tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLois Griffin, Return to Video 01

Lois Griffin, Return to Video 01


A few weeks went by after the guys poker night and no one said a word about what happened. It was a quiet secret and for now that was the end of it.

Brian was in the kitchen having a martini and writing when Lois wandered in. They were the only ones home as the kids were in school and Peter at work.

"Hey Brian, you busy with anything right now?"

"Nothing I can't walk away from. What can I do for you Lois?"

"Well... about what happened a few weeks back when Peter was out of town."

"Don't worry about it Lois. We had a great time and thank you for it but no one is saying a word about."

"No, it's not that. I had fun too. I miss having fun like that. You know I did a short little run in adult movies when I was young and well you were an award winning porn director for a bit. Brian I need a release. I want to do a video or two but I don't want anyone to know. Can you help me?"

Brain was trying hard not to break out in a big grin and to suppress the boner he had developing in his pants as he thought about were this was going.

"I'll see what I can do Lois. I know some people who run some adult websites. I'll have a talk with them. How about you come by my room tomorrow around 10 am when everyone is out of the house."

With that Brian finished his drink and went off to get a few things together.

After a night of making some calls, getting some equipment together, and brainstorming how to work this situation Brian was ready.

Ten am sharp there was a knock on Brian's door.

"Come on in Lois."

The door opened and in walked Lois in her usual around the house cloths.

"All right let me lay this out for you Lois. If you want to do this here is the deal. We'll have you wear a little mask enough to hide your identity but not distract from your looks or the sex. I'll shoot you in various situations and you'll take the direction I give you. If any of the situations are something you don't want to do that's fine just tell me. The videos will be posted to a pay website a few friends of mine run. They'll give you a flat rate per video posted and a cut of the cash that comes in specify for your videos. If you agree they'll send the paperwork over later."

"I can walk away whenever I want?"

"Yes you can. This is all you, no pressure."

"Alright I'm in. When do you want to start?"

"We can start right now. There is a small mask on the desk right next to you enough to cover your eyes and hide who you are. Put it on while I power up the camera."

Without a word Lois put on the mask and waited while Brian got his camera gear running.

"All right we're rolling. We're going to do a little POV baby. Get down on all fours, crawl over here, and get my dick out."

Lois gave him a sly grin then wordlessly complied. She slowly got down on all fours and slinked over to Brian. When she finally got in front of him she sat back on her haunches and nuzzled his crotch. At the same time putting both her hands on his ass and digging her nails in. Then she proceeded to undo his belt and pants with her mouth. This done she pulled his pants down and then nuzzled his rapidly hardening cock through his boxers teasing him.

Lois didn't tease him to long but before she freed his cock she looked up at Brian and the camera giving a wink and blowing the camera a kiss after which she slipped his boxer down and got slapped in the face by his erect cock.

"Suck it baby, suck that cock."

Lois tickled the tip of his cock with her nose then gave it a quick couple of licks. She then proceeded to lick up and down the sides a few times. Without warning she formed her mouth into a lovely O shape and went down on his cock as far as she could in one shot. She almost gagged and Brian almost lost it as he felt the tip of his dick rubbing up again the back of her throat.

Lois stayed down as long a she could then backed off to get some breath. She now slowly worked the tip of his cock in her mouth with her tongue and bobbed her head up and down clearly and audibly enjoying the taste and feel of having a cock in her mouth.

Brian let her suck him for some time but stopped her before she took him all the way to completion and made him blow. He was after all shooting a video. He took her by the back of the head and drove her down on his cock one last time before pulling her away.

"Take your top off you slut and let's see your great tits. I want you to fuck me with those tits of yours for a bit."

Lois did as directed undoing the buttons on her green blouse as slowly and as seductively she could then shed her top and slipped out of her white bra freeing her lovely rack. She teased her nipple as she looked up at the camera smiling. After playing with her breast for a touch and being a tease she leaned forward and squeezed Brian's cock between her lovely breasts commencing to give him a tit job. She gave the tip of his cock a little nibble every time his cock came up towards her mouth.

When Brian was ready to pop again he took Lois by the back of the head and pushed her head back down onto his dick.

"I'm going to come in your mouth baby. I want you to swallow it. You're going to show everybody how you're a good girl and swallow."

Lois went back to giving him a quality blowjob. She started bobbing her head up and down fairly rapidly and working his balls with her fingers at the same time. When Brian came he took the back of her head in his hand and held her down as he shot his load letting out a long grunt of pleasure and release. After he was done Lois took a couple of sucks to make sure she had gotten it all then she sat back and winked at the camera.

"Show me baby. Show me how you swallow."

Lois opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out a little showing everyone the cum that Brian had filled her mouth with. Then she swallowed and opened he mouth again to show everyone that she had in fact done so. This done she gave the camera a wink and a little wave goodbye.

Brian shut off the camera and sat down on the edge of his bed.

"That was a good start Lois. I'll do a little editing and send the video off. We'll do a couple of more in the next few weeks."

Lois didn't say a word just smiled. She took of the mask handing it back to Brian. Then got up and strolled out of the room with her tits still out bouncing gently as she went and her ass swaying invitingly.

Brian was already thinking about what to have her do next.

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