tagLetters & TranscriptsLogging Gorean Style Ch. 05

Logging Gorean Style Ch. 05

byJoseki Ko©

lightenSH: nods with satisfaction, one hand going on her hip as she waggles her eyebrows, "that's it boys, load em up and lets go home." saunters up to each, tiptoeing, kissing their cheeks as they hurry to load the wagons

TehyaSH: laughs and waddles back to My chair and eases back down soflty as I watch the girls

laylaFort: hurries over to stand with sis and takes her hand gently in mine

CrimsonFW:watches the wagons moving back and forth, each tree first stripped for transport before it is loaded into the wagons. She watches the sweating thralls as they work as hard as they can, each pushed on by a girl with a switch, chuckling quietly as just a few antics ensue. The nicety as they all work together, watching as two of the wagons start to come in carrying loads.

lightenSH: grins at sis and gleefully says "that was fun", and follows the wagons back

laylaFort: i wish to keep my men, hard working, hard muscles, handsome men

laylaFort: smiles to sis and pads lightly beside her

lightenSH: grins to sis, nodding

Kaer: walks in leading zia

imaniiJWC: seeing the last of the thralls places the last of the trees on the wagons , imani smiles to them with light green cats eyes and plays with the switch in girls fingers in a teasing maner as thay nervously hurry

Kaer: Tal Free

ziaK: a soft purr is heard as she follows Him closely into the Tavern.. feeling Him tug on her leash she flashes an impish grin and shakes her heard to movKaer: and greetings slaves

Tal Kaer

spiritJWC: sends two at a time to get a drink & dunk their heads in a barrel, laughing joyously as she watches smooth tanned masculine flesh all about her, idly swaps the hardwarking boys more teasingly then to harm, laughing as they fell the last ten trees, carting them to the Wagon for the last load, follows them, joking playfully as she brushes sweet kisses to each boy, sauntering after the Wagons, grinning as she wonders what they get to do ne

CrimsonFW: watches the two wagons unload their weighty load and then head back passing the other two wagons as they come down the path with their wood.

JosekiKo: Been awile since I've seen you

lightenSH: takes the steps back up the tavern and grins inside gleefully

laylaFort: dances up the steps to the tavern and crawls beneath the doors, leaps up and parades to Mistress Tehya, smiles seeing Ubar Kaer and His girl

laylaFort: greetings, Ubar

JosekiKo: Most eveyone is about a mile off doing some logging

Kaer: Tal Josekiko... indeeed

ziaK: may zia have the honor of greeting Master?

imaniiJWC: turns with a teasing smile as imani fallows then to the tavern , and watches them unload , as the switch is twirled in girls hand

lightenSH: that aught to have enough for three ships, Master!

laylaFort: flexes strong bondsmaiden arms

lightenSH: sees the Nnewcomers and smiles toward them

Kaer: takes a seat and releases her leash

lightenSH: greetings Ubar

Kaer: zia may speak

CrimsonFW: starts to turn a bit green and dropping the switch, throws Her hand to Her mouth and runs off for the gardens.

JosekiKo: Ok girls I still need three more masts

JosekiKo: Go get em

ziaK: purrrrs and melts to His left.. sunkissed thighs parted as she arches her lithe frame.. soft words tumble from parted lips

imaniiJWC: turns to the Master Kaer saying

lightenSH: yes Master

ziaK: zia offers You her greetings Master Joseki and prays You are well

imaniiJWC: greetings Master girl prays all is well this night

laylaFort: Mistress Crimson has had this sickness for a while, should we find a phy?

JosekiKo: greetings zia

lightenSH: looks to her sis with a thought, hmmmmmm

lightenSH: how long has been going like this, sisse?

JosekiKo: I think she has one but we can ask?

laylaFort: i have been tied to a mast, not sure where to get one though?

ziaK: zia greets You Mistress Imanja and prays You are doing well. so nice to see You

ziaK: laughs at layla's words

imaniiJWC:turns back to the thralls and huras them up as there is more needed ,

laylaFort: peeks quizically to sis

lightenSH: Mistress' illness, i mean

laylaFort: smiles and winks to zia

ziaK: this slut greets You Mistress Tehya and prays You are fairing well

imaniiJWC: turns seeing Mistress Imanja saying

ziaK: greetings sis layla

spiritJWC: waits for her choonweh, grinning as she whistles for the 10 thralls to go back to the woods, explaining to them quickly that Itancanka needs three more masts, watches them move back gathering the tools as they go about sawing another tree

laylaFort: greetings sis!

lightenSH: waggles her fingers to zia in greetings, smiling bright

ziaK: purrrs

ziaK: greetings sis lighten

lightenSH: greetings, zia-sis *winks*

laylaFort - JosekiKo: really huge trees

ziaK: cants her head to her and flashes a smile

imaniiJWC: greetings Mistress pleasea for give girl for she was in forest and no see You come in , girl offers greetings

ziaK: greetings sis spirit.. its been a while

ziaK: greetings imanii.. nice to meet you

spiritJWC: peeks over her shoulder as she hears a familar voice, giggling as she lets the boys saw a few more trees while she slips inside to offer Greetings

lightenSH: kay sis... shall we?

ziaK: rocking back on cupped heels.. pale hues bright as she peeks around a moment

imaniiJWC: greetings zia always a pleasure meeting new sisters

lightenSH: motions to the door and the awaiting thralls..

spiritJWC: spirit offers warm Greetings Ubar, this inahan hopes all is well with You

Kaer: musses zia's hair playfully

ziaK: peeks to Him.. flashing an impish grin..

laylaFort: twirls about hauling sis with me bounding back beneath the door and out to the woods, gathers up my magnificent manly thralls again, circles 'em up and strolls around trailing a gentle firm hand along their chests, calls out "more trees men, masts to build!"

ziaK: laughs softly

spiritJWC: spirit offers You sweet Greetings Kashna Imanja, & hopes this day has treated you well

ziaK: may zia be of service Master?

ziaK: purrrs to Him

laylaFort: bondsmaidens like things BIG ... HUGE ... grab those saws and axes, get me a BIG one boys

lightenSH: laughs with glee, hustling them along with gentle proddings and caresses along their arms, "follow suit, follow suit.. one more load should do for masts...

CrimsonFW: slips into the kitchen by way of the gardens, walking into the cold room and enjoying the coolness of the area, grabbing some bread and gnawing on it as She makes Her way back into the main room. She walks immediately to door, looking out to the wagons moving back and forth bringing the wood before turning towards the guests and not recognizing the Man smiles politely.

CrimsonFW: Tal, I am Crimson.

Kaer: zia.. ask the Owner if He needs help in serve

ziaK: yes Master..

ziaK: Master Joseki.. may zia be of service this day?

imaniiJWC: keeping watch as the thrawlls make a big pile of more trees as thay work hard in getting the deed done for the tavern and smikes as thay try to finsh the job well lightenSH: /me claps as the wood begins to fall again.. thud, thud, CRASH!... big muscles flex, wood is transported.. she peeks to see how sisse and hers are doing

ziaK: giggles as she watches her sisters

JosekiKo: Why yes zia pitch in as your Master lets you

ziaK: yes Master

JosekiKo: And Thank you Kaer

ziaK: grinning widely she peeks to her Master

laylaFort: watches as the men gather the tools and begin sawing, lustfully gazes at their muscles glistening with a sheen in the moonlight, sighs at their strength ... longing actually, as they load to the wagon, loving the swaggers

ziaK: may zia go and help Master?

spiritJWC: spirit offers happy Greetings Kashna Tehya, spirit hopes You day has been bright & sunny

Kaer: yes zia

ziaK: thankYou Master

spiritJWC: greetings zia choonweh, it has been far to long, spirit has missed you

CrimsonFW: leans against the door jam, watching the Man called Kaer quietly, Her eyes occasionally glancing out to watch the wagons coming and going. She clears Her throat slightly thinking perhaps She wasn't loud enough before, speaking a bit quieter than She usually does.

CrimsonFW: Tal, Man, I am Crimson. Painter and Fire Starter of the Pink Sleen.

ziaK: flashing Him a bright smile she stretches upwards.. padding backwards three paces before whirling her long body around. golden locks flying behind her as she scurries towards her sisters. to help

ziaK: pausing she whispers

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