tagInterracial LoveLogan and Lauren Ch. 15

Logan and Lauren Ch. 15


"All ready!" I said, slamming the car door for good measure.

"Are you sure that's everything that you're gonna need, Love?" Mama asked me, tearing up.

"I'm pretty sure," I said, wrapping my arms tightly around her, "I'm gonna miss you so much!"

I had played the way this day should go several times in my head. Never once did I expect my heart to feel like it was getting ripped out of my chest.

"I'm gonna miss you, too, Ren," she said, kissing my forehead, "It's going to be so weird not having my baby around!"

I felt sorry for my mom... First, she lost Dillon, now, it was my turn. If there was anything left in this town for me, I would have stayed. James came outside, giving me a hug. "Good luck, Ren," he said, nodding in my direction after releasing me.

"Don't worry, Coach...Miss Laura... I'll take good care of Lauren," Logan said, pulling me close and kissing my temple.

"That's what I'm afraid of," James grumbled under his breath. As much as he acted like he hated the fact that Logan and I were together, he knew I'd be safe with him. Logan flashed him a broad smile as if he didn't hear him, though I know damn well that he did.

Logan walked over to James and extended his hand. James took it. "Good luck, Chadwick... You're gonna do great, you're one helluva quarterback and it's gonna be harder'n hell to fill your shoes," he said, shaking it, "but I swear to God, if you hurt my daughter in any way... I'll murder you."

"Dad!" I squealed in embarrassment. This was so unreal.

Logan nodded and took it in stride, "I understand, Sir."

We hopped into our vehicles and began the hour-long drive to Norman. We had barely been out of high school for two weeks and here we were: driving to school. I always knew that I'd be taking Summer classes but when I mentioned it to Logan, he looked at me as if I'd lost my mind. When it became obvious that I was going early with or without him, he decided to enroll in some as well.

It also didn't hurt that I did the math: If we did six hours a Summer for four years, we could knock two semesters off total. It would be tough but if things went according to plan, it would definitely be rewarding.

After about twenty minutes into the drive, my phone began to ring. I pulled it out and looked at it: Logan.

"Hello?" I answered after putting him on speaker.

"I can't wait to get there so we can break in our new apartment," his voice growled into my ear. I felt shivers up and down my spine.

"Well, you're gonna have to wait," I said simply, ignoring everything that my body was screaming at me, "I still have to unpack." Just because I knew that I was full of shit didn't mean that he had to.

I couldn't help but think that I was making a mistake by moving in with Logan but I had a full ride scholarship, including my choice of on-campus housing or a stipend just in case things didn't work out. Right now, I'm taking the stipend.

"Babe, you have all summer to unpack," he whined.

"No, I have all weekend," I corrected him, "Classes start on Monday."

"Oh yeah," he said quietly, sounding a bit deflated. We had both signed up for English and History together but I was taking Math alone, since six credit hours was fulltime during the summer. It was gonna be hard enough to keep myself afloat this fall, let alone him. I would definitely hate to overload him before school really started.

"Well, the least you can do is unpack naked," he suggested, eliciting a laugh from deep within my being.

"Anyway, tell me about the new place!" I gushed excitedly. He wanted to surprise me and I only hoped that he didn't overdo it.

"All I can say is it's perfect and you're gonna love it... but I have to be honest, this is an apartment that my dad keeps in Norman so he would have somewhere to stay during football season," he confessed, I could almost see him flinching in my mind...

"Fine...," I grumbled. I was a little pissed off that he lied to me... anything of Kyle's was entirely beyond anything that I was used to.

"That's it?" he asked, surprised.

"Are you talking and driving, Logan?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"No, Lauren, I'm talking to you through Bluetooth," he replied, exasperatedly. I could almost hear his eyes rolling from his end of the line.

"Don't take that tone with me, Logan Randall Chadwick!" I huffed, "You can't be mad at me just because I care. I could be one of those bitches who don't give a damn."

"You're right, Babe... I'm sorry," he said apologetically, "Though I would love to make it up to you when we get to our destination."

I rolled my eyes. "I'm gonna hang up so you can focus on the road... Horn Dog," I said, hanging up the phone.


"Welcome home," Logan said, unlocking the door and opening it for me. When we were pulling up to the complex, I sighed, recalling that I had told him that I wanted to live somewhere that was homey and not flashy... Then, I remembered that his idea of homey was flashy. I looked around the pre-furnished living room and realized that this place gave me more of a condo vibe than an apartment.

The living room had a beige sectional with a matching ottoman... there was a large television mounted on the wall and a glass coffee table in the center of the room. There were shiny hardwood floors and a chandelier over the small, modern dining room table. The kitchen had countertops that were dark and expensive-looking with stainless steel appliances.

The main bathroom was a descent size with a Jacuzzi tub. It was stylishly decorated in red and black. The guest bedroom was simple and chic complete with a full-sized cherry wood sleigh bed and a matching dresser. When we got to 'our' bedroom, I nearly pissed myself. Inside was a black platform bed that was on a platform complete with a sheer canopy. Across the way, there was another mounted television. My heart thudded in my chest when I realized that there were His and Her walk-in closets as well. In the master bath, there was a seamless, glass shower with another Jacuzzi tub and double sink.

I stood in the middle of 'our' bedroom at a loss for words... What the hell was I doing here? I was a low maintenance, non-spoiled, grounded country girl from a small town... This wasn't me and I didn't like it at all.

Logan watched as several emotions passed over my face and when I still hadn't said anything minutes later, he took it upon himself to make speak the first words:

"So, what do you think?" he asked, looking around.

"It's beautiful," I said quietly.

"...but," he pressed. He could tell something was up.

"It's not me," I said simply.

"It will be," he said, walking over to me an pulling me into his strong arms, flush against his hard body, "You deserve the best and I fully intend on giving it to you."

"It's not yours to give," I whispered.

"You're right... It's my Dad's but even if I didn't have a cent to my name, I would work my ass off so you could have everything you deserve," he said, sincerely.

I should have been smart... I shouldn't have gotten lost in those emerald green eyes. I shouldn't have allowed him to press his lips against the heated flesh of my neck. I shouldn't have let him run his large hands urgently all over my body. I shouldn't have allowed him to grind his hardening erection against me. I shouldn't have let him lay me down on this foreign bed. I shouldn't have allowed him remove all of the clothing from my body... I shouldn't have...but I did.

Logan gently pressed his lips to every inch of my exposed body, leaving fire behind. The fabric of his clothing brushed deliciously against me causing a groan to build up in my throat. I loved him... I loved him with every fiber of my being but I felt conflicted. This wasn't what I wanted. This wasn't what I was about. I wanted him, yes, but I could do without all the bells and whistles... I wasn't ready to grow up, yet.

My thoughts turned to mush as I felt him kiss his way down my stomach and run his tongue along my thighs. He gently separated them (bending the knee) and licked along the 'v' of my groin. My nipples turned into excruciatingly hard pebbles. I took them between my fingertips and tugged them in anticipation...

"Fuck, Lauren, you're too fucking sexy," he said, his eyes bulging at my wetness. He separated my lips with his thumbs as my clit lurched out for attention. Closing his eyes, he took it between his lips and sucked it firmly. I let out a squeal as he released my clit and used the tip of his tongue to trace around my opening.

"Unh!" I groaned, gritting my teeth as he dipped it inside, gathering my juices on his tongue and swallowed audibly. "Fuck, Logan.... I can't take this anymore."

He paid no attention to the hushed words that were leaving my lips as he began to tease my swollen, pink folds. "Yes, you can," he whispered into my pussy. Without warning, he roughly sucked my clit into his mouth causing me to yelp like a wounded puppy. "You can and you will."

He got off the bed and began to remove his clothing. I watched as inch after sexy, ivory inch of his delicious and familiar body was exposed to me. I had his body memorized, from the mole on his left earlobe, those infamous nautical stars, the small scar on the base of his right thumb, the freckles on his lower abdomen, I knew every vein that zig-zagged his cock... Logan Chadwick was mine and it gave me solace knowing that.

His erection jutted proudly outward, making my mouth water. "No," he said sternly, pushing me on my back and crawling between my legs. He grabbed calves and put them over his left shoulder. I let out an animalistic growl as I felt my moisture creep down the crack of my ass as he traced my closed slit with the head of his cock.

"Logan, quit teasing me!" I yelled causing him to slam forcefully into me.

"You. Don't. Run. Shit," he said between thrusts, reaching a large hand behind me and slapping my exposed ass. "Don't raise your voice at me. Understand?"

I closed my eyes, gritted my teeth, and nodded as I willingly received my punishment. He leaned forward to pinch my pink-tinged brown nipples as he relentlessly pounded me. "Logan," I groaned, smiling as my eyes rolled back in my head.

"Unless your telling me how much you love my cock, you don't need to speak," he growled, digging his nails into my hips.

"I do... I love it so fucking much! Don't stop!" I shouted as my orgasm took over. I almost passed out as my walls clenched around him. After a few more violent thrusts, I felt him spill inside of me. Never disconnecting from me, he fell to his side and wrapped his arms around me.

When we both came down from our highs, I nudged him. "Logan, you said to let you know when something bothered me, right?" I asked, feeling him stiffen beside me.

"Yeah, Babe...Shoot," he said, kissing my temple.

"I really don't like this place and I think it'd be best if I found a smaller apartment for myself. I have a stipend to pay for it," I said all in one breath.

"Lauren, I don't want you to be by yourself but if that's what you really want, I'm behind you," he said calmly, "Now, let's go to sleep." I nodded and pressed myself against his warmth. I loved him and I really loved the place, it just wasn't me...


Logan wrinkled his nose in distaste as he drove up to Lauren's prospective new apartment complex. His eyes rolled over the cars that were parked in the parking lot. 'Wow,' he thought, 'this is what she left for?' He didn't truly understand the true reason why she was looking to find her own place. He pulled into the parking lot and parked in the furthest, lone spot. He locked his door and set his alarm before walking to find Lauren who was standing on the sidewalk with a broad smile.


I smiled when I saw him walking towards me. I found it funny how he still gave me butterflies when I saw him...even when he wore a frown. He smiled when he saw me. He gave me a hug and kissed my forehead... "Hey, Beautiful," he said, releasing me.

"Hey yourself... Thanks for coming with me to view the apartment," I said, kissing his lips.

"No problem," he said. I pulled him into the leasing office. This complex was a pretty good one, it was about five minutes away from the campus, therefore, making the complex population predominately students.

"Hello, welcome to Sooner Grove, my name is Melissa. How may I help you?" said the young brunette that was probably a student.

"We would like to view a one bedroom flat, please," I said, smiling. She looked at Logan and her eyes grew wide.

"Logan Chadwick?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. He nodded, looking uncomfortably between me and her.

"Oh my God! Everyone's talking about you playing in the Fall... Can I have an autograph? I just know you're gonna make it big!" she gushed.

'Here we go,' I thought, fighting the near-irresistible urge to roll my eyes.

"Sure," he said, taking the pen and paper she was offering him. He scribbled his name and handed it back to her.

"Thank you so much!" she said, beaming, "Now, what were we talking about?"

"Viewing an apartment?" I supplied for her.

"Oh yeah! I'll need both of your IDs," she said. We reached into our wallets and gave her our driver's licenses. "Awesome, now follow me out back... We'll ride the cart to the model."

We walked outside and she crawled into the driver's seat and Logan got into the passenger. "Don't worry, there's an extra seat on the back," Melissa said obnoxiously.

"No, you don't," Logan said, pulling me into his lap and kissing my cheek.

Melissa's eyes widened in realization. "You're the girl from the interview on Sports Xplore!" she said, looking at me... suddenly it felt like she was sizing me up.

"I better be," I said, looking at him accusingly.

"Of course, Babe," he said, tightening his grip around my waist. I let my body melt into his before I heard the engine of the cart rumble. Fucking hater.

"Well, let's be on our way," she huffed as she pulled away from the office. Moments later, we were pulling up to another building. "Here we are."

We got out of the cart and she unlocked the door to the model apartment. We went inside and I could hardly contain the smile that threatened to cover my face. The living room was large with a small dining room (perfect for a dinette) separating the kitchen. There was a stackable washer and dryer in a small space in the back of the kitchen.

Logan grabbed my hand as Melissa led us down the hall and into the bathroom. It was a modest bathroom with neutral tile and a plain, white shower/tub. When we walked into the bedroom, I was happy to find that this place had a large, walk-in closet.

"-of our Master bedrooms are large enough to comfortably fit a king-sized bedroom suit," Melissa said. It had just occurred to me that she was even talking. "So, what do you think?"

Logan looked down at me and read my thoughts as if they were written on my forehead...as only he could. "She'll take it."

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