Locked Out


It was really dumb of me to let him have my keys, especially just after he lost his, but I did and this was the result. We have doors that automatically locked when they close on our garage, a security thing that we had to install to get our insurance break. Actually, it was just one of many things we had to do but the doors locking gizmo is the only thing prudent.

It had been a real oven and I couldn't stand being a prisoner inside because of it anymore. I had to do something, so I decided to wash my truck. No big deal, it gave me something to do and I also got to show off a little at the same time. I pulled my truck into the side yard and left the gates open so that drivers by and who ever else could watch me while I washed it. I was actually hoping to see the paper guy today, I hadn't seen him since our first encounter and was wondering if he got freaked out or something. He usually came later in the day so I thought I would just take my time. I looked up and down the street and it appeared to be deserted, too hot for everyone I guess. O-well, their loss, so I went back in and changed into some shorts and a tank top and gathered up the stuff to start cleaning.

I guess I was almost finished before I heard someone behind me. I looked over my shoulder and saw the paper guy sitting on his bike at the end of our drive, just watching me. I gave him a little wave and a big smile that he returned as he rode on by. Damn, he didn't even come over for a closer look, of course, I must have been a sight, drenched with sweat and soap and dirt and everything. I hopped down and walked out to the front yard to get the paper and looked down the street in the direction that he went. He was sitting at the end of our road talking to one of his friends, I couldn't tell if it was the same guy that had join him last week, but he was pointing in my direction, so I figured it was. It was hard to make out but it looked as if they might be coming this way, so I quickly ran back into the yard and started hosing off the soap. I had already done this, but if they were coming back, why not at least fake it.

I waited for sometime and still no Brian(the paper guy) or his friend. What the hell was taking them so long? Just as I was about to go and look I heard them talking just around the corner. I just continued to rinse the truck trying not to let them know that I was waiting for them. The both stopped in front of my house and just watched in silence for a moment. I turned to them and waved and they waved back, still not saying anything.

"You need any help in your yard today?" I heard Brian yell. Pretending not to have heard him well, I put my hand to my ear and yell back that I couldn't hear him and that they should come over so that we didn't have to shout. With that I turned back to my duties. They just stood there looking at each other for a moment before deciding to come over. As they approached I could hear them talking about being able to see my titties through my shirt and that my pussy lips were almost visible.

"I asked if you needed any help in your yard today." Brian repeated as they approached me.

"Well, it is damn hot out here, I hadn't really thought about doing any until later, you know let it cool down some." I responded while pulling at my shirt to let air get in and drawing attention to how see through it was.

"We don't mind a little heat if you have some cold water" the other guy said, "and by the way, my name is Dave, but everyone class me spoof. Don't really know why, they just do."

"Spoof, eh? Well, if you guys want to work up a sweat, I can cool you down with this hose" spraying a little water their way. They just laughed and Brian told me, "it looks as if you are the one who needs to be sprayed, you look miserably hot."

"You think so? Does that mean that you think I need a shower our something, think I stink or something, is that what you boys think? You think if I hose myself down that it will wash all the stinky sweat off me?" I asked them teasingly, while spraying a little water on my legs.

"Oh no! That's not what I meant at all, I just meant that you look all hot from being out here, that's all" Brian said, while blushing and fumbling over his words. We all just laughed and I informed them I was just razzing him and not think another thing of it.

"I actually was about to soak myself before going in to change, just before you boys got here. You mind giving me a hand putting all this stuff in the garage before I do that? I don't want o stay in these clothes after I drench myself, I'll get chafed." I asked them while picking up my sponge.

"Sure thing" they replied together and they gathered everything up and even took my sponge and took everything in the side door. I tossed Brian the keys to my truck and told him to put it up for me while I drag the hose around back, he did so without a second thought. I had totally forgotten all about the door and the fact that I had given my only set to it to Brian until it was much later.

I really did have some yard work to do, but it was all stuff that could wait and would wait if I had anything to do with it. I had other plans for these two. I couldn't just jump them though, so I broke out the chain saw and headed for the back. They asked me if I was going to cool off first and looked very wounded and disappointed when I told them I decided to wait till after I had cut a few limbs, so that I could rinse off the saw dust as well. I asked them to grab a few tools and to follow me to the back, which they did. They were on either side of me, very close, and I tried not to let them know that I could see them looking at my tits and trying to bump into me so they could feel them.

Reaching the hellish tree that had become the devil himself to me over the summer, I sat the saw down and looked up at it. I could actually send one of them up there but I didn't really feel like having to climb back up later and fine tune their cuts. Asking for a shoulder and a hand up I grabbed my saw and let them hoist me into the air. I climbed up knowing full well that they were getting a fantastic view of my crotch. For the moment I didn't care, this tree had given me shit every time I climbed into it. I was bound and determined to not let this time be one of those, but I didn't get far. I was planting my ass on a limb so that I could get the right angle on a limb and as I did, the fabric of my jeans gave way in the middle and ripped open. My pussy was now on full display. They couldn't see what had happened yet but there was no way they would not notice as soon as I headed back down. Fuck it! Did I really care anyway, not really. I settled back and gave the rope a pull and threw my balance into oblivion. I screamed watch out as the chain saw came down on one side and I came down on the other. I didn't fall very far before getting snagged but good on a branch. I felt a part of it dig into my back and thought I could feel blood, but it could have been sweat, I didn't know, it hurt either way. Some how, I managed to nearly hang myself by my own shirt and one loop of what remained of my shorts. I was stuck but good and just dangling there with my puss and tits on full display.

"Oh shit! Are you alright?" they were both yelling, trying to find out how I was.

"Either one of you got a knife? I think I will have to be cut down." I asked them trying to keep some dignity, but not really having any. It wasn't that I didn't want to see me, it was that I fell from this damn tree again.

"Yeah, yeah, I have one" Spoof said as he started up the tree. "Brian, you are going to have to try and catch me when he gets me loose, think you can do that?"

"Sure thing, just let me know when your ready." he answered while moving directly below me. Damn what a view he was getting. Spoof reach me and told me my shirt was a total loss and wanted to know if he should try and salvage some of it considering we had to walk all the back to the house.

"No, just get me down, being naked is the farthest thing from my mind right now. Just do what you have to." I told him while blushing a little, I didn't mean to, my cheeks just did it. "I wish it was the farthest from my mind" he said quietly. I couldn't help but give him a little smile, which he returned a bit shyly.

"Ok, Brian, on three, I'm going to cut her loose, you be ready down there" Spoof was telling Brian while getting his knife ready. He cut the fabric of my jeans loose first, which just caused the material to fall off me and then repositioned so he could get my shirt. From our angle Brian couldn't really see my tits I don't think, but Spoof did the strangest thing before cutting me loose. He looked at me, then at Brian, then back and before he cut the fabric(he was cutting in front) he ran the tip of the knife under one of my breasts, looking at it like a surgeon. It wasn't hard enough to hurt, actually it sent chills through my body hard and fast. He refocused on my eyes and one more time he flicked my nipple with he tip. I couldn't help it, I let out a little gasp of pleasure, he smiled at that and then counted off and cut me free. True to his word, Brian caught me with relative ease and sat me down. I looked up at Spoof climbing down, wondering why he would do that and just dismissed it as curiosity.

"Shit! Your back is bleeding, we better get that cleaned up before it gets infected or something." Brian was telling me with genuine concern. I agreed and we all head back to the house. Two young guys and a naked woman parading across my back yard in the middle of the day, damn, who would of thought?

I grabbed the hose and cleaned myself off right in front of them and then held out the hose for one of them to take it and get my back. At first it looked as if there might be a brawl to see which one gets it, but Brian came through first and took it from my hand. When the water hit my back it stung and I mean bad. He gently touched my back while letting the cool water run down it. The combination instantly made my nipples hard and I started feeling warm between my legs and I don't mean because of the heat. I t felt good to have his hands on me. I was going to have to have more. Then it dawned on me, that we were still outside and that I had better move this indoors before our lovely neighbors caught us. That's when it hit me that Brian hadn't given me my keys back.

"Oh shit! Tell me you have my keys, Brian." I blurted out, startling them both. "No, I left them in the truck, why?" he asked.

I started shaking my head side to side, knowing that damn door was locked. Without saying anything I walked around to the side door and sure enough it had locked behind him. I turned to them and explained my situation. My only set of keys for the house were in the truck which was safely tucked away in a locked garage and that my hubby just left on a business trip that morning and wouldn't be back for a few days. I think all they really heard me say was that my hub was out of town because neither of them did much more than look at me like I had suddenly became a juicy steak. I stood their thinking while they moved a little closer and looked me over very well. It was my turn to not be paying attention until they were close enough that I could smell their hunger. When I looked at them I could feel sexual desire emit from them. I lost my train of thought for a moment and let them close in, but snapped back just before a hand fell on my ass. I felt the gently wind off of it as it missed my cheek. I quickly stepped from in between them and waled back around to the back, looking at all the windows. Closed up tight, damn a.c. was on of course. How the fuck was I going to get in.

"How am I getting in boys?" I asked them playfully. They both looked at me and the house. "Well, there is the attic window. It looks to be open." Brian said looking toward the roof.

Smiling at him, I walked over and kissed him on the cheek, "yes it is, I have the attic fan on to disperse the heat." Looking at the window, I asked them, "so who is going to be? Who is going to shimmy up on the roof and into the window, fumble around until you find the attic trap door and come to my rescue?" I was standing between them again and started looking from one to the other.

Brian spoke up first and before Spoof could dispute his claim, he ran to the shed to get the ladder. Spoof and I watching him until he got the window open and inside, stepped under the back patio roof to escape the sun. before I could do or say anything he pushed me against the wall and had his hand in my pussy. At first I struggled, but it felt so good, that I spread my legs a little to give him better access. He started to bite on my neck and I rubbed the bulge in his jeans. I managed to get his jeans open and started stroking his cock before I came dangerously close to cumming. I pulled his hand away and dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth and sucked in hard. He was ramming it into my face nearly gagging me with every thrust. I could taste his pre cum and wanted to suck every last drop from him. I stopped suddenly when heard Brian coming down the stairs and he nearly didn't let me off of it. He got zippered up just as Brian opened the patio door and I kissed him on the lips and called him my hero as I walked by.

I went to the ice box and pulled out some waters and handed each of them one while drinking one down myself. I tipped it up and drank until it was gone, when I lowered my head, they were both looking at me that way again, like hungry lions. I looked right back at them the same way, just waiting for one of them to come and fuck me right there. "Shouldn't we get that scratch cleaned up, before anything else?" Brian asked, breaking the intense vibe that was floating through the air. I shook my head a little and told him yes and if he wouldn't mind being the doctor, that I promised to be a good patient. He agreed and I led him into my master bath and handed him the peroxide and bandages. I laid down on the floor and told him to do his will and to be gently. We both laughed, but I was only half kidding, well, not even half.

Just then we heard a beeper go off and Spoof cursing while telling us he had to go, that his parents were home and that he had stuff to do with them. Before we could say anything, the front door shut and we were all alone. We sat there in silence for a moment and then still without saying anything, Brian cleaned and bandaged my back. When he had finished he just sat there looking at me. I turned my head to look at him, he returned the look then he resumed his gaze at my back side. I turned my head back and let him look. "You can touch me if you want, I don't mind" I told him quietly. At first he didn't do anything, I was beginning to wonder if he was going to when I felt a shaky hand start to caress my inner thigh. I just closed my eyes and let him explore me. He rose to his knees and maneuvered my legs so that he could sit between them. With each hand caressing it's own leg, slowly getting closer to my ass, I wondered if this was his first time, surely not.

"Are you a virgin, Brian? Seriously, no male macho bull shit. Tell me." I blurted out. Not being course, but in an inquisitive manner. "No, but I have only done it once and she did most of the work, so I honestly don't know what to do here." he responded without a bit of shame in his voice. "Would you like to fuck me? I sure want to be fucked." I told him as I lifted my ass into the air, bringing it to his chest and sliding it down on to his dick, which had to be hurting real bad to get out. "If you want to fuck me, please do" I said while putting my head on my arms and giving him the best view of my pussy that he was ever going to get. He rose up and pushed his jeans to his knees and put the head of his dick on my pussy lips. I reached between my legs and took it from him and guided it into my pussy, it slide right in, I was already so wet from Spoof attacking me on the porch.

I let out a moan as he slid into me. "Grab my hips and fuck me good, Brian." It didn't take asking him twice. He latched onto my hips and at first worked his dick in and out of me in long slow strides. I pushed against him trying to get him to just pound me but he just wouldn't do it. "Fuck me. damn it! I want to feel your dick in my throat!" and with that he shoved into me hard and I let out another moan, "yes!, that's it! Fuck me hard!" He squeezed me tight and let go, he started ramming fast and I could hear him pant and moan with every thrust. I got up on my hands and started to meet his thrusts groaning and screaming the entire time. When I started throwing my head back he forced his cock even deeper, which caused me to scream out.

I could feel his dick start to swell and wanted him to cum and I wanted to cum, he grabbed hold of my shoulders for leverage and sunk into even deeper than before, two thrusts, three, and then he let go of my shoulders and became a jack rabbit and was hitting me so hard and fast that I could just barely keep up. It was then I started to cum, screaming at the top of my lungs to fuck me more and he did! Wave after wave ran through my body like a freight train, then I felt it, his cum exploding from his dick and hitting me hard inside. It was burning hot and sent me into another wave of orgasms that was better than the first. He clinched up, drove into me deep, held it there, all the while stream after stream was hitting me inside, I could feel it start to leak out, damn, how much cum did this guy have?

I woke up in the same spot, covered with cum, I mean covered. I was laying on my back and hard little puddles of cum in my hair, on my tits and belly. All over my cunt, inside and out. I passed out and he jerked off and covered me some more, damn. Now he was gone and I didn't get to see him leave or anything. I haven't seen him since, it's been almost two weeks and I must say I wanted more and still want more.

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