tagRomanceLogan Ch. 03

Logan Ch. 03



She ran down the stairs and down the boardwalk, laughing as she jumped on Will's back and he spun around.

"Hey you," he said, looking at her and smiling just because she was.

"Hello to you too," she said, rocking herself back and forth like a child trying to keep a secret.

"Well, what is it?"

"Can't I just come down to visit my favorite, most loyal worker?" He laughed at her then, pulling her to him for a quick kiss before leaning back to look at her.

"Anytime, but you've never looked that happy just to see me." She sighed dramatically.

"Fine, you won. Come inside," she said, giggling as she pulled him down the boardwalk and into the house which was deserted.

"What?" he asked, panting as he started at the blue prints in front of him.

"I've been meaning to redo the part of the house that you're living in for months now, termites," she explained, "So this is what the new part is going to look like."

"So where am I going to stay while this is happening?"

"In the spare bedroom upstairs, of course," she said, giggling like a little school girl.

"And you think everyone will be okay with this?"

"What could they say even if they weren't?"

"I don't want the whole staff mad at me."

"They won't be," she said, huffing, obviously upset that he wasn't as excited as she was, "So do you want to stay there or not?"

"Yes, love, I do."

"Good," she said, giving him a quick peck on the lips. Then another and another. "I could kiss you forever."

"No objections," he said as he pulled her to him, kissing her, gently biting her lower lip. They had been kissing for quite some time, and Logan was faintly aware that she was humping against Wills right leg when they heard someone clear their throat at the door. They looked up and saw Jacob.

"Lo," he said, obviously restraining himself, "here. Now." She looked like a deer caught in the headlights as she followed him.

"What?" she asked, trying to act as if nothing had happened.

"What?!" Jacob almost screamed, "Lo, look at yourself. This isn't the Lo I know. Please take it slow with him. I know, you're young and in love or whatever. But you've still got raging hormones and I'll be damned if he leaves here in two months and then nine months after that we've got a little Will or a little Logan on our hands." She stared at him.

"We haven't done anything like that yet."

"Really? Because facts say otherwise. I walked in on the two of you this morning, your shirt off and his hand up your fucking pants. Then I just walk into the kitchen and your humping his leg! Nothing? Lo you've known the guy for two days, what the fuck are you doing? Just step back and think about it. At this rate you'll be fucking him by this time tomorrow." She slapped him then, crying.

"You have no right to say that."

"He's not going to stick around, Lo, that's all I'm saying." She started sobbing into Jacobs shoulder. She knew Will was too good to be true, but she also knew that he didn't seem like the kind of guy that would just up and leave like that. She heard Will enter the room and stood and went to his arms. She hated being torn between two men, but she knew then that she would stand by Will. Why? Because he stood by me this morning. He stood by me last night. That's why. She inhaled his scent and in seconds wasn't crying anymore. Jacob had said some things that she just didn't want him to say, said some unfair things, and they had scared her.

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