tagLoving WivesLiza & Tommy #7

Liza & Tommy #7


It was now 4:30PM and Liza went upstairs to bath. She would dress in her sexiest outfit tonight and make Tommy hornier, if that was possible. But she also wanted to make Mary enjoy this night too. Liza enjoyed the idea of having her pussy licked and sucked by a woman for a long time. She had never experienced a woman making love to her before so tonight would something new to her too. It was Tommy's fantasy but she was getting wet thinking about what was going to happen when Mary came back to their home with them tonight.

While she and Mary had already agreed that Mary would give Tommy his wish tonight, he didn't know that it was going to happen tonight. He was told they would meet and see what happens. Liza shaved her pussy hair off completely now and used moisturizer on it. Then she perfumed it more than usual since she wanted to be sure Mary would enjoy eating her out and spend a lot of time between her legs pleasing her. She wondered how Mary would taste when she placed her lips to Mary's vagina? Liza wondered if Mary tasted the same as she did? Well if not exactly the same it had to be close she was sure. Liza wondered if Mary was shaved too, she never asked her? And if she was, did she shave completely, like Liza was now? And what about Tommy and Mary fucking while she watched? How would she feel when Tommy put his hard cock into Mary's body? How would she feel when Tom and/or Mary had an orgasm? Would she be upset? Would it make her thirst for her own? She didn't know, but soon she would find out!

She smiled as she saw Tommy heading into the bedroom to shower and change. He looked happy. She knew her husband would receive his greatest fantasy tonight and she would do everything she could to make sure he totally enjoyed it. She was thinking, "Once this was over I can move on and go to the next step to have sex with Lee again. If things worked out like I have planned, like I wanted them to happen, I may be able to convince Tommy to agree and allow us both to have these fantasy 3 or 4 times a year. That would be wonderful, wonderful to have Lee fuck me 4 times a year."

Liza was also thinking she wanted Mary to really work on Tommy and make sure he enjoyed the sex with her to the fullest. Tommy's fantasy tonight had to be complete if she had any chance of getting him to agree to continue this. She wanted her husband to have his wish come true a few times a year too. "Share and share a like", she said softly.

She loved Tommy and wanted to be married and stay with him forever. But she also hungered for Lee's big black cock and the nasty way he fucked her. She wondered again how it would be having girl on girl sex and then watch her husband fuck another woman, a woman she knew quiet well.

She was sure Tommy would love the three-way as much a she liked sex with her black man. After tonight, if she could get Tommy to agree to let her have her fantasy a few times a year, she already knew she would let Tommy fuck another woman anytime he wanted it. She actually wanted him to be ahead in the number of times that he had his fantasy fulfilled. That is, if he could find another woman who would join him in a three-way.

She had set all of this up this time using her friend Mary who had actually suggested it. But Liza couldn't guaranty Mary would do it again. And she wasn't about to go searching and hunting down other women for her husband to fuck. That was his job. She would look for her black men to complete her fantasy that was her job. She smiled a little as she was thinking that for sure there were many more of them out there just waiting to fuck and pump cum into a white woman. But she wondered how many women looking for three-ways. And were these women out there who wanted men like Tommy? Tommy, especially, he was a man who had premature ejaculation and a man that had a cock size that wasn't anything special. She was sure that those women looking for a three-way were also looking for big cocks too, or else why bother?

As Tom and Liza finished dressing they met in the living room and decided to take Liza's SUV to drive to the restaurant. Actually Mary told her to drive her auto so Mary could pull Tommy into the back of the SUV and begin the sex games. They laughed at the way Mary had said games.

They were first to arrive and had a drink. About 10 minutes later Mary walked in and she looked like a million bucks. She had a tight short blue dress, which was 6 or 7 inches about her knee and cling to but just covered her ass and pussy, when she stood. Liza realized that when Mary sat down her dress would ride up far enough to leave nothing to the imagination. She chuckled inside seeing Tommy's eyes get big and the bulge in his slack start to enlarge. Mary walked like she was floating across the room as she walked up to them. She kissed Liza and then she hugged and kissed Tommy as they were introduced for the first time.

Tommy liked what he saw very much. They were taken to their booth in the back and Liza had Mary and Tommy sit together. They both were facing Liza and behind Liza was the wall of the restaurant. . No one could see either Tommy or Mary. The women had worked this all out with the restaurant before hand. They told them they wanted the most private booth they had. As Liza sipped her drink Tommy couldn't take his eyes off of the woman sitting next to him. When he looked down at Mary's legs he realized her black thong was just poking out from under her dress. When he looked at her bust he knew Mary was quiet a bit larger than his wife's chest. Her breasts were larger and much fuller. He didn't think he could get his one hand all the way around one. He was sure her nipples would be huge. He couldn't wait to suck on one of them. His cock was hard as it pressed against the leg of his slacks. Mary saw it's lump and she smiled as she ran her hand over the shaft.

Mary spoke first saying, "Liza didn't tell me her husband was so nice looking. You are very attractive Tommy. And you feel so hard already, I think we are going to get along very well."

Liza said, "Are you touching his cock Mary?"

She smiled and said, "Well it is sticking up saying hello to me Liza I mean I was only being friendly. It looked like it needed to be stroked. Does it Tommy?"

He smiled and said, "Oh yes! It needs your gentle touch Mary and that feels very nice."

She laughed and said, "I like it too Tommy."

Liza faked a smile.

He said, "Please call me Tom. And my wife didn't tell me how beautiful you were Mary. I'm extremely happy you decide to join us tonight. And your outfit, well wow is all I can say."

She smiled as she shifted in the seat so she could face Tommy. As she moved she opened her legs a little more and Tom could now see the entire patch of material that covered her pussy. With Mary's legs opened just enough Tommy realized Mary had shaved her pussy completely. She would have had to be completely shaved in order to wear that thong without any pussy hairs showing.

She said, "And, I see by the way you are looking at my legs you like my little black thong too."

He laughed and blushed a little but he smiled at her and then turned to Liza and said, "She is perfect Liza, thank you. Thank you for setting this up."

Liza said, "Well sweetie it's not a done deal. I mean you will have to convince her to home with us."

Mary said, "Well Liza if I had known your man was this good looking I would have told you yes the day you asked me. I think we should talk about that right now don't you Tommy?"

Liza looked a Mary a little funny. She didn't expect her to agree so quickly to come home with them. Did she really want Tommy as bad as she was putting on or was this just the game she was playing with him? She wasn't sure. She watched to the two of them talk and touch each other as they all dined. Liza felt a little chill of jealousy in her when Mary moved closer to Tommy and he kissed her for the first time. She watched as Tommy's hand went under Mary's arm and cupped her larger breast. She blushed with a little humiliation. But she knew this was not unusual for two lovers to want to do and she watched them play.

From time to time they included her in their conversation. At one point Mary actually ran her feet up and down Liza's legs making her feel part of the threesome. But Liza was a little shocked when Mary said, "Tommy do you know what I'm doing right now?"

Tommy said, "Yes, you're playing with my cock under the table and I love it Mary."

She said, "Well that's true baby, but do you know what else I'm doing sweetie?"

He smiled and said, "No. What else are you doing Mary?"

She said, "I have my shoe off and I'm running my toes up between your wife's sexy knees. I'm trying to push them open so I can run my toes up her inner legs and play with her pussy. But she isn't helping. Could you say something to her?"

Liza sat there somewhat astonished that Mary was not only doing what she told Tommy she was doing but that she was asking Tommy to instruct her to open her legs wider.

Tommy looked at Liza and smiled as he saw her face redden. He said, "Open your legs baby! Let Mary in, she wants to rub your pussy with her toes. "

Liza slowly opened he thighs and Mary smiled very evilly as she moved quickly pushed her foot between her knees using her right foot. It was only a second but as Liza watched Mary's arm moving back and forth under the table playing with her husband's cock, she felt Mary's toes begin to make contact with her pussy. She saw Mary whisper in Tom's ear. And then she saw them both of them smile and she smiled back Mary as she opened her thighs wider. Mary said, "Thank you Liza. Thank you Tommy! I'm there and she feels wet already. I think she likes my toes rubbing her there."

Tom smiled at both women. Liza and Tommy watched Mary as she worked on both of them. She had her toes pressed against Liza's pussy and was actually making Liza wet and horny as her toes moved up and down Liza's slit. Mary could feel the walls of her own pussy becoming damp. Then with her big toe she pressed against Liza's opening and pushed some of Liza's thong and her toe into her hole. Tommy heard both women moan softly! He smiled thinking this was so fucking sexy.

As Mary rubbed Tommy's hard on, which was still inside his slack, with her hand she could feel his cock jumping and moving with his excitement. And she used her toes to stimulate Liza's clit and pussy hole. She knew she was getting to both of them. Finally she asked, "So are we ready? I mean are we all done eating? I can't wait to get you home Tommy and see you nude. I love the feel of your hardness sweetie. And Liza, I have been waiting months for you to let me make love to you."

Liza almost choked on her drink. Tommy said, " I'm ready lets go."

Liza moved out from the seat and as she walked with Mary they giggled and chatted. Tommy walked behind them both admiring their asses in those short tight dresses. Many men were watching as the three of them left the place and started to get into Liza's van. Mary told Liza as they walked out that she would ride in the back with Tommy and that Liza should drive. Liza smiled at her knowing what she had planned in the back of her evil brain. They got into the SUV and as Mary stepped up into the SUV Tommy watched her legs and ass. She opened her legs wider as her stepped up into the back seat, and then sat down. But, she didn't close her legs. She smiled as she let Tommy look directly up under the very shirt skirt to see her black thong, which just covered her pussy. Tommy saw a wet spot in the center of it. Then she smiled a she looked into her eyes and opened her legs even wider. As she sat there showing Tommy all of her soft white inner thighs and that black thong again, she patted the seat and told him to come and sit with her.

He watched her with hunger in his eyes and loins as he saw all of her black thong now and knew she was letting her legs wide open on purpose so he could se her. The thong just covered her pussy but the mound around it looked swollen and red. Tommy didn't wonder any longer and knew Mary was as horny as he was? Mary said, "Come on Tommy come sit with me in the back. Liza knows the way home."

He looked at his wife and then walked to the back of the SUV and climbed in without any hesitation. As Liza pulled out of the parking lot, Mary lit a joint and inhaled deeply. She handed it to him and worked to pull Tommy's zipper down and was pulling his growing cock out of the hole. She bent her head and began to suck his cock as Liza turned right and drove towards home. She looked in the mirror and smiled at her husband who was watching both women.

Tom still couldn't believe this was happening, Mary sucked and pumped his cock as she felt his fingers moving up her legs. Tom smoked most of the joint as Mary opened her legs wide for his touch. Tommy felt the heat coming off of her pussy as his hand reached it and cupped it. She moaned as she felt his fingers move under the material of the thong and two went into her very wet pussy. He passed her the smoke and since it only took a few minutes to get home Tommy was as hard as he got. Mary was smoking the joint and as she started rocking and pumping her hips moving her pussy on Tommy's fingers. She was breathing very, very hard and was actually enjoying Tommy's soft and gentle touch.

When the SUV went into the garage it was dark. Liza said, "Excuse me but we're here."

Mary popped her mouth off of Tommy's cock and said, "Well be a few minutes Liza here take this." She handed what was left of the smoke to Liza. Then Mary said, "Why don't you go make drinks and we'll meet you in the bedroom in a few minutes? I think Tommy's just about to cum in my mouth!"

Liza was astonished! She would have never believed that her fined Mary could be saying and doing what she was now doing in the back of the SUV! She said, Well.....oh......oh OK. I guess I'll see you two inside."

She stood there and inhaled the smoke deeply as she watched her husband finger fuck her friend Mary's pussy fast and hard and Mary suck her husband Tommy's cock like some starving animal. As she opened the door to the kitchen, she heard Tommy moan loudly and then cry out. Liza knew that her husband was cumming in Mary's mouth. She turned to see Mary's head bobbing up and down and then stay down as she was taking his cum! Liza just stood there watching her friend drinking her husband's cum. Then Liza saw Mary sit up and show Tom that she swallowing it. Liza took another hit of the roach.

As Liza went into the kitchen and got the glasses out to make the drinks, she smiled and said, "Mary was really acting it out her part tonight. I may just be able to talk Tom into letting me have Lee again. Especially if the night continues like it started. I can't believe Mary! She was a real animal!"

A few minutes later the two of them came into the house with Mary smiling as she walked in wiping her mouth. She smiled and again looked like she was floating as she walked over and took Liza in her arms. She moved her mouth to Liza's and they kissed. Liza felt Mary's tongue moving around her lips and she opened her mouth to accept it. Mary shoved her cum covered tongue deep into Liza's moth and at the same time Liza felt drops of thick heavy liquid run into her mouth. She opened her eyes and saw Mary looking at her. When Mary's mouth moved off of Liza's. Mary said, "Swallow sweetie, I'll share everything with you tonight. I just gave you some of Tommy's sweet cum. Swallow it all baby, don't loose a drop it's so good!

Tommy watched as the two woman held each other and kissed and tongue fucked each other's mouth. He knew they both had tasted and drank his cum. He smiled as he took both of their hands and as Liza and Mary carried their drinks in their other hand they all walked into the bedroom. He said, "Hurry Liza. I can't wait to undress Mary and see just how beautiful she is without anything on."

As they entered and stood by the bed now, Mary smiled at him as his fingers run over the back of her dress until he found the zipper. He slowly undid it as he watched her eyes. She continued to smile at him as the zipper finished going down to the roundness of her wonderful shapely ass.

Liza was holding the drinks and stood there as she made a toast and saw Mary's dress just hanging on her shoulders. If she bent forward just a little it would have fallen to the floor. They drank some of the drink and then Tommy turned to Liza and said, "I helped you by undoing the zipper. But I'll let you finish undressing now Liza!"

Liza and Mary smiled at each other and Mary saw Liza hands reach for and take the straps of the dress and move them slightly down and off her shoulders. When she let go, the dress fell to the floor leaving Mary standing there with just her black thong, her nylons and high heals. Tommy's cock was growing again with each pasting second. He took one of her breasts in his hand and felt its size. Mary's breasts were larger than Liza's were, maybe 2 sizes. Her nipples were blood red and hard just like he had imagined them to be. She smiled and said, "I think he likes them Liza!"

He pinched and pulled on them a little and then his lips moved to the closest nipple and she held his head as Tommy began to suck and lick it.

Then when Tom came up he watched as Mary helped to take Liza's dress off. Liza wiggled and it fell on the floor. Now Liza too was standing there in her thing high stockings and her almost clear panties and heels. It was just like Tommy's dream. His cock stood out hard and ready again now.

Tommy reached for his wife's breast with his other hand. As the two women kissed and touched each other Tommy exploded Mary's body. She was extremely beautiful and built so much better than Liza. Mary was younger and had a little more weight than Liza. But Liza was somewhat skinny so Mary was not fat by any means. Her body measurements were bigger, and to Tom they were better for his enjoyment tonight. The two women were perfect as they stood together kissing and playing with each other's tits. While Liza's small firm breasts were no comparison to Mary full round 37Ds, Tommy found that he liked both of them and the difference between their bodies.

Mary stepped back and said, "Well Tommy! Now it's my turn. Please go sit on the bed sweetie and just watched." Tommy remembered that the deal with Liza and Mary was that Liza eats Mary's pussy first before he fucked her. She said, "YOU know the agreement right Tom? You and I go don't any further tonight or do any more until your loving wife pleases me with her mouth. So, go, sit, watch and enjoy it. It's your fantasy baby! But keep your hands to yourself. Liza, take me to bed and make me cum and you watch the first time. Agree?"

Tom shook his head yes and Mary smiled at her friend as they both crawled up on the bed. As Mary lay back on the bed Liza moved over her. Tommy's cock was hard as it got as he watched these two beautiful women begin to make love. Liza licked and kissed her way around and over Mary's full breasts making sure she worked on each of her nipples for a long time. She made love to Mary like she always like Tommy to do to her. Not like she had done with Lee, no, he was too hard and nasty. Liza knew Mary wanted it soft and easy at least at first.

Mary held Liza's head gently and let Liza explore all of her nipples tasting and sucking and licking and biting them. Tommy watched as Liza made love to Mary's body. And Mary was enjoying his wife's mouth very much. Mary's nipples were now huge and long and blood red. And as Tom watched she said, "So Tommy do you like this? Is this part of the fantasy?"

He moaned his yes answer and started to stroke his cock slowly as he watched.. He was watching his wife sucking another woman's tits and when she called his name he almost jumped. She smiled at him and said, "Help us out Tom. Take my thong off sweetie. Hurry, your wife is getting me hot very quickly and I want her to lick my pussy."

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