tagGay MaleLocker Room Workout Ch. 3

Locker Room Workout Ch. 3


One evening during the late summer I was checking my personal e-mail when I opened a note from my friend Jon, a workout buddy and fellow worker in the technology sales and service industry.

Jon began by saying that about the only time we had seen each other since last spring was when one of us was arriving and checking into a hotel as the other was checking out and departing. He said he was on vacation and he was enjoying staying at home.

The note continued with Jon asking if I would like to come spend a weekend with him. He had a friend whom he thought I would enjoy meeting and he had something to ask me and he had something that he thought I would enjoy seeing.

I replied that I would enjoy a quiet weekend. I told Jon that I had been so busy with work and family – visits to and from my sister, Ellen, and her husband and visits and spring break with her kids, my niece and nephew – that I hadn’t had time for much else. I didn’t tell him about the visit Anne and I made to the southwest where D and Ken introduced Anne to their relaxed and intimate lifestyle.

Jon replied by suggesting a couple of weekends. I told him that I couldn’t make it this coming weekend, but the following weekend would work. Jon said that was great and could I arrive on Friday afternoon?

I told him I could. I thought it odd when he wanted to know the license number of my car and about what time I planned to arrive. I gave him the information and he e-mailed me a map of how to get to his home.

The weekend and the following week passed fairly quickly. On Friday afternoon, I was following Jon’s map as I drove through a nice neighborhood of single-family homes. I was rather surprised when I arrived at a gate and gatehouse with a gatekeeper. The attendant checked my license number against a list then wished me a good day.

I followed a winding road that climbed a hill. Jon’s house was near the crest of the hill. I pulled into a wide driveway. I got out of the car, walked to the front door and rang the bell. I waited a couple of minutes before Jon answered.

“Sorry, Brad, I was in the sunroom.” Jon pressed a button. “Pull your car into the garage. I’ll meet you there and help you carry your luggage.”

I walked back to my car and drove it into the garage. The overhead door closed just as Jon walked into the garage. We got my small suitcase and laptop out of the trunk. I followed Jon into the house and through it to a large bedroom that was flooded with light from skylights. “Why don’t you change and then I’ll give you a tour.”

I looked at Jon. He was barefoot and he was wearing a tight skimpy European swimsuit and a cutoff t-shirt. His arms, legs, and stomach and back were tanned. “I take it, dress is casual?”

“As casual as you like. I’ll be in the den.” Jon turned and left the room.

I unpacked some of my stuff and changed into a light pair of running shorts and a t-shirt. I decided not to wear any sandals. I walked through the house until I found Jon. The den would be called a Great Room in any other house. It was heavily masculine in décor, but it opened into an attached sunroom that was filled with all kinds of plants – ferns, orchids, ivy, philodendrons and even a couple of palm trees - that surrounded a large hot tub. It was more verdant than D and Ken’s.

Jon stood in the doorway between the rooms. He laughed and pointed back into the den. “This is my masculine side and,” pointing into the sunroom, “this is my feminine side.” He led the way through the sunroom and out onto a paved patio.

The patio opened on to a sunny patch of lawn. The whole yard was surrounded by a tall thick but well trimmed hedge. Jon pointed up to a balcony. “From there you can look west over the city. The city lights are beautiful. But down here, you wouldn’t know there is a city out there or even neighbors on each side.”

I noticed the patio and balcony were flanked with two trees. This is great, Jon. I can’t picture you as a proud homeowner though.”

“Well, Brad, I’ve always been single and I couldn’t see saving money just to save it so I’ve invested it in my home. Don’t get me wrong, I do save money and like to treat myself to the best, but this is an investment that will pay off when I need money the most. Let’s go inside and I’ll show you the rest of the place.”

A tour of the house almost overwhelmed me. In addition to all of the usual rooms, there was a gourmet kitchen, a well-equipped exercise room and a home theater with a sound system that was better than that in some movie houses.

“I guess you’re the king of your own castle, huh, Jon?”

“Yes, I am. Let’s go back to the patio. We’ve got time for a drink before dinner.”

I followed him back through the house. Jon had a built-in grill and refrigerator similar to mine. He opened the refrigerator. “How does a Belgian beer sound?”

“Sounds great!”

He handed me a slightly chilled beer and then walked across the patio and pulled two Adirondack chairs from the shade into the sun. We sat quietly and sipped the beer. It was warm in the sun. I pulled my t-shirt over my head. Jon looked at me, “You’ve been working your upper body.”

“Yes. I decided to supplement the running with weight training.”

“You look good. Especially with your tan.” Jon got up and retrieved two more brews. He handed me one then pulled his cropped shirt off before he sat down. Jon was also tan and he looked leaner and even more slim that usual.

“Are you on a diet? You look slimmer.”

“No, I’m taking yoga and, with all my other exercise, I find it helps with toning and flexibility. I think it makes me look slimmer.”

The beer was so smooth that you didn’t remember drinking it. I looked at my nearly empty bottle. “Do we have time for another?”

“Yes, but be careful. This is about thirteen percent and it sneaks up on you.”

“O.K. I guess I’ll forgo a third.” I stood up and picked up the empty bottles.

As I walked by Jon he ran his hand up my leg under my shorts and brushed my cock and balls with his fingers. “Yes, don’t get tipsy. It’s time for dinner. Let’s go inside.”

I followed Jon into the kitchen. He turned on the lights and I noticed a set table in a little nook. Jon opened a big commercial cooler and removed a large film wrapped tray. “I hope lobster salad and bread are o.k.”

“Sounds good to me. Where’s the bread? I’ll slice it.”

“It’s in there.” Jon indicated a cabinet. I got the bread out. “Let’s just break off chunks and we can eat off the tray. Please sit down.”

I sat as Jon opened a bottle of wine. We took our time eating and sipping wine. “This is good, Jon.”

“Yes, it is, isn’t it?” Jon laughed, “I thought about shucked oysters, but I thought that would be too obvious.”

We finished dinner and the wine. While cleaning up and putting the few dishes in the dishwasher, I put my arms around Jon. I rubbed his stomach and kissed him on the neck. He turned inside my arms. “Let’s go upstairs.”

Jon put his arm around my waist. He turned out lights as we walked through the house. Jon led me to the master bedroom. There was a glass wall which opened on to the balcony overlooking the city and its lights.

Jon picked up a remote and pressed a button. The wall silently slid open. We stepped out onto the balcony and stood with our arms around each other’s waist, and looked at the lights.

“That’s nice, Jon.”

“Yes, but I know something nicer.” Jon pulled my running shorts down as he kneeled down. I stepped out of them and placed my feet a little bit apart. He held my soft cock between two fingers as he licked then kissed my cockhead.

Jon sucked me into his warm mouth. I placed my hands on his head as he manipulated my cock with his lips and tongue. It didn’t take much, at that time, to get me hard and keep me hard. The fact that I was standing outside on a balcony in the middle of a major city and getting blown by my boyfriend added to the turn-on.

Jon stopped sucking me off and stood up. He squeezed my cock, “Hold that thought,” the he went back into the bedroom. He stopped by a bedside stand where he peeled off his swimsuit, opened a drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube. I watched as he put a foot up on the bed and guided the bottle nozzle to his ass. After he lubed himself, he walked out onto the balcony.

He leaned over the railing, “Have you noticed the view, Brad?”

In addition to the carpet of city lights, which spread from below us to the horizon, the closer view held my attention. Jon reached back with his hands and spread his ass cheeks. Against his tanned skin, the mark of his swimsuit was a white stripe across his butt.

His tanned legs framed his pale ball sac which dangled invitingly between his thighs. His tight pucker was shiny from the lube. “That’s a great view, Jon. I can’t wait to get closer.”

Jon spread his arms out on the railing, “Yes, please come closer, Brad.”

I thought about reaching between his legs and holding his cock while I kissed and licked his balls, but I moved in behind him and pressed my cockhead against his pucker. I watched as my hard cock opened Jon’s asshole. Jon sighed as I pushed myself into his warm slick ass chute.

“Oh, you don’t know how long I wanted this, Brad. I’ve missed having your fat cock in my mouth and ass. I’ve missed you, Lover.”

I was deep in his ass. I reached around under Jon and wrapped my hand around his long slim hard cock. “I’ve missed you too.” And the funny thing was, I had missed being with Jon.

Jon sighed again as I pulled my cock back and began to fuck him with long slow deep strokes. We didn’t do anything fancy, no grinding or churning, just gentle deep fucking.

My cock was deep in Jon’s ass when I stood still and rubbed Jon’s back and shoulders. I was conscious of a light breeze blowing through the canopy of the two trees which flanked the balcony and the patio below.

I leaned forward and kissed Jon on the neck. “If it wasn’t for the lights out there, I’d think we were all alone on a jungle island. We’re in a tree house and my boyfriend and I are making love.”

“I like that. This is almost like being in a tree house. And making love is so much more romantic that fucking.”

I put my arms around Jon’s chest and pulled him upright to a standing position. Jon groaned as my cock was buried deeper in his warm ass. I slipped my hand down and wrapped it around his erection. I began to jack him off, “Well, boyfriend, I’m going to fuck you until one of us cums.”

He put his hand on mine and stopped me from jacking him. “Don’t you cum and don’t make me cum. I want us to cum together later.”

I let Jon down. He leaned over the railing again. I pulled my cock back really slowly. As my cockhead dropped out of his rectum, Jon moaned, “I hate to feel you leave. You felt so nice inside me.” Then he stood and gave me a probing French kiss. “Let’s go inside and get you cleaned up so we can do other things.”

We took a quick shower together in the master bath. Jon lathered and washed my cock and balls. Hs ministrations kept me hard. Together we washed ourselves thoroughly. After rinsing and toweling each other dry, Jon led me to the bedroom with the skylights.

He closed the blinds and drapes and turned the bed down. Then he jumped on the bed. He was like a kid. “Let’s 69!” He lay on his side and I lay down facing him. He immediately closed his lips around my semi-flaccid cock.

Without breaking Jon’s oral connection between us, I rolled him onto his back and got up on my hands and knees over him. He put his hands on my hips and pushed my cock deep into his mouth.

I licked the under belly of his hard cock up and down and sucked and nuzzled his smoothly shaven balls for some minutes before I settled into some serious cocksucking of my own.

I was doing a slow figure eight suck when Jon pushed two fingers into my ass. Between his tongue and lips, the addition of the fingers was all the stimulation I needed. I stopped sucking for a moment to enjoy the feeling of my cum beginning to boil out of my balls.

Jon sealed his lips around my cock shaft and began a hard suck. I fondled his balls in one hand as I resumed sucking Jon’s long slim cock. As he gulped and swallowed the cum which pulsed out of my cock and into his mouth, I felt Jon’s ball sac begin to tighten.

I gently squeezed his balls and wrapped my lips around his cockhead. A sweet wad of cum shot into my mouth. I swallowed it and waited for the next. Jon’s cock began to twitch. With each twitch I received a warm sweet treat to savor and swallow.

We eventually rolled back onto our sides and slowly sucked each other dry. We hugged and shared a French kiss which mixed the remnants our cum together. Jon kissed me on the nose. “I love cumming together.”

“So do I.” I was rubbing his cock.

Jon looked down at his hardening cock. “We’d better get some sleep.” I lay on my side. Jon lay behind me. He pulled the sheets up, then he pushed his hard cock between my thighs. I fell asleep with Jon’s cock prodding my balls and with his arms around me and my cock in his hand. A most pleasant way to sleep and dream.

When I awoke in the morning, the room was flooded with sunlight from the skylights. Jon was under the sheets. He was gently sucking my cockhead. I pushed the sheets back and spread my legs.

He looked up, “Good morning, Lover.” Then he moved between my legs and resumed sucking me. I lay back and enjoyed a gentle early morning blowjob. He was licking up and down my cock when he began to giggle.

“What’s so funny?”

“Your cock and balls are all different shades of tan.”

“Well, when you are sunbathing nude, you can’t maintain an erection all the time to guarantee an even tan. So depending on what you are doing while being nude in the sun and depending on how everything is hanging determines what gets tanned and how tan it gets.”

Jon laughed, “It looks like desert camouflage.”

I laughed in turn, “All the better for sneaking up on and hiding it in mouths, cunts and asses.

Jon gripped my cock shaft. His laughter was muffled as he pushed his lips down my shaft and resumed giving me a wake up blowjob. He tried every little trick he knew, but I didn’t cum. “I was hoping for some cream for my coffee.”

I pulled Jon up beside me and we hugged and cuddled for a short time before getting up. Neither one of us got dressed. Jon busied himself in the kitchen while I went through the sunroom and across the patio to the lawn. The lawn was in the shade and it was cool, but it felt good being outdoors and being nude in the heart of the city. The soft breeze felt especially good as it flowed across my skin.

Jon came out to join me. “Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes.” We stood face-to-face for a couple of minutes and just enjoyed being close to each other. I heard a buzzer go off. “There’s breakfast. Let’s eat on the patio.”

I followed Jon to the kitchen. He had already set up the patio table. “If you’ll pour the coffee, I’ll get the rest.”

I poured the coffee and sat down. Jon returned with a tray carrying two skillets and a plate of croissants. “Dig in, Lover. I want to keep your strength up.”

“Oh, really? Are you planning on doing nasty and nefarious deeds with my body?”

“Oh, just some pleasantly nasty deeds.”

“Sounds intriguing.” We ate in silence. Jon had fixed a skillet of fried potatoes, diced onions, scrambled eggs, and Canadian Bacon that was excellent. “You keep feeding me like this and I’ll spend all of my time eating and I won’t have time for your nasty deeds.”

We cleaned up the dishes and the kitchen and just lazed around until almost noon. “We’d better put on something decent. Paul will be here soon.”

I followed Jon into the house. “Who’s Paul?”

“He’s the man whom I want you to meet.” Jon slipped on another different colored tight skimpy European swimsuit. “You’d better get decent.”

“If you call that decent, I rather stay the way I am.”

“Put on you running shorts. I find your schlong distracting. And attractive.”

I went to my room and pulled on my lightweight running shorts. Just as I stepped back into the hall, I heard the doorbell ring. I heard Jon greet someone as I walked towards the front door. I met Jon and the newcomer in the living room.

“Paul, I’d like you to meet Brad who is a special friend. And Brad, I’d like you to meet Paul.”

Paul extended his hand. I took it and shook hands with a stocky, barrel chested man, who looked to be in his early or mid-sixties and who had a firm grip, a shock of iron gray hair and an engaging smile. “Hello, Brad, I’m always glad to meet a friend of Jon’s.” Before I could reply, Paul looked at Jon. “Get out some of your good Belgian beer. I’ll meet you in the sunroom after I change. I’m obviously overdressed.”

“Yes, Sir,” Jon grinned, “Right this way, Sir.” Jon directed Paul towards the bedroom wing. I noticed the Paul had his hand on Jon’s back as they walked down the hall.

I went out to check on the quantity and location of the supply of Belgian beer. The refrigerator on the patio was o.k., but there was none in the sunroom. I went back to the kitchen and checked the coolers. I found the supply and I found a cooler chest.

Jon came into the kitchen as I finished filling the cooler chest. “Good man, Brad. You’ll really like Paul. He appreciates everything one does for him and he is easy to work with.”

I thought about that as we carried the cooler chest into the sunroom. Just as we set the chest down, Paul entered the room. “Gawd, it feels good to get out of the suits and the oh-so-right sports clothes.” I looked at Paul. He was wearing a European swimsuit that was even tighter and skimpier that the one Jon was wearing.

Maybe it just looked tighter and skimpier than Jon’s because it appeared the pouch was filled to near overflowing with an excellent example of ample manhood.

Jon opened the chest and handed each of us a beer. Paul slipped into the hot tub before he opened his bottle. “Jon, you don’t know how much I’ve looked forward to this. A brief break from the grind is much appreciated.” He raised his bottle in a toast. “Good deeds are rewarded”

Jon and I raised our beers in toast then slipped into the tub. We nursed the fine beer and talked about things in general. It seems Paul was very high up in a high tech oriented company and, as he put it, “Jon’s personal attention to detail and service and especially his personal attention to customer satisfaction” had resulted in considerable business to the company Jon worked for and in considerable commissions for Jon.

We slowly sipped our way through a couple of the strong beers when Paul looked at Jon and asked, “Are you up for giving me a massage?”

“Sure. You enjoy your warm soak for a few minutes more and I’ll get the massage oil and table ready.”

Jon got out of the hot tub and walked towards the house. I noticed he stopped long enough to remove his swimsuit. Paul leaned back and finished his beer, “Jon’s attention to customer satisfaction has brought a lot of our business to his company.”

“Jon’s smart that way and he is good at his job and what he does.”

“He’s probably waiting for me.” Paul stood and peeled his suit off. I was correct. His suit did a fair job of concealing a very nice thick cock that, I suspected, would be very impressive indeed when fully erect.

After opening another brew, I settled back into the warm water. I nursed the beer as I moved around within the hot tub and massaged various parts of my body in the jets. When the drink was finished I got out of the tub, took a third bottle and went looking for Jon and Paul.

I found them in the exercise room. Paul was lying on his stomach on a waist high massage table. Jon was kneading his shoulders and upper back. Jon was working so hard that he had broken a sweat. I watched for a few minutes then walked around to the other side of the table. “Would you like a second set of hands?”

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