tagNovels and NovellasLondon Loves Ch. 12

London Loves Ch. 12


© Sadie Rose Bermingham & Bellora Quinn 2013

Apologies are due again for the long delay in posting Chapter 12. Bereavement and a wedding and some long overdue medication intervened but finally, at last, here she blows.

It's all starting to kick off up in the woods with Dom and Gabe. The usual warnings apply; if you don't like stories with a supernatural bent, don't read it. If you don't like vampires and werewolves and magic (oh my!), don't read it. If you don't like boy on boy action, don't read it. If you read it and find that you don't like it, it's not our problem, go and read something else. If you read it and find that you do like it, that's cool.

That said... enjoy.

They walked slowly through the woods, Rayne wearing nothing but Xav's sweatshirt and Xavier wishing he'd known Rayne didn't have even shoes on so he could have brought him his clothes. When they walked up through the back garden towards the house he could almost find the humour in how their roles were exactly opposite to how they had been when they first arrived, with Rayne none too steady on his feet and Xavier searingly overprotective and ready to rip anyone's head off that looked crosswise at him.

Dominic was watching out for them and as they wandered through the walled garden hand in hand, almost like a same-sex take on the legend of Eden, he came hurrying out with a long housecoat and wrapped it around Rayne's shoulders, practically drowning him in the sumptuous material.

"It's pretty, your Ladyship, but it doesn't go with my shoes," Rayne deadpanned. "And I'm not cold, really. I've got Xav to keep me warm."

Dominic looked from one to the other and beamed like a wicked cherub.

"You look way too pleased with yourself, Dom," Xavier observed.

"Young love always warms my old heart," their amiable host said without his smile fading one iota. He wriggled between them and slung one arm around both their shoulders as they wandered back towards the house. "There's nothing like it, Xavier. Love is a champion restorative, I promise you."

"...says the man who's never been in a steady relationship for more than fifteen minutes!" Rayne teased him.

Dominic made a rude noise through his nostrils.

"Steady relationships are for people with mortgages and hernias, doddering through life doing things they hate," he pointed out. "I'm talking about passion that could burn down a building; joy enough to light up the planet. You don't get that out of 'steady relationships'!"

Xavier was watching Dominic with wary curiosity.

"What? You don't believe me?" Dominic asked.

"No, it's not that. I'm just waiting for you to bust into song or something and go skipping through the daisies."

Dominic gave him a warning stare and Xav grinned back at him. "You do look a bit like Julie Andrews, you know."

"Cheeky pup! Am I supposed to take that as a compliment?" Dominic released them and performed an airy pirouette on the lawn. He came to a halt with his arms flung wide and laughed enthusiastically. "Wylde I can just about believe that of, but you are too young to be so jaded, Mr. Gavrilov. And I see just a little gleam of that magic in your eyes. What have you two been up to down by the lake to give you both such a delicious aura?"

"None of your business." Xavier said, shaking his head at Dominic and chuckling. "Just what kind of herbage are you growin' out here anyway? And why haven't you been sharing?"

"You never asked, sweetie," Dominic chuckled, blowing him a kiss. "I didn't think you smoked."

He turned back towards the house but winked at Rayne as he did so. "Someone's hungry I think."

Rayne, in turn, glanced at Xavier, then reached out to tow him closer.

"Do you trust me?" he asked quietly. "Do you trust me never to intentionally hurt you?"

Xavier's expression instantly became serious, and wary. Questions like that, especially out of the blue, usually meant something unpleasant was about to happen. He swallowed and nodded though. "Of course I do."

Rayne's lips caressed his cheek and slid to his earlobe then his neck, kissing and then nipping lightly at him. He took no more than a taste of Xavier, even less than the previous night but his mouth lingered there, moving sweetly, soaking up the warmth of Xavier's skin as his hands caressed his lover's body.

"You mean more than I can say in words, Xavier," he whispered softly. "And you taste so good, better than anything. I can't wait for you to be well again."

Xavier shivered under Rayne's hands as a warm streak of arousal flowed into him. "Mmm, neither can I..." He whispered back. "I'm almost all better now..." He said, although it was meant to inform rather than truly tempt. He knew Rayne needed a good feed right now, and he knew he wouldn't take it from him.

It struck him then, what he'd missed, and he could have slapped his own forehead for the moment of 'duh!' that hit him. That's why Dominic was prancing around like a stoned out fairy. He was about to get some fang! For a half second the darker side of him whispered that wasn't that just oh-so-convenient that Dom had invited them out here where there really wasn't a whole lot of accessible feeders and Xav was too weak to lose much blood.

It lasted only a moment though, because he knew Dominic had been genuinely concerned for him when he'd asked them to come here.

Rayne drew back and Xavier looked into his nearly colourless hungry eyes. He kissed his lips softly and tipped his head ever so slightly toward the direction Dominic had taken. "You need to feed, and get warm."

"Can't keep dinner waiting, it'll go cold," Rayne remarked with a knowing smirk. "Nothing worse!"

He kissed Xavier again, more tenderly, then touched a hand to his cheek as he turned to follow Lord Warren, whispering; "Thank you."

"Don't mention it." Xavier murmured once Rayne had disappeared in the direction Dominic had gone.

When Rayne reached the kitchen Dominic hopped up shamelessly onto the big table and tilted his head rather coquettishly at the vampire. Rayne rolled his eyes.

"You are mental, Warren," he said. "You want me to perform blood-sucking ravishment on the fuckin' table?"

"Ravishment!" Dom grinned at him. "I like the sound of that. Are you going to ravish me, Mr Vampire?"

He unfastened his shirt with a playful smile and leaned back, artlessly revealing what was still quite a decent body. Rayne took three strides that brought him between the older man's legs and he leaned over Lord Warren, shoving him back down on the table with one hand in the middle of his bared chest, then bent over him, still loosely clad in the long velvet housecoat like some degenerate 1920s version of Count Dracula. He bared his fangs and hissed theatrically.

Dominic sniggered, which totally spoiled the effect.

Xavier had come in quietly and he moved around to one side of the table as they were playing like they were in some camp teen romance. He bent to lean across, elbows resting just above Dominic's head, and his chin propped on his hands as he looked down at him benevolently. "He likes it better if you at least play hard to get." He told him with a wink and a grin.

"Hey-lp!" Dominic squeaked like Penelope Pitstop. "Hey-lp! It's the Hooded Claw!"

Rayne cackled enthusiastically, throwing the collar of the long, lightweight coat up over his head and springing up onto the table as light as a cat, one knee between his luncheon voucher's parted thighs, the other coming up and over his left leg to half straddle him, pinning him down on the table with both hands gripping his shoulders.

"It's payback time, Pipsqueak!" the vampire chuckled. "I'll take my quarter in the red-stuff, shall I?"

He and Dom vanished beneath the fluttering gown as Rayne dropped onto the older man like a hawk stooping on a rodent. From under the bucking lurching pall of velvet Lord Warren exclaimed, in a muffled tone; "Oh! Sweet Lady, that's... Ohhhh!"

Moments later, Rayne made a sound deep in his chest that was almost sensual, and Dominic echoed it, gasping softly. His left hand was stretched out beyond the hem of the long coat and it grasped at the lip of the table now, the knuckles turning white. His right knee, the one that Rayne was not astride, came up slowly, its bare foot trailing along the warm, polished wood, then sliding alongside Rayne's naked thigh, stroking up and down it encouragingly.

The vampire gulped quietly and moaned again, with definite pleasure this time.

This close to the pair of them Xavier could not help but be sucked into their growing sensuality. He had forgotten for a moment that he couldn't block it and the ribbon of desire that had floated through him when Rayne nicked him a minute ago stirred restlessly inside. Something was odd though, something not right... and then Xavier realised what was different.

He was used to being on the receiving end of Rayne's bite, but he was more plugged into Rayne's head right now rather than Dominic's. He was getting more of how it felt from his lover's point of view, and he was having a hard time not completely sinking into the delicious warmth. His eyes half closed and he trailed his fingers in a light caress from Dominic's white knuckled grip up his bare arm.

Dominic groaned huskily and the foot that was sliding up Rayne's leg eased over the curve of his hip, pushing the coat back and exposing the silken lines of his thigh and his arse. Rayne knelt back for a moment, shaking off the discarded coat completely, his lips parted around a fanged and bloody smile. Under him, Dominic's back arched as he pushed his hips up from the table, grinding against the vampire hungrily. His moss coloured eyes were closed but his mouth was still open and gasping as the blood ran down his neck from a much less restrained bite.

Rayne's gaze was molten green, the pupils huge and dark, giving him a distracted and slightly deranged look. He leaned forward and touched his bloody lips to Xavier's mouth in a brief, passionate kiss, then eased down over his friend's proffered neck again, tendrils of sleek, ebony hair screening the carnage. Dominic made a small, huffing sound, almost trying to mount the lean, nude vampire that straddled him. He clenched his teeth then cried out unrestrainedly as Rayne bit down again, sucking hungrily on the open vein.

Xavier felt like a shock of heat throbbed through him and went straight to his groin as Rayne bit their friend again. He couldn't have said what part of this little tableau turned him on the most. One thing he did know, Rayne wasn't trying to keep anything from him, it was almost like he was sharing the experience with him, sharing Dominic with him, in a way that couldn't be easily explained. The desire was still there, the heat of arousal gripping him, but something else too. A heady rush of power.

Rayne was holding himself above Dominic and Xavier eased a hand between them, his fingers splaying over Dom's bared chest and teasing over the peaked buds of his nipples. His face was turned toward Xavier while Rayne fed from his neck and Xavier leaned in to kiss his parted lips very softly.

"Oh... Darling," Dominic whispered huskily into the echoing space between them. "It's just so... ohhh..."

He shuddered with pleasure as Rayne slid a hand down between them now, rubbing and caressing over the bulge in the snug-fitting crotch of his tight jeans. Rayne too was magnificently hard, the head of his dick nudging the backs of Xavier's wandering fingers, so lush and wet. The vampire moaned ecstatically, his tongue swiping Dominic's neck as he lapped up every drop that he could from the bite wound before it began to heal. His deft fingers moved lower as he knelt back, unfastening Dom's fly, popping the little silver button and working the zipper down quickly so that his friend's stiffening cock could escape the constraints of the denim. It was long and slender like its owner, poking up easily past his navel.

"Aaahhhh... yessss!" Dominic crooned eagerly as the vampire began to fist it gently in one hand. "Oh Ray, please!"

Xavier's hand slid down the warm skin of Dominic's chest and stomach to join Rayne's. He curled his fingers around the smooth domed head of his cock as Rayne's fist slid down his shaft to the root. They stroked in tandem up and down, Rayne still lapping at Dominic's neck and Xavier recapturing his lips for a longer deeper kiss.

Rayne licked his lips, his eyes still heavy and dark with sensual pleasure as he watched Xavier kissing and stroking Dom just as eagerly as he had been doing. Dominic's eyes were closed and he was almost purring with delight, weak from the vigorous exsanguination but still lusty enough to respond to their lips and hands.

Rayne touched his lips to Xavier's ear whispering; "Suck him. I wanna watch. Suck his dick and let him suck you. He's really good, I promise."

Xavier didn't even need to think about it. He was hot and horny and willing to do whatever Rayne wanted. It was a good thing the table was made of heavy dark oak because it's sturdiness was the furthest thing from his mind as he slid down beside Dominic on its surface.

Rayne moved back and Xav licked a wet trail down Dom's sternum. His soft plush lips closed delicately around the silken head of the other man's cock, surrounding Dominic in warm wet heat as Rayne's hand inched further down, ahead of Xavier's sucking mouth, almost like he was feeding him Dominic's dick.

"Uhhh... that's the way!" Rayne breathed, his fingers trickling lower to cup Dominic's balls as he felt the warmth of Xavier's breath against his wrist.

Turning onto his side to lie head to tail with the younger man, Lord Warren unzipped him with a surprisingly steady hand and swallowed the head of Xavier's stiffening cock unhesitatingly. His tongue caressed the curving underside of the blond's shaft as he nodded down on it slowly. Kneeling at the small of the older fellow's back, Rayne's lips curved in a delighted, fanged smile as his pale eyes observed them both keenly. He lay down along the line of Dominic's naked back and licked delicately between his shoulder blades as he began to finger the writhing aristocrat slowly, easing two thrusting digits into his clenching arse as Xavier suckled on his eager cock.

Xavier had seen Dominic naked more than a few times, and Dominic had certainly not been shy about taking voyeuristic pleasure watching or listening to Xav and Rayne's passionate tumbles, but they'd never taken it beyond that before. It didn't feel strange to Xavier though. It felt as natural as breathing to slide his lips around Dom's turgid cock.

His own insatiable prick swiftly swelled as he was engulfed in the wetness of Dom's mouth. His hips swayed slightly, pushing deeper into that wonderful moist heat and he moaned softly as he took Dominic down further as well. He nodded deeper until the plump head slipped past the constriction of his throat and pulled back out again, almost to the tip, before plunging in once more. He kept to that pace for a little while, long, slow, deep strokes that soaked Dominic's shaft in saliva and his own pre-cum and elicited a soft, sensual pleasure.

Dominic was weaving his own net of delights over Xav and he was more than happy to fall into it, moving his hips in small circles as Dom sucked him. As the pleasure started to grow Xav switched technique, making his strokes shorter and faster, lips and tongue exploring all his most sensitive places, edging him up.

"Mmmm... you wicked old queen!" Rayne chuckled in his ear as his fingers frigged deeper and harder, making Dominic wriggle and moan like a cheap whore. "You do like that, don't you, sweetheart?"

Dom nodded enthusiastically on Xavier's pulsing shaft, letting the movement tug his lips smoothly up and down the hard shank of the younger man's eager cock. He eased a hand between Xav's buttocks, tugging the back of his jeans down firmly to expose him, and stroked his fingertips seductively up and down the smooth crevice between those silky peaches.

He mumbled a muffled response that could well have been "delicious!"

Xavier mimicked Dominic's movement, sliding a hand between his thighs and over the curve of his ass. Rayne already had two fingers buried deep but that didn't stop Xavier from adding a digit, pushing inside smoothly with Rayne's next thrust. All the while he kept up a steady nodding suction designed to melt his friend into a puddle.

Dominic was going into overdrive, his breath coming hard and fast over Xavier's balls now as he bucked on their invasive fingers, still delirious from the draining Rayne had just given his jugular.

The vampire moved up over him, nipping him again now as they pushed his buttons, sending him up on a sexual skyrocket that coaxed little growls and whimpers from his throat simultaneously. Dom's caressing fingers began to thrust into Xavier almost of their own volition.

Xavier's swivelling hips bucked a little harder, pushing his stiff pole into Dominic's receptive mouth as those long slender probes invaded him. His own little mewls of pleasure vibrated around the rampant cock jutting down his throat. Xav matched the thrust of Rayne's fingers, working them deeper and harder until Rayne slowed and then he pulled gently one way while Xav pulled the other, stretching Dom open even further.

"Cut him loose, I'm going in!" Rayne purred against the sanguine wetness of Dominic's neck. He had slowly extricated his fingers and was rubbing the head of his cock gently over the inviting little hole they had helped to create, tensing to push himself deep inside.

Dominic mewed weakly, a little sound caught trembling, between joy and anticipation. His lips pulled seductively on Xavier's erection, and his tongue was still lashing steadily against the underside of that lovely mouthful of cock. Xav's hand drew back as Rayne slid in. He cupped Dominic's balls and rolled them gently in his palm as Rayne's slow thrust pushed Dom deeper into his mouth. He relaxed his jaw and his throat, letting the plump cock head slip easily back and forth past the tight ring of his throat.

His body was buzzing now, suffused with sensations. A long heavy cock fucking his throat, the press of searching fingers pulsing inside him, the delicious wet suction on his throbbing prick. His breath huffed hotly through his nose and his abdominals tightened and quivered as he edged closer. God, he wanted it; was so hot for it. His fingers tightened and kneaded Dominic's thigh muscles as he went down with a single-mindedness that shut out everything else but the need to come.

Dominic almost mirrored him, whining softly as Rayne stroked into him, bucking back and forth frantically between the vampire's pulsing prick in his passage, vigorously stimulating his prostate, and the hot wet mouth and rhythmically constricting throat muscles that milked his sex. His fingers caressed the sweet spot deep inside Xavier with infinite tenderness.

At the same time, Rayne's thrusting cock-head pounded on his fuck button until he could not take any more. It was as if the vampire's fangs and his pumping phallus formed a circuit of sexual energy within Lord Dominic Warren. That energy reached its peak in him now. With a little, gasping scream that was almost feminine in timbre but no less powerful, he let the two beautiful boys tilt him into the sensual abyss, shooting hard and fast into Xavier's mouth.

Xav purred as the slightly sweet salt spilled over his tongue. He swallowed greedily, his own bucking hips carrying him up and up into a dizzying vortex of sinful pleasure. His mouth pulled off Dominic with a wet slurp after the last jet and he gasped for breath, a sharp cry on his lips as he tipped over and came in a flood of bone-melting heat as well.

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