tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLiza's Random Encounter

Liza's Random Encounter


Sometimes random chance is exactly that. No planning, not prior intent, just fate in action. And today Liza Kirk would learn that first hand.

The 29-year-old nurse was the last to leave Doctor Alexander's office. Usually the pretty young receptionist, Cindy, would be the last one out after completing the last of the paper work and locking the door behind her. But today Liza had volunteered to close up. Cindy had a date and Liza's husband of four years would be working late. So the nurse offered to stay behind.

Liza filed the last folder and began gathering her things. She released her long, red hair from the ponytail she wore at work and let it hang free. While she wasn't a beauty, like the younger receptionist. Liza was still an attractive woman. She wore thin, rectangular glasses that accented the shape of her blue eyes. Her 32c, 28, 32 body was somewhat hidden beneath her loose fitting white cotton uniform pants and powder blue top. But it didn't take much effort to see that she had a nice body.

Liza pulled the office key out of her purse and stepped through the doorway. She closed the door and inserted the key to lock the deadbolt and stepped across the hall to the elevator just as Ed Wells turned the corner heading in her direction.

Ed stood just over six feet, easily half a foot taller than the pretty nurse who stood waiting for the elevator. He was 32 years old, with short brown hair. Clean-shaven and average looking, with a hardened face.

Ed was surprised to see anyone in the hall. He knew from experience that the doctor's offices would be closed. His own doctor, two floors below on the second floor, was in this building. Although Ed rarely had a reason to see him. Very few offices, none of which were medical, with the exception of a couple psychiatric professionals, were still opened this late in the building.

That was why Ed was leaving. The business that he had been attempting to visit was now closed as well.

Ed was a married man, but his marriage had its problems. Ed had never been the most faithful of men, but found few opportunities to cheat on his wife over their eight years of marriage. But the sex was rare with his wife due to their problems. Ed had found a couple Asian massage parlors where in addition to a relaxing massage he would get the customary happy ending hand job for a reasonable tip. But he had learned about a new place in this building where, for a larger fee, the girls would provide full service. He visited the place for the first time two weeks earlier and was very satisfied with the beautiful Asian girl who he got to screw.

Unfortunately, both for the business and for Nurse Liza, this building wasn't a hospitable environment for the massage parlor. Some of the doctors on this floor became suspicious and the activities going on and informed the building management, who in turned notified the police and the massage parlor was quickly busted and shut down.

Ed had no knowledge of this when he came. He had been turned on thinking about his anticipated session and was disappointed when he saw the sign on the door indicating that they had gone out of business. So he headed for the elevator.

He stood next to Liza, allowing his eyes to roam about her body. He had always loved redheads and she was no exception.

"Shit." Liza mumbled, realizing that she had left her checkbook and the envelope carrying her electric bill that she planned to drop off on her way home lying on the desk. She grabbed the key and stepped back to the door, her back to Ed as she unlocked it.

The bell rang announcing the arrival of the elevator.

"Would you like me to hold it for you." Ed asked as she turned the latch then put the key in the doorknob to unlock the bottom lock.

"That's OK," she replied. "I'll catch the next one."

The elevator doors opened. Ed saw that it was empty, then turned back to Liza as she began to open the door. He knew that this building was old and lacked any security cameras, although he quickly glanced up and down the hall just to make sure. He realized that the pretty nurse was all alone and, by opening the office door, was providing a place for him to take her against her will without fear of being seen. Had he had more time to think about his plan he probably would have reconsidered. But with the immediate action required before she shut the door behind her, and his arousal preventing him from thinking clearly, Ed sprang into action.

Liza stepped through the door, and was startled as the man behind her slammed his body into hers from behind. She staggered forward; doing her best to keep from falling as Ed slammed the door closed and latched the deadbolt.

Liza turned around to face him, but was quickly grabbed by Ed. She screamed and tried to fight him off, resisting his efforts to push her back into the darkened hallway leading to the examining rooms. But Ed had little trouble overpowering her and dragging the wrestling woman back.

He spotted a room on the right with an examining table, complete with stirrups mounted on the lower end. Ed shoved Liza into the room. As she stumbled and fell, he grabbed the receiver of the wall phone and unlatched the cord. He grabbed Liza as she tried to get to her feet and run. Ed pushed her back and forced her onto her back on the table, where he jumped up and straddled her chest, grabbing her hands and tying them together with the cord. Once her wrist were secured he climbed off the table, pulled her arms over her head and pulled the cord down behind the table and tied it off at the base.

Ed rushed to the foot of the table and grabbed Liza's pants and began pulling them down.

"Please don't!" She cried out, kicking her legs in effort to prevent him from pulling her pants down. Ed pulled until her got them to her feet, then jerked her pants and shoes free.

Once that was done, he grabbed her right leg with one hand and a roll of medical tape that was on the counter with the other. Using the tape, he forced her leg into the right stirrup and wrapped the tape around her ankle several times until he was satisfied that it was secure. Then he did the same to her left leg.

Liza felt exposed, bound to the table with her legs spread apart. "Please don't hurt me." She pleaded as Ed reached up and began undoing the buttons on her blouse.

"No!" Liza yelled as he pulled her blouse open, leaving her bare except for her bra and panties. Ed reached into his pocket and withdrew a knife. Liza went mute at the sight of the blade when he opened it. Ed pushed the blade up under the front of her bra then jerked it up, slicking her bra open. It snapped apart, leaving her breast exposed for him.

"Oh, you've got some nice titties." Ed commented as he began playing with them. Pinching her nipples until they were rock hard.

"Please stop." Liza begged.

Ed stepped down to the foot of the table between her legs, then used the knife to cut her panties off of her.

Liza was horrified as his fingers began to softly caress her well trimmed, red haired pussy.

Ed leaned forward and began licking Liza's left nipple. The nurse squirmed as his tongue caressed it. Her nipples had always been super sensitive, and the sensation his tongue was providing caused her to rock from side to side in effort to escape it.

Ed slowly lowered to his knees between her legs.

"Let's see what you pussy taste like." He said.

"No!" Liza called out as he pressed his face between her legs. She felt his tongue part her pussy lips, diving in and out of her snatch, then slowly work its way up to her now swollen clit. She begged him to stop, but he ignored her pleas and continued to massage her love button with his tongue, enjoying the knowledge that he would soon force her to climax for him.

Liza clenched her jaws, trying to will herself to ignore the growing sensation between her legs. She hated what he was doing to her. But her body could not avoid the unwanted pleasure it was receiving.

"Please stop." She begged on last time, knowing that her climax was near.

Ed sensed it as well and began to lick her clit more quickly. Liza closed her eyes and held her breath, resisting as long as she could until the tingling in her pussy erupted into full orgasm. She exhaled and began panting as Ed continued licking her pussy until he was satisfied that her climax had ended.

"Now it's my turn." He said, rising to his feet and unfastening his pants.

"No, please don't!" Liza insisted as Ed stepped free of his trousers and boxers. She could see his thick cock fully erect. It was about as long as her husband's was, but much thicker. She strained against her bonds as he stepped closer, rubbing his cock against her wet pussy.

"No!" She called out as she felt it press inside her.

"Oh, you have such a tight pussy." Ed said as he began fucking her.

"Please, stop." Liza continued. "I'll do anything else. I'll suck your dick if you stop!"

Ed slowed down, but continued to slowly fuck her pussy. "Are you saying that you want to suck my cock?" He asked.

"Yes," She replied. "I'll suck it, just don't fuck me, please."

Ed pulled his cock out of her pussy and began to climb up on the table over her.

Liza watched as Ed climbed forward, straddling her chest. His cock, wet with her fluids, springing up in front of her face.

"Very well, let's see how good a cock sucker you are." Ed said, pulling Liza's head up to meet his dick.

Liza opened her mouth, accepting his thick pole. She began bobbing her head up and down on his shaft. She hated every moment of it, but would rather have him in her mouth than in her pussy.

Liza was no stranger to blowjobs. While it wasn't one of her favorite activities, she did enjoy sucking her husbands cock occasionally before he would fuck her. But even then she rarely allowed him to cum in her mouth. The few times she did she would rush to the bathroom to spit his cum out of her mouth into the toilet or sink. But she knew that this time she would not only have to get this man off in her mouth, but that she would probably be forced to swallow.

Ed enjoyed the sight of the pretty nurse sucking his cock. Blowjobs were very rare for him. His wife hadn't performed one for him in years, and the few times he visited a prostitute he would have to wear a condom. So this was a true pleasure for him.

Liza continued sucking his cock, trying to prepare herself for the moment when he would cum. She could tell by the Ed's breathing, and the way he was starting to fuck her mouth, that it would be soon. She detested every moment of it, but was doing her best in order to get this over with as quickly as possible.

"Oh yes." Ed moaned as he felt his balls tighten and the cum begin to rush out of his cock as his orgasm began.

Liza felt the first wad of his cum splash the back of her throat, followed by a spurting stream of the salty fluid as Ed came in her mouth. She gulped it down as he continued cumming until it finally subsided. Ed continued to make her suck his cock until he began to go flaccid in her mouth.

"Oh, baby. That was wonderful." He said as he climbed off the table.

"You got what you wanted," Liza said in disgust, "now let me go."

"Not so fast," Ed replied. "That was so good that I think you deserve another tongue lashing as a reward."

"Oh god, no!" Liza cried out.

Ed stepped back between her legs and knelt again.

"Please don't do that again!" She begged.

Ed leaned forward and began licking her pussy again. This time he raised both hands, reaching up to her tits and began to fondly them as he licked. He felt her jump as his fingers played with her nipples, and decided to focus on each of them as he licked.

Liza shivered as his fingers pinched and played with her nipples. Having already climaxed once she was overly sensitive. And between his tongue on her clit and fingers on her nipples she was beginning to shake from the sensation racing throughout her body.

Ed greedily lapped at her pussy, enjoying the way she was responding to his every touch.

Liza could not believe that her body was betraying her like this. It was bad enough that he had forced her to cum once. But now she was responding with delight at his manipulation. She begged him to stop, but could feel that her body wanted nothing more than for him to continue.

"Oh fuck." She spat as her climax neared. Her thighs and ass began quivering, and then she threw back her head with a loud, involuntary, moan as her orgasm ripped through her body.

When it subsided she could feel that she was blushing from head to toe, both from the orgasm and the humiliation of cumming for her rapist.

"Oh, that was so fucking hot." Ed said as he stood up.

Liza looked at him, and saw that his cock was fully erect again.

"Oh, no."

"Oh, yes." Ed responded. "Now I get to fuck that pussy."

Ed shoved his hard rod inside her. Once more Liza begged him to stop, offering to suck him off again. But this time Ed didn't accept the offer.

She continued to plead for another minute or so as he pounded her cunt. Finally Ed pulled out.

"Very well, if you don't want me to fuck your pussy I'll just have to find someplace else to fuck you."

Ed jerked her hips until her ass was hanging off the edge of the table. Then she felt his cock pressing between her butt cheeks.

"No, not there!" She cried out as Ed began pushing his cock inside her asshole.

Ed pushed until his cockhead broke through, then began to slowly pump as his cock gained more entrance into her asshole.

Liza cried out in agony as his thick cock plowed into her.

Ed began fucking her ass as the nurse trembled from the anal invasion.

"Please stop!" She begged.

"You leave me no other choice if I can't have your pussy." Ed mocked her.

Liza gave in. "Okay, fuck my pussy!"

Ed continued fucking her asshole. "Are you begging me to fuck your cunt?"

"Yes, please!" Liza yelled, "Fuck my pussy!"

Ed jerked his cock free. The sensation nearly caused Liza to shit herself. But no sooner had his cock exited her asshole had it rammed into her pussy.

Ed pounded Liza's cunt, enjoying how it clamped down on his shaft. He then leaned forward and began taking turns going back and forth to each of her nipples, sucking them as he fucked her.

Liza's eyes opened wide in shock as she realized what was happening. All of the stimulation of her nipples, ass and pussy had caused her body to begin responding once more. She could feel the desire building up in her pussy in a way that she hadn't felt possible in years.

This was all too much for her. Liza's will broke and she began thrusting her hips up and down to meet each thrust of Ed's cock. She needed to satisfy the urge that was growing within her. She knew that she was being raped, but no longer cared. It just felt too damn good!

Ed sensed the change in the woman beneath him. He continued pounding her snatch and sucking her nipples. He could feel Liza's body shaking uncontrollably as he continued.

"Oh, god. Yes! Yes! Yes!" Liza cried out as the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced overtook her. Her body spasmed with delight as Ed's cock brought her to climax. She could feel her juices squiring out over Ed's balls as he made her cum.

Ed straightened up; grabbing her legs and watching as his cock slammed home into her red hair covered snatch. "Ohhhhh." He moaned.

"Pull out!" Liza yelled, "Please don't cum inside me!"

Ed couldn't have stopped if he wanted to, which he didn't. He pounded her pussy harder and faster as he came inside her pussy.

Liza felt Ed's cum spurting inside her. Ed continued banging her pussy until he was certain that every last drop had been drained. Only then did he pull out of her pussy.

"That was fucking fantastic." He said, reaching up to play with her tits one last time before bending over to grab his pants and started dressing.

"Please untie me." Liza begged.

"And let you call the cops before I get away. I don't think so. Besides, you'll be able to work that cord free in a few minutes. But by the time you get your legs undone I'll be long gone."

"Please, I won't call the cops. I can't..." She stopped herself. But it was too late. Ed realized what she had meant. Liza wouldn't dare call the cops. She had ended up enjoying herself so much that she would be mortified to admit that to the cops, or let her husband learn of it. Liza would never tell anyone about what happened her today.

Ed grinned knowingly to her, then left the room. Liza began working the cord that secured her hands, but knew that it would be too late to catch up to him.

Random chance had struck, and much to her humiliation, she wished that there were some way for it to happen again soon.

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