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Lois Griffin, Guys Poker Night


Peter and the guys did a weekly poker/guys night. Each week they would alternate at whose place it was held. This particular week it was Peter's turn to host. Unfortunately Peter had to head out of town on short notice for work.

"Lois, can you host the guys for poker night here at the house? Just set up the food and stuff and they'll do their own thing."

"Sure Peter, I'll look after the guys."

So Peter went out of town and poker night came around. The guys Joe, Quagmire, Cleveland, Mort, and Brian (the Griffins long term house guest and good friend) showed up around 7 pm. They rang the door bell and Lois answered in a few minutes.

"Hello guys. The table is set up here in the living room. You have snacks and beer set up on the kitchen counter for you to take as you need. Don't worry about the kids there both out for the night at their friends. I'll be around if you need me just give me a shout."

What the guys didn't notice was that Lois locked the door behind them.

Lois went upstairs and the guys grabbed some snacks and beer then sat down to play a few hands.

About an hour or so into the game night when the guys had gotten fairly relaxed they heard Lois come down form upstairs. No one was paying much attention really at the onset until Brian looked up from his hand.

"Lois what's with the long trench coat, you going out?"

"Not quite boys."

Lois walked over to a spot to where everyone could see her and throw of the coat. Everyone stopped dead. Some of the guys dropped their cards. Some of the guys dropped their beers. Everyone's jaws dropped.

Lois was standing there in a sultry come fuck me schoolgirl outfit. Hot and ready to go from top to bottom. As the guys took in the full scene they were mesmerized like deer caught in headlights. She had on a pair of black Mary Jane's. Her legs were gloved in a set of white thigh high stockings topped each with a little bow. They really showed off her hot legs. Up from the stocking tops she teased with a little bit of exposed thigh till her pleated little skirt. The skirt was dam short but just long enough to cover her pussy. As their eyes continued upward they were greeted with her smooth flat mid drift sporting a belly button piercing and a transparent whitish shirt tied just below her breasts which were straining against the shirt, nipples hard and ready to go. The outfit was topped off with a little school tie as garnish and her hair in pigtails.

After giving the boys a few moments to take it all in Lois reached down and flipped up the front of her skirt showing off her glorious shaved pussy that was obviously a little moist and read for fucking.

"So boys who want to Fuck?!"

No one moved as they couldn't quite believe what had just and was now happening.

"Looks like I'm going to have to give you guys a kick start."

Lois dropped down to her hands and knees and slinked over to the nearest of the guys which happened to be Cleveland. Without a word she spread his legs and buried her face in his crotch. She nuzzled his quickly hardening cock and balls through his pants for a moment or two then reached up and started undoing his pants. Everyone else got up and moved around the table to get a better view of what was going on. Lois deftly undid his pants and had his now fully hard cock out in a matter of moments. Cleveland's cock had to be 8 inches but Lois only smiled then went right to work on it. She gave it a little kiss then wrapped her lovely red lips around the head and started to gently suck just the head while teasing his balls. Lightly brushing and caressing them with the tips of her finger nails. Cleveland was lost in the moment as soon as his cock went into Lois's mouth.

"Suck it baby, suck my big black dick."

This broke the spell for everyone else and they started to get there pants off. Quagmire made his move first and got down behind Lois. He pushed up her skirt and started fingering her pussy.

"God Lois you're nice and wet."

He then got down and started to eat out her pussy. While he went to town Brian reached down and opened up Lois shirt and got a nice handful of her tits. Everyone else got a hand full of Lois tits when they could and enjoyed the feel of the rest of her body as well.

By this point Lois was fully involved in blowing Cleveland. Taking his cock down here throat as far as she could at the same time moaning as Quagmire's tongue teased her pussy. When Cleveland started building up to his finale he took Lois's head with both hands and stood up making sure to keep her head on his cock then he started to pump her mouth. After a little while of face fucking her he pushed her head down all the way bury his dick to the hilt in her mouth and throat and blew his load. Lois chocked a little but did her best to take it all. Spent, Cleveland pulled out and fell back into his chair while Lois went down on her elbows gasping for breath. Quagmire took this as a good time to stop eating out Lois's pussy and move on to the main course. He got up and positioned his dick right at Lois's well lubed pussy. Without any preamble he went right on in all the way to the hilt. Lois came right on up with s shriek of delight and Quagmire reached over for a quick feel of her tits.

With Lois now back up on all fours and her mouth free Mort moved up and slid his dick into her mouth for his turn. He may not have had Cleveland's size but he was hard and ready to go and wasted no time on foreplay instead taking her by the back of the head and getting right to it. Lois didn't miss a beat. Quagmire was fucking Lois hard but it didn't take long for him and Mort to get her into a good rhythm that worked for both of them. As they pumped her Brian came up next to Mort jerking off waiting for a break in the action. Not long into the action Quagmire took Lois by the hips and gave her one long hard last trust into her pussy as he came. Only moments later Mort started to blow his load. He let the first couple of spurts down her throat then pulled out and blew the rest of it on her face and just as he finished Brian grabbed her by the hair turning her head towards him and while jerking off added his load to the one that she just got sprayed with.

After Quagmire pulled out Brian gave Lois a minute or two to catch her breath.

"Come on over to the couch baby I'm going to bend you over the armrest and take your ass."

Without a word Lois got up walked over to the couch discarding her blouse with its little tie along the way and bent over the armrest with her tits hanging teasingly over onto the couch and her ass up in the air. Then she spread her legs, flipped up her skirt, and waited. Brian still jerking himself off spit on his cock once or twice then walked up behind her. He gave her ass a couple of slaps causing Lois to bite her lip in respond. Brian then positioned his dick at her asshole and slowly started to work his cock in.

"God you're tight."

Lois was to distracted taking his dick up her ass to respond. After Brian had worked himself in almost all the way he started to slowly pump her. He wanted to make this last and enjoy it as long as he could. Everyone else sat back and enjoyed the show.

Brian fucked her ass for a while but couldn't hold out forever and blew a huge load up into her. When he was done he waited a few moments before pulling out just enjoying the moment. After he pulled out there was a trickle of cum leaking out of her asshole and running down her leg. Lois stayed there bent over the couch armrest for a couple of minute regaining her composure. None of the guys moved in for seconds though since they all had had a go but Joe. Once Lois had her senses about her again she stood back up, looked around the room, and smiled.

"I think it's time for Joe to have a turn."

Lois slowly strutted over to Joe in his wheelchair along the way sliding out of her skirt. In just her stockings and Mary Jane's she got down on her knees in front of Joe. She gave his dick a little kiss and a couple of small teasing sucks then put it between her tits and started giving him a tit job. Once he was good and hard she nibbled on his dick a couple of more times then she stood up turned. She reached back spreading her ass and slowly sat back sliding down onto his hard dick. Lois worked Joe's dick slowly and deliberately for some time using the arms of the wheelchair as support. When Joe started to blow she sat down into his lap letting him slid his dick into her pussy to the hilt, putting her over the edge as well. She rocked her ass back and forth enjoying the feeling of his dick as he came and twitched in her. She was in heaven biting her lip as she came in time with Joe trying to hold on to the moment.

For the next hour or so they fucked Lois over and over till everyone was fairly spent, even Lois.

"All right boys it time to call it a night. I need to get some rest and Peter will be here in the morning so please clean up before you leave and make sure to lock the door on your way out. Now before I head upstairs how about you all come over here and give me a cum bath."

With that Lois got down on her knees in the middle of the room squeezing her tits and licking her lips. Everyone circled around and jerked off till they blew adding a fresh layer of cum to what she already had in her hair, on her face, tits, and everywhere else. When they were done Lois took each one into her mouth and licked them clean in turn. When she finished she got up, collected the discarded bits of her outfit and headed upstairs for a shower and some sleep. Her great ass swaying seductively as she went.

The guys found there pants and put both themselves and the room back together. Cleaning up as best they could so it looked like the only thing that happened there was some poker. No reason Peter needed to know.

The guys all left and headed down to the bar for a few beer and to figure out when the next time Peter might be away so they could have another poker night hosted by Lois.

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