke. She said, "I can't! I can tell you one thing, and that's the fact that you eat my pussy and make me feel so loved and warm and at peace so much better than Lee. "But...... but Tommy......Lee's cock is huge and when he has it all the way inside me he touches me deeper than you do and that is so different and so fucking stimulating! It's completely different than what you and I do. Neither is better or worst than the other, please believe me. And......they're both extremely good for a woman to experience." He said, "So which one do you want more Liza, me or the big cock?"

She was thinking, "Thank God for Mary and the questions she came up with during the week. And thank God we came up with answers that wouldn't make Tommy think I wanted Lee's big cock all the time or upset him more."

She had been prepared for all of Tommy's questions so far. So when he asked her which one she wanted more, she said, "Well it's like this. Sometimes we, women, want the soft and loving gentle sex with someone we truly love Tommy and that would be you baby. Then there are other times we want the animalistic and nasty fucking from a man with a huge cock. It's not that we don't want small cocks but sometimes we just feel like we want that extra length and feel those nerve endings deep inside our pussies touched and stimulated. I hope you can understand that because I don't know if I can explain it any better."

She had a few more things to say but stopped to see if he had anything else to ask. And then after some more discussion Tommy told her that from now on when on those days she wanted to be fucked like an animal he would try and give her what she wanted. She should just tell him or show him that she wanted it hard! And on those days she didn't, and wanted him to make love to her like usual he would be the one to do it that way too. He told her, "I will be the one who fucks you the way you want it from now on. Understood?"

She said she did and took him in his arms and kissed him long and gently. She moaned into his mouth when she felt his hands moving over her ass. Tommy cupped her ass like he saw Lee do to her. She whispered, "Oh Tommy! I love you so much baby! Make love to me tonight please gentle soft love."

He smiled and kissed her again. She wrapped her arms around him and held him like she was afraid he would walk away again. She was hopping with all her heart that they could patch things up and Tommy could actually make her forget about how Lee fucked her and did it the nasty way. She loved how Lee had fucked her. But she wasn't sure Tommy had the equipment or the stamina to do it. Time would tell.

They sat down and held each other. Then as he touched her body and his cock was making a tent in his jeans, Liza straddled his thighs and sat on his lap facing him. She said, "Oh Tommy! Oh God I was sure I had lost you. I'm so sorry. I want to make this up to you please take me to bed and make love to me. Please! Show me you forgive me and make love to me baby!"

They walked hand and hand into the bedroom and Tommy had a flash back of Lee fucking his wife. He stopped but she pulled him to her and kissed him. She held him tight and told him, "Lee fucked me Tommy. And it was different by I want you to make love to me and show me what a sweet loving husband you are and I know I just know you and I can work this out!"

He moved slowly to the bed and he and Liza took off the last of their clothes. When Tommy saw Liza's body he surrendered. He wanted to make love to her so badly. He wanted to show her that his average cock was just as good as Lee's big cock. He would make up for his size by the love, tenderness and gentleness of his lovemaking.

As Liza fell back on the bed Tommy moved between her open legs and used his wonderful mouth and tongue to give Liza a great pussy licking. And she quickly moved towards a great orgasm. Her body rocked and her hips pumped her pussy into Tommy's mouth as she held his head between her open legs. She moaned to him to eat her to make her cum. And he did just that.

As the first of three orgasms swept over her she was pulling on Tommy's head trying to push his tongue deeper into her open and wet pussy as she cried out and told him how good it was. Tommy could hardly breath as Liza cried out again and fucked his mouth as he began to hum directly on her clit. Liza arched her back and lifted her hips and ass up off the edge of the bed and Tommy held her up under her ass with both hands and buried his long tongue into her pussy hole She screamed, "Oh God YES! Yes right there on my clit! OH God Tommy! Eat me Tommy! Eat my pussy! OH GOD YES!!!"

Tommy used his thumbs to pull open her swollen fat pussy lips wider now and he pushed his tongue deeper into her and began to fuck her with it. She was humping his face like a dog in heat now and Tom heard her screaming for him to keep doing it as her thighs pressed his ears closed and she elevated her body higher yet.

The oral sex Tommy gave her was the best she had ever had. And the thing that she absolutely loved about him was that Tommy didn't come up out from between her legs after her first orgasm. No, Tommy stayed between her thighs licking and sucking on her pussy until she just couldn't stand it any longer. She finally pulled his head out and said he should fuck her, she had to have his cock inside her. NOW!

Liza reached for and circled his cock with her fingers of her left hand and he saw her wedding band as it was shinning at him. She guided his hard boner towards her open hole now hissing at him to fuck her nasty! She looked at him and saw his face covered with her cum. She smiled up into his eyes and lifted her ass up just a little to accept his dick head. As he pushed the swollen cock head against her openness, it went in with a little resistance, she hissed, "Do it hard Tommy! Fuck me hard baby"

The pressure between her legs made her squeeze her eyes shut for a second with the slightest of pain! Then when the head of his cock was inside her, she smiled and said for him to give her all of his wonderful cock hard and fast.

Tommy moaned as he felt his cock move deeper into his beautiful wife's hole. He was wondering if she would feel any different since she had fucked a black man, but she didn't. Liza's pussy felt the same, if anything it felt a little tighter. He guessed it was because she hadn't had sex in over 7 days. He was glad she was as tight as she was. It showed him that she didn't cheat on him while he was gone. He whispered to her that she felt so good and that she felt exactly the same as before. As he slowly and lovingly began pumped his cock in and out of his wife's pussy, Liza told him how wonderful he was and how good he was making her feel. But she wanted him hard and nasty! She told him that again!

Tom was trying desperately to give her his cock and to make her love his cock like he heard her tell Lee she loved his. But Liza didn't scream for his cock like she had for Lee's. But she did moan and tell him how good he was. Tommy worked harder and faster lifting her legs and bending them over her body now. He loved her so damn much and as he positioned himself and lifted her legs higher, he was now fucking her in his favorite position. It was hers too, so she told him but that was before lee had fucked her from behind. That was he favorite position now only Tommy didn't know it!

Tommy loved to hold her legs up placing them over her head or putting one on each shoulder. He loved to stand while he fucked his wife. She knew that and gave herself to him exactly like she knew he wanted it. Liza kept telling him to fuck her harder and faster and how much she loved and wanted him to cum in her. They hadn't fucked in a week and Tommy was in heavy need and was going to cum much to fast. He tried to hold off but he looked at his lovely wife and her beautiful body in that position and......he moaned. He closed his eyes and tried to hold off. Lisa saw him and knew he was going to cum1 He tried as he rammed it into her pussy again and again. But the tightness of Liza's pussy was just too much for him. He moaned that he was cumming and she told him to do it as she held him to her! Liza encouraged Tommy to cum. She talked to him telling him she wanted his cum and she wanted him to pump his warm cum into her body and make her warm allover.

Tommy released her legs now and Liza quickly wrapped them around his hips as Tommy pulled her back to the very edge of the bed so he could put all of his 5+ inches as deep as he could into he. He was ramming into her. Liza knew he was trying hard and she appreciated it but he wouldn't be much longer at all before he shot his load.

And then it happened. Tommy arched his back and pushed with his ass as hard as he could and buried his cock into her pussy as deep as he could get it. His moans of pleasure were music to Liza's ears as she felt him shot and shot and shot and shot of cum into her body. She knew she had pleased him and she was so happy, for him. She marveled at the amount of cum Tommy was pumping into her pussy this time. She knew it must have been from no sex for over a week. She smiled, as she knew Tommy had a great cumming for the first time they were back together!

When he was done he stayed in Liza's pussy as he stood there bending over her and kissing her. She squeezed his cock tightly as she held her legs together making his stay inside and between her legs. She looked up into his face and when he opened his eyes again she smiled and asked if it was good for him? He told her yes but he knew she didn't cum yet. He was disappointed that he couldn't get her off with his cock. He told her he so wanted to do that for her. He was upset and disappointed. Liza sat up and felt Tommy's soft cock fall out of her. His cum began to leak out now as she held him around his stomach and kissed his chest. Then she looked up at his face and told him again and again it was OK. She told him she knew he was in heat for her after 7 days and she knew this helped to make his body to cum to soon. But she knew it was his biggest problem. She liked the way he fucked her and ate her pussy, but Tommy just shot off that first time way to soon for her to have a cock orgasm.

Then she realized what she would do about it tonight. She moved around and pulled him to the bed. As she laid him on his back she straddled his knees and bent her head. She took Tommy tiny soft cock into her mouth and held it with her index and thumb. She sucked the head and played with him for a very long time tasting both of their body fluids. She didn't care, if she could do this for Lee her black lover, she could do it for her very loving husband.

She worked hard and long and finally Tommy's cock began to respond. He began to grow harder and longer now. She used more fingers and sucked harder. Tommy's cock was responding quicker now. Soon he was as hard as he got.

She moved up on him fast and took his little more than 5-inch cock in her fingers and pushed down on the skin at the base of it! She stretched Tom's cock making it as hard as she could get it. The skin around the cock head was stretched as tight and was now super sensitive! Then she sat down on it all the way. As she released her fingers now which were circling his hard on, she began to ride him and again telling him how good he was making her feel. She looked down and told him over and over again how very much she loved him and how sorry she was again.

Tommy hardly heard her now, he was so involved in fucking her this way. Her body bounced up and down and her well-formed breasts were being cupped in his hands as she rode him and rode and rode him. They fucked like that for a very long time and since Tommy had already shot a load he was good to go for a much longer time now. As they fucked with her on top, she told Tommy to rub her clit.

He looked down at her body moving up and down his cock and saw how it was going in and out of her. He moaned with lust! He saw how wet the shaft was and he knew his wife was close now her juices were running. She moaned and took his two fingers and slowly rubbed her clit showing him how she wanted it. She whispered, "Faster baby! Faster! Rub it faster I'm almost there baby!"

He quickened his stimulation and rubbed her red angry looking clit! She held his hand now and together she rubbed her clit and fucked herself on his cock. His balls were tight and he was afraid he was going to cum again. But she beat him to it! "OH God yes! OH fuck yes Tommy! I'm cumming baby! I'm cumming on your cock! Don't stop!! Don't stop!" she hissed at him as her body pumped and rocked and thrust all the way down on his cock.

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