tagInterracial LoveLogan and Lauren Ch. 06

Logan and Lauren Ch. 06


He pulled me between couples, around friends, and through countless amounts of doors. This wasn't good... he's never been this angry with me before and my heart was pounding. I tried to pry myself from his grip but he only tightened it, causing pain. I was actually lost, I tried to think back to remember which hallways he took and which doors he pulled me through. Fear gripped my lungs as he pulled me into a dark room that smelled moist.

"Where the fuck were you, Lauren?" he growled, pulling me close to him.

"Logan, you're hurting me!" I whimpered as I looked into his cold, hard eyes. They didn't soften and neither did his grip.

"Answer me!" he bellowed, releasing the grip on my wrist to grab my shoulders and shake me.

"I-I went to the doctor," I stammered, still fearful of what was to become of me.

"Fucking liar!" he shouted, releasing me and turning his back to me, "You stuttered, you're lying to me."

"I'm not lying, Logan. I just turned the doctor's note in to the office a little while ago," I said softly, walking over to him.

"Isn't that fucking convenient," he spat, looking at me with a look that broke my heart... disgust.

I put my hand on his shoulder and he tensed up against my touch, never relaxing. 'Why is he so angry with me?' I thought I tried to look at him...he avoided my eyes. I swallowed my pride and released the words that had been bouncing around in my head and heart for awhile, now:

"I love you, Logan," I whispered, feeling my heart throb in my throat. I tensed my own body, waiting for the rejection and the pain. His shoulders finally relaxed and he turned to look at me.

"You don't mean that," he said, shaking his head slowly. He ran his finger along my cheek and I looked into his beautiful, green eyes.

"Yes, I do," I said, standing on my tip-toes to kiss his lips. He turned his head turning it into a kiss on the cheek.

"Maybe we shouldn't see each other anymore," he said, avoiding my eyes. There it was: the rejection that I knew would come all along... I felt my heart break in a million pieces. I knew better! I knew better than to get wrapped up in this!

I turned my back to him and ran away. I heard him calling my name behind me, but I didn't care... I ran through the back hallways as fast as I could...my world was reeling and I was hurting so bad I felt as if I could be in physical pain.

I loved him and I knew it was wrong. He turned out to be everything that I knew he was. The hot tears fell down my cheeks as I heard the bell ring... classes had started, thank God, so there shouldn't be anyone in the hallways. I ran to my locker and got my purse and keys and lo and behold, Vanessa Hodges was standing in the middle of the hallway with her two goons.

"Aww, what's the matter, Sweetheart? Did Logan finally put you in your rightful place?" she said in a mock baby voice. I wanted to rip her fucking tongue out of that cock-sucking mouth of her's but I was in no emotional state for her or those two dimwitted bitches that followed her like sick puppies. Instead, I turned on my heels and ran to my car.

I hated him... I gave him everything and he still fucked me over. It was all my fault. I drove home with tears streaming down my face. When I got home, I sent my mom a quick text letting her know that I came home because I wasn't feeling well and I stripped off my clothes and laid in my bed. To my dismay, my pillows and my blanket still harbored Logan's scent. Instead of relaxing me like it usually does, it broke my heart even more, making me let out sobs that made it hard to breathe. Before I knew it, I was asleep.


I was awakened by knocking on my door. "Ren! Are you feeling any better, Honey?" my mom asked me softly.

"No," I said truthfully, my voice was so hoarse that it caught me off guard. My head hurt, my eyes were so puffy that they were almost swollen shut, I couldn't breathe out of my nose, and my throat hurt something fierce.

"You definitely don't sound good...is there anything I can get for you?" she asked, concerned.

"No, Mom... I'm okay," I said, closing my eyes. I didn't want to deal with anyone right now... I hated absolutely everything and I just wanted sleep.


My alarm went off on my bedside table. "Ren, it's time to get up!" Mom yelled through the door, as usual.

"I'm not going to school today, Mom," I said, throwing on a shirt and some shorts and jumping back in bed.

She opened my door and came inside. "Still not feeling well, Sweetheart?" she asked sitting on the edge of my bed. I shook my head and she put a hand on my forehead. "You feel a little warm and a little sweaty... stay home, Honey, and call me if you need me," she said softly, leaning down to kiss my forehead. She got up to leave but I stopped her.

I pulled some papers out of my bag and handed them to her. "Can you give these to Dad? These are all of my assignments for the next two days... I don't think I want to go back to school until Monday," I said, hopefully.

She looked at me questioningly and nodded. "Get some rest, Baby, and take care of yourself," she said as she walked out and closed the door behind her.

When the house became silent, I got out of bed and took a shower. I scrubbed my body to wash every memory of Logan from my skin. Thoroughly brushing my teeth, afterwards... I threw my bedding into the washer and washed it twice. I went downstairs to make me something to eat, I liked having the house to myself, but I really missed my brother, Dillon. He was my best friend. I decided to pick up the cell and give him a call.

"Hey, Sis...what's up?" he asked happily when he answered.

"Nothing much, Dillon... life sucks," I said glumly into the phone.

"Oh, Lord... tell me who I have to kill," he said with a sigh.

I told him everything about the last week, excluding the sex but he wasn't stupid.

"Wait, wait, wait... you and Chadwick? What the hell were you thinking, Lauren? I told you about his ass!" he said, chewing me out... I so did not need that at the moment.

"I know, Dillon, I know! I just can't stop thinking about him... what do I do?" I said weakly.

"Well, the big brother in me tells me to go down to Crystal Bend and beat the living shit out of him, that would solve your problem really fast...but you've already told me that you didn't want me to do that. So, I would say to wait him out and keep your head up, you're a really good girl and he'll realize that sooner or later," he said into the phone. I felt better instantly... I had the best big brother ever!

"Thanks, Dillon, I feel better already," I said truthfully, "I think I might even go back to school tomorrow."

"That a girl! I have a class that starts in about 15 minutes, so I gotta go... Be good, Ren, and stay away from the damn white boys for God's sake!" he said with a laugh.

We said our goodbyes and I ended the call. I got dressed, did my hair, and hopped in my car. Soon, I was pulling up at the mall that was a county over. I walked inside and went to some of the stores I saw snooty bitches shop in. I walked into a store and was approached by a bleached blond with huge tits. I looked at what she wore: a low-cut, thin half-sleeve shirt with skinny jeans and gladiator sandals. That was my girl.

"Hello! Can I help you find something special?" she asked in a very chipper voice.

"I need a wardrobe makeover," I said simply as I shrugged my shoulders. The blonde, who introduced herself as Kaci, gestured for me to follow her. She showed me some of the hippest and borderline sexy clothes that I had ever seen!

I tried on a sexy, black v-neck tank top with lace along the bottom and a short jean skirt and dainty sandals. I looked at myself in the mirror and was utterly shocked.

"How does it fit?" Kaci asked through the fitting room door.

"Um... it fits okay, I guess," I said shyly.

"Well, come out and let me see!" she said excitedly.

"I can't... I feel weird," I said truthfully, looking down on my bare thighs.

"Come on... don't be shy," Kaci coaxed. Eventually, I popped my head out and opened the door.

Her eyes grew wide as she looked me over... Finally, she opened her mouth to speak. "Don't take this the wrong way, Girl, but you look hot!" she shrieked, pushing more clothes at me.

Luckily for me, I still had almost $300 of Logan's money and when I walked out of the mall, I felt ten feet tall...he was going to regret what he did to me, that was a promise.


I woke up the morning excited as all hell. I could hardly wait to show up to school wearing my new attire. My alarm went off and my mom didn't even bother yelling through my door. I had my outfit picked out the night before: a black tee shirt with the silver, shimmery word 'Single' across the chest, the notorious short, jean skirt, some black leggings, and silver, strappy sandals.

I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. After drying my face, I looked at my reflection in the mirror and spoke words of comfort: "Alright, Lauren, this is it... today's going to be a really good day."

"I'm glad you're feeling better, Ren... I thought you weren't going to school today," Mom said happily, obviously overhearing my peptalk.

"Yeah, Mom, I um, feel better after the day and a half off," I said as I walked to my room to get dressed.

After I put my clothes on, I checked myself out in the mirror behind my door. I looked and felt amazing! I sprayed on my Victoria's Secret perfume and went to the bathroom to add my finishing touches. I flat-ironed my hair, put on my foundation, followed by some smoky eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and a simple, clear lip gloss. I put on the silver earrings and bangles that I bought yesterday and I was ready to go.

When I went downstairs, James was sitting at the table... when he looked up, his jaw dropped. "Where the hell do you think you're going looking like that, Young Lady?" he asked, sipping his coffee.

"To school," I replied, picking up a piece of bacon and a piece of toast.

"Oh, no, you're not! No daughter of mine is going to school looking like some hussy," he grumbled, taking a bite of his breakfast.

"I don't look like a hussy, Dad! Everything I'm wearing is within the dress code, I can assure you," I said smoothly.

"Lauren, I don't feel comfortable with you going to school dressed like that," he said as if that dismissed the subject.

"Mom!" I shouted.


I pulled into the school parking lot and parked my car close to the school. I grabbed my new school bag and threw it over my shoulder and got out of my car. The spat with James lasted awhile and the first bell had already rang, meaning I only had five minutes to get to my first class.

I walked into the building, only to be met by a slew of staring faces. I walked to my locker, watching the sea of stunned students split as I walked through. I heard a few guys whistle at me and whispers about 'Lauren being so hot'. I felt fucking amazing, I didn't need Logan anymore even though popularity was no longer my aim. Then I saw him: Logan in all his masculine glory walking with his head thrown back in confidence, talking and laughing with Chance, wearing the same, cocky smile I had forgotten how much I fucking hated. His eyes almost popped out of his skull when he saw me... the last time he saw me, I was running away from him, crying after confessing my love to him. Fuck him.

I grabbed my books out of my locker and turned my back on him to walk to class. I felt his green eyes burning holes in my back as I carefully switched my ass as I walked to class. Class went by in a blur, I took notes, even though I already did the assignment. Before I knew it, the bell was ringing.

I walked to my locker once again to get my books for my next class. This time, the initial shock of my new appearance wore off and the guys were a lot more direct in their attempts to get my attention. I got shouts of everything from "Hey, Sexy!" to the more blatant: "Wanna hook up?" but I ignored every word as if I couldn't hear it. Vanessa and her Pets walked up to me and scoffed. "Still not impressed," she said rolling her eyes.

"That's okay," I said with a fake smile, "your boyfriend is." I was referring to Landon Bailey, the guy she'd been with for a few months that had been, very conspicuously I might add, eye-fucking me since I walked through the door.

"Whatever," she said, rolling her eyes again before she walked away.

Just as soon as she walked away, a figure darkened my view of my locker. I looked up to see who it was... it was Logan. Seeing him this close to me wrenched my heart and I wanted nothing more than to punch him right in the fucking eye, but damn if he wasn't leaning against my locker, exposing about an inch of his bare hip, almost making my mouth water uncontrollably.

"What do you want, Logan?" I said as I slammed my locker shut, "Walk and talk."

I took off walking, taking deliberate, quick strides just to make him follow. He did. "I just wanted to tell you that I passed my English test, yesterday," he said proudly, like he expected everything to go back to the way it was before he broke my heart.

"Congratu-fuckin-lations, want a cookie?" I said, rolling my eyes as Vanessa had earlier. He stood there dumbfounded, totally not used to me being a complete bitch, but I didn't care. Fuck him.

I walked into my next class and it went by just as the one before it: me sitting in the front row (as always) and taking notes even though my assignment was already complete. Before long, the bell was ringing for third hour.

I walked confidently to my locker to get my book for my next class and again, a figure darkened my view of my locker. I was ready to turn around and give Logan an earful before I heard the voice that began to speak: "That's false advertising, you know?" the low, sexy voice behind me. I turned around to see no other than the second (if not first) sexiest white guy at Crystal Bend High: Tristan Wilson, the starting center for the basketball team. His icy, blue eyes looking down at me from his 6'5 peak, his blond hair wonderfully messy... he was gorgeous! Logan totally ruined any black guy's chances with me, that's for damn sure. It took a minute for me realize that I was staring and that his comment went without a response.

Quickly, I snapped out of it: "W-what's false advertising?" I stammered.

He said nothing, just pointed at the word 'Single' on my shirt. "Oh, no... that's not false advertising. I am single," I said casually.

He studied my face and raised an eyebrow. "Oh really? So you aren't with Chadwick anymore?" he asked.

I shook my head furiously. "No, no... definitely not!" I said looking up at him.

"That bad, huh? He's such a dick," Tristan said running a hand through his shaggy hair. I nodded in agreement. "Well, Lauren, I came over here to see if you wanted to hang out sometime... only if you're not too busy."

I smiled and him and nodded. "I would love to!" I said jotting down my cell number on a post it note and handed it to him.

He took it and turned to walk away... "I'll see you around, Lauren!" he called behind him.

"I'll see you around, Tristan," I called back, leaning against my locker, holding my book over my chest, and blushing.

As I began to walk to my next class, I turned and saw Logan about 10 feet away... he had to have heard everything. His face was red with anger and he looked at me as if he wanted to hurt me... or Tristan. Oh well, he should have thought about whatever the hell he was thinking about when shitted on my emotions two days ago. Fuck him.

Third hour went by in a blur as well. Soon, the bell rang for lunch. I walked down the hallway, head and shoulders thrown back in confidence and lightly switching my hips. I walked through the line, got my tray, and took a seat at an empty table. I ate my lunch in alone and in silence, though I was approached several times during my meal by guys asking me if I wanted company. Every time, I respectfully declined, that is, until Tristan approached me.

"Why are you sitting here all alone?" he asked with a sexy smirk.

"Because you haven't offered to keep me company, yet," I replied, sharing the same smirk.

Without another word, he sat opposite me at the table. "So, how's your day going so far," he asked with a smile.

"Fine, just for some reason, everyone is acting weird around me," I said casually.

"Well, if you didn't come to school looking like every male students' wet dream, they wouldn't," he said with a low, sexy chuckle.

I laughed, touching his forearm, allowing my fingers to linger a little longer than necessary.

Behind Tristan, three tables away, I watched as Logan attempted to inconspicuously survey our interactions. I could almost swear that I saw the veins in his neck pop out as my fingertips gently hovered on Tristan's arm. Before long, I saw Chance wave his hand in front of Logan's face out of my peripherals. I heard him say: "Dude, Logan, if it bothers you that much, stop being a fucking pussy and go over there and say something." Logan shook his head furiously and replied, "I'm not even thinking about that slut." They rose from their seats and put away their trays, the 'Chadwick' and 'Harmon' of their letterman's jackets disappearing through the double doors of the cafeteria.

It made me feel really shitty hearing Logan call me a slut, especially because he was the one who took my virginity after I went eighteen years with it intact and if it weren't for him we would still be together. I quickly shook it off and continued the awesome conversation with the awesome guy in front of me. Soon, the bell rang for fourth hour. Tristan gathered both of our trays and put them away. He also offered to take my bag and books as he walked me to my locker. I told him that I was fine, but he insisted... I think it was so that he could walk me to class, as well.

I sat in the front row of Mrs. Oricelli's Trig class, as usual and mid-lecture I got a text message.

Unknown: Whatcha doin, Pretty Girl?

Me: Who is this?

Unknown: Ur nxt boyfriend...

Me: What?

Unknown: U heard me :P

Me: Listen, I'm in the middle of class, I don't have time for this.

Unknown: Calm down! Its me, Tristan.

Me: Oh! So you're my next boyfriend, huh?

Tristan: If u want me 2 b.

"....Lauren?" Mrs. Oricelli said abruptly. I looked at the board and saw a formula with a blank next to it.

"The Pythagorean Theorem and it is used for determining the sides and angles of a right triangle," I said with a smile.

"Right again," she said, "Although I see you're paying attention, please refrain from texting during class."

"Yes, Mrs. Oricelli," I said, putting my head down as the class let out a roar of 'oooohs'.

After a few minutes of constant vibrations in my pocket, I think Tristan finally got the message because it stopped. When the bell rang, I saw that the texts were from more than just Tristan, I also had a few from Logan.

Tristan: So, whadya say?

Logan: I know ur pissed @ me, but is there ne way I could convince u 2 keep tutoring me?

Tristan: U got caught, huh? lol

Logan: It's like tht?

Tristan: OK, we'll discuss this l8r.

Logan: Fuck it.

When I walked to my locker, Logan was beside me almost instantaneously. "I know you saw me texting you," he said quietly. I could tell he was trying to manage his anger.

"I was in class, so I didn't see your texts until the bell rang. Even though it's not like I owe you anything." I said, closing my locker.

"Fine. Will you still tutor me, Lauren?" he pleaded.

"I honestly don't know, Logan. I can hardly stand to be in your presence without spitting in your fucking face. It's not like you even need me anymore, you know how to study on your own," I said being 100% honest.

"I do need you," he said completely by accident.

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