tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLondon Fog Ch. 02

London Fog Ch. 02


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Elizabeth has been recaptured by Lord Asbeey. Elizabeth refuses to think of him as anything but Nicholas. Lord Asbeey has brought Elizabeth back to his property/compound.

Elizabeth's rooms were beautiful and deep down she had missed them a bit. She had helped decorate them, pink and gold with girly frills and lace everywhere. It was time for a makeover. No more prissy shit. Elizabeth wanted to be tough to pretend like she could handle this. Nicholas would punish her for escaping too. Unless she found a way out of it? How though? Elizabeth laughed, almost manically, there was no way out of this. Nicholas had come back on exactly one year, that meant he had been watching her for a while. It made Elizabeth seethe.

Elizabeth wondered into her bathroom, it looked like a spa really. A bath was already drawn up in the king-sized tub. Elizabeth could smell the sweet lemon scent of her favorite bath oil. Damn him! Well maybe she didn't need to bathe after all. Elizabeth wondered into her sitting room and turned on the TV nothing caught her interest, but she left it on for the sound. The silence had been disturbing. Elizabeth stayed like that for a while lost in thought.

A knock sounded twice on the door before Nicholas came barreling into the room. Elizabeth shot up off the couch where she had been staring into space.

"What's going on?" Elizabeth stumbled as Nicholas glared at her.

"Why are you not bathed yet?" Nicholas stared at Elizabeth making her shiver.

"Because I didn't want to." Elizabeth kept her chin up and eyes locked on Nicholas's. He would not break her. He would not break her. Elizabeth chanted to herself.

"You wish to be dirty?" A smile quirked at Nicholas's mouth.

"I do not wish to do anything you expect of me is what I wish!" Elizabeth realized her words made little sense and her face flushed. "I am not going to take a bath just because you told me to, and you cannot bribe me with things of the past!"

"Bribe you with? Elizabeth my sad baby bird, I am not bribing you. I tried to make it a little more comfortable for you to re adjust to being home. But nothing is a bribe because no matter where you are, you are mine, and I will do anything and everything I want to you. That means if I have a bath drawn up for you, you take it otherwise you will be punished. Do you understand?" Nicholas growled. Elizabeth cried silently and nodded. This only further enraged Nicholas who grabbed Elizabeth's chin forcing her to meet his eyes. "I said do-you-understand?" Nicholas punctuated every word.


"Yes what?! I will not ask you again next time there will be a punishment." Lord Asbeey was tired of Elizabeth's little game.

"Yes Master." Elizabeth barely choked out in between her sobs. Head down in shame as Lord Asbeey released her chin.

"You know what you are supposed to be doing Elizabeth. Why am I having to tell you things?" Anger lined the surface of Nicholas's words. Elizabeth stared at him hard, defiance written all over her face. "I need an answer and I am not going to tell you anything again about the proper way to address me do you understand? Because I am nice I will give you to the count of three.". Lord Asbeey watched Elizabeth struggle as he counted. Just before he reached three she started to blurt out her answer in between sobs.

"I'm sorry Master," Elizabeth choked out between her gasps. She felt humiliated and drained, Nicholas was right too... She knew what the consequences were, why was she provoking him? "I just can't do this, I can't come back after leaving. I can't do it," Elizabeth almost couldn't muster the strength for the words fast enough, but she took a breath and whispered, "Master."

Elizabeth could feel herself shattering. Why was this happening to her? How did he find her? Nicholas hadn't said anything yet, so Elizabeth snuck a quick glance up to see how pissed he was. He had been waiting for her to look back, Elizabeth found herself unable to look away as he stared her down. Surprisingly she held her ground and neither had broken eye contact when Nicholas spoke.

"You can do this, and you will do this. You have not broken yet and you will not break yet we both know that. Now go get in the bath and after we will eat."

Elizabeth's bath was calming allowing her to think about what was surely to come. He would punish her for escaping, it wouldn't be pretty and maybe she would break. It might be easier then dealing with being a slave again. Too soon a knock came letting her know it was time to get out, and dress for dinner. Elizabeth mentally prepared herself for whatever Nicholas had planned for the night. The compound was fully equipped, they even had their own theater building. Before she had escaped Nicholas had taken her out almost every night.

"Elizabeth, I am not going to remind you of our talk, and my dislike of having to wait on my own slaves."

Nicholas sounded mad again. Elizabeth made sure to make some noise when getting out of the tub. In the process water splashed on the floor. She would be punished for that later. Elizabeth sighed and opened the door to a pacing Nicholas. She was aware of his gaze raking over her, the bulge telling her everything she needed to know.

"Come here my baby bird, come kneel at my feet while I talk to you." Nicholas challenged Elizabeth.

Silently, so she did not have to address him, Elizabeth knelt at Nicholas's feet, palms in her lap and head bowed. Just like he liked. Elizabeth felt a rush of emotions, helplessness, anger, and even a little bit of wetness between her thighs that wasn't the water she hadn't toweled off. That last part infuriated her, she hated that Nicholas turned her on! It was just that she had always found power plays hot. This was different though, this wasn't a fantasy and Elizabeth remembered what Nicholas could be like. It made her feel crazy and out of control. Elizabeth pressed her palms down, steadying her breath, she could do this.

"I am pleased at your obedience little one." Nicholas started, "As you know, you will need to be punished. I want to make sure you understand you place, and what you are to me. I have arranged for us to travel and address the issue in front of the High Council."

Holy hell, Elizabeth started to cry, the High Council would probably order her death. The horror stories had been passed down to all slaves on the compound. Some slaves never returned, others broken. Elizabeth could only imagine the punishment of a slave that ran. Then was dumb enough to get caught.

"It will be fun. You will be tested, and all my superiors will be watching. You see before you disappeared, I had bragged, of my beautiful slave that couldn't be broken. It intrigued them, and now you have given them all a chance to prove me wrong." Nicholas laughed darkly, bending down to whisper in Elizabeth's ear, "But you are going to impress me aren't you Elizabeth. You will finally allow yourself to be mine. You will not allow them to break you because if you do, you will no longer be mine. I will have no place for you here Elizabeth."

Elizabeth looked up sharply. He couldn't really mean that!

"You made a promise to me once. I expect payment this time." Nicholas held Elizabeth's gaze before she dropped it.

Elizabeth did not know how to respond. She couldn't be his. She had no idea what she was promising when she made that promise to a different Nicholas.

Nicholas told her a few details about the trip and warned her again that if she allowed herself to break she would be of no use to him. After that he had her dinner brought in. It was Lamb leg with mashed potatoes and gravy. It was heavenly. Nicholas wanted Elizabeth to relax for the night instead of keeping her company he left shortly after she ate. A little while after Elizabeth noticed she was feeling drowsy, Nicholas must have out something in her food! She had to put in effort to stand and walk to her bed, it seemed so far away. Finally, she was in bed and sleep came.

"Elizabeth wake up"

Elizabeth's head throbbed, her mouth was dry, and she ached all over. The asshole had drugged her. Her eyes slowly opened, the room was dim so at least her eyes were saved from burning. The room she was in was small. It was hard to see but Nicholas's frame demanded her attention. She looked up at him and saw an almost maniacal expression that left almost as soon as her eyes touched his face.

"Welcome to the home of the High Council my sweet baby bird." Nicholas spoke low and threateningly. It rose the hairs on Elizabeth's neck making her shudder with fear. The stories about the place were filled with horror and Elizabeth knew she would meet an unfortunate end here. Nicholas was watching her face, seeing how she reacted to the news.

"Why did you drug me? How long have I been out for?" Elizabeth's voice was a panicked whisper, her throat cracking without water.

"Two days." Nicholas said simply. Elizabeth was scared, and he was enjoying the range of emotions that played over her face. She had no idea what she was in for. He had special plans for today, they would be going to see some other cases go before the High Council. Elizabeth's case would be handled differently than these cases, but she didn't need to know that.

"We had you on display and everything. I will show you the photos later. For now, I must inform you of the position you are in. As you know you are here to go on trial for your behavior over the last year and a half. Today we will be going to a viewing of some other trials that are happening. You will be dressed soon, in full, that includes a collar. If you fight, your punishment may not be up to me, which could result in something damaging. I am only going to warn you this once. I know you have probably heard stories about this place, for now believe them all and be on your best behavior. Maybe you will impress me" Nicholas trailed his eyes down from Elizabeth's face, to her creamy neck and down further. Damn. She pushed all his buttons both physically and mentally. She better not fucking break.

A hand brushed through Elizabeth's hair, then it tightened grabbing hold of her hair and pulling her head back Nicholas looked at her.

"I know you can do this." Nicholas's mouth bruised hers, nipping and sucking her kissed her, "You are mine and only I will break you, do you understand?

No one would break her! Elizabeth laughed, "I belong to no one -- Nicholas." She was going to die on this island and she knew it. What matters anymore? Instead of piss him off though she seemed to just amuse him. He kissed her hard marking her lips as his. He left nips that bled and bruised. It was a kiss of passion and possession. For a moment Elizabeth allowed herself to forget where she was and step back in time, giving him as much back as he took from her.

"Come it is time to get you ready." Nicholas broke off, his voice strained.

Nicholas dropped her off at the baths. There, some slaves, both male and female prepared her. They dressed her in lavender colored wrapped dress, it was beautiful, but it was also transparent if one looked hard enough. The male slaves held her down while one of females placed a silver collar around her neck. It was tight but not too tight and locked in the back. It was simple and most likely just a spare. Her collar had been much different before. Her long black hair they half tied up and half left in cascading waves. A touch of makeup completed her look. Soon Nicholas was back to get her.

The trail was set in what looked like an old opera theater. They were seated in a high box seat with another Lord and another slave. Nicholas sat in one of the two chairs and pushed Elizabeth onto the plush cushion at his feet.

"You are to remain seated here. Do not make me leash you." Nicholas broke the silence speaking to Elizabeth. "Lord Faeber." Lord Asbeey turned to the blond-haired man who occupied the other chair, "How have you been? Is Alaska treating you well?"

"It is a gold mine up there, Lord Asbeey. You should come visit sometime." Lord Faeber ran his fingers through his slave's hair "Found this beauty in a small native community. She had no idea what hit her!" The slave was pretty. Nicholas noted her darker complexion and hair. She was tall with curves and had an exotic look about her. Lord Faeber went on, "The girls up there don't have a lot to choose from and so it has been easy to start our small community. You will visit Old Friend?"

Nicholas promised he would make a trip up soon. They two men fell into a deep discussion about business and politics within the organization.

Elizabeth wanted to sleep. She wanted to disappear, maybe even just cease to exist. Instead she watched the seats fill up below her. Slaves and their masters. Lions and the lambs they have brought to slaughter. Soon the lights were dimming, and a man walked out on to the stage. He gave a speech and made some announcements, but Elizabeth's mind just wandered until the trials started.

"Trial one. Slave Annette of the house Wyndaham. Accused of stealing from the Lady of the house. Bring forth the slave."

A small red headed girl was drug onto the stage. Behind her they wheeled a cross, soon she was strapped up and crying.

"Lady Wyndaham found three of her jeweled rings in the slave's room after another slave came forth about the crime. The slave confessed and is here for her judgement and punishment. We have found her to be guilty and she will be strapped upon this cross for three days and after sent to the drudges to work."

Elizabeth would have to ask later what the drudges were. Why did it seem like a death sentence? For the next hour they applied different tortures to redhead until eventually she passed out. Elizabeth tuned out again. It was morbid and sick the different trials that went on, some for reasons that made no sense, their masters just had a sadistic sense of pleasure punishing them in front of people. Elizabeth saw girls and guys mutilated, fucked, and humiliated for what seemed like hours. Finally the host was giving a wrap up speech.

Nicolas leaned down to whisper in Elizabeth's ear, "Listen well my baby bird"

The host was talking about the trials that they had just seen, then he went on to announce tomorrow's event.

"And tomorrow my Lords and Ladies we have a special judgement and presentation. We had a rare situation arise- a runner!" The crowd started to move around and whisper to each other it was not often someone escaped.

"Now that she is back her Lord cannot wait to welcome her back to our community!" Cheers went up around the room. Elizabeth's blood ran cold and she had the sudden need to run. Unfortunately, Nicholas had a hand on her shoulder gripping it tight keeping her in place.

The host went on to talk about the festive that would be happening after, celebration. Elizabeth could barely understand a word he was saying. Her heart was pounding, a thin layer of sweat shined on her skin and all she could think about was what horror she would be subjected to in the morning. Nicholas had never been overly violent, but after seeing a female slave get her clit burned off, Elizabeth felt like anything could happen.

The host wrapped up the end of the evening and people filled out of the huge hall. Nicholas guided Elizabeth by the shoulder back to her rooms.

"Tomorrow is going to be fun." Nicholas devoured Elizabeth with his gaze. She looked vulnerable and terrified. It made him harder than he had been in a very long time, if not the hardest ever.

"Come here."

She looked at him and he could tell she was trying to think of a way out. She had no idea how much she was his. The day after tomorrow would the day she would give her all to him. She just didn't know it yet. She had not moved from her spot yet, her eyes franticly searching for something to protect herself with.

"Come here Elizabeth"

"NO!" Suddenly a book came flying out of nowhere and hit Nicholas in the chest. Silence permeated the room. Shock showed on both Nicholas's and Elizabeth's face. She seemed to snap out of it first. Maybe realizing the danger, she had just placed herself in. She turned and ran for the bathroom.

Nicholas laughed inside. He always had like a good hunt and there was nothing better to hunt then a slave.

Why did I do that Elizabeth inwardly screamed. She was in for it now. He would not tolerate violence against him. She knew this, but she couldn't just give herself up. Soon he was in the bathroom with her and towering over her. His eyes flashed but it wasn't anger in them, it was enjoyment, lust, and his dominating power. He grabbed her wrists in his hands, he hadn't said a word which freaked Elizabeth out.

"No! No!" Elizabeth cried out and thrashed against Nicholas. He felt rough and solid and smelt like a man. Elizabeth felt her cheeks heat up and her belly flutter. She would not think about all the orgasms he had given her! Her life had not been bad before, she just was not someone who could submit to anyone even to save her own life.

"I can't! I'd rather die than be back."

Nicholas laughed, looked down at her with the look of someone about to eat something they had been waiting for. He picked her up roughly and carried her to her bed throwing her on it. She tried to scramble off, but he grabbed her ankle pulling her towards him.

"You know you are just making this so much better for me, right?" Nicholas laughed when Elizabeth tensed up freezing her attempts to escape. She had forgotten how much he loved her to fight back. Nicholas climbed on top of Elizabeth. She had not realized that he had stripped, and his cock was at full attention and in her face. It had been so long since she had seen it she had forgotten how big it was. No way it would fit after a year of nothing but her fingers!

"Just a blow job for tonight my baby bird. Tomorrow the real fun begins."

Elizabeth locked her mouth together. There was no way she was going to suck him off. Then she couldn't breathe. He had plugged her nose and covered her mouth.

"You are lucky it is just a blow job and not something huge and painful in your ass. You will not refuse me." Nicholas's voice was low and full of anger. Elizabeth was starting to see spots when he let go of her nose and mouth. He allowed her to take in some sweet gasps of air before plunging his cock deep into her throat cutting off her air supply once again.

"Oh, I have missed this." Nicholas growled low as he gagged Elizabeth watching her face of panic.

Nicholas is going to kill me. Before he even put me on trial. This is how it ends. Elizabeth was in a full panic, but soon Nicholas pulled out a bit allowing her to breath. He waited for her to get some air before he told her to start sucking. Elizabeth grabbed his cock around the shaft her hand not reaching all the way around. God it was so big. Elizabeth sucked on the head. Swirly her tongue around it finding that spot all men went nuts for. Nicholas gripped her head again and Elizabeth tensed. He found a rhythm that wasn't cutting of her supply of air and he fucked her face.

"This is what you are good for my sweet baby bird. This is all you were made for- pleasing me. When will you accept that?"

Nicholas picked up the pace, again making it hard for Elizabeth to breath. He was close. And soon Elizabeth was gagging and swallowing a mouth of cum.


Fuck! Elizabeth had forgotten that rule.

"I forgot... Master" Elizabeth whispered the last part. Nicholas wanted to see his cum in her mouth before she swallowed.

Nicholas smiled down at Elizabeth. It did not reach his eyes.

"You forgot." He echoed.

Nicholas glared at Elizabeth.

"I am not going to punish you this time. Tomorrow will be punishment enough. If you forget again I will hog tie you for the night. Tonight, relax and try to rest, you will need it."

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