tagInterracial LoveLogan and Lauren Ch. 09

Logan and Lauren Ch. 09


I sat wrapped tightly in a blanket (courtesy of Tristan) wearing my dry clothes. Tristan disappeared periodically to find firewood to feed the fire to keep us warm. The temperature seemed to drop several degrees in a short amount of time. My drying hair began to frizz and I hoped that my makeup wasn't all over the place. I silently prayed that I didn't look as bad as I felt.

My heart actually ached. I wanted to be with Tristan but I knew inevitably, I would go back to Logan. Logan cared about me and we had a bit of history... I knew his secrets and he knew mine, we just seemed to fit. Sure, he had a few kinks to work out, but we were still in high school. We had plenty of time to work out our differences and hopefully, he took some time during our time apart to think about what he'd done.

I had no doubt in my mind that Tristan's motives were noble which made it even harder to lead him on.. He definitely deserved better than me and my love-triangle bullshit. He deserved a relationship where he was the only one and I couldn't give that to him. Tristan generally kept to himself at school and was never surrounded by a crowd, unlike Logan...Why he even approached me that day, I had no idea.

"Whatcha thinkin'?" he said cutely as he sat down beside me, handing me a soda and a plate holding a burger, a hotdog, and chips.

"Oh, nothing," I lied, taking the plate and can of soda that he offered. My stomach grumbled impatiently.

"Don't lie, Lauren. You're thinking that what just happened between us was a mistake and now you're having second thoughts," he said, casually, probing my eyes with his.

I broke eye contact and put a potato chip in my mouth. I chewed slowly until there was nothing left to chew before I looked back up at him. He was still looking at me intently.

"What?" I grumbled taking a bite out of the hotdog.

"Am I right?" he asked, cracking open his soda.

"Yes, Tristan, you're right," I said monotonously.

"Why are you having second thoughts, Lauren? Because of Chadwick?" he said after taking a sip.

I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply before nodding. I wanted to be anywhere else at this moment.

"I know you still love him, so I'm not mad if you say we shouldn't see each other anymore. Also know that I won't think any differently of you, regardless of your decision," he said sincerely, the intensity behind his stare, borderline painful.

"Why couldn't I have met you first?" I said, closing my eyes and shaking my head. He scooted closer to me, wrapped his arm securely around my shoulders, and pulled me close.

"God has a plan and he doesn't make mistakes, Lauren. He meant for everything to happen exactly the way it did and I have no regrets and neither should you," he said, planting a kiss on my forehead.

I closed my eyes and relished in the moment: the warmth of the fire on my cheeks, the security of Tristan's arms around my shoulders, the smell of the trees and lake, all of it. Tristan lived up to his word. Tonight was absolutely perfect and I was having the time of my life.


I sat at the edge of my bed, excitement getting the best of me. A little less than a week had passed since my night with Tristan and things had changed very little between us. We still talked and texted on a regular basis and even went to grab a bite to eat after school. He acknowledged the inevitable fact that sooner or later, I would be Logan's again and he had even reassured me that if things didn't work out again, he'd be anxiously awaiting his chance.

I, of course, told Tristan that he was way too good of a guy to be waiting for anyone to which he met me halfway by telling me he wouldn't actively search for anyone but would accept if the situation arose. I always knew I was a good girl but when I became such a 'prize', I had no idea. Nevertheless, it felt good to be wanted, sexually or platonically.

My heart began to dance in my chest as my cell phone began to ring. I looked at my phone and Logan's picture popped up on the screen.

"Hello?" I said, careful to not sound to anxious.

"Hey, Babe, what are you doing?" Logan said in a low voice, almost a whisper. I heard loud music and shouting in the background.

"I'm just sitting here at home... Logan, shouldn't you be getting ready for the game?" I asked, casually.

"Ah, yeah, I was just making sure you were coming... you know, I didn't wanna get out there and you not be there," he said, still near-whispering.

"Yeah, I'll be there, there's still about an hour and a half before game time and I'm getting ready. Listen, don't worry about me, just get your head in the game before James kicks your ass for talking to me. Plus, I want to be impressed today," I said, knowing exactly what to say to get him pumped.

"You got it, Babe... see you soon," he grumbled.

Soon, I heard Chance in the background: "Logan, I know you're not fucking talking on the damn phone! We're less than two hours out, you need to fucking get it together!"

"Okay, get off the phone before you have a riot on your hands," I said, chuckling.

"Alright, I love you," he said before hanging up.

I laughed at myself for how close I was to saying it back, but for now I had to get ready. I took a shower and put on Logan's jersey, tucking it into the waistline of a pair of jeans that hugged my hips in all the right places. He knew the jersey wasn't going to be long and flowing like it should be, rather it was fitted.

I put on my makeup and slipped the necklace Logan gave me around my neck. It was beautiful and it made me feel beautiful as well. After a few spritz of perfume, I was ready to head to the game.

I locked up the house and hopped in my car. I was actually excited to watch Logan in action, I hadn't watched a game since Dillon played last year. It didn't take long before I was pulling up to the field and it was packed. After parking my car, I walked up to the ticket window to buy my ticket. Mrs. Oricelli was working the window.

"Hello, Mrs. Oricelli," I said with a bright smile as I reached into my pocket to pull out my money.

"Hello, Lauren, there's no need to get your money out, Logan already paid for your ticket," she said, handing me my ticket through the window.

"Thank you, Mrs. Oricelli! You enjoy the game," I said, taking the ticket and not really caring that I was totally kissing ass. I knew she didn't care too much for my relationship with Logan, but my academics never quavered, so she never had real reason to treat me differently.

I walked up the hill until I made it to the stands. My heart pounded in my chest as I stood by the fence.

"Lauren! Lauren!" a very familiar male voice yelled. I looked around trying to locate the source of the shouts. It was James.

"Hey, Dad! Are you guys ready for the game?" I asked, smiling.

"Yeah, we're looking really good for the championship," he said, returning my smile, "but listen, Logan said you were coming and he wanted you on the sidelines. Obviously, you know I don't believe the Field is any place for a woman but I want his head to be in the game... So if you're gonna be on the sidelines, you're gonna have to be the watergirl."

I knew how James felt about girls on the field and I knew that until a girl came and led his boys to a championship, he'd never change. It didn't really bother me that I'd have to be the watergirl because I got to see my man Logan in action...up close.

"Fine," I grumbled, feigning disappointment.

James held the gate open for me and I walked inside.

"Well, I hate to rush you, but could you get the Gatorade started? I gotta go in the locker room before these bums lose focus," he said with a chuckle.

I nodded and walked over to the water cooler and was happy to find that it was already full of water. I searched for the Gatorade powder and found it in one of the closets in the Field House. After reading the directions, I mixed the Gatorade and added ice. When it was cool enough, I poured it in several cups and put them on a table on the sidelines.

The stands were full on both sides...it made me nervous that somewhere in the stands, there were scouts with Logan's future in their hands. I could only imagine the kind of stress he was dealing with!

Soon, I heard the announcer echoing through the stadium: "Ladies and Gentlemen, let's hear it for your Crystal Bend Gargoyles!" My heart jumped in my throat as I saw the cheerleaders lining up, two holding a rather crude banner of a Gargoyle demolishing a Devil at the end of the line. We were playing the Dickson Devils. The team ran in a thundering herd, as they ripped through the banner, hooting and hollering.

I searched the crowd for Logan. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach when I saw number 13, bouncing around and acting nuts like the rest of them. Soon, he simmered down and searched the sidelines for me. When he found me, he touched a finger to the side of his helmet and pointed at me... it made me swell with pride, though I had no idea what that meant.


The Gargoyles walked away from the first round of the play-offs victorious as I knew they would be. James was happy, Logan was happy, I was happy. After dumping the Gatorade, I stood outside the Field House and anxiously waited for Logan to come out after James' speech.

After what seemed like hours, the door opened and out came the team. Logan saw me as soon as I saw him. Without hesitation, he was at my side.

"I love you," he said as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

"I love you, too," I breathed. I meant it, too. It felt right to be in his arms again, it had been too long. He brought his lips down to meet mine. He pulled me flush against his body and I melted against his touch. I ran my tongue along his lips and he parted his lips. I massaged his tongue with mine, moaning into his mouth.

"Mmm, I missed you, too," he said, pulling away and smirking. I looked up at him breathlessly, his green eyes boring into mine.

His eyes grew dark with lust. "I smell it, Lauren."


The ride to Logan's house was incredibly long and the undeniable sexual tension was almost unbearable. I had never been to Logan's house before but I knew exactly what to expect. As we neared The Chadwick Residence, the scenery changed. Houses began to sit on larger plots of land and many you couldn't see from the road due to privacy shrubbery.

I suddenly felt out of place, what was I doing with Logan Chadwick going to his home? I felt as if I were making a mistake. Soon, we pulled up to a large wrought iron gate with a 'C' in the middle. Logan rolled down his window and did something and the gate began to open wide. I looked out the window in awe at my surroundings. The landscaping was immaculate and well-lit with fountains and multiple yard sculptures. We drove up a bit and curved behind the house up a long driveway, leading to the garage. Logan tapped a button and one of the four garage doors opened and he pulled inside. I looked around amazed at the fact the I saw two jet-skis, a four wheeler, and something under a tarp, all parked in this garage.

When we came to a complete stop, he tapped the button to close the garage door, put the Navigator in park, and removed his keys from the ignition. Soon, he was opening my door for me. I exited the car and let him shut the door behind me. Before I could fully steady myself, his lips were over mine and he was pushing me against the side of his car.

I stifled a groan as he traced shapes on my neck with his tongue and used both of his hands to grope my breasts through the jersey.

"I missed you so much," he growled, grinding his erection against the crotch of my pants.

I tilted my head back as he nipped at my neck, clearly trying to make marks. "I've missed you, too," I whispered, rubbing his cock through the fabric of his jeans. "Please don't tease me anymore," I pleaded, unbuttoning his jeans and pulling down the zipper.

"Right here, Babe?" he questioned, raising an eyebrow. "Right now?"

I bit my bottom lip seductively and nodded. I saw the way my eyes were clouded over in lust as I looked into his emerald ones. I needed him, all of him... right now.

He reached down and undid my jeans, pulling my jersey out to serve as my only cover. He pulled my jeans and panties down simultaneously, planting kisses on my thighs, down my shins, and around my calves. I stepped out of them and my shoes as Logan got to his feet.

"I want to taste you so bad, but when I do, I wanna take my time with you," he breathed, pushing me against the car again. He hooked my right leg around his waist, as I supported my weight against the car. He ran his cool fingers along my hot, soaked slit. "Tell me you want me," he said with a smirk.

"I want you, Logan, I want you so bad," I whimpered, almost in tears from frustration. I had already begged him for no teasing.

Without another word, he entered me...slowly but firmly. I groaned as my pussy stretched to accommodate him.

"Mmm, tighter than I remember," he grumbled in my ear, "You haven't been giving my pussy to anyone else... you know who it belongs to."

He was right. My pussy belonged to him, it wouldn't feel right giving it to anyone else. He was my first and I would love it if he was my only.

I gasped as he increased his pace. I loved the way he felt inside of me. I loved the way his cock stroked me in just the right ways. How I went without him for so long, I didn't know.

"Oh, God," I groaned as he tangled his fingers in my hair. He tugged my head back, exposing my neck. I felt the familiar pressure build up in the pit of my stomach.

"I love you so much, Lauren," he said as he planted kisses along my neck. "I was crazy without you."

I felt my eyes roll back in my head as I felt the pleasure boil hotter in my loins.

"I love you, too, Logan...please don't stop! Fuck me! Make me cum!" I shouted, not thinking of the volume of my voice.

He obliged, slinging my leg over his forearm and pushing into me so hard that it hurt. The bones of my shoulders dug into the car, causing me to bite down on my lip. He slid his hand between our bodies and vigorously stroked my clit.

"Cum for me! I want you to scream!" he commanded. I closed my eyes and screamed. My release was swift and powerful. My pussy began to spasm on his cock, causing him to groan deep in his throat. Soon, he followed in my footsteps and filled me with his cum.

I ran my hands over his shoulders to steady myself as he dropped my leg to the floor. He kissed me and I could feel the smile on his lips.

"You're spending the night," he said quietly, "call your mom."


"Alright, Ren, I'll see you tomorrow," my mom's voice said through the phone. " I love you."

"I love you, too, Mom," I said in return, hanging up. Finally able to throw my head back in laughter. The entire time I was on the phone with my mom, Logan was giving me a foot massage and I was extremely ticklish.

"You asshole!" I shouted, throwing a fluffy pillow at him. I felt bad for lying to my mom but would I have really been able to say: 'Mom, I won't be coming home tonight because my boyfriend wants me to stay over so he can fuck my brains out'? Of course not.

He gave a look of false hurt. "I'm an asshole for giving my girl a foot massage? Women," he grumbled. There was a slight scratching at the door that caused both of us to look up. "Do you like dogs?" he asked. I nodded and he untangled his body from mine and walked over to the door, opening it. In came, what looked like a large ball of wrinkles... hardly a dog.

"Lauren, meet Bear. Bear, Lauren," Logan said, causing me to chuckle at his formal introduction.

"Hello, Bear," I said, patting my leg to get him to come closer. He did, bringing his wrinkled body toward me. He flopped out his purple tongue and wagged his tail. His breed looked familiar but I couldn't put a name on it. "What kind of dog is he?" I asked, ruffling his wrinkled face.

"Shar-Pei," Logan said, looking at me as though he was impressed by my interactions with his furry friend. I nodded, mouthing the name again for my memory.

"What?" I said when his staring became a little weird, "Dogs like me," I shrugged.

"Well, I like you, too," he whined and made an adorable pouty face.

"Come here, then," I said with outstretched arms.

"Oh, no, I have better plans for you," he said, smirking. He came over to his large bed and picked me up, causing me to squeal aloud. He carried me, bridal style, to his bathroom and sat me on the counter. I would kill to have my own bathroom!

He pulled the jersey over my head and reached his hands around my back and unsnapped my bra. I shrugged it off my shoulders and smiled. His eyes rolled over my body, my nipples hardening under his gaze. I loved how he looked at me as if I were the only thing that mattered, a look of adoration and arousal.

I took his face in both my hands and planted a kiss on his lips. I reached down and pulled his Under Armour over his head and stifled a groan as his skin was exposed to me. I hadn't realized how much I missed just looking at his beautiful, ivory skin, adorned by the twin nautical stars that I'd come to know so well.

"I love it when you look at me like that," he said, pushing his basketball shorts down his legs and stepping out of them. His lips connected with mine once again as he rubbed his large hands up and down my sides.

He picked me up again and carried me to his shower, his extremely large and clear shower. I looked around as he sat me to my feet. What I noticed immediately was that there were no knobs to the shower, just digital panels. Looking even closer, I noticed there was no showerhead.

"Can I get your hair wet?" he asked, his finger stopping just shy of the panel. I nodded my consent and he pressed a button that adjusted the water temperature and then another that played music, finally, he pressed the one that started the water and to my pleasant surprise, water jets poked through the ceiling of the shower and began to emit water that was similar to a heavy rain shower.

I closed my eyes and tilted my head back, surrendering all to these feelings that encompassed my body.

Soon, Logan was behind me, rubbing some masculine-scented body wash over my shoulders and he kissed my neck. His hands traveled around the front of me and he softly massaged my breasts. Everything was so right. I turned toward him and wrapped my arms around his neck and planted kisses along his clavicle. I wondered how I ever could have disliked him with such a passion. Logan was amazing.

He backed me against the wall, obviously ready for Round 2 but I was having none of it. He attempted to lift my leg up, but I kept it firmly planted to the floor.

"What's wrong?" he questioned, puzzled by my sudden lack of interest in sex.

"I have better plans for you," I said with a smirk as I sank down to my knees and planted small kisses along his length.

"You dirty little girl, you," he growled as he leaned against the shower wall. I missed him, I missed his scent, his taste... everything.

I ran my tongue along his shaft and licked swirls along the head. He moaned, increasing my enthusiasm. I opened my mouth and took him into my throat, nearly gagging, forgetting his size. He ran his fingers through my wet hair and soon he was pumping in and out of my mouth. Tears fell from the effort, though he didn't notice due to the water. It wasn't long before I tasted precum and felt his body grow rigid.

Without warning, he pulled out of my mouth and shot his cum all over my cheeks, lips, and chin. How he knew that was exactly what I wanted, I had no idea. I ran my tongue along my lips and tasted his cum. "God, you're sexy, Lauren," he said, breathlessly. I tilted my head back and let the water wash my face clean.

He helped me to my feet and turned off the water. He stepped out the shower and grabbed a towel and stepped back in. He began to gently dry my body, kissing my breasts and abdomen on the way down. When he was finished, he led me out the shower to his bed. He pushed me backwards on the bed, separated my legs, and pushed my heels up to my ass, spreading me wide open.

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