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Loki's Queen


The people of Asgard were a beautiful race. They would have to be, after all. They were the faces of Midgard's Gods and Goddesses. They were the ethereal epitomes of perfection. The people of Asgard were, in the simplest of terms, stunning.

However, the Midgardian that had made her home there was a beauty of her own. She would have to be to catch the eye of a God, and snared him she had. Her hair was long and dark—a sable that could compete with the vibrancy of her lover's. It curled in a gentle way, and made her delicate face look that much more feminine. Icy eyes were framed by long, thick lashes, and they caused a stutter even in the most seasoned of men. Her skin was like moonlight, and her body was just as flawless as any Asgardian woman's.

She was treated as royalty there—and she supposed that she was, in a strange way. She was the wife of a Prince of Asgard. The wife of Loki: God of Mischief and Fire, the Trickster and Shapeshifter. Her spot was between her husband Loki and the Queen Frigga, at the dinner table each night. And, no matter how odd it might've seen at first, she had grown to love being in Asgard.

"Evaliss," her blue eyes flickered over to the questioning look that Fandral was giving her. "What do you think on the subject?"

They were talking of War again. It seemed that Asgardian's loved their violence nearly as much as the men back home. She contemplated the question for a moment and then spoke, her voice as lovely as her looks.

"I think it's silly," she commented mildly, poking at her foot with disinterest. "It should not always be the answer—diving blindly into battle. One should wait. Strategize. Think and mull over."

A few of the warriors scoffed, shaking their heads. Of course a human woman would think such dull things as to wait. They were men of action. True warriors did not wait. A few, however, took note of this advice. Odin himself seemed pleased at the comment, and she felt a cool hand squeeze her knee under the table, long fingers fitting perfectly and sending a pleasant shiver up her spine. She glanced at her husband, and he didn't bother to hide his grin.

"Nonsense!" Volstagg boomed, slamming his mug down, causing the contents to slosh about messily. "You are the silly one, Midgardian! Battle is the only good way to solve this dilemma, and to wait is to waste time. But, we cannot expect your tiny, young mind to comprehend this so soon in your stay here!"

He and his mates laughed jovially, and Evaliss frowned, a prim look coming over her. She did not give up her entire life on Midgard to be mocked for having a touch of humanity. Calmly setting down her silverware, she pinned the boisterous man with a dark glare.

"Don't patronize me just because I have the bit of patience you seem to scoff at," she snapped, blue eyes narrowed, and many fell silent and looked her way. "To scorn the idea of fortitude is to scorn the idea of wisdom. And what does that say about you, Sir Volstagg?"

Volstagg opened his mouth, looking just as affronted as he should, when Odin cut him off, pinning Evaliss with a stern look. "That is enough. I did not allow you to find homage here so that you may insult my most dedicated warriors. You will watch your words in these halls."

Evaliss stiffened, protest tainting her lips and tasting bitter on her tongue. Her words caught in her throat as her husband's hand tightened uncomfortably around her thigh—icy and threatening. Casting him a hurt look, frown marring her fair features, she lifted her brow in question. He ignored the look, brushing her off as he always did in these situations. She would have to learn her place—wife to Loki, servant to the King, as they all were.

"She meant no harm by it, father." He offered, his Silvertongue just as sly as the first time he'd used it. "Just banter between subjects. Right, my love?"

He turned to her, brow raised expectantly. She knew that Odin is waiting for her acquiescence. Something she did not want to give. Something her lover knew she did not want to give. Deft fingers skimmed over the silky material of her skirt, and she let out a faint hum. He would make it up to her later.

Lowering her head demurely in a polite gesture, her piercing eyes peered up at the King through thick lashes. "He is correct, my Lord. I was simply teasing. I apologize for the misunderstanding, Allfather."

Odin looked at her for a long moment, only truly calming when Frigga gave him a scolding look of her own. Nodding gruffly, he let out a grunt, and they all resumed their meals and own conversations. Feeling significantly less hungry, she reached under the table, hand finding the cold fingers that knew her body nearly as well as she did. They warmed slightly under her touch, and tangled with hers.

It wasn't long before supper was over. Evaliss excused herself from their company, and Loki was soon to follow. He knew that she was feeling shunted, and that there might be groveling in order to make it up to her. Judging by the dark glint in her normally light and carefree gaze, there would be quite a bit of making-up to do. She was already ignoring him, the train of her silk dress dragging behind her as he pursued her down the lengthy halls that lead to their shared chambers.

The second the door had shut behind him, sectioning them away from the rest of the mad world Evaliss had found herself emerged in, she whirled and pinned him with a glare. "It's ridiculous."

"I'm sorry?" he tilted his head, a curious expression on his face as magic melted away his armor until he was dressed only in dark slacks and a green tunic.

"It's absolutely ridiculous, Loki." She hissed, drawing close to him until they were practically chest-to-chest. "It's ridiculous that I must watch my tongue in front of them simply because I was born Midgardian. You took me to be your wife, Loki. Took me from my home and brought me here to be part of your family. I was happy to do it because I thought I would be considered by all as part of your family."

Loki scowled, seeing the anxiety this had caused his lover, and he instantly wanted to ease it away.

"And yet, I am still treated like nothing. Like I do not belong here. Like I am the dirt under their shoes." Tears pricked at her eyes as she backed away from him, insecurity making itself plain. "Like I'm nothing."

Reaching out to her, he drew her close, his hands cupping her narrow jaw. "You are everything."

He leaned in, pressing his lips to hers gently. She stiffened for a moment, knowing he was trying to coax her back into a less agitated state, and hating that it was working so well. Melting into him, her soft hands came up to frame his as she pressed up into the kiss. When they broke apart, Loki was pleased to see that the sorrowful look in her endlessly blue eyes had faded and been replaced by a fiery glint.

"Tell me you love me," she demanded, gaze searching.

"I love you," he replied truthfully, and she smiled.

"Good," Evaliss muttered, drawing back. "Tell me you trust me."


Her fingers caught with his and tugged, guiding him deeper into their room. As they reached the bed, she pressed close and turned them, her hands firmly on his hips. They stopped when the backs of his knees hit the mattress, and his brow shot up in a silent question. Smirking, she pushed him down, and he tried to keep his lips from twitching in amusement as she took control. He very much liked having her at the reins. It always ended well. For the both of them.

Looking up at his wife, his long fingers trailed down the soft material of her dress, tracing imaginary symbols along her sides and to her hips. "What are you up to?"

"My feelings are hurt, darling." A brilliant, lopsided grin flitted over her face. "Don't you want to kiss it better?"

Playing along, a completely sincere look of concern fell into place. "Where would you like me to start?"

Her grin turned positively wicked, and if Loki had needed a reminder as to why he'd fallen for such a lovely creature, that would have done the trick. Humming lightly, she appeared contemplative, and his hands tightened around her hips. Tossing her hair aside, she dragged her fingers over her pale throat and across her collarbone, knowing full well that her husband's gaze was following avidly.

"How about you start right here," it was a command, not a request.

He moved almost faster than she could comprehend, pulling her down into his lap before she had time to even process the lustful spark that flared in his emerald eyes. His mouth pressed to the pulsepoint on her neck, and she let out a breathy gasp, fingers sinking into the dark of his hair. His teeth nipped playfully, and he marked his way down her throat to her shoulder, where he pushed the gentle material away for better access.

It wasn't long before she was tangling her fingers in his hair and tugging. His head jerked back and he hissed at the sharp pain, but it only increased the fervor in which he wanted to take her. Pressing a heated kiss to his lips, she shifted in his hold until she was straddling him, her long skirt bunching up around her thighs. Evaliss settled, grinding down at the same time she bit her husband's lip fiercely, and reveled in the way he groaned and pulled her closer. Tighter.

They were both breathing heavy by the time the kiss was done, and his hands were creeping up her thighs, inching higher and higher to his ultimate goal. "Where else shall I kiss?"

"How about—" she let out a startled mewl as he cupped her, her hips instinctively rocking forward, seeking out more contact. "Loki."

Smirking devilishly, he stroked her, soaking in the sweet way her breath stuttered. "Yes, my love?"

"Kiss me here," she pointed to a spot on her breast that had been revealed as her dress slipped further off of her shoulder.

"Yes, my Queen." He leaned in obediently, pressing his mouth to where she'd indicated as he stroked her again.

"Lower," she whispered, feeling his magic tug at the material until it had slipped down to pool around her waist, and his fingers pressed harder as he sucked on a pert nipple.

Her back bowed beautifully, and a breathy moan slipped past her lips. Her hips bucked wantonly into his hand, and he dutifully pulled aside the material that separated his skin from hers. Blue eyes fluttered shut in ecstasy as two deft fingers slid into the wet heat of her. She rode the long digits with abandon, seeking the pleasure she rightfully deserved, as his teeth scraped over her nipple.

When she felt she was on the brink, she stilled herself. It wasn't an easy feat, considering all she wanted to do was find oblivion on his fingers and in his mouth. However, she controlled herself, and tugged at his hair gingerly, breath uneven. He peered up at her as he pulled away, and she shivered at the cool air hitting her wet nipple. Leaning in, she pressed a delicate kiss to his lips, and he looked at her in a mix of want and love and amusement.

"Where else shall I kiss you, my Queen?" He asked innocently, thrusting his fingers up harshly, watching with keen green eyes as she tossed her head back.

"There," she moaned, grinding down as he fucked her with his hand lazily. "Kiss me there."

"Yes, my Queen."

Once her back hit the bed, she knew that magic had been used to remove their clothing. He liked to do that, always too impatient to take the offending items off himself. A sheen of sweat was already dancing over her skin as her lover lowered himself between her legs. She could feel her orgasm building as he trailed down her stomach with his mouth, working the heat of her with skilled digits.

He kissed the inside of each thigh first. He was teasing her, she knew. She couldn't bring herself to care as he finally pressed an open mouth kiss to her pussy, talented tongue flicking out across her engorged clit. Her back arched as she came.

Panting and shaking, her fingers retangled themselves into his long, soft hair, urging him to do more. Slipping a third digit into her, he started a steady rhythm. It was slow and drawn out, allowing her time to come down before he began to build her back up again. The second he felt that she was ready, the pace picked up, and he latched his mouth over her clit. His fingers thrust in and out of her as he sucked, tongue lathing over the sweet pearl until she was crying out his name and shuddering and clenching around him.

"Loki, oh, Loki," she whimpered, pleading with him in that beautiful way she did. "Take me, Loki. Fuck your Queen."

"Evaliss," he groaned, jaw clenched as he rose from betwixt her thighs, emerald eyes aflame.

"Make love to me, Loki."

"Yes, my Queen." He happily obliged.

His was achingly hard. Sheathing himself within her in one fell thrust, they moaned into each others mouths. Her legs hitched up around him as he drove into her, rhythm unstable and perfect. Rough and brutal. Yet loving and relenting.

She loved being filled by this God. By her husband. Her love. Just having her within him was enough to make her want to scream. Their tongues tangled together as they writhed, seeking pleasure and giving in return. Already sensitive from his earlier ministrations, Evaliss felt herself falling off the edge of no return once again, wailing into their kiss as she came. Her womanhood clenched vice-like around him, and he grunted and tumbled quickly after her, filling her with his seed.

When they were done, panting and curled around each other, sweat shining on their skin, he stroked her. Littered her skin with kisses. She caressed his face, smiling sweetly, and he returned the besotted look. Once they were nestled under the blankets, tangled together perfectly, she finally spoke again.

"I love you, Loki." She said, and he felt his heart swell for a moment. "I know that I can get... self-doubting, and that I often take it out on you... But I do love you."

"And I you." He replied earnestly, kissing her once more. "I understand that it is difficult. It may seem like you do not belong, but it is not true. For you are mine, Evaliss. My love. My Queen. My everything."

She wiggled closer, heart shuddering at the proclamation. "And you are mine. My love. My King. My everything."

Finally soothed, the two fell asleep, completely wrapped in one another. Completely loved. They belonged.

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