tagIncest/TabooLocked in the Closet

Locked in the Closet


When my mom was 15, she got pregnant with me. I never really knew my dad much, just that he was a guy that she had a thing with in high school. This made me the "man of the house" from a very young age.

My senior year in high school, I could tell that my mom was starting to worry about the changes coming to our lives, as the natural thing is to move away to college. I was worried about leaving her alone, because she had focused on raising me for so long that I worried about her trying to adapt to life in an empty home again. Ever since I had turned 18 in the fall, she seemed to be more worried about the prospect of me leaving.

She didn't date very often that I could remember. Sometimes people would set her up on dates, but none of them could handle being second fiddle to her "little man" back home. So it was just the two of us most of the time.

The apartment complex we lived at had a community pool. Even though it was the middle of winter, me and my mom liked to use the pool every Saturday to have some fun and stay fit. Luckily the pool was connected to our building so we didn't have to go outside at all on our way, a luxury since it was freezing outside.

We always just wore our suits over, since it was more comfortable to change in our own apartment in privacy instead of having to change in front of other people. I walked through the locker room and met my mom back on the other side. I watched as she walked up to the edge and dove in, then surfaced and looked back at me. "The water's fine, Jimmy!"

I wasn't nearly as good of a swimmer as she was, and couldn't really dive in. This had lately made me realize that I got an added bonus, when I got to watch the view of my mom's great ass headed into the pool as she jumped. I had yet to see a girl who had a nicer ass than my mom, which was a very strange feeling to have, but after a while I just came to terms with it, and admitted that I really loved her ass.

I waded into the pool and started swimming some laps. My mom did likewise. It always confused me that she was a much better swimmer than me. I guess I got my swimming skills from dad, because I definitely wasn't as good as she was. Seeing her pink bikini fly by me always gave me mixed emotions. Lately I had become determined to become a better swimmer and keep up with her, and was only having limited success.

We were the only ones in the pool this time, and after we were done, she decided to get a little mischievous and started a splash war with me. I fought back as hard as I could, but if there had been a referee he would have given the match to her as she was able to deftly move away from my waves.

After a while, we both got tired and went and sat in the hot tub. She asked what my plans were for the weekend, but I didn't have anything going on. "No pretty girls have scooped you up as their trophy for a party?"

Embarrassed by this, I started to blush and said "No mom, I don't get invited to parties. And I'm already spending the night with a pretty girl."

"You're too nice Jimmy. Those girls don't know what they're missing. You could go far giving out compliments like that."

After some idle chit chat, we decided we had hit our limit and started to make our way back to the apartment. I had forgotten to grab our towels before we came though, so we had to walk back dripping wet. Even though it was indoors, the hallways weren't heated so it was still chilly, so we ran back to the room. Our apartment was nice and toasty though.

Mom went to the closet door where we kept our towels and walked in. It was a pretty good size closet, and you could even consider it a walk in, though you wouldn't be taking more than a couple of steps once you were inside. I walked up behind her, and as I was reaching over her shoulder to grab a towel, my feet slipped on a puddle that she must have left under her. I fell forward into her, totally losing my balance and falling towards the ground with her under me.

The next thing I knew, I was laying on top of my mom and the closet door was shut behind us. I didn't remember how it happened, but I must have kicked it on my way down and knocked it shut.

Mom was annoyed at this and said "Jesus Jimmy, what happened?"

"I don't know, I slipped on some water. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, somehow you didn't manage to squish me to death. Can you get off of me though?"

"Oh, uh, yeah, no problem." I had been so worried about her condition that I had forgotten to pick myself up. I started to lift myself up when my hand slipped on another puddle and I crashed down on top of her again.

"If I didn't know better, I'd think you were enjoying this."

I hadn't been, but now that she mentioned it I did notice that we were basically spooning and my crotch was rubbing up against her ass, and it felt wonderful. Realizing this I started to feel blood rushing to the area, and I quickly redoubled my efforts to get off of her. This time my hand found purchase and I was able to stand up. I reached down my hand to my mom, and pulled helped pull her to her feet. I walked to the door and pushed on it, but it wouldn't budge.

"Here, let me try it." As she said that, she pushed past me, and I realized that I liked the feeling of her skin. It was a tight fit, and we had to be in close quarters as she went by. I turned with my front to her as she went by, and realized too late that I had a boner. I felt her ass rub up against my cock as she slowly slid by. The feeling was amazing, and if I couldn't control it before, there was no stopping my hardening dick now. The thin barriers of her bikini and my swim shorts did little to hide what was happening to me. I didn't want this moment to end, but I was mortified of what she would think.

She finally slid by and I stepped back to give her room, and she seemed like she didn't notice. She looked at the door and tried to push it open, but she also couldn't get it to work. "Well, looks like we're stuck. I don't even have a cell phone. We're gonna have to figure something out."

I tried to think, but my brain was only 25% working on the problem of the door. The rest of my brain was captivated by my mother in her pink bikini, and how badly I wanted to rub up against her again. My brain proved efficient at working these scenarios into my favor. "Let me see if I can get it."

I put my hands on her hips as we started to shuffle by each other again. I couldn't believe I was doing this, but my cock had seemingly taken over my body and was now in the drivers seat.

I was sure I was imagining it, but it seemed like this time as she slid by me, she pushed her ass back into me, rubbing even more closely against my cock as we tortuously slid along one another. She got by, and we broke contact as she went behind me again.

I was getting really worked up by this, and couldn't believe my mom was turning me on this much. I wasn't sure if it was better to tell myself that this was my mom, or to pretend that it wasn't. I tried harder on the door, but a big part of me really didn't want this door to open just yet.

"Maybe if we both try at the same time?"

This made sense, this was an apartment so everything had to be cheaply made, right? I started to push against the door, and she came up behind me. She didn't have the best reach, so she had to get really close to me.

Our bodies made contact again, this time with her behind me, and I felt as her thighs pressed into my legs, and she wrapped her arms around my body. I felt her tits push themselves into my back, and I started to go crazy at the feeling. She was driving me mad and I was losing control of myself with how good this felt.

"Alright, on three we push. One, two, three!"

As she said three, we both put our weight into the door, and she crushed her tits into my back even more. I loved the feeling. The door was holding out against us though, and didn't even budge.

"I can't really put too much into the door, my arms aren't long enough. Maybe if we switch positions you can do a better job?"

I was ecstatic at this idea. I was also terrified. She put her hands on my hips, like I did hers last time, and we started to do the now familiar dance of switching places. This time my dick was not rubbing against her though since we were in different positions. It seemed like she was pulling our bodies close together anyways though, as she rubbed along my ass this time. She took up position at the door, and put her hands against it.

She put her legs back and stuck her ass out as she prepared to push. She looked so sexy in this position that I could hardly contain myself. I reached over her and put my hands on the door near hers. I put my legs near hers and let my body drift in towards hers.

I probably had enough room to stay back, but my dick was doing too much of the decision work and I pushed my body up against hers, reuniting my hard dick with her soft ass. It settled between her ass cheeks, and I was in heaven. I could barely think straight.

I snapped out of it as she started to count down again. When she hit three, I felt her start to push on the door, and she moved her ass back even more against me. I pushed hard, and my dick held its ground against her ass, but the door barely moved. We stopped pushing and our bodies separated, as she stood back up. She turned around to face me. I thought it looked like she might be a little flushed, but I was sure it was just from the effort of trying to open the door.

"Well, that didn't work. Do we still keep the tools up there?" She pointed behind me.

"Yeah, I think so."

"Ok, let me see." She surprised me when she walked up close to me and reached over my shoulder. Her body brushed up against mine again, but I held my ground as I was loving the feeling. Her face was so close to mine, and even though we had just been in the pool, she looked beautiful.

She stepped back, and I was sad, but then she leaned even harder into me and reached over my other shoulder. I didn't see what she had grabbed in her right hand, but my body was trying to prove that it was stronger than my brain now. It couldn't handle having this beautiful creature right in front of it, and not try to get it. I wrapped my hands around the small of her back, and moved my face into hers as our bodies connected.

Our lips melted together, and I couldn't get enough. I was surprised to notice that she was kissing me back. We were going at each other like crazy people, making out with reckless abandon. My body felt like it was on fire, and I couldn't get enough.

My dick was throbbing against my swim shorts, begging for sweet release. My hands acted on their own and slid up to my mom's bikini top. I pulled lightly on the strings and felt them release as her top came loose. She reached up her hands and whipped it over her head, barely breaking our kiss.

I pulled her close to me, loving the feel of her naked tits on my chest. I started kissing a trail down her neck, and started to suck on her tits like I had so many years ago.

She flushed and said "Oh yeah Jimmy...oh yeah...suck my tits....suck your mom's tits! So wrong...." Even though she said it was so wrong, she sounded erotically charged, and put her hands on the back of my head to encourage me to continue sucking her tits. I tried to give them equal love, and couldn't help myself.

My dick was growing impatient though. My hands were its greatest accomplice, as they moved down her back and hooked under her bikini. I grabbed each side of her bikini and started to slide it down her body, and I was surprised when I saw that she shaved her pussy. As her bikini reached the floor, I looked up at her delicious pink pussy lips, and just had to have a taste first. My dick would have to wait a moment more.

I moved my head up, and licked a trail from her thigh all the way to her delicious pink. I'd never tasted anything so sweet, and knew that this had to be right, for it to taste so good. Any inhibitions I had, which certainly weren't many, were out the window.

Above me, I heard my mom yell "Oh yeah Jimmy....oh god.....oh shit....so good!" She let out a moan and grabbed my hair, pushing my face further into her pussy. I could tell she was getting really excited, and her legs started to shiver. "Oh god, I'm cumming! I'm cumming for you baby!"

I lapped up all her juices and decided that now was a good time to make the transition. I stood up, and my mom put her hands up against the door, the door that had locked us in here. I got behind her and slid down my bathing suit, and lined up behind her as she stuck her ass out.

I grabbed my dick with my left hand as I put my right on her ass, and lined myself up with her hole. I felt the contact between my cock and her pussy lips, and let it sit there for a moment, teasing us both.

"Don't make me beg for my own son's cock, Jimmy...."

That was enough for me, as I grabbed both of her hips and plunged my 7 inches slowly into her pussy. It felt like heaven, as I slowly slid into her. Every second was pure bliss, and I couldn't believe that I was experiencing this. I kept going, and then eventually felt myself bottom out as I got balls deep into my mother.

"Oh, fuck yeah Jimmy! Holy shit this feels so good..."

I stayed there to prolong the sense of accomplishment I had, being balls deep in my mom, something I hadn't known how badly I wanted to do until now.

Still grasping her hips, I started to pump back and forth inside of her, building a rhythm as she pushed back in unison with me. "Oh god Jimmy, oh god, yes, just like that! Keep going! Oh shit!"

I have no idea how long this went on for, it felt like endless hours to me, but was probably only minutes, and I started to feel the need to cum. It was building like a tidal wave inside of me.

"Oh god mom, I'm gonna cum!"

"Cum inside me baby, cum inside your mom's pussy!"

That was all the encouragement I needed, and I started to blow seed after seed of my semen deep into my mother's womb, the same womb that had given birth to me.

"Oh god mom, I'm cumming! I'm cumming inside you!"

"Oh shit Jimmy, I'm cumming too!"

We lost ourselves in moans as we came together, while I coated the inside of her pussy with my semen. I had never cum that much before in my life, and it was amazing.

It started to subside, and I started to grow softer inside my mom's pussy. I slowly pulled out, and saw some of my jizz drip out of her pussy and on to the ground. She turned around and kissed me.

Her face and chest red, she turned around and hugged me close. "I told you that you were starting to like it too much when you had me on the ground."

"I would say I'm sorry mom, but I'm really not. That was amazing."

"Yes, it was."

"I wanna do that all the time."

"We can baby. Something that amazing can't happen only once. I might have to get back on the pill if we're gonna keep it up though."

Something about how she said that registered with me, and I realized that I had just had totally unprotected sex with my mom. I could have gotten her pregnant right there. And my brain was losing the war with my body again, because for reasons I couldn't begin to explain, it turned me on even more than I was to know that I might have just made a baby with my mom. My dick started to get hard again.

"Oh, Jimmy, round 2 already? I don't know if I can take it."

I grabbed her and pulled her close, and slid my dick inside of her pussy, still drenched with my jizz. I started to fuck her like mad again, and she started to build up to another orgasm almost instantly.

I kissed her as she moaned into my mouth, holding on for dear life around my neck as she came for the third time. She had wrapped her legs around my ass so that I was holding her up, bouncing her on my dick. I lowered her down to the ground, and looked deep into her eyes as I continued to pound her drenched pussy. I felt my orgasm building, and yelled "I'm gonna cum again!"

This time I pulled out and shot my jizz all over her, landing it on her face and her tits and her chest. She looked so good, laying naked on the floor, covered in my jizz. She reached down with her left hand and scooped up a lot of the jizz with her finger, then licked it off. "Mm, you taste so good Jimmy." I watched as she collected as much as she could, swished it around her mouth and then swallowed it.

I layed down next to her. "This is gonna be the start of something beautiful."

"Only if we ever get out of this closet."

We both lifted our heads and looked at the door, and it was wide open. We never did figure out what magic caused it to open, but it seemed like some sort of strange fate had driven us together that day.

"Well look at that. It's open."

I just looked at the door with my mouth open. "I don't even know what to say Mom."

"Call me Jenna, mom's don't do that with their sons. She stood up held out a hand to me to help me get up. "What do you say, round 3 in the shower?"

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Hope she did get pregnant.tell her forget the pill just fuck her fill her cunt with your cum

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