London Nights: Adultery's Respite


"Oh God, you're incredible!" she was saying, but he could only hear snippets of her voice because her thighs kept covering his ears.

After a little while, she clearly wanted some attention on her clit, and he dutifully responded, kissing around her little button before engulfing it in his hot, wet mouth. He sucked gently, then stronger as he started to hear her moaning becoming forceful.

He was given the occasional dip into the well of her syrup, but then his focus centred mainly around her clit, and to Mac, it didn't seem long before he felt Anna's whole body trembling, quivering like a frightened rabbit, rivulets of her juices seeping into his mouth.

Then suddenly, the door burst open and a security guard burst in, draw by her cries.


It was three o'clock, and Mac didn't know where the time had gone. The club was closing, the punters leaving in their high-collared raincoats, weaving through the streets of Soho towards the classier parts, back to respectability.

He had been lucky – so amazingly lucky. He had spent some wonderful hours, taken his mind well and truly off things. He had had the amazing fortune to receive a dance from an exquisite girl – and ended up bringing her to a screaming orgasm with his mouth, tasting her sweet little pussy, drinking her juices.

So loud had her orgasmic cry become, that she had drawn the security guard from down the hall into the room. Thankfully, she had pulled herself down, away from Mac by the time the big oaf had entered the room.

"I was laughing, Greg, only laughing!" she said, patting him on the back. "You're so over-protective sometimes!"

She flashed him the kind of look that could have won over any grown man in an instant, but in Greg's response Mac sensed the man was probably gay.

Mac felt left. For a few hours, his mind had been somewhere else – now he was back to reality and it felt awful. Everything came back, as though he were waking from some wonderful dream back to depressing normality.

He felt the sharp pang of pain skewer his heart – he had lost his beloved wife. He had lost his wife, and he had fallen for someone in one evening. Surely not. He knew love - he'd experienced love. Was this love? It felt like love. But it could have been just lust. Why should it be love? He didn't know her from Eve – he hadn't really spoken to her, found out her little quirks. He'd just sucked on her pussy for a while. Made her come.

Why he was now waiting out in the street, nobody knew. Not even him.

He could still taste her on his lips, the tangy, exciting flavour of a young girl he'd never met before that night. A girl who had all but smothered him in her slick little pussy. After she'd ushered the security guard back out, she had grinned and said no one had made her feel like that before, he must have experience.

Now he was back to reality, though. Reality, and the truth about adulterous wives.

He was adulterous too, now, he supposed. It didn't matter. He didn't care any more, it was all over. It didn't matter who was at fault – he wouldn't argue custody of the apartment if she wanted it.

It was the loneliness he couldn't face. The thought that some other man, some younger man, was having his way with her.

"Hey!" Small hands reached up from behind now, covering his eyes. It made him jump, but then instantly feel gladness warm his heart.

She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, she looked so normal except for the make-up highlighting her facial features a little too much – stage paint, almost. She looked like an ordinary girl, except that she was too pretty to be an ordinary girl.


She said, "Walk me home?" And hooked her arm into his he felt his cock grow to full hardness as he felt the silky skin of her arm against his.

"Where's home?" he asked.

"Not far."


She wasn't kidding – she had a flat in Soho itself, down a fairly gloomy little street a few blocks away. As she fumbled with her keys, he suddenly worried that this might be a set-up – what if she was doing this for money?

Anna seemed to read the expression on his face, even in the dim street-lighting, for she said: "I don't do this, by the way. Not usually. I'm not a call girl. I just happened to like you."

All Mac could think of to say was: "Why?"

Door open, she draped herself over him again, and with her lips just millimetres from his, she said: "You saved my life."

He looked at her, and it came back to him. She was the girl from the street. She must have had him brought into her club after he had thrown himself in front of the car to protect her.

She saw that he was uncomfortable in the role of life-saver, that she was wanting to sleep with him because she felt he owed her something. She said: "Yeah – and besides, you're cute and you made me come more than anyone I've ever known."

He smiled warmly, and she threw herself at him.

In a rush, they were in through the door, and he was following her up narrow stairs to another door, which in turn led to a tiny flat. He didn't notice his surroundings particularly, his focus entirely on her, his beautiful nymph, his cock so hard for her. And they were scrambling to remove their clothes, collapsing together on the small unmade bed.

He kissed her knees, then slowly up her skin. Her skin tasted so very clean, with the slight scent of apples from the shower she'd taken after her dancing shift had ended. He reached her inner thighs, from where the scent of her oozing vagina was becoming strongly apparent.

Under a sprinkling of golden pubic hair, her soft pink vulva glistened with her moisture. He had wonderful access to her succulent folds, and carefully began to lick around the light curls that sprouted around her labia and on her mound. He looked up, his gaze moving over her slender figure to meet her eyes and reflect her smile before he placed his tongue on her pussy lips.

Flat at first, he gently pulled his tongue over her inner labia, tasting her irresistible juices from her pussy once again, this time with him in control. It was wonderful: salty, tangy, slightly sweet – the refined taste of femininity. Exquisite. He penetrated her hot vagina with his tongue, then began to really eat her, driving his tongue inside her, lapping up her free-flowing nectar.

He found her clitoris and flicked it gently with his tongue, licking around the little sensitive bud before diving back into her wet pussy. When he felt she was ready, he concentrated more on her clit, engulfing it in the heat of his wet mouth, sucking gently for small bursts, building up in intensity as her noises increased.

Anna's slender thighs locked against his ears and her hands pulled his head down, urgently seeking every pleasure his mouth could permit. He lapped up her free-flowing juices – his every sense tied up with her pussy. It was such an intimate moment, such an erotic act.

Looking up briefly, he smiled as he saw her stroking her beautifully-shaped little breasts. Her moaning became louder and louder, steadily more desperate for full release. Jack kept up the maximum contact he could with her velvety pussy lips and stiffened little clit with his mouth and his tongue, mopping up her tangy emissions as best he could, but as he detected her climax approaching, he went one step further and slipped a finger gently into the girl's vagina.

He loved how wet she became from his efforts, which only drove him on to lap up her ambrosia like a man possessed. It wasn't long before her hands closed around his head, pulling him tight against her pussy as she rode his mouth to earth-shattering orgasm.

Anna bucked like a wild horse as her massive orgasm hit like a tidal wave. Breathlessly, her moans turned into high-pitched yelps as the surge of energy swept through her and a flood of her come poured from her rose-petal pussy lips, which Mac sampled like a fine wine.

"Oh God, I can't believe how good you make me feel!" she said as he licked her clean, being careful to avoid her most sensitive areas. "You aren't going to stop now, are you?"

"Absolutely not," he grinned.

"Fuck me, then. Now."


Anna flashed him a sexy smile, then turned onto her front, presenting him with her sexy butt, giving him a cheeky wiggle to draw him in. In a flash, he was there, straddling her and guiding his cock gently to her wetness, pushing into her slowly until the head of his penis popped inside her and he felt the irresistible heat and pressure around his sensitive helmet.

He lay on her, limbs either side taking his weight, and moved his hard erection deep inside her. Anna couldn't help but let out a quiet groan as he filled her with his hardness, his hands reaching round to enclose her soft breasts.

It helped that she was so very wet, for though she was exquisitely tight around him, his hardness slipped inside her comfortably, gliding in and then out without a hitch to hinder the heavenly connection between them.

He held her close to him, holding her cute little breasts as he controlled the movement of his cock inside her, kissing her neck as her moans became louder and higher in pitch. He could hardly contain his own moans as he felt her tight vaginal walls squeezing his erection, sensing echoes of her own feelings as ripples of energy transferring from her moist, smouldering pussy to his flesh within.

He sank his face in her mass of brown hair, breathing in the scent of apples as he continued to push his cock inside her then withdraw, squeezing inside her glorious tightness.

She seemed close to the end, building up her moans into near-wails, but then she suddenly squirmed out from under him, escaping his embrace. He was surprised for a moment, wondering if he'd done something wrong, but then she turned him and straddled him, sinking down on his powerful hardness only to begin a seductive dance on top of him – just like one of her dances from the club, except that this time, she was impaled on his cock in the most delicious manner.

"I want to look in your eyes when you come inside me," she said to him, by way of an explanation.

She leaned down to his mouth for a moment, pressing her little breasts to his chest as she did so, before sitting back up, riding him like a cowgirl, holding up her hair and letting it fall, flow down her back to free her pert breasts for his viewing pleasure. She flashed one of those lustful smiles his way, and he could almost have exploded there and then, but she wasn't quite there. Almost.

She stroked her own breasts, teasing her nipples as she began to moan, her mischievous expression fading into the serious expression of serious arousal. Fun and games were ending now, they were moving to the imperative, the road to orgasm.

His hands had been holding her slender thighs, helping to guide the rhythm of her rise and fall on his erect cock, but now his strong, wide hands swept up her body, gliding around her sweet curves to cup and cover her supple breasts, focusing on her stiffened nipples.

As her cries turned almost to screams, she leaned forward and pressed her hot mouth to his, her hair chaotic and everywhere as she seemed to be trying to push her whole body close enough to him to merge into his own form.

And they were a whirl of energy, movement, sweat and sugar.

"Oh... oh..." and it didn't take much to realise she was hitting a tumultuous climax.

Her cries, sounding as though she was struggling for air, her fervent movement gaining added desperation. "Oh please... oh please..." she said breathlessly – words that were hardly necessary, but came from the heart.

It felt so wonderful, even as her body shook disturbingly strongly, and he was so impressed with her vigorous orgasm that he almost forgot to time his own – almost missing the wave.

He didn't though – perhaps there was no way he could, the way her tight little pussy gripped his cock, squeezed, craving his come. As he felt her go over the final edge, he released himself completely, letting go everything, feeling his come surging up through his erection and filling her young pussy with his hot seed.

It took them a good while to recover sufficiently to even speak. For more than a few moments, they just lay there, gasping.

Then she said, breathlessly, "Mac?"

And he replied, breathlessly, "Yeah?"

"You won't ever leave me, will you?"

He turned to her to see an expression on her face that he could only describe as adoration.

"Never," he said.

And he found that he no longer felt any kind of pain.

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