tagAnalLizzy Gets Caboosed!

Lizzy Gets Caboosed!


This is the third story in my Loving Lizzie series

It's been a year since my darling wife Lizzie and I have been married. We really have been learning about each other and I found that she is loving and giving. She's willing to do almost anything.

It didn't surprise me that after her lesbian adventure with Amanda our car service consultant that Lizzie is going over to Amanda's house for a sex toy party.

The television was watching me sleeping on the couch, when Lizzie came home. She woke me up with one of her super blow jobs. She knows my cock's most sensitive spots. And she knows that teasing my rosebud. It wasn't too long before I was holding her head and exploding in her mouth. Once I recovered from my nut that she swallowed whole heartedly, Lizzie told me about the party.

"It was so freaking awesome, honey, so many choices and they all look so much fun." She said as she ran out to the kitchen to get the catalog. She sat next to me on the couch and we flipped through the booklet together.

She was right, there were so many toys. Anal beads, small butt plugs, large dildos, dildos that vibrated, some that didn't. Pocket rockets. Prostrate milkers. Pocket pussys.

I told Lizzie to order whatever she liked and surprised me. So that night in bed as I was trying to sleep Lizzie sat there, circling items she would like to try.

I sort of forgot all about the toys. Then one day I came home early. I walked up the stairs and as I got closer to the bedroom I heard a loud buzzing. I stood in the door way of our bedroom and there lay Lizzie lost in her passion.

She was lying on her side; she had a vibrating butt plug in her ass and big black vibe in her sopping wet pussy.

She started to moan as she moved the toys in each of her holes.

"Oh fuck yes, so gooooo!" She screamed as she came over her big fake pussy stretcher. She noticed me now in the doorway, jacking my hard on.

"Come here baby "She said and held out her hand.

I approached the bed and she took my cock in her long fingers and started to stroke me some more. She took it in her mouth and deep throated me. Her head bobbing on my cock as I grabbed her blond head and fucked her pretty face.

She massaged my balls and then teased my rosebud. She slipped a finger inside my tight ass and massaged my prostrate.

It wasn't long and I was cumming in her mouth. She swallowed my load and some of it slide out of the corners of her mouth.

She took my cock out and rubbed it all over her face. I spurted a little more.

She grabbed my cock and led me to the bathroom. We took a quick shower together.

"We have dinner plans tonight honey." She said.

"We do?" I asked.

Her face frowned when I said this.

"You don't remember?" She said and I could see tears starting to well up in her emerald eyes.

"Of course I do Lizzie". I said as I dried myself with my towel and headed to the bedroom. She followed me

I reached down into my pants pocket and pulled out a small jewelry box. I opened it and showed it to her. Inside there were some diamond earrings.

She looked at them and started to cry.

"You did remember our anniversary sweetheart!" She said as she wiped away the tears and hugged me tight, giving me a lip locking kiss

We got dressed and she wore her new earrings with her knee length black dress with sequins. I whispered in her ear as we went into the restaurant.

"Baby you look so sexy in that dress." I said as I grabbed her ass when the hostess went to check on our table.

Lizzie was still giggling when the Hostess came back to bring us to our table.

As I said before Lizzie is not a raving beauty like Christie Brinkley , nor scary like Joan Rivers, but I swelled with pride as I watched some of the mens heads turn as we passed.

The meal was great, and we drank a full bottle of wine. Well Lizzie drank most of the bottle and I had one glass of it.

When we got ready to leave Lizzie sort of stumbled and I knew that she was wasted. So I took and put her in the car and headed home.

She slept a little on the drive home. When I got her from the car I had to sling her over my shoulder.

She protested as I did this.

"I can walk damn it!" She said

Lizzie drunk is a double edged sword. She is quite feisty but she is also very horny.

I was used to it.

I undressed her and put her to bed. I then undressed myself, got in the bed and turned off the light.

It wasn't long and she was sucking my cock once more. She got it nice and hard and then stood over my and lowered herself on my cock. Her pussy gripping and releasing me.

"Mickey I want you to fuck my ass tonight." She said

"Are you sure you are ready Lizzie? I asked her

"YUP!" She said and got on her knees doggy style and spread the cheeks of her ass.

I lubed up my cock and her ass with some of her pussy juice. I slide my cock head in and she moaned

"Gimme more you fucker! " She screamed

I shoved my cock in deep and she pushed her ass back against me.

"Fuck Yeah Lizzie!" I said

She found her big black dildo and shoved it up her snatch.

I felt the head of it against the membrane separating the pussy and the ass.

Her ass grabbed tight and started me moaning louder

I let loose my hot seed in her deflowered asshole. It flowed out of her ass and down her muscled thighs I slide out of her and went and washed my cock. When I came out Lizzie was fast asleep.

I knew she wouldn't remember much of this latest episode. But she would when she felt my dried seed on her sweet thighs

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