tagErotic HorrorLoaning My Husband to My BFF

Loaning My Husband to My BFF


"Gretchen!!" Debi shouted, scaring the hell out of the two older Oriental women in front of her, as she finally made her way off the train.

"Debi!!" I screamed back, startling the hell out of Blake.

The Debi was my "bestie." She and I had been friends our entire lives, first meeting when my family moved next door to hers when I we were four.

From the moment we met, we'd been inseparable. Sharing all of the trials and tribulations of growing up, the good and the bad, even all of our birthday parties, as we were born 2 days apart, were spent together.

She had spent a rather hellish year wrapped up in a nasty divorce from her loser husband.

The day prior, I'd called and given her an invite to spend a week hanging out with Blake and me at out farm.

From twenty five feet and without my glasses, I could see the stress of her divorce had taken a toll on her. She looked worn out.

Excitedly running towards her, I almost bowled over the Oriental women, but once past them, it was all hugs and kisses.

"I was so excited to get here after you called," she giggled. "I took the first train out; I didn't even bother to tell my office I would be gone for a week."

"I've missed you so much," I gushed as we hugged. "I wish you didn't have to leave in a week. I want you here forever."

I have a very embarrassing emotional and mushy streak.

Once her bags were collected, we headed back to our farm.

I use the term farm rather loosely. At one time it was a farm, Blake inherited it from a relative he didn't know he had, but our small vegetable garden is the only concession we've made to our homes past history. The rest of the 30 acres was our private hideaway.

There was one stop we had to make. A winery owned by Tommy, one of Blake's closest friends, to pick up a few bottles... After all farm living is a thirsty living.

After a half hour of tasting and listening to Tommy's pathetic attempts at humor, we were back in the car, headed home.

After giving her a quick tour and a wardrobe change, the two of us headed out to the back deck.

I was in my semi normal hang around the house clothes, a boy-beater tank top and a baggy pair of soccer shorts.

Debi was on the same page as I was, coming out in a tank top and shorts too.

Sitting down, we saw that Blake, who had hidden himself away in his workshop, had chilled the wine and laid out some fruit and cheese.

With our bare feet up on the deck table, we drank wine, ate cheese and brought each other up to speed on our lives. I listened when she started talking about her divorce. The more she talked, the more emotional she was starting to get. Eager to change the subject, I asked her if she was seeing anyone.

"Nope," she replied shaking her head. "I halfway had a fantasy of hooking up with someone while I was staying here."

"Sorry babe," I told her. "Pickings are a little slim around here."

"What about Tommy, is he single?"

It seemed appropriate that, when speaking of fantasies, Tommy's name would come up. Not because he was fantasy material, more because the man was delusional. The entire time we tasted, he kept flirting with Debi. Somehow, he got onto a kick about how the two of us could be sisters.

I couldn't help myself, but I called him on that one.

"Yeah, we look exactly alike," I taunted, with a smile. "Of course you have to factor in that she's 5'-10" and I am only 5'6". She has curly brown hair, mine is blonde. She has big boobs. Mine are, well, not as big. Her eyes are blue and mine are brown. But yeah Tommy, other than that, we could be twins."

Thankfully, Tommy saw the humor.

"Yes, Tommy is single," I answered her. "But the guy is really a pig."

"Oh how bad could he be?"

"He refers to dating as 'Fishing for Furry Flounder'."

"I see your point... But it's been a year and a half, if this goes on much longer, I may have to borrow Blake," she joked.

"I might let you," I joked back. "But I get to watch."

An immediate wave of "Where the hell did that come from?" washed over me.

Our eyes met for a split second of awkward.

"You guys ready for another bottle?" Blake asked as he stepped out on the deck, breaking the silence. "Everything alright?"

"Couldn't be righter," Debi answered with a smile.

Blake dropped off the chilled bottle and exited with the empty.

As we talked, my mind latched onto the thought of loaning out my husband, to my best friend. At first I was appalled that I could even think of such a thing. But gradually, the idea started sounding more appealing. The thought that someone wanted my husband was kind of exciting to me. I could tell by the way Blake looked at Debi when he thought I wouldn't see, he had the hots for her. Blend that with the eroticism of watching them have sex together....

I was starting to get myself worked up over the idea.

We kept talking through the sunset. Soon after the sun went down and the mosquitoes came out, we made a retreat to the living room.

As we cracked our third bottle of wine, I worked up enough courage to broach the subject with her.

"I know this is going to sound crazy," I started. "But have you ever thought about Blake in that way?"

"Are you serious?" she asked and continued when I nodded in the affirmative. "To be honest with you, yes I have, especially in the last couple of years. To have a man in my life that is attentive, listens to me and would do anything for me, like Blake does for you. Not to mention he's not too hard on the eyes... Hell yes, if you weren't in the picture, I would do him in a flat second."

Our eyes locked for a few moments, each trying to get a read on the other. I broke first. After finishing off the remaining wine in my glass and refilling it, I spoke.

"Cards on the table," I started. "I don't know why and please don't freak out, but would you be interested in it?"

"In what?" she asked in a mock innocence.

She was obviously enjoying watching me stumble up the courage to ask her. I had no choice; she was going to make me spell it out.

"Debi, for some reason, all I've been able to think about is watching you and Blake together."

"So my dear friend," she started feigning seriousness. "You just want to use me to fill out some voyeuristic fantasy of yours?"

"Why yes I do," I replied, playing along. "No denying it. But there's more to it than that. There's a part of it for Blake. After 12 years and put crudely, I am sure he'd be up for some strange. The other reason and don't get insulted, it's something I can give you, some no strings attached, no pressure fun."

"Interesting, you're sure Blake would even want to? And are you positive, you are going to be ok with it?"

My pussy tingled, she was actually sounding interested.

"One; He's a guy, of course he would do it. Two, I am so turned on right now, I could scream. Of course I'm going to be ok with it."

She gave me one last pensive stare....

"Is everything ok?" Blake asked, shattering the awkward silence.

"Yeah, everything is fine," Debi answered. "Your wife and I were discussing you fucking me while she watches."

"Cool," Blake said with a nonchalant shrug. "I'll be in the den watching TV, let me know what you guys decide."

Debi and I busted up laughing as he left the room.

For a split second, I had a fleeting thought about wanting her all for myself, not sharing her with anyone.

"You had me going there for a minute," she laughed.

Ok Gretch, I told myself, it's time to put up or shut up.

"I wasn't joking."

The only light in the den was from the television. Butterflies danced in my stomach, as I walked over to where Blake was sitting on the couch. I sat down beside him and watched the baseball highlights with him for a few minutes.

"Want to get lucky tonight?" I asked, not looking away from the screen.

"Of course," he answered with a smile.

"How lucky do you want to be?"

"I know I couldn't possibly be as lucky as I want to be."

"Well...." I started.

While she was waiting in the master bedroom for me to break the news to Blake, Debi had lit some candles and turned down the bed. Still dressed in her skirt and tank top, she looked gorgeous and nervous sitting there, propped up by a couple of pillows.

Blake, still not truly believing it was going to happen, hung back a little as we entered the room, requiring a gentle nudge towards the bed from me.

Kneeling on it, he started to say something.

"Don't," Debi warned. "If you start making jokes, I am going to lose my nerve here."

I sat down on a chair and watched their lips meet, a quick glance of Blake's tongue, easing past her lips into her mouth.

Growing up, Debi and I had "experimented" together a few times. So there was an added eroticism, knowing what it was like to kiss both of them.

Blake's hands cupping her face her ear lobes between his index and middle fingers. His fingers gently massaging her lobes as their lips pressed together.

Something that always made me cream.

Her hands reached for the bottom of Blake's shirt to pull it over his head. She leaned down, to kiss and lick his chest. Her soft tongue lapped at one nipple, while the fingertips of her right hand teased the other.

Glancing down, I could see Blake's erection straining at the front of his shorts.

Blake's hands were now on Debi's breasts. She raised her arms as Blake eased it over her head.

My pussy started tingling, as now that she was topless and I knew what Blake would do next.

Catching her by surprise, he twisted her body around so her back was facing him. His arms wrapped around her body, cupping her big breasts and pulling on her turgid nipples. She gasped as he leaned down, his hard penis pressing against her taut ass, slowly licking and kissing his way down her spine.

By the time he got to her lower back, I would have sworn the temperature of the room had risen 20 degrees.

I removed my top and was teasing my own nipples as Blake pulled down her short and working them down her thighs, I was practically panting as I watched Blake lick each inch of skin as it was exposed.

His tongue made its way to the top of her butt. She started moaning as his tongue slid down lower.

I moaned, watching his mouth stop at her butthole. My own tensed as he stopped to lick lazy circles around it. Her moans got deeper, almost a growl as his tongue entered her.

A glistening sheen of sweat was forming on her back, her face buried in my pillow muffling the moans as Blake's tongue moved down to her pussy.

My pussy was both wet and on fire. A gentle touch between my legs, confirmed what I'd already known, I had soaked through my panties and shorts. Raising my butt off the chair, I slid the shorts down my legs and tossed them on the pile with Blake and Debi's. Being careful not to so much as graze my clit, I plunged two fingers in to my pussy.

Part of my mind, was begging my fingers to bring myself off, but I wanted to wait. I wanted to time my first climax with hers.

In the candle light, my eyes could see Blake's lips wrapped around and sucking on her hard little clit. Experience told me that the tip of his tongue was grinding onto the tip of it. Judging by her moans, her first orgasm of the night was making a frenzied approach.

Her right leg, the one closest to me started to shake.

I pulled my wet fingers out of my pussy and started rubbing both between my legs. A moan escaped my lips, waves of pleasure coursed through my body. Her moans melding with mine as climaxes crashed through our bodies.

Our eyes met, as we both fought to catch our breath... My heart fluttered when she smiled, then puckered up as if to blow me a kiss of thanks.

Blake wasn't done yet. He'd removed his shorts after she came. His cock looked magnificent in the candle light, hard and thick. It was standing straight up, the big mushroom head hovering a scant half inch from his flat stomach.

Just as her breathing became semi normal, he raised her long tanned legs on to his shoulders. Reaching down, he parted her lips with the head of his cock.

She let out one of the most erotic moans I'd ever heard as he slowly pressed his cock inside of her. Blake reached down, taking one of her breasts in his strong hand. Leaning over he took one nipple then the other into his mouth, licking, sucking and lightly biting. She and I moaned in unison as he pressed her boob's together and started licking and sucking both nipples at the same time.

Her hips thrust against Blake's, her body driving his cock deeper inside of her with each thrust. Blake leaned back and placed her ankles back on his shoulders, driving himself into her hard and fast, licking her legs, ankles and even her feet.

Blake eased her legs down pressing his body against hers; he ground his pelvic bone on her clit, bringing her to another shrieking orgasm.

Blake once again placed her legs on his shoulders and moving towards his own climax.

Suddenly, watching them became too much to bear. Watching her, being pleasured by Blake sent overwhelming waves pain and desire crashing through my being.

Getting up, I stepped over to the bed and lightly climbed up on the bed. Easing myself against Blake's back, I reached between his legs, running my finger tips over his smooth testicles. They were tight against his body and drenched with her juices. He was going to climax soon.

Feeling the movement on the bed, Debi's eyes opened, I could feel her gazing at me as I stretched up and started licking Blake's ear.

Her gaze turned from lust to confusion and then terror as, with my right hand, I dragged a razor sharp knife across Blake's throat. A torrent of blood sprayed from the Blake's wounded neck. He almost let out a strangled moan as he collapsed on top of Debi, his body pinning her to the mattress.

Debi shrieked and continued to scream as I plunged the knife into Blake's back. With each thrust, I felt the last beats of his heart through the handle of the knife.

Moments later, after pushing the shell of my husband from on top of my best friend, I laid down next to her, the tip of the knife pressed lightly under her chin.

"I thought I could handle it," I offered an explanation and a shrug. Pausing I licked some of Blake's delicious blood from her cheek before continuing, "But I had my doubts, so I hid the knife by the chair, just in case."

I moved to kiss her blood soaked mouth. She kept her lips pursed tight at first, but with some gentle pressure from the knife, a small trickle of blood appeared on her perfect skin, they soon parted and she kissed me back.

It was reluctant, but for that moment, it would have to do.

"Besides," I continued after breaking the kiss. "Now we can be together forever."

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