tagBDSMLizzy's Adventure Ch. 01

Lizzy's Adventure Ch. 01


Chapter One -- The first Encounter.

Since the separation five years ago Lizzy had been on a journey to find herself, a wonderful journey. After twelve years with her husband she found herself wanting to explore new pastures and maybe even experience some of the intriguing sexual fantasies she had seen played out on the internet and read in literotica stories. Until now these had merely been part of the foreplay for increasingly unsatisfying self-manipulation.

After some initially simply awful dates with men she found in the online dating scene she discovered a gentleman named Simon. Simon intrigued her, his chat and messages touched a part of her mind that she didn't really know or understand. It was like he knew something about her that even she wasn't aware of.

Lizzy arranged to meet Simon at a local coffee place; she wasn't a complete idiot and knew that the safest place to meet a stranger was somewhere public where she could decide if he was some kind of axe murderer though you never know these days.

She sat at a table and waited, heart in her throat the butterflies dancing in her tummy. So many nerves she could hardly breathe, and then he was sitting down at her table. She smiled nervously across at him, and introduced herself.

"Hi, I'm Lizzy. You must be Simon. Shall we get a coffee?" she spoke so quickly the words all ran into each other.

"I sure am." Simon replied calmly as he took in the woman sitting in front of him.

Initially they spoke about ordinary things, work, hobbies favourite foods and movies. Though it didn't take long for the conversation to turn to more exciting and explicit topics like sexual fantasies and experiences, the conversation caused Lizzy's cheeks to turn a deep red and the volume descended into whispers so that the neighbouring tables couldn't hear. Though the thought of others straining to hear and being titillated by the conversation that was occurring was strangely arousing to Lizzy.

Lizzy was sufficiently intrigued that she decided, rather impulsively to go home with Simon when he suggested it. It went against all of her sensibilities; she didn't want to overthink the decision but she knew she needed to ensure she stayed safe. Lizzy insisted that she drive her own car and she followed her own safety protocol, phoning a friend to share information about Simon, his license plate number and address, just in case. It pays to be careful in this day and age.

She wasn't sure what to expect but she knew whatever was going to happen it would most likely test her boundaries and open her eyes to new and exciting experiences. You see Simon was into BDSM and Lizzy was intrigued by the idea.

With trepidation Lizzy stepped over the threshold of Simon's home trusting that she would be ok at the end of the evening. Simon first directed her to the sitting room where the rules and expectations were laid out. The concept of a "safe word" was uttered and it suddenly began to feel very real for Lizzy. "Red" was the word decided upon not particularly unique but it didn't need to be as long it was clear to both of them. Among the other rules explained to Lizzy was the requirement to remove all clothing upon entering Simon's home. They needed to be folded and carefully placed on a chair near the door. The butterflies were trying to escape Lizzy's stomach at that moment. She took a deep breath and made the final decision and she slowly began to remove her clothing as a way to indicate her acceptance of the rules and to consent to this first encounter.

Simon smiled, touched her cheek gently and said "Thank you, sweetheart. I promise you will enjoy every minute." He then slipped a blindfold over Lizzy's eyes. The loss of vision had a twofold effect, both calming her anxiety and feelings of self-consciousness and ramping up her smouldering sense of anticipation. Each limb was gripped in turn and soft leather bands were buckled around them, each buckle taking Lizzy further inside herself, her mind and submissiveness. She would later learn how this ritual allowed a submissive to enter the beginnings of subspace and how important it was the preparation for play.

She jumped when Simon's breath tickled her ear. He whispered "bend over, hold your knees and do not move."

Lizzy's breath was now coming in gasps as she could only imagine what was coming next. Her big bottom was exposed and vulnerable. The first sharp slap of his palm on her bottom rang out around the room, an instant heat awoke in her loins and her bottom stung painfully. The impact was so sudden and shocking she almost forgot to breath. One deep indrawn breath before the next spank made contact with her bottom. Lizzy's head was swimming, she did not move, she did not scream or shout. Something unexpected what happening despite the painful sting, her pussy was moistening and opening.

Simon's fingers slid down her between her bottom cheeks and found her increasingly wet slit, one finger slipping deep inside her. Lizzy gasped and once again Simon whispered in her ear, "I knew you would like it." Somehow Lizzy knew he was smiling.

Taking her hand Simon led her to his bedroom and helped her onto the bed. He positioned her on all fours adding to the expectations as he went. "You may not close your legs without permission, you may not cum without permission, and you must be open for me at all times when you are in this house."

The words slid into Lizzy's ears and got stuck there, they only served to heighten her experience and make her pussy weep more. This was what was missing from her life, someone to take charge right here in the bedroom. Maybe this is what I have always been -- submissive, she just hadn't found the right person.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a swish and a crack followed by the most intense pain she had ever felt. "Do you know what that was?" asked Simon.

Robbed of her breathe, Lizzy gasped "no."

"That my little slut, was the cane. Do you think you would like to feel it again?"

As the intensity of the sensation waned, she nodded. "Use your words please, and ask properly." Simon insisted.

"Yes, please" Lizzy choked out.

She had barely got the words out before there was another swish and crack, and another in quick succession and within seconds five more burning lines of pain crisscrossed her buttocks. Lizzy gasped, she hadn't realised she had been holding her breath and now she needed the oxygen to process the sting. Then Simon pressed his warm hands against the lines easing the agony. "Well done, you took those incredibly well." "Let's see how your pussy feels about that shall we?" Simon's hand slid into the sopping mess that was now her pussy. "Ahhh, I think she liked it? Don't you?"

Lizzy couldn't speak, so she moaned in response. "Time for a change I think", Simon pondered out loud. He flipped Lizzy over and proceeded to attach her cuffs to the four corners of the bed. Her nervousness increased, and so did her excitement. She was soo wet now she almost desperately needed to orgasm.

Lizzy heard Simon walk out of the room and down the hall, she lay there listening to her own breath and feeling the dull ache of the bruises she knew she was going have all over her bottom later. She wondered if she would be able to sit down. Simon's footsteps returned and stopped near the bed. His hands caressed her large breasts, pinching the nipples rather hard causing Lizzy is gasp. She felt a sharp pinch, and another, and another. Simon repeated this on her other breast and by the time it was over Lizzy could barely breath. He slipped up her blindfold to show her the beautiful pattern he had made across her chest with pegs. Running his hand over them causing them to move, squeeze and pinch even more.

"I think I will leave them there for a while," Simon said to no one in particular as he bustled around the room preparing his next experience for Lizzy. The magic wand, Simon couldn't wait to see what magic it would produce on the bound, blindfolded and sopping Lizzy.

A buzzing filled the room and Lizzy suspected what was coming. A vibrating toy was skimmed across her nipples and the rows of pegs decorating her breasts before coming to a grinding halt at the apex of her thighs. The head was pressed against Lizzy's clit, hard. She pulled back, the vibration was so intense but her bindings would not allow her to move far and she did not close her legs, even now she wanted to please and was eager not to break the rules. Within seconds she was desperate to orgasm, through her dry lips the words came "please may I cum?"

"No," was Simon's reply. This picture was just too lovely.

Lizzy's back arched up as she fought not to cum without permission, she sucked in her bottom lip and held her breath to no avail, and she was on the precipice. "Please, Please may I cum, please?" She begged.

After a few more long intense minutes Simon replied "yes, cum for me now!"

Lizzy came hard and deliciously. She had never cum so hard before, or so she thought. She expected Simon to stop now, to take the wand away so she could enjoy the orgasm. He had other plans however. He simply spread her pussy lips wider to ensure the wand rested directly on her now almost painfully sensitive clitoris and continued to press and tease. I was not long before Lizzy was again begging to cum and given her state Simon quickly agreed. He had an ulterior plan and Lizzy was performing beautifully. Still Simon did not remove the wand from Lizzy's clit. Her body was wrung out from her intense orgasms yet he knew the big one was still there waiting to explode. "Stop fighting it slut, let go," he demanded. Out of her mind with the intensity Lizzy finally couldn't stop it and the most amazing sensation swept over her as fluid gushed and gushed from her pussy. So much fluid, so much cum squirted out of her, it pooled underneath her and despite the still vibrating wand against her clit she melted into the bed and let out and almighty scream of pleasure.

Oh my god, what was that? Simon, quietly removed the pegs from Lizzy's breasts. She was seemingly oblivious to the rush of blood returning to the pinched flesh causing fresh waves of sensation to flow over her. "That was amazing slut, you did so well." Simon stroked her hair from her face and released her bonds.

"What was that?" Lizzy whispered. She couldn't manage more than a whisper at this point.

"You just squirted, slut. You know female ejaculation." "I knew you could do it."

"Wow, that was...." Lizzy had no more words.

"My turn, slut." Simon rolled the languid Lizzy onto her tummy again and kneeled behind her. While Lizzy was still in her orgasmic fog he slid one and then two lubricated fingers into her relaxed rosebud before sighing in pleasure as he slid his rigid cock into the deep dark hole. Holding her hips and fucking her arse. Lizzy moaned at the added pleasure. It didn't take long for Simon to finish and unload his balls in Lizzy's arse. His cock slid out and she relaxed into the bed. The puddle of her cum cooling around her buttocks, Simon's cum oozing from her rosebud. She closed her eyes.

Simon crawled up beside her and held her. He knew she would be a good submissive; she had done so well for her first time. He hoped she would let him show her more. Simon closed his eyes and they slept.

A few hours later Lizzy woke with a start, before remembering what had happened. She rolled over and asked for permission to get up and shower. Simon nodded, got up and helped her to the shower. Once dressed and on her way home Lizzy wiggled in her seat relishing the ache in her body, the bruises on her bottom, smile on her face. Something deep inside of her had awoken.

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