Lizzie woke before dawn. She smiled in the semi-darkness of her room as she opened her eyes, savouring the tingly feeling between her legs. Today was the day.

She pushed aside the covers and sat up in bed. She was not surprised to find that her light blue, cotton pyjamas were slightly damp about the crotch. It wasn't from pee, despite how badly she had to go. She'd drunk a couple of pints of water before bed to make sure she woke early enough. She stripped off the garment and walked, naked, to the bathroom. Through the other bathroom door, she had a good view into her aunt's bedroom, the predawn light revealing a bed neat and unslept in. Perfect. If Aunt Lyssa had chosen tonight to sleep in her own bed, it might have messed up Lizzie's plans; but, apparently she had worried needlessly.

When she had finished peeing, she paused to look at herself in the full-length mirror on the bathroom door. She had sharp, blue eyes and soft, rounded nose. Her brown hair hung to her shoulders. She had a slim, tanned, athletic body, an effect of regular training with her school soccer team. Neatly-trimmed, black pubic hair revealed pussy lips that were visibly damp despite having just been wiped. Her breasts, nipples erect, were the size of apples. She knew that she was pretty and sexy.

The girl grinned at herself, excited, anticipatory, slightly scared; then, still naked, she opened her bedroom door and crept noiselessly to the end of the hall and opened her mother's door. She could make out two lumps under the covers, the two people she loved most in the world.

Lizzie hesitated in the doorway for a moment. Maybe they'd be less pleasantly surprised than she'd imagined. It was kind of a big thing she planned to ask for. To spring on them as they woke up, really. But, then she smelled the air in the room and changed her mind. It was hours old, but it was clear what had been going on in this room last night, and the thought of it made Lizzie tingle all over. She'd planned this for three years. She'd forgone her usual masturbation for a week to get in the mood. She was going for it. What was the worst that could happen, really? The teenager closed the door behind herself and, carefully climbed into the bed. Someone grunted slightly in their sleep, but nobody woke. She snuggled close to the nearest warm body and waited.

Lizzie hadn't expected to be able to fall asleep again at this point, but apparently she had been wrong. The next thing she knew, she was being gently shaken awake. "Lizzie, Honey, are you OK?" asked a familiar voice.

"Yeah, Mom, I'm fine," said Lizzie, forcing herself back to consciousness. It was lighter in the room now — the sun must have come up properly while she was asleep — and her mother was leaning over her, her brown eyes narrowed in concern, her short, black, hair disordered by sleep.

"You're sure nothing's wrong?" her mother said, holding the bedsheet to her chest like a person who isn't wearing anything under it. Her hands bore a crisscross of fine scars from a long-ago accident. "I mean, the last time you slipped into our bed in the middle of the night, you were six years old and frightened of the thunder."

Lizzie laughed. "Didn't hear any thunder last night. I just wanted to see my mom and my aunt."

Aunt Lyssa leaned forward to be seen around her big sister, smiling at her niece. The sheet had fallen to her waist, baring her grapefruit-sized breasts. "Big day, today, kid," she said, pushing a strand of red hair out of her eyes.

"Lyssa, you're— not that I don't appreciate the view," said Lizzie's mom smiled lustfully, "but, we're not alone."

"So what? Lizzie's a big girl, Lina. If she was embarrassed, she'd have worn something herself."

"Yes, I was wondering about that." Lina turned back to her daughter. "Lizzie?"

Lizzie swallowed nervously. "I... I love you, Mom. And you, Auntie..."

"Aw, we love you, too, Honey."

"...and I know you love each other, and some of what you do to show each other that..."

"I'm not sure how appropriate—"

"...and it makes me hot to think about it. I mean, you can see how— how wet I am down here..."

"Well, Honey, that's a normal part of growing up..."

Lizzie hesitated, and was surprised when her aunt jumped in. "It sounds like someone wants a couple of older women to help her lose her virginity."

"Alyssa!" Lina yelped.

"No, Mom, she's right. That's exactly what I want."

Lina looked at her naked daughter, and for a second, Lizzie thought she saw her mother licking her lips. Then, she quickly shook her head, as though to clear it. "Honey, that's... that's incest."

Lyssa let out a snort of laughter. "Says the woman who just spent the night doing naughty things with her sister. Anyway, I seem to remember someone telling me that incest wasn't bad if it was just girls. Who was that, again?"

"Well, you weren't a child when I said that. This would be child abuse."

"Mo-om," Lizzie said indignantly, "did you forget what day today is?"

"No, it's your birthday, Baby."

"My 18th birthday. I'm not a child, Mom."

"Good one, Liz," Lyssa grinned.

"How are you so OK with this?" Lina demanded.

"Me?" asked Lyssa. "I'm in bed with two hot, naked ladies who I love. How am I not going to be OK? The real question is, Lizzie, are you sure this is what you want?"

"Yes, maybe you should think about this for a while," said the mother, shifting her weight and pressing her legs together under the sheet.

"I've been thinking about it for three years," said Lizzie. "Remember when you left the door open and I saw on you and Lyssa ... doing it?"

"Oh, god, I nearly forgot about that. But, you said you were OK." The mother quickly looked away from her daughter's wet pussy, focussing instead on her face.

"I was. Just... really turned on. I think about it whenever I ... y'know ... touch myself."

Lina seemed a bit shocked, but Lyssa just nodded. "So, you saw your mom's lips on my pussy, and you were waiting until you were 18 so you could get that for yourself."

"Basically. But, I guess Mom doesn't— look, I'm sorry," said Lizzie, embarrassed. "I didn't think it through. I'm gonna go now." Lizzie got up, leaving behind a small spot of pussy juice on the bedsheet, and started toward the door.

"Well, come give your auntie a kiss before you leave," said Lyssa. Lizzie turned back and went to kiss her aunt on the cheek, but Lyssa turned her head at the last second and kissed her on the mouth. She felt her aunt's tongue on her lips, and she instinctively opened her mouth. The woman pulled Lizzie down on top of her, hard nipples on soft breasts stimulating her niece's breasts, her tongue playing about with her niece's tongue. It made a pleasurable shiver go through Lizzie's body, and had a similar effect on her watching mother. When they separated, gasping for air, Lyssa turned to her sister, green eyes flashing mischief. "Tell me that didn't turn you on. Tell me you're not sitting in a huge puddle right now, and I'll back you up and convince Lizzie to fuck someone her own age."

"You know that's not the issue. Lizzie is so hot... oh, god, I've been ... 'sitting in a puddle' most of the time, recently, when she's in the room. But, she's my baby—"

"Was your baby," Lyssa reminded her. "Now, she's a hot young lady who wants your pussy."

"Oh, Mom, I didn't know I did that to you." Lizzie rolled off her aunt and sat up between the two older women.

"Guess I've been reaping the benefits," Lyssa grinned.

"Look," Lina said, pulling off the sheet. Her avocado-sized breasts sagged only a little, nipples a few degrees off horizontal. With her legs pressed together, a small but literal puddle had accreted in her crotch. She opened them, letting it soak into the bed and showing her daughter her vagina. Only a fine stubble marked where he pubic hair grew, her lips were slightly puffy and spreading themselves, and her clitoris was poking its head out of its hood.

"Wow," said Lizzie, leaning closer, smelling her mother's wetness. "Can I— can I kiss it, Mom?"

Lina licked her lips. "You're sure this is what you want, Honey?"

"I'm sure, and I'll tell you if I stop being sure."

"OK, come kiss Mommy's pussy, Honey."

Lizzie knelt down to do so, but Lyssa put a hand on her raised butt, stopping her. "Don't just go straight for the pussy, Liz. You wanna tease her a bit first."

"No, she doesn't," moaned Lina.

"Trust me," said Lyssa, "I've been doing this to your mother for a while. Kiss everything but her pussy, and work up to it."

Lizzie grinned. "OK, Auntie," she said, and shifted around between her mother's legs so she could kiss her belly button. Lina made a frustrated noise, but didn't stop her. The girl kissed her way down from the belly button toward the pussy, but then veered off down her mother's right thigh.

"Use your hands," suggested Lyssa, standing up and moving to the foot of the bed. "Like this," she added, massaging her niece's thighs and buttocks, avoiding the pussy.

"Oooh, that feels good," said the girl, copying the technique on front of the supine woman.

Lyssa kissed Lizzie on the back of her right thigh. "And, just keep..." She kissed the left thigh. "...slowly moving closer..." Right buttock. " her pussy..." Left buttock. "...'till she can't take it anymore."

Mother and daughter both moaned together. Lina was massaging her breasts with both hands. "Enough!" she groaned. "I can't take it anymore! I need you to touch my pussy now!"

"Yeah, OK, give it a little kiss," Lyssa relented, and she kissed her niece's engorged pussy lips.

Lizzie gasped and did the same to her mother who moaned. "Oh, yes, Baby, that's it, use your tongue." Lizzie licked along her mother's pussy, instinctively stopping short of the clitoris.

Lyssa pulled her face out of her niece's pussy. "You are a virgin, right?" she asked. She began massaging the girl's pussy with her fingers.

Lizzie stopped licking her mother long enough to say, "Except for my fingers," then went back to what she was doing. Her tongue slipped between her mother's pussy lips.

"Oh, god, you're good at this, Baby," moaned the mother. "Yes, oh, deeper! Use your fingers!"

"Start with one finger, like this," Lyssa suggested, and Lizzie moaned as her aunt pushed in a finger. "Oh, you've got a hymen in there, so I'll just play around the edges. But, you feel free to shove your finger all the way into your mother. She'll like that." She strummed her niece's clit hard, tongue working inside her, and Lizzie gasped into her mother's pussy, fucking her with an index finger, licking her engorged clitoris.

"Another finger," Lina gasped. And, when her daughter complied, she added, "Oh, yes, suck my clit, suck my clit, yes, you're gonna make Mommy cum, Baby!"

"Me, too, I'm gonna—" Lizzie tried to say, but her mother arched her back and pressed Lizzie's head into her pussy with both hands. Lizzie stiffened and squealed into her mother's pussy as she came, Lyssa still licking and rubbing her. A half second later, Lina screamed and sprayed her daughter's face with pussy juice.

After a moment, Lina calmed down and let go of her daughter's head. Lizzie gasped and rolled over on her back, legs hanging off the end of the bed, panting and coughing, pulling her sensitive pussy away from Lyssa, who had been continuing to massage it gently. "Oh, wow, Honey, that was great. I'm sorry if I got carried away, there."

"It was pretty intense at the end," Lizzie agreed, panting, smiling dreamily. "But I loved it." She wiped her face with one hand, and licked the fingers. "I read about squirting online, but I didn't know my mom could do it."

"Only when she's really turned on." Lyssa sat her bare ass down on the bed next to her niece, ran her fingers through the brown hair spread out messily about the younger girl's head while her other hand absently stroked between her own thighs. "So, I guess she really enjoyed having her teenage daughter sucking her clit."

"I sure did," the mother admitted. "Lizzie, are you sure you never did that before? You're so good at it."

Lizzie grinned at the praise. "No, Mom, the only vagina I ever touched is mine, and I can't reach it with my tongue." The three women laughed. "Anyway, Aunt Lyssa's a good teacher. I was mostly copying the awesome things she did to my pussy."

"Maybe you'd like to show Teacher what you've learned," suggested Lyssa, with an appreciative look at her niece's hot, young body. "Watching you and your mother cum got me kind of wet down here." She showed off the fingers she'd been using to rub herself, which glistened in the morning light.

Lina rolled aside and patted the place on the bed where she'd been lying. "Come here," she suggested, and when her sister had lain down in the space, she knelt beside her and began massaging Lyssa's right breast. "Help me out, Lizzie."

The naked teenager copied he mother on her aunt's other side. "You have such awesome breasts, Auntie," she remarked, feeling her pussy begin to tingle again.

"Mmm," Lyssa moaned. "No, they're way too big. Look at you and your mom." She reached up and cupped one each of the other women's breasts in her hands. "Perfect size. Now, do you think one of you beautiful goddesses could do something to my pussy before it starts audibly screaming?"

Lizzy grinned. "I'd like to hear that, but..." She glanced at her mother, who nodded, and then turned and crouched down, breasts touching her aunt's belly, to lick her glistening pussy. "Wow, you taste different from Mom. More... kind of stronger."

"Which do you like better?" Lina asked.

"I dunno yet."

"Less talk, more — Ooo," Lyssa interjected as her niece licked her again. "Yes, more of that!" Lizzie giggled and began applying her tongue to Lyssa's clitoris. With her right hand, she pushed her aunt's left thigh out of the way so that she could rub around the edge of the vagina with an index finger.

"Wow," murmured Lina. One hand was still absently massaging Lyssa's large breast, but with her other hand she was rubbing her own crotch as she watched her niece eat her sister.

"Shove it in," Lyssa suggested urgently, and the girl complied, eliciting a pleasurable gasp. Lizzie's other hand had found its way between her own legs, and her aunt noticed. "Also, get your butt on top of me, too, so I can have a closer look at your beautiful pussy." She helped her niece to straddle her face so that Lizzie's body was entirely supported by her aunt's, two sets of boobs pressed against two bellies, and began licking the teenage pussy as Lizzie continued where she had left off.

Forced to remove her hand from Lyssa's erect nipple, Lina scooted to the edge of the bed and opened the nightstand, from which she removed a rather large, pink dildo. She wiped at her crotch with her fingers and spread the liquid along the shaft of the dildo. Then she began to slowly fuck herself with it while admiring the sight of the two people she loved most in the world pleasuring each other. "Try using more fingers, Honey," she suggested.

Lizzie put a second finger in Lyssa's pussy, and felt more than heard the woman's moan of approval against her own pussy. Lyssa's tongue on her little clitoris was sending vibrations throughout Lizzie's teenage body. Thinking that Lyssa's pussy still didn't look fully stretched out, Lizzie added a third finger and Lyssa rewarded her by sucking very hard on her clit for a moment. "Oh, my god!" yelled Lizzie, taking her mouth away from her aunt's pussy for a moment. "I'm gonna—" Then she came again. Lyssa continued licking her as the orgasm passed.

After a moment, Lizzie began fucking her aunt with her three fingers again. "Deeper, faster!" Lyssa demanded, rubbing Lizzie's pussy with a flat palm. Lizzie moaned at the contact.

"Don't worry about hurting her," Lina advised, gasping as she jammed the dildo into herself faster, her other hand rubbing her clitoris. Glancing over, Lizzie copied her mother's motion with her fingers.

"Oh, oh, like that!" Lyssa screamed, "Keep going! I'm gonna cum!"

"Me, too!" gasped Lina.

"Oh, wow, me, too, again!" Lizzie yelped, as her aunt's hand pressed harder on her pussy.

Lyssa screamed again as her vagina contracted about her niece's fingers, trapping them so they could not move. Lizzie leaned down to suck on her aunt's clitoris, but instead she screamed too, as the strongest orgasm she'd had in her young life wracked her body. Watching the two other women cum together, and her daughter squirt forcefully in her sister's face, was too much for Lina, who shoved the dildo as far into herself as it would go and came loudly.

The three ladies took a moment to catch their respective breaths, lying where they were on the bed. After a moment, Lina sat up and looked at her Lizzie, who was still lying prone on top of her aunt. "How are you feeling, Honey?" she asked, solicitously.

"I have never felt this good in my life," Lizzie assured her. Then, suddenly, she rolled off Lyssa and sat up. "Oh, my god, I'm so sorry, Aunt Lyssa!"

"What for?" Lyssa asked, confused. "That was amazing, especially for a beginner!"

"But... I peed all over your face! I just lost control when I had that huge orgasm, I didn't even..." She trailed off as she realized that the two older women were laughing. "...what?"

"You squirted, Baby," Lina grinned. Lyssa nodded in agreement. Lina wiped her sister's face and licked her daughter's cum off her fingers.

"That's what it feels like?" Lizzie asked.

Her mother nodded. "Was it good?"

"Yeah, it just exploded out of me, I... just, wow. I wish I could do it all the time. Just, over and over again."

"Me, too," her mother agreed. Then, she glanced at the clock on the nightstand and swung her bare legs off the bed. "But, not now. We only have a few hours to shower, dress, and get ready." When Lizzie looked at her uncomprehendingly, she grinned and added, "Unless you want your birthday guests to walk in on us as we are."

"We're having a party?" Lizzie asked. "I thought we agreed—"

"We didn't agree anything. You just said I didn't need to make a fuss. But, of course I'm going to 'make a fuss' when my only daughter turns 18, so I just made it a surprise." The mother laughed. "You didn't mention you were planning your own surprise celebration in my bed!"

"But you were pretty surprised," Lizzie grinned.

Lyssa put an arm around her niece's shoulder. "Very." She kissed Lizzie's face. "But, I thought it was a good surprise."

"Me, too," Lina agreed. "Although we may have to talk about this after the party."

"OK," said Lizzie, "I guess I better go get ready for my 'surprise.'" Naked and covered in sweat and other fluids, but happier than she had been in a while, she headed back toward her bedroom.

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Good reading.. Thank you for sharing Lizzie with us.

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