tagInterracial LoveLola Wants Ch. 03

Lola Wants Ch. 03


Finally, the last bell rung and school was over the weekend could officially begin. Outside the car was waiting for the girls as planned. Lola told the driver to take them to the house first. "This is going to be a long day, hope you're ready," she said teasing the driver. He just smiled in response.

For no particular reason she had never had her friends over her house so initially they were busy oohing and ahhing. "Come on I'll show you guys around real quick". Lola took them down the hall and downstairs first. Janet was there doing laundry and she made a quick introduction. Then she showed them around main floor and upstairs where she found her mom and Adrian hanging out in his office. "Hey guys I just wanted to introduce you to Shakira and Bianca. These are my parents Catherine and Adrian."

"Nice to finally meet you girls, I hear about you two all the time", Catherine was trying to sit up so she could shake their hands properly.

"You too," Bianca and Shakira said in unison.

"No its fine don't get up", Bianca said walking closer reaching for her hand. Adrian walked from behind his desk to shake their hands.

"So what did you ladies have planned?" Adrian asked looking between the girls.

"Well we're going to head to the mall and then to the party. We're staying over Shakira's house so I'll see you guys some time tomorrow."

"Do you really need to go to the mall though? Don't you think you have enough crap in your closet?" What else could you possibly need?" He knew she got that bad habit from her mother.

"Ok see you guys later we have things to do before tonight love you," Lola said leading the girls to her room ignoring his shopping comment. They followed with more oohs and ahhs as they looked around her room and bathroom. "Glad you like it but we really do have other things to do so let me grab a couple of things and then we're out."

"Fine but next time we're sleeping at your house. I can't believe you live here. Oh my God your closet is fucking amazing." Shakira said perusing the closet promising to get a better look next time. Bianca just sat on the bed nervous and fidgeting. She still couldn't believe they had convinced her to go to this party.

The trip to the mall had been a success. Lola had everything waxed and was feeling like a million bucks. They were able to get Bianca to wax her eyebrows, which helped tremendously. It was harder to convince her to buy this black romper. She bitched and moaned about it being too short and her legs being too fat. Her thighs were thick but her legs looked long so the weight was well proportioned. Shakira told her she had some black and white platforms with a chunky heel she could wear that would go perfect with the outfit. Shakira bought a new green top that had the back completely out. She said she was going to wear some super skinny jeans and a pair of gold flats and gold jewelry. Lola found the perfect gray Alexander McQueen jacket. It cut down the front and had a short train of ruffled fabric. The only thing she was going to wear underneath was a black lace bra. She was going to wear that with an extra short jean skirt. Her Louboutin booties would complete the outfit.

Shakira watched Lola pull out the blow dryer and flat iron and got excited by the thought she had never seen her with straight hair. Shakira had already styled her hair into a high messy ponytail with her black curls balled up to perfection. She was able to braid Bianca's hair and had it intricately pinned she did an awesome job. Bianca didn't look so plain tonight especially after Shakira did her make-up.

When they arrived at the party it was packed. There were people hanging out all over the lawn. When they reached inside they were blanketed by some serious bass. There was barely enough room to walk around. They found the kitchen after they pushed and dodged the masses and started filling up cups with beer and passing them around. They stood in the kitchen for a little while people watching and trying to get a feel of everything going on.

Gauge noticed Lola almost as soon as she walked in the door. "What the fuck was she wearing? Could her skirt be any shorter or her legs get any longer?" He was jealous for the millionth time where she was concerned. The fact that other guys could see her dressed like that was rattling his nerves. Jennifer had been draped over him since she got there. He didn't really mind because she looked good. She was wearing this little white dress and her golden tanned legs looked amazing but now he wanted her to go away.

Jennifer was burning up inside after she caught the way Gauge was staring at Lola. "Come on Gauge dance with me," she pouted sliding closer to him whispering in his ear. Her warm breath tingled down his neck but it wasn't enough to distract him.

"Nah I'm good. Just chill I don't feel like dancing right now. I think Sarah is over there trying to get your attention." She was starting to get on his nerves.

Lola also noticed Gauge almost immediately, he was so fucking hot. She also saw Jennifer, who ran straight to Gauge the minute she saw her walk in. Lola hated that bitch almost as much as she loved shoes. Jennifer was nothing more than a gossiping cum dumpster who used her head cheerleading position as a shield and her sidekicks as back up. She was so delusional, the only girl stupid enough to constantly try and claim Gauge as her own. Everyone knew Gauge wasn't one to have a girlfriend. His motto was more like stick and move. That girl was such a twit.

Lola had to hold back her smile as she watched Jennifer make an ass out of herself hanging all over him, trying to kiss him and lick his earlobe, but he clearly wasn't going for it. She knew she should just ignore it but Jennifer being all over him was really starting to piss her off. They talked on the phone and flirted a little but that was all she had no business feeling anything at all. But damn, he looked so good tonight, dark jeans and dark blue Ralph Lauren Polo; his gray eyes looked almost silver.

She saw Jennifer walk away and despite her better judgment she headed over to him to say hi. "Damn Lola, your legs go on forever? You look good. I've never seen you with straight hair, I like it." Her dimples, her eyes, and the creamy tops of her light brown breasts, she must be trying to kill him. He couldn't help himself from reaching out and twirling her hair between his fingers. They talked for a while and before she could get away Jennifer made her way back by Gauge's side.

"Later Gauge, I need to go catch up with Bianca." Lola didn't even acknowledge Jennifer. But she was sure she heard her mumble bitch under her breath.

"Ok later."

Bianca obviously didn't think she was so dull tonight either. Instead of finding her sitting quietly where she left her she was talking animatedly to some guy instead. Not wanting to interrupt and knowing Shakira was someplace enjoying herself Lola just went to the kitchen to grab another beer. She saw Jennifer and Sarah huddled up having a conversation. When they noticed her they stopped talking. "Here we go," Lola sighed.

"What are you doing here? Is it really so hard for you to figure out that your ass isn't wanted. You keep throwing yourself at Cole being a total cock tease and now Gauge. Weren't you warned to back the hell off?" Jennifer spewed in her nagging ass voice. She could be really pretty if she didn't talk.

"I don't really give two fucks how you feel about me. If you don't like me then stay the fuck from near me. I think Cole and Gauge are big enough to decide if they want to talk to me or not." So busy arguing the girls didn't notice when Shakira came in the kitchen. She stood back listening for a little while. But she wasn't really feeling how they were talking to her girl.

"Oops. My bad", Shakira said as she splashed her entire cup of beer on Sarah. "Why is it that YOU bitches can't take a damn hint and fall the fuck back. We are not in school so trust I will slap a bitch. Do yourself a favor and don't say shit else to her."

"What the fuck, are you crazy?" Sarah screamed just standing there shocked. Jennifer was just as shocked but grateful she wasn't the one that got wet. During all the commotion no one noticed when she put something in Lola's cup she had sitting there.

"She isn't worth it Sarah let's go find Amber so we can get out of here." She rolled her eyes and smiled as she turned to leave.

"She isn't worth it Sarah", Shakira mocked as she watch them leave. "So funny how they were full of shit to say a minute ago and now they need to leave."

"Thanks, Kira. " Lola said snatching up her cup pissed that she let those bitches get to her and get Shakira all riled up.

"Not a problem you know I can't stand them damn girls and I don't need a reason. I just came for a drink you ok?"

"Yeah I'm good you can go ahead I'll find you if I need you." After a couple of minutes Lola was starting to feel a little groggy but figured she just drank the beer too fast. She was leaning on the counter trying to steady herself when she felt someone grab her elbow. "You ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine I think I just need to sit down for a minute."

"Sure I'll take you just lean on me." Lola didn't recognize the guy but she was grateful for the help and let him take her out of the kitchen. She didn't pay attention to the fact that he was taking her upstairs.

Gauge was trying his best to ignore Jennifer who kept trying to grind on him. "Thought you were leaving with Sarah?"

"No, Amber took her home so I'll need a ride."

"Can't do it, sorry babe you'll have to find someone else." He was still trying his best to ignore her. He didn't think he could show his disinterest any more clearly unless he just came out and said it. Distracted from his thoughts he saw Lola. "Where the fuck is she going? Who the fuck is that guy taking her upstairs?" Gauge was fuming now trying to dislodge Jennifer from his body.

"Baby what's wrong?" Jennifer was trying to inch herself back closer to him.

"Get off me I need to go to the bathroom real quick," Gauge could feel the veins in his neck starting to bulge and his face was turning an unhealthy shade of red. As soon as Jennifer loosened up he pushed himself through the crown to get upstairs.

Inside the room Rich had Lola laid across the bed. He was talking to her soothingly as he undid her jacket. "You're so beautiful, you know. It would be so much better if you were an active participant. Feeling that mouth of yours wrapped around my cock." Rich was hard as soon as he saw her mouth-watering breast encased in that lacy bra. She was so out of it she couldn't do anything to protest. Sliding his hand under skirt he could feel her warm and waiting pussy. "I can't wait to fuck you," he said as he was pulled her skirt and panties off together. Spreading her legs wide he couldn't help but smile her pussy was so smooth it was calling his name. He was unbuttoning his jeans when he heard the door.

Gauge had checked all of the rooms and he was at the last one she had to be in there. BANG! BANG! BANG! "Lola!" No answer. "Yo, Lola open the door!"

"She can't she's busy."

BANG! BANG! BANG! "Lola you ok? Answer me!"

"Get lost dude I told you we're busy." Gauge wasn't about to knock again so he felt along the top of the door frame and found the universal key that everyone forgets they have. As soon as he unlocked the door he almost puked at what he saw. Lola was on the bed with only her bra on. She was just lying there and some dude with his pants down around his ass.

"Get the fuck off of her! " Rich wasn't moving fast enough and Gauge couldn't hold himself back any longer. He grabbed Rich by his shirt and punched him in the side of his head causing him to fall into the dresser behind him. Ignoring Rich he went over to check on Lola.

"Hold on dude I saw her first." Rich was getting on his feet adjusting his pants. He couldn't say anything else once Gauge turned around and made eye contact. His face said more than any words could so Rich just left.

"Lola, talk to me are you ok?" The only response he was getting was a couple of grunts and groans. "Lola are you drunk how much have you had to drink?" Shit still no answer. Gauge couldn't help himself for looking. Here she was just lying there in a bra. He was able to take in her whole beautiful body. From her black toenail polish to her hot pink hair he thought she was perfect. He reached for her jacket and felt for her phone. He went through her contacts and found Shakira's number. He sent Shakira a text from Lola's phone telling her to just leave when she was ready because she was going to hang out with Gauge and catch a ride with him.

Gauge got off the bed and closed and locked the door. He needed to go find one of the guys and let them know he couldn't take them home. Hopefully they weren't already shit faced. When he found Hassan he was sitting with Shakira.

"Bro this is your last drink I got plans so you get to drive. Shakira, you get Lola's text?"

"I got the message. Where is she now?" Shakira knew Gauge was a man whore but if Lola wanted him then she couldn't stop her.

"She's upstairs waiting for me I told her I'd be right back."

"Don't worry about Hassan and them getting home. I can give them a ride. If you gave them your car how were you going to drop Lola off?"

"Shit I didn't think of that. Shakira you're my new favorite. Text Lola your address so I know where I'm going. See you later." Gauge was anxious to get back upstairs to check on Lola. He grabbed a bottle of water just in case she woke up thirsty. The fact that he was so concerned for her was nagging him. Before he could make his way back upstairs Jennifer was standing in front of him.

"What's up? You ready to go?"

"Go where?" He wasn't in the mood for her shit.

"I told you I needed a ride home." When she saw Richard come downstairs she knew Gauge found him with Lola.

"And I told you I was busy and you needed to find someone else. Now if you could move out of my way that would be great." He didn't really give her chance he just walked around her taking the stairs two at a time. Jennifer was beyond pissed. She needed to get Rich on the phone and find out what happened.

When he got back to the room she was still out. She looked so beautiful laying there with her hair all feathered out around her head. He pulled a sheet over her and slid in next to her and pulled her close to him softly brushing the hair from her face. He loved the way some of hair started to curl back up in the front. "Lola, can you try to wake up?" He didn't get a clear response but she was moaning this time. She appeared more asleep now the flat out unconscious. He stayed in bed stroking her face talking to her softly. He could hear the party starting to die down they had been up there at least an hour already and she still wasn't awake.

He finally stopped fighting the urge to fall asleep and that when he felt her stirring in his arms. "Mmm Gauge, you smell so good", she said inhaling him.

"What? Lola, are you ok? How did you know it was me?"

"I could hear your voice." She was trying to sit up but her head was spinning. "Fuck my head is killing me."

"Not so fast. Here try and drink some water."

"Thanks," she croaked out as she was reaching for the bottle of water. "What are we doing here? Where are Bianca and Shakira? Fuck they must be looking for me I need to go. Oh my GOD where the fuck are my clothes?" She screamed making her head pound worse.

"Whoa, slow down a second. Shakira and Bianca know you're with me and I'll drop you off whenever you feel up to it. Your clothes are on the floor. I found you up here with some guy." Recalling what happened had Gauge clenching his jaw and balling his fists.

"WHAT! Who? I wouldn't just go off with some guy. What happened?" Tears were starting to sting her eyes. "The last think I remember I was in the kitchen arguing with your girl."

"My girl? You can't be talking about Jennifer I told you it's not like that. Yeah but some guy was all over you. I found you like this and made him leave."

Lola let the tears fall freely now. What would have happened if he didn't find her in time? She finished the water and leaned back into Gauge's body. He held her while they talked. "You ok?"

"Mostly I guess just talk to me."

"Ok so what do you mean by my girl? I'm serious when I say Jen and I aren't like that."

"I can tell since she's always all over you."

"Whatever, she'd hate you any way she doesn't need me as an excuse. What about you and Cole? I know he's always all in your face at school never mind all the other guys that drool over you." Gauge knew there was nothing going on between them. Cole wanted her bad but she wouldn't give him inch.

"Cole is cool but not for me I don't want him or any of the other guys that you think are drooling."

Gauge picked up on the way she said 'him'. "So, who do you want Lola? He tipped her chin up so he could look into her eyes when she answered him. She was so close to him and still so under dressed it was hard being that close to her. They just stared at each other for a minute and he didn't give her a chance to answer and just leaned in and kissed her. At first it was slow and teasing. She was nervous as hell and he didn't want to move to fast and scare her off. At first Gauge was letting her set the pace until he felt her tongue snake out and brush his lips. He lost it at that point. He pulled her close to him and fastened his hand in her hair and kissed her hard. Their tongues were dancing and her panties were damp and sticking to her.

She could feel Gauge getting hard pressed against her. He knew she felt it too he was so hard it was almost painful. He wanted to kiss her so bad for so long. He relaxed his hand in her hair and started lightly rubbing her exposed arm and shoulder. They kissed for what felt like hours. He was in love with the taste of her. She felt so good he wasn't sure how much more he could take. He eased himself away from getting out of the bed, "I'm sorry."

"Sorry? For what? I didn't ask you to stop." Lola was now getting off the bed too on shaky legs. He was stunned silent by her body. She was walked towards him and grabbed him by his shirt and sat him on the bed and stood in front of him. He just sat there staring between her green eyes and her bra clad breast. When she didn't budge he reached up and put his hands on her waist and pulled her closer kissing between her breast and on her stomach above her navel.

She grabbed his hair and tugged his head back a little so she could possess his mouth and his hands found their way to her breasts rubbing them softly through her bra. "Take it off," she whispered barely breaking the kiss. Gauge didn't hesitate and reached behind her and unhooked her bra letting it slide off her shoulders and onto the floor.

"Let me look at you." She hesitated for a second and then stood up so he could imprint the image in his mind. He felt his cock jerk. He didn't expect to see her pussy completely bald. Fallon just stood there not believing she was doing this. "Lola you're perfect."

His hands returned to her breasts, pulling on her nipples, she could feel the moisture from her pussy making her thighs wet. She wrapped her hands around his head, holding him close as she could get him and leaning into his strength, because if she let go she knew she might change her mind. He pulled her closer, his hand on her ass he lifted her up forcing her on his lap, straddling his thighs. She went willingly, never wanting the kissing to stop. He used one hand to hold her so she wouldn't fall back; his other hand went between her spread legs, feeling her juices soaking her lips. He found her clit and massaged it and she cried out into his mouth. He had to stop kissing her needing to look at her beautiful face as he touched her. He kissed her softly on the lips then bent his head to kiss each nipple before taking one deep into his mouth. He rubbed up and down her slit spreading her juices. He found her nub again and squeezed it, she grabbed his hair harder.

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