tagRomanceLola & Sal

Lola & Sal


Ordinarily, loneliness is not part of her life. But, when it visits, there is nothing else and no one else that can satisfy or distract her. There is one exception…

“Hello Stranger!

It’s seems like forever since we’ve been together. You’ve been unusually quiet. I’m really missing you!

I’m homesick, too. An idea of the two of us together again in New Orleans occurred to me in a passing thought. Now it consumes me!

I used to wonder what came first, you or happiness? Since we’ve been apart, the answer is so evident. My heart says they are indistinguishable.

Come home with me, Sal. Come home to me……….


October in New Orleans is a secret the locals like to keep from visitors. The city belongs to them for a few precious weeks. The beauty and grace of the city doesn’t require sharing. Reservations for favorite restaurants at a desired time are for the asking. The air has a freshness of renewal. All in all, it is a sublime time to go back home.

They were to meet at the Royal Inn, a Creole townhouse built in the 1830’s with hardwood floors, wrought iron balconies and antique furniture. Their room was on the second floor facing the street.

Lola turned the lock with her key and held the door open with her foot while jockeying her suitcase through the opening. It was surprising to find the French doors leading to the balcony already open and the gauze curtains billowing outward.

A few steps into the room and she knew that he had already been there. Her own senses were keen to his and she could smell the essence of him! It was always intoxicating!

On the bed lay a large box. A piece of hotel stationary was next to it. His familiar script sprawled across the page:

“Journey forward, Baby. Wear what’s in the box! I’m at the Port O’ Call. Let the pink wildflowers and your imaginations lead the way. Love, S.”

His clothes were already neatly hung in the armoire on the same side of the closet he would have chosen had it been the bed. Lola hummed happily as she hung her clothes beside his.

The box held a white dress with delicate pink wildflowers embroidered over the tufted bodice. The skirt was soft with accordion pleats. He had included a cream colored camisole to wear beneath. A floppy white hat and a new pair of sunglasses completed the package. Multi colored ribbons were tied to the frame of the sunglasses with a one-line note,

“L, this is so you can find them when you need them!”

She dressed for him! Added a touch of fragrance, her favorite and his, Yvonne LaFleur, a dab behind each ear and a trace between her breasts. By adding her sunglasses with the streamers still attached and her new hat, she was ready to stroll through her city.

She looked and felt like the epitome of a southern belle as she meandered from one window to another. The rhythms of the city lulled her. The buildings were painted vibrantly in pinks, purples, yellow, blues and greens. Yet, for this city, all of the colors seemed to blend so naturally. Ornate ironwork that adorned the balconies told historical stories for those that chose to listen. The flag that flew over Louisiana when that structure was first built would be revealed.

Louisiana was complicated. So was she.

One can smell the age of the city through the open doorways. It’s not offensive! It’s old!

Lola wandered into one apartment gate that had been left unlatched. The walkway was made of dark red brick that seemed to be totally unleveled. The cracks had a mossy green growth between each brick. An incredible multi-tiered patio fountain splashed down on the lush gardens. Ferns were everywhere! As she gazed upwards, every balcony from every side of the patio was full of greenery. Bougainvilleas, of magentas, orange, and dark pinks accented the shades of green. Some grew on trellises three stories high. Some balcony windows were strung in glass beads of brilliant colors to catch the sunrays and create a homemade rainbow.

On the very next corner a saxophone player leaned against the building. One foot rested up against the wall, he wore a jacket with disregard to the humidity, and his hair was pony-tailed and topped off with a black felt hat. His instrument case lay open at his feet for donations from those that appreciated his efforts of he mournfully shared his unique version of Amazing Grace.

Esplanade Avenue was there before she realized it. The smoke from the kitchen carried that wonderful aroma of burgers frying. Thick juicy burgers! Her salivary glands went to warp speed!

She was at that familiar weathered green door when the music spilled into the street. Hands down, the best jukebox she had ever experienced was on the other side of the door.

The sounds of Jim Morrison rocked on.

The place was crowded! It usually is! There is never a shortage of regulars. Her eyes had to adjust to the change in light when she first walked into the bar. The place is like and old mariners hang out. It’s conceivable to those who allow themselves to be dreamers to imagine that at one time it had been an ancient ship.

Sal was at the far end of the bar holding court, laughing, “passin’a good time” as we say here. He smiled and waved her over to him. Making her way slowly through the crowd it was evident there was not one empty seat.

Jonas was tending bar .He had become part of the establishment. Seeing him there was like seeing family. “Ain’t seen you in a long time, Sugar! Where ya been?”

“Hey, Jonas! I’ve missed you, too!” They hugged each other warmly.

“Lola! Come here!” Sal stood with his arms spread wide. The sparks that flew between the two of them was like a blazing furnace! She was like a wildfire! He was the source! She molded her body next to his and melted in his arms.

Sal introduced her to the group that stood around the bar. Most she had already knew. She was polite but impatient. Her desire was for his attention to be directed towards her.

The sultry sounds of Sara Vaughn played in the background.

“Dance with me, please.” She nibbled on his earlobe and pulled him with her to a spot hardly big enough for the two of them to move. They began to sway with the music. They were talking without need of words. Body talk!

“Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets!” He was teasing her, waiting for her to take the bait, waiting to see what type of response she would give him.

“Thank you for coming, Sal. I wasn’t sure you would! I was afraid you wouldn’t give me another chance.”

“I love you, Lola.” She could not say those words to him. Not yet.

Conversation on the walk back to the inn fluctuated between animated and flirtatious, to a comfortable silence of watching the other’s face as they enjoyed the seduction of the city.

“I need a shower!” She was peeling the layers of cloth from her body as she spoke. He had already begun to check his messages. She shook her head in mock disapproval.

The bathroom was tiled in total dark green marble with gold inlay, multiple showerheads sprayed high and low. She giggled as felt the spray against her sensitive outer lips. What delights this stimulus could provide to a curious pleasure seeker.

She felt his eyes stare at her intently, purposefully. Despite the warmth of the water, goose bumps erupted on her skin and traveled the course of her spine. The faint odor of heated passion filled the air. It was their animal lust seeping from their very pores.

She stared at him. Her focus to his body was rapt as he slowly shed his clothes. It was when his cock sprang forth so full of life that her own nipples hardened as though he had suckled them.

"This is going to be so good!" But she had never really doubted that! They had already seduced the other's mind. And now the long awaited physical celebration was to begin.

She reached out and took his shaft in her hand and smiled seductively. "Get in, Sal, the water is oh so nice."

They stood beneath the warm cascade, skin to skin, and their lips touched in soft exploration. Her body trembled with pent desire as his tongue filled her mouth. He shared so freely of his tongue. She placed her hand upon his chest, lacing her fingers tenderly through his hair.

“I want this! Can I have it?” She smiled playfully. She didn’t wait for his response. She sank to her knees pressed his beautiful cock in a caress against her cheek. "Mmmmmm! You smell so good!" Her tongue lightly traced his engorged penis, the head so red, thick and the texture of a large mushroom. A sweet drop of his fluids kissed her lips. It was just the invitation she was waiting for!

She consumed him until all of him filled her mouth. He placed his hand at the back of her head and stroked her hair as she stroked his eager cock.

"Wait, baby, you are going to make me cum!"

"I know Sal! I want you to! I want to taste you! Give it to me please!"

"Pace! The night is young! I am going to fuck you until you walk bowlegged! You can count on that!" He led her to face him by taking a handful of her hair and tenderly guiding her body upwards.

“Did you miss this?” The question was rhetorical. They both knew that.

Lola had an overbite that caused her lower lip to protrude in what appeared to be a permanent sexy pout. Her hair was the color of wheat and was cut in a very natural style to frame her face. Whenever she tilted her head, her hair seemed to flow in a fluid forward motion. She was applying the last layer of shine to her lips when she heard him call to her

She found him leaning against the wrought iron railing. He was dressed in a white linen shirt that he always left unbuttoned enough to reveal his olive-bronzed skin and dark chest curls. In his hand he held a freshly lit cigar. The early evening light danced on the small numbers of silvered hair that had begun to show at his temples.

His black eyes sparkled with appreciation and pleasure when he saw her. Lola did not think herself beautiful. But, Sal did!

He nonchalantly gestured to the street. “Our taxi is here. Shall we?”

With his arm at her elbow he guided her down the wooden staircase and out the beveled glassed door. Only then did she get a glimpse of their taxi. A gleaming white limousine was parked curbside with the chauffeur standing beside the passenger door.

“Good evening, Miss. You look lovely as usual.” He opened the door and helped her step inside. She folded the vibrant red skirt around her long shapely legs.

“Why thank you so much, Clarence!” When she smiled, her face was an illuminate. When she talked to you, she looked deep into your eyes. Laughter came easy for her. And when she laughed, those around her joined in as though infected by her merriment.

She had the deceptive look of innocence. Her curious mind and lustful nature defined the true woman.

The limousine made it’s way through the congestion of the French Quarter and crossed Canal Street and on down St. Charles Avenue. Ahead of them a lighted trolley car swayed down the track. Lola was very aware of the stark contrast as the limo penetrated blighted neighborhoods as they traveled. Sitting in the comfort and luxury of their vehicle they bore witness to those who lived life in poverty and struggle. She felt a pang of guilt.

Sal’s hand was stroking the inside of her thigh. “You are so silky soft! Even your heart is soft! But, Lola, you cannot save the world! Save me, instead! Marry me!”

“We tried that already, Sal. The vaccination wasn’t a success!”

“Before this weekend is over you are going to say yes!” His hand traveled farther up her leg and found her soft closely clipped curls and a dampness of desire was already there. He flickered the tip of her clit until she sighed. He grinned at her and knew that he was ahead of schedule with his plan.

They dined at Brigsten’s. The hostess sensed their passion and knew they were pursuing a romantic adventure. Throughout the courses of the meal, the wait staff spoke of the “heat” emanating from their private corner.

Every dish came coated in a sauce to tantalize the taste buds. The salmon was coated with roasted tomatoes and pesto, the yellow fin tuna was bedded on a smoked corn sauce, next to the fish lay a perfect potato pancake with a dab of dill sauce and a splash of Louisiana black pearl caviar right in the center. It was a head rush of an experience!

Dessert was orgasmic! A banana bread pudding with a lemon sauce topped by a Chantilly cream was placed in front of Lola. She was about to protest that she was much too full!

Sal reached across the table and took her hand. He pressed a small package into the palm and wrapped her fingers around it. “No need to answer now! When you are ready to say yes, wear it!” He picked up the dessertspoon and fed her like his baby.

Clarence was waiting for them as they exited the restaurant. He met them with an umbrella to protect them from the misting rain.

“Take us to the club, Clarence. My ‘Lady Lola’ is performing tonight”

“I’ve reserved a table for you, Sal. Might have a little surprise for you!” She unzipped him and slid her hand inside his pants. She cupped his testicles and squeezed. He didn’t flinch! “Can Sal come out and play tonight?” She laughed and leaned over to kiss him.

She raised her dress almost to her waist; her soft curls were not covered. She guided his hand to the edge of her opening and positioned two of his fingers deep within her. Her moan was loud enough to cause the ever stoic Clarence to check the rearview mirror.

She caught his eye and smiled the smile of a woman in heat. The professional that he was, Clarence immediately looked forward to the road.

She put Sal’s index finger in her own mouth and sucked her juices that coated it. “Your turn!” She laughed and she had him repeat the process of tasting her thick juices. “When I’m dancing tonight and you see the glisten between my legs, you’ll be the only man there to knows what I taste like!” She fell back against the leather seats and laughed heartily. Sal looked at her in fascination and echoed her laughter.

Nothing Lola did surprised him!

The house lights faded. An excited mummer rose in the audience. They adjusted themselves in their seats. Then a hush fell the room.

A resonant voice announced, “Gentlemen and Ladies! Tonight, the management of the Orleans Club is so pleased to have with us a woman of rare talent and unique grace. She will soon walk onto this very stage to entertain you, entice you, to temp your imagination and weave her spell. We are all indeed very fortunate for this opportunity for tonight will be here last performance! She dances for her pleasure and for yours. Please welcome the seductress extraordinaire, Lola!”

For Sal, this was Lola’s first surprise of the evening. She had made no hint that she was thinking about quitting. This surprise did not please him.

A small ray of light circled a pair of acrylic spiked heels. The first haunting chords of Gato Barbieri ‘s saxophone began. Lola felt a rush fill her gut! She always felt a transformation when she stood on stage before a crowd.

All eyes in the room were riveted to the light at her feet. The sounds of ‘Europa’ had bled through her veins and she had melded with the music. She was ready! Slowly she made her way across the stage letting the music lead her. The spotlight remained at her feet.

As she stood center stage the light slowly revealed her. A gasp came from one of the tables near center row. Lola stood bent at the waist, her head hanging down, and her feet spread wide apart; her fingers grasped her ankles, her red tipped fingernails created the allure of drops of blood against her alabaster skin. Her hair hung loose and free. The back of her long shapely legs framed the image the audience saw.

She held that pose while the stage lights emphasized her serenely smiling face. Very slowly, she stood up straight with one hand on each hip, her head lowered slightly, and she made eye contact with Sal and winked mischievously.

Lola made no pretense about why she was there and what she was there to do.

Her costume was a long single strand of pearls and diamonds, one layer encircled her throat, and the strand continued down her torso between her breasts, looped through the jeweled clit ring, and continued on, separating her vaginal lips and brushing against her pink anal ring, and finally linking to the back side of the necklace at her throat again. The rest of her was bare!

Lola directed her eyes from one patron to the other. She was emitting what could best be described as an electromagnetic pulse. Her face was lively with expression and her body glowed like sunbursts.

Sal was as spellbound as everyone else in the room. He knew they too were her captives. He thought of Lola as the ‘Pied Piper of Penises’, the collector of erections, and the visual purveyor of pleasure!

But, his greatest pleasure was in the knowledge that this woman loved him as fiercely as he loved her. Yet, there was a problem. Domestic cohabitation just did not work for them.

She smiled with her eyes, the corners of her lips only slightly lifted, commanding all to remain transfixed. She was so turned on! Already she could feel the wetness between her legs.

She moved her body in sync with the deep tones of Gato’s saxophone. At the far end of the stage she extended her outer leg straight up the side of the wall. Her body was pressed tightly against the stage wall. With her arms at her side, she allowed her shoulders and her head to fall into a backwards stretch. Her nipples were pointed upwards hard and proud.

Her eyes were dreamy, as she seemed to float in the moment. After returning her foot to the to the floor, she turned her leg out from the hip joint in a ninety degree rotation and held the extension towards those in the front row. Her vaginal lips and inner walls sparkled with the glistening wetness and the jewels that slid between her lips. She was wide open and completely exposed.

It was then that Sal leaned closer to the stage for a closer look. Sure enough, he was correct! There dangling between her legs was surprise number two. The ring he had given her at dinner was attached to her clit jewelry and stimulating the hood of her clit with every move she made.

Lola was making love to him from the stage! She retraced her steps to make her way to the other side of the stage. She paused in front of Sal long enough to fondle the ring. She mouthed one word to him. “Maybe!”

Those seated on the right side of the stage were treated to the same sensual movements she had performed moments before.

As the music began to reach the its crescendo, Lola stood center stage with her body in profile one leg supporting her, her shoulders squared, and the other leg extended. She was the image of a well-trained ballerina. The music and lights faded as she left the stage.

Sal left in a state of confusion and pushed his way through the crowd. He climbed into the waiting limousine and slammed the door.

“Where to, Sir?” Clarence viewed his employer from the small-framed rear view mirror. After six years, he had come to know his moods and his needs. What his experience had taught him was that Salvador Rome was in a slow burn.

Clarence knew that no answer was the answer. He put the car in park and stepped outside of the vehicle and stood beside the driver’s door awaiting his next instructions.

The longer he waited for her, the more Sal fumed! Maybe he was wrong after all. He had allowed himself to believe by her note to join him in New Orleans that she was ready for him in her life.

Perhaps, once again he had created a delusion. If so, this was the last time that he would!

Things between them were going to change!

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