tagGroup SexLocker Room Lust Ch. 03

Locker Room Lust Ch. 03


The rest of the men were returning from the showers after the big game, with towels wrapped round their waists just as Brock had walked back in with Winter.

"Hey guys," he grinned mischievously. "Remember my new wife?"

"The one you always say is the best piece of ass you ever had? Who could forget?" one of the guys laughed.

"How would you all like to have her do each and every one of you here?" Brock asked.

"Are you serious?" one guy called out. That had certainly got their attention!

"Well, we decided to have a little fun today and a few of you join in on it," Brock said, kissing Winter while removing her clothes.

Winter rubbed the rising bulge in his own pants, bringing groans and whistles from the other men.

"But we'll put a little show on for you first, just to warm her up," Brock said.

Stripping immediately himself, Brock bent Winter over and started fucking her with hard, deliberate strokes, slamming in and out of her so hard it was making the lockers rattle with the rhythm of their fucking.

His hands held her hips and kept her in place as he continued to ram in and out of her; the cries of her own orgasm mixed with the mounting groans of his orgasm.

Brock began to cum into Winter's cunt and banged into her harder with each successive thrust until he was completely drained of his spunk into her.

"So what do you think, boys?" Brock asked as he pulled out. "She's some good pussy and does other hot things too. You all still want some of this?"

Winter then looked around the room and could see each man now stroking their own cocks before two men her husband beckoned came over, each positioning himself on both ends of her.

She then had one cock in her mouth and another one shoved in her pussy as Brock watched Winter get fucked on both ends by two of his teammates.

She was going to cum at any minute and had gotten close when she felt a hard stream of cum explode inside her pussy.

One the first man had pulled out of her, she let go of the cock in her mouth, got up and mounted on the second man, guided the bulging head inside her, the large girth stretching open as it pushed deep into her pussy.

As she slid up and down on the man beneath her, Winter began stroking a third cock and greedily took it into her mouth and sucked him deeply.

The cock in her mouth was hardened beyond belief; arousing Winter into tiny groans as she continued to fuck the man lying on the bench while sucking this guy off.

It wasn't long before the guy blasted his own load down Winter's throat before the other began spurting jets of cum into her pussy, each draining them of every ounce until they were completely satisfied.

It hadn't even been half an hour yet, and she'd already had four men.

Three more men now came over, one had Winter straddle the man that had laid down on the bench where the previous guy had been.

Hands upon her thighs, she sunk down on his cock and moaned as he slipped inside her, the impressive size of his cock turned her on.

No sooner had Winter adjusted to his cock and began bouncing up and down as Brock reached down and kissed her deeply, exploring her mouth with his tongue.

The groans of the man she had been fucking were driving her wild before she felt the shock of the second man trying to enter her ass.

The pressure of that cock going into her ass was almost too much to bear; it was all Winter could do not to cum as he entered her asshole.

She now had two cocks stuffed in both her cunt and ass and as all three of them fucked in rhythm, she had taken Brock's own hard on into her mouth and began jerking a fourth man off at the same time.

Brock continued to fuck his wife's mouth in long even strokes as the man beside him groaned him pleasure from her hand job and the two cocks inside Winter rammed in and out.

The man underneath her was restraining his own orgasm, holding off as the other began to flood her ass with hot jets of his own semen, before letting loose and filling her pussy.

Brock had followed shortly after with shudders within his cock as his own torrent of cum into Winter's throat, followed by the man she was giving a hand job shooting off a large load of jizz onto her breasts.

Three more men and Brock satisfied, Winter thought with a smile. And she was ready for more.

"Who's next?" she teased.

Two more men now took her to another bench, laying Winter on her back and the first slipped his cock inside her cunt.

The second man began stroking his hard dick before Winter pulled it over and wrapped her lips around it.

She was completely out of control and loving every second of being used sexually by Brock's teammates.

Her own orgasm was building as the cock that was fucking her wildly slammed hard in successive deepening thrusts as he shot off inside her...his groans matching each thrust until he was completely empty inside her.

Her mouth vibrated around the swollen head of the first man's cock in it from her muffled moans.

She felt him swell in her throat and prepared to get a mouthful of his hot seed, but instead, he had pulled his cock from out of Winter's mouth and blasted his own spunk onto her face and tits.

Winter finished cleaning his cock with her tongue once the last drop of cum hit her, before rubbing the cum into her tits and gently wiped her face with a towel; she was ready for yet more cock.

No man was going to leave here until she had all of them.

Another man had come over and shoved her onto her back again, stuffing his own big cock back into Winter's now well-fucked pussy.

He fucked her hard, thrusting in then all the way out until he was barely inside the lips of her cunt, then slamming down hard, grunting with each thrust until she felt him burst inside her.

Winter had now fucked at least ten guys. And she still wasn't done.

Three more guys shoved their cocks at her; Winter taking them on with her mouth, ass and pussy at the same time.

These guys were all ready to burst, and it didn't take long for each of them to cum in succession in each of her holes.

Once she'd finished with them, three more men had come over and Winter had taken them on in the same matter as the previous three horny studs.

Then another man had mounted Winter and began fucking her before she saw Brock come over and join them.

But he didn't want her to suck his cock this time while another man was having sex with her; instead, he had shoved his own hard on to the other guy's asshole!

Seeming unaffected, the first man continued to fuck Winter while Brock's dick pumped in and out of his ass.

The three of them fucked in unison until Brock had let out a groan, shooting his wad into the man's ass and sparking both the guy's and Winter's own orgasms as they all came together.

"What's that, baby?" he asked with a wicked grin. "You liked seeing me do another guy while he fucked you?"

Winter could only smile back and moan in response. It had turned her on!

The final two men had then come up to her, wagging their cocks in her face.

Winter straddled the first man, lowering herself onto his throbbing prick, while the second buried his dick in her ass.

The first sucked and rubbed Winter's tits as she fucked him, while the second man slammed in and out of her ass.

They continued that way for awhile, with Winter seeing her husband stroking off at the scene unfolding before him until she felt the orgasm of the man underneath her build up.

Both men had then pulled out their cocks suddenly and told Winter to stay on her back.

Along with Brock, they began spraying endless streams of cum onto every part of her body, Winter enjoying every minute.

By this time, she realized Brock had had her fuck and suck her way through practically the entire locker room.

Realizing they were now finished with her, Brock pulled his wife up, taking her back to the shower to clean herself up before they finally dressed and left, Winter very satisfied and happy.

She'd never had so many men before in one day, and Winter found that she loved it.

Winter couldn't wait to get her husband home and really give him the fuck of his life for showing her such a great time!

She wondered if and when he'd let her do that again....

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