tagLoving WivesLiza & Tommy #6

Liza & Tommy #6


It was Monday and the start of a very long week for both Mary and Liza. The only time they got to chat was at lunch. They both went to lunch every day and Liza told Mary what had happened when her husband finally came home. She told Mary about all the sex she was giving Tommy now and had continued for the entire week. "God Mary I exhausted. I think I fucked Tommy more this week than when we first got married. I mean I mean we are tearing each other up every night. Don't get me wrong the sex is great and Tommy is really trying. He has been able to make me cum a few times with his cock. But, Jesus his tongue and mouth are unbelievable. I scream when he eats me and I really cum every time. And if I get him hard again after he cums that first time, well he is able to hold off long enough to make me orgasm from his cock." Liza explained.

She told Mary almost everything about her love making with her husband. She even told her she was sure Tommy was coming around completely now and they were going to be OK after the all night sex she spent with Lee her black lover. She told Mary she had no idea how many times Lee fucked her or how many times she had climaxed on his big black cock. She said she wanted to do it again but first had to make sure Tommy was OK with everything.

As Mary and Liza had lunch and talked all about what Tommy and Liza had discussed about the affair with Lee that one time. Liza told her everything. And that included the fact that Tommy hadn't had his fantasy filled yet, and now she was worried she might not be able to go along with him having another woman in their bed having sex with both of them.

Mary told her she might have too because that's how she got Tom to agree to let her have her first black lover. It was the fair thing to do. Liza realized that but it still worried her about Tommy having the other woman. Mary told her she did a great job so far by answering all her husband's questions properly and correctly. She felt they had moved on. She told her she should wait and see if Tommy asked her about his fantasy. If he didn't she shouldn't bring it up.

Mary and Liza talked in great detail about the other woman fantasy. They talked about whether or not Liza should bring it up. Mary told her no. Then they talked about what if Tommy did bring it up what should Liza say and do. They worked out what Liza should tell him and what she would do. She was to give Tommy his fantasy no matter how hard it was for her to do it. Mary said, "look it would be only fair for him and actually it might be good for you too."

Liza asked how it could possibly be good for her? Mary said, "Well first off you'll get your pussy licked by a woman. And who knows more about what a woman wants and needs with regards to oral sex than another woman?"

They laughed at that one before Mary saying, "Then you'll get to watch this other woman fuck Tommy. You might just get some ideas from her on how to please your husband better. All in all, it might be very beneficial.

Liza told her she understood and that if he asked she would do it. Then Mary said, "said, "And then later on Liza you could ask him if he would like to do it again? I'm sure he would say yes. When he does, you would be on solid ground to ask to have another go at another black lover. You see it might be the best that could happen if you look at it like that. But I would advise you to have your black man and do it for an hour or maybe two at the most."

Liza shook her head in agreement. Then Mary said, "Oh and you should also let Tommy have his wish first this time. Then he would have his twice and you could ask to have yours twice. See it would be bring it back into equality, two and two. After that, well then you could see what he things about going further. Who knows, he may learn to love it. And if you were careful and not greedy you might be able to have your black lover a few times a year."

As the weeks passed and Lee and Liza were back together completely now, they began to have sex twice or three times a week and once on the weekend. Liza had moved him back into their normal sex life again.

Lee and Liza talked a couple times a week but she still didn't give in to his wanting to fuck her again. But she did miss his big cock. She was beginning to weaken a little with each phone call and of course that was the idea of Lee staying in touch. That's why Lee wanted her to call him and talk with him so he could continue to try his black mind control game on her. He knew it was slowly working too! She wanted to feel his big cock in her pussy again and that sooner or later she would tell him yes and fuck him again. He was sure of it.

Mary and Liza talked more now about Lee and what Liza wanted to do. She also talked to Mary about that third person in their bed and how she could get Tommy to talk about it and do it. She told Mary she hungered for Lee's big cock again. She wanted Tommy to do the threesome so she could meet Lee again.

Mary told her she had to be very careful and that she had warned Liza about blacks and what they tried to do to innocent white women. They were evil and nasty but they sure could fuck. It was a good idea not to think about him and move on with her life. But Liza didn't listen.

As time passed Mary finally gave up trying to talk her out of seeing Lee again. So she offered Liza a couple of ideas. Liza told her she was her best friend and she loved Mary for help her with a plan. She continued to tell Mary she just wanted to fuck Lee one or two more times and then it would be out of her system and she would move on with her life.

Mary knew Liza was lying but didn't fight with her. If she was going to do it there was nothing she could do to stop her. She had the itch and the bug and Mary knew from past experience she had to work it out by herself along. Mary just continued to warn her about falling deeper into the black sex thing. She explained to Liza how black men loved to make whores out of white women, especially the married ones. And they did it slowly and most women didn't realize it until it had happened. She told Liza it was a sexual game for them to show what they felt was superiority over white people. She told Liza that as the game went on, they would have her doing things she would never had felt she could ever do. She said that if Liza wasn't careful two men might fuck her and she would be double penetrated (DP). She would suck one black cock while the other one fucked her. The men would take turns on her and finally they would DP her front and back. Liza laughed telling her she would never let that happen.

Mary continued to tell her that usually as a grand finish to the affair, she would be offered to Lee's friends and gang banged. She would most likely be drugged somewhat and know what was going on but wouldn't fight it! Then depending on if she liked it she would either break it off with Lee for good or join in and do it as much as she could get away with. But if she enjoyed the gang bang and wanted more she would most likely loose her husband. The sex would be incredible but there were so many dangers.

Liza laughed and told Mary she would never agree to any of that! But Mary told her not to be so sure. As the sex becomes nastier and harder and more often Liza might learn to enjoy it more and more. She might even want it more than she wanted her husband Tommy. Then she would be at the point where she would be willing to try anything Lee would offer her. And that's where the danger lied. It was dangerous because of her husband finding out what she had done and he would surely divorce her. That would mean Lee would move in and take his place. Lee would be with her all the time and do things to her she loved or hated. If she hated it she would leave Lee. But Le was a predator and would seduce her to the point where she would most likely love what he was doing. Ands since she was with him now full time he would be doing it al the time, night and day. Soon she would want more. And then it was dangerous due to decease.

Liza laughed and said that would never happened to her. Mary told her that's what all those women think and are now alone and whores for some black man. She warned Liza a few times but Liza wanted to see Lee again. Mary told Liza that if she fell into Lee's sex trap and it looked like she was headed that way, she would hate herself afterwards. Mary said she would even think of killing herself. Mary spoke from experience.

They talked I great length about Lee and Mary told her what she felt about him. Liza waved it off and said she had the itch but wouldn't fall into his sexual prison. She promised Mary she would tell her everything that went on.

So they then began to talk and planned about finding the other woman for Tommy. They started to look for her on the Internet first. It took a few weeks but they kept striking out. The women were either scary or fat or ugly or to sexy but there was something wrong with them according to Liza.

When the women they talked with or looked at didn't checked out or weren't suitable in Liza's opinion, Mary knew her friend was really getting upset. So she finally told Liza as a friend she would help her out. When Liza asked what she meant, Mary said she would come to her home when they were ready and have sex with both of them. She told Liza she had a few women from time to time in her life and actually enjoyed them almost as much as men. She told Liza if she did this for her that Liza would have to give her oral sex first in return for what she was going to do with Tommy. She told Liza she was going to fuck her husband as much as he wanted and without any reservations. She would offer herself to him like Liza had offered herself to Lee that night. She wanted Liza to understand what was involved and what was going to happen. If Liza expected Mary to give her oral sex then Liza would have to return the favor. And Liza would have to eat her first to ensure she followed through with it. Liza agreed.

Liza was becoming more desperate to find someone to fuck Tommy. She was beginning to get frustrated because Lee was pressing her more and more each time he called. She told him her plan and after it took place Liza would be able to meet him again. He wanted to know how soon and she told him soon. But he would have to wait until her husband fucked that other woman.

Lee told her he knew some women that would do it for her. Liza told him she had found someone who was perfect for the job. It would take a couple more weeks to pull it off but she would be with him again soon. They talked in great length about what they would do together when they met. She told him she just wanted him to fuck her long and hard with his big black cock. He told her he had some better ideas and would talk with her later on about them. But he said, "But don't worry baby! You'll have Lee's big black cock in you seconds after you and I am together. I really miss that great body of yours Liza. I'm hard just thinking how you're working it out with your old man so you can se me again and fuck me. It's going to be so good Liza. I know you can still feel me deep inside your womb. Your husband never comes close to doing tat for you/. And I know you want to feel my cum pumping deeper into your pussy hole than old Tommy could even imagine doing. Right"

She moaned the word, "Yes!" to him.

He started to laugh and he covered the phone knowing his plan was working and soon he would have this sexy young white woman in his bed again and driving her wild and deeper towards sharing her. He knew she would be a big hit with his friends too. She was pretty, young and thinly built just like they wanted white bitches to be. And she loved the black cock!

Liza was beginning to want his big cock more and more each day. So finally one weekend night about 4 months had passed from that big blow up, she had seduced Tommy and they had just fucked for the second time. As they lay there catching their breaths, it was time.

She rolled to her side and looked into her husband's face. She saw the pleasure she had given him from her body. He lay there with his eyes closed and a small smile on his lips. He had his legs wide open and she saw his now very soft cock lying on top of his body in his cock hair. He was only two inches long now and not very thick at all, maybe the size of her index or middle finger.

She smiled as she remembered back at Lee's soft cock. Jesus it was bigger soft than her husband's cock was when it was full hard. Now Tommy's dick looked like a small child. If it wasn't for the dark hair around it, it would surely looked like some eight-year-old boy's cock. Liza took it in her fingers and softly stroked it with her index and thumb. They almost covered all of it. She had drained Tommy's sexual urges with the two acts of sex she had just completed on him. His small-deflated cock hung useless in her fingers as she played with it. She heard him moan softly as she gave him the slightest of pleasure. She moved to his face and kissed him softly but passionately letting his tongue enter her mouth! She sucked it gently. He whispered how good it was tonight and he loved the way she was playing with his cock again now.

With her index finger and thumb she now slowly worked on his shaft just keeping him involved in the sex. As she made gentle easy love to his little cock she moved up and put her tit in his face. Tommy opened his mouth wide to take a large amount of her left breast into his mouth! She stroked his cock as she placed the left tit in Tommy's mouth. She whispered, "Suck it baby! Suck it for me."

He started sucking the breast like a child but licking her nipple like a man as she stroked his cock more. She pulled on it trying to make it grow just a little. As they worked on each other now, she held him and kissed him as she continued to rub and cupped his balls and worked his cock shaft. She was sure now that Tommy was starting to grow a little. She was able to wrap another finger around it. She pulled and stretched it and stroked him whispering in his ear how much she loved him and how glad they had been able to work things out. He continued to suck and lick her breast.

He kissed her and as their lips separated she began to think of what Mary and she had talked about so long and hard, getting it just right. She moved up and kissed his neck and right ear and wondered if she should just ask him. Was now the time to see if he was still into having his fantasy done for him? Did he still want to complete his threesome fantasy?

She decide now was the time, it wouldn't get any better than right now and she didn't want to wait any longer. She had to have Lee's black cock again and soon. Tommy's cock was semi-hard now and she worked to make it get as big as it could get. She was sure he would be able to fuck her again tonight if she just continued to work on it. After they had their talk she would suck him back to his fullness if necessary. So she moved her body against his making sure her tits and pussy were on him and he could feel them. Then as she felt his fingers moving over her clit and two of them entered her cum filled pussy. She sighed and said, "Oh that feels so nice Tom. Yes baby work on my pussy while I work on your cock. I want to fuck again if we can."

Tommy moaned as he kissed her, Then she said, "You know Tommy I haven't been fair with you at all. I mean I had my fantasy fulfill but we never talked any more about yours. Would you like too still try it?"

Tommy heard her and wondered why she was asking now. He listened as Liza began her discussion and her idea about the third woman. It was now all she talked about. As she stroked his still hardening cock and felt his fingers working her clit and pussy hole as he asked, "Why now? Did you find one for me?"

She smiled and kissed him as she moved over him now and centered his hard cock on her pussy mound. She lifted up a little and straddled him as she removed his fingers from out of her pussy and replaced them with his hard cock. With one push Tommy was fully inside her. She sat up and slowly rode his cock as they continued to talk.

She said, "If I told you I had found someone. Someone who was 5 years younger than I am and who was a natural blond with green eyes and a beautiful smile would you be interested? What if I told you she was someone who was built much better than me, with much bigger tits and a fantastic ass, and a almost completely shaved pussy would you be at all interested?"

He laughed as he held her hips now and assisted her on moving on top of him. Her pussy squeezed his entire cock shaft and she rotated her hips giving him tremendous shots of pleasure over and over again. Liza was a great fuck away had been! There was no doubt about it Tommy was going to cum again tonight! He smiled as he watched his wife working her body on him giving him everything she had to please him. He smiled as he listened to her words of praise for this woman and then he said, "Would I be interested? Well, hell Liza I not dead. You got me a 22-year-old blond! Of course I'm interested very interested. Have you met her yet?"

Liza smiled and told him, "Yes, I have met her and I know you, you'll love her body. She's not fat but really built. She has great tits. 36D's I think!"

She saw him smile and then asked him if he was sure he wanted to do this. She asked if he realized that she too would be having sex with this woman? Tommy told her, "Well sure that was all part of the thrill of having two women in my bed."

Then he asked her if she was going to let him fuck this other woman? She told him, "Yes. In fact the lady told me she would only do it if she could give herself to you fully. You can do anything and everything to her and for her that you want. But her second requirement was that I would have to give her oral sex until she was satisfied. And I would have to do it with her first before anything else was going to happen that night. It was the price I have to pay for her to fulfill your fantasy. So are you interested? Your cock sure feels like it is Tommy. You are as hard as I ever remember."

He told her he was and she said; "Now fuck me and we'll talk some more later."

And with that Liza began really working hard fucking him and her pussy on Tommy hard cock. She moaned and knew she was actually going to have an orgasm from Tommy's cock inside her. She said, "Rub my clit Tommy! Oh hurry I'm....almost....there...baby! I'm going to.....cum!!!!!"

He moved his fingers to her very swollen clit and stroked her like he had done so many other times over the past few weeks. And Liza exploded with a fantastic climax. The best of the night! She cried out and told him how good he was fucking her and that she was cumming!"

But believe it or not, Tommy wasn't ready yet he was actually able to hold off. She was impressed and worked him back and forth just like she knew he liked to be fucked. He held her hips now and assisted her to move on him. It didn't take long as she hung her small but very firm tits on his face and he sucked them like a starving man. She rocked and rocked back and forth and soon Tommy was grunting as he shot one last load of cum into Liza's pussy. She love that feeling. Only with Tommy it didn't go in deep enough. But when she remembered back to Lee, she remembered that Lee, my God with Lee he filled my womb! When it was over she fell forward and they just lay there panting from the pleasure they had given each other.

It was sad. For they really did love each other. But the idea of fucking Lee's black cock again was in Liza's brain now permanently and filling her mind! She would work hard to make it happen again for her. She kissed Tommy and told him she had to shower. When she came back Tommy was fast asleep.

The next morning when they woke up Tommy began asked questions. He said, "So who is she and where did you find her. Have you seen her, talked to her? What's she like?"

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