tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLois Griffin, Return to Video 04

Lois Griffin, Return to Video 04


Three video's into this little project and Lois's anonymous internet persona was developing the beginnings of a following. It had been about three plus weeks since the video with Quagmire and people had been steadily asking about fresh content and making request. Brian already had something in mind but he didn't want to burn Lois out. His concern was that if he suddenly started to push even a little to hard she would back off and the fun would be over. He was hoping though that after three weeks she would be eager not just interested.

There was a little barbeque going on at Joes with everyone from the block attending. This little get together was going to go on late into the evening with the guys staying over for beers and the game. Brian didn't really care about tonight's game so this would be a good opportunity to duck out and maybe get Lois out of the house. So as people were wandering around socializing Brian took a moment when others were not around to see if Lois was ready for another video shoot.

"Lois, Peter will be here tonight with the guys for the game. Do you want to take the opportunity to film another video something with a group maybe a little dirtier?"

"Oh, sounds like fun what do you have in mind?"

"Meet me at 8 pm at the mall. You can always tell Peter you're going to a movie or something, park on the second to last level of their parking garage. We go from there in one vehicle. Bring slutty heels, fishnets, and a thong all in black. Add to that a trench coat. You can change on the way."

Lois nodded and walked of to mingle.

It was still early but this would be the best time to leave without raising suspicion and to have time to make a hand full of necessary arrangements. So Brian made his excuses, said his goodbyes, and headed out. His dick was already stirring thinking about the coming evening.

Just after 8 pm Lois pulled into a parking spot on the second to last level of Quahog malls parking garage a bag with the requested garments next to her. There weren't many vehicles up here and she didn't see Brian's car anywhere. As she looked around though a black van pulled up behind her car and Brian got out.

"Hop in Lois you can get changed in the back."

After Lois got in Brian started heading towards one of the neighboring cities some thirty miles or so away. This little experiment was going to involve total strangers and he wanted to minimize as much as possible running into anyone they knew.

Forty minutes or so later Brian saw a location he liked. It was a dimly illuminated dead end alley in a unfrequented part of town with one or two business having access. He parked the van just outside of the alley obstructing it a little. He did this intentionally as now the van made it hard for anyone to easily see down the alley.

While they had been driving Lois had changed as request. Per Brian's wardrobe suggestions she had sheathed her legs in a set of tight weave fishnets that were attached to a garter belt (her own little touch), put on a black thong, and black fuck me heels. All this now wrapped in a dark trench coat.

"All right Lois I'm going to go back into the alley. There are bound to be a couple of lowlifes and vagrant back there. I'm going to have a talk with them and after I'm done I'm going to come back and get you. I want you to show these boys a good time. You're going to suck them off and get covered in cum. Are you up for that?"

There was a little bit of a pause as Lois was giving what she was about to do a little thought.

"I'm game."

"Put on your mask."

Brian walked off after shutting the door grinning. Somewhere around ten to fifteen minutes later he was back.

"All right show time. Stay here a couple of second. I'm going to go down to that dumpster over there. After I get there I will start rolling film. Come down to me and then go around to the other side of the dumpster. There is some fresh cardboard laid out on the ground back there for you. Take it form there."

In a flash Brian was gone and at the dumpster. She gave him a moment or two then slowly started sauntering down the alleyway wrapped tight in her trench coat only a hint of the fishnets showing. As she passed Brain she gave him a little shake of her ass and he followed her form there.

When Lois got to her intended destination she was greeted by four alley tramps. All dirty tattered homeless bum's who at this moment were some of the luckiest guys on earth. They had formed a semicircle around a flattened area of clean cardboard under what seemed like the only working light in the alley.

Wordlessly she walked to the center of the group and started to take off her trench coat. She didn't bother to do a little dance as she removed her coat or even make a effort to be seductive. She merely opened up the front then slid it off tossing it over on top of the dumpster. There she stood her amazing tits out, nipples hard, wearing a thong, fishnets, and fuck me heels in front of four filthy strangers ready to be used.

The tramps hadn't necessarily believed Brian when he recruited them. They thought this might be some kind of scam or prank. But right then and there it hit them not only was this legit this was something they were only going to get one shot at. Like stallions at a stakes race coming out of the gate the feverishly started to strip away their pants.

While they maddeningly stripped Lois dropped down onto her knees and waited. In only a few moments one of the bums stepped out of a heap of rags that had been his pants. He came right up to Lois and gave her a little slap on the cheek with his quickly hardening cock. Lois was trying hard not to be overcome by his foul odor. Clearly he didn't get to bathe all that often. But without complaint she took his cock and guided it into her mouth. She immediately pulled back and gagged at its horrible taste but got herself f back together quickly and put it back into her mouth. As she started sucking him off two of the other tramps positioned themselves one to each side and as she became aware of them she reach out and started stroking there cocks while they fondled her tits.

All of a sudden the bum who she was giving a blowjob to grabbed her head and with a loud grunt started blowing his load. It had clearly been a long time since he had any attention from a woman and he just couldn't control himself. For as horrible as he tasted she swallowed as much of his cum as she could the rest leaking out and dripping down her chin.

Just as he finished and pulled out the bum on her left stepped right in taking the others place. He grabbed Lois by the hair and rammed his dick right into her mouth. He didn't even wait for her to start sucking on his dick instead he just started to fuck her mouth, neither the taste or smell had improved.

He was enthusiastically trying to push his dick all the way down her throat and she had to make an effort not to get knocked over. The bum who had been initially left out had stepped in to the vacated spot on her left and guided Lois's hand to his waiting dick. Jerking the other two helped her balance herself against her current onslaught.

She didn't get face fucked for long before this one too lost his load. He had pushed her head down as far as he could and held her there while he shot his seed into the back of her mouth and down her throat. When he finally finished he let her pull her head back. Free of his dick trying to plug her throat she gasped and coughed. As she was momentarily distracted the bum on her right who she had been jerking off stepped up in front of her. She had her head down while she was couching and now with someone standing in front of her she looked back up. As she did so she took a blast of warm cum right in the eye and then several others in rapid succession all over her face before he managed to slide his dick home into her mouth. He was still cumming and she sucked his dick trying to get everything he had left down her throat.

The last bum was gentler than the rest. He let Lois set the pace of the blowjob and since there was no one left to jerk off she played with his balls. When he was ready to blow his load he pulled out of her mouth and deposited his cum all over her face.

Now these guys were not porn stars. They really weren't going to get a good second run.

Lois took the cock of the bum who just came as he was still standing there and sucked him clean. She then motioned for the others to follow and sucked them clean in turn. When she finished she wiped the cum of her face and sucked it off her fingers in front of everyone.

Finished she wordlessly got up and collected her trench coat. She put it back on but didn't tie it up instead choosing to let to hand free and walked slowly and deliberately back to the van.

Brian shut off his camera and turned back around to the bums.

"Thank you gentlemen." In parting he handed them each a fifty and was gone.

On the drive back to the mall and Lois's car Brian made a small detour to an empty back lot he knew. The events in the alley had gotten him horny as hell. He needed a release and Lois hadn't had a chance to get off either. He parked and took her into the back of the van. He had her climb on top of him so he could eat out her pussy while she sucked him off. Brian didn't film this though. This one was for him, one of the perks of being the director.

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