tagNonHumanLonely Halloween

Lonely Halloween


"Trick or Treat!"

I grinned at the little kids, giving my best wicked witch cackle as I loaded up their goody bags with chocolate. It always made me smile to see them, their faces lit up with excitement and sugar overload, their costumes transforming them from ordinary kids into superheroes, princesses and monsters. It was all a part of the magic of Halloween for me, and I sighed as I watched the kids skip down the pathway back to their patient parents, feeling a little bit wistful. Normally, Matt would be standing next to me, making scary faces at the kids and flashing them the fake fangs of his Dracula costume. I smiled as I remembered the way he'd tried to use those fangs on me the night we'd met, our drunken tryst turning from moans to laughter when the cheap plastic had bent, lodging against his teeth and requiring several minutes of awkward fumbling to remove. I'd teased him that I'd cursed his fangs, keeping him from sucking my blood, and when he finally removed the mangled plastic he'd responded by holding me down and giving me a hickey so big I'd had to wear turtlenecks for days. The sex had been hot, amazingly so, but more than that I'd been impressed by his wit and sense of humor. When he called me the next day and asked about a date, I was all too happy to agree.

The smile faded from my lips as I closed the door on the departing trick-or-treaters and settled myself on the couch, tossing my witches hat on the floor and half watching the terrible horror movie playing on the tv. This was the first Halloween that Matt and I had been apart since we'd met and frankly, it sucked. I'd been looking forward to playfully helping to dress each other in our costumes, handing out candy to the kids, and when the doorbell finally stopped ringing, fucking each other like rabbits until the sun came up. We'd both always loved Halloween and it had taken on a special significance for us, with Matt proposing to me a year to the day after our first meeting. It seemed only natural that we would hold our wedding on Halloween as well.

And yet here I was, alone and lonely on Halloween, wishing Matt were here instead of driving home from a business trip. He'd tried to leave early but when he'd called me that morning and said that he couldn't start the 7 hour drive until at least 10pm, my heart sunk. We both knew it was necessary, and the promotion we'd been hoping for was almost guaranteed by his extra work, but it didn't make it any easier for me. I'd dressed up as usual, wearing my custom black corset with the black velvet skirt and pointed witch's hat, but the sexy thrill I got from seeing myself looking so wickedly hot was dulled by his absence.

With another sigh I mentally prodded myself and reached for the remote to switch off the movie. I wasn't normally the sort of person to mope, and I didn't like how pathetic I was being. I supposed the wine I'd indulged in wasn't helping my mood any, but I decided it would be best just to go to bed and try to sleep. Matt would come home in the dark hours of the morning and I was sure he wouldn't be too tired for a quick romp in the sheets. What was one night without him anyway, even if it was our night?

The doorbell rang again and I frowned, glancing at the clock. It was getting late for little kids to be out, but perhaps some teenagers were still wandering around, hoping for free candy. Not bothering to replace my hat, I headed for the door and threw it open, cackling as eerily as I could, but there was no one there.

"Typical." I muttered, rolling my eyes at the absent troublemakers who had rung my doorbell and then ran. I reached over to turn off the porch light, hoping to discourage any further visitors, and shivered as a gust of icy wind swirled around me and into the house. I gasped and felt my nipples harden under the thin silk of the corset cups, and then laughed ruefully as I closed the door. "I must be more hard up than I'd thought if a gust of wind can do that." I thought, turning back to the living room and preparing to head to bed. I paused suddenly, stiffening as I felt something lightly touch my hip, but when I spun and looked, there was nothing.

"Oh, Molly, it is definitely time for bed." I sighed, heading for the windows to draw the curtains. I smiled at my reflection in the dark glass, loving how the light made my long dark hair shine, and then shrieked as I again felt something touching me. This time it wasn't gentle, and I stared openmouthed at my reflection as my skirt began to slowly lift, seemingly of its own accord. I grabbed at it, staggering backwards and flinging my arms around, trying to make contact with whatever was doing this, but there was nothing there. My skirt was still rising, slowly and inexorably as I struggled with it, trying to hold it down. I fell to my knees, panicked and terrified and suddenly it stopped, everything becoming still. I was kneeling there, panting and wild eyed, searching the room desperately for an answer, when I felt a soft caress on my cheek. I whimpered, closing my eyes, and a warm breath blew across my neck, carrying with it a scent I knew all too well.

"Matt?" I whispered, feeling crazy even as I said it. There was no answer but the gentle stroking of my cheek. "What's happening?" I whimpered, too scared to open my eyes. Another soft breath blew across my neck and I moaned as it was followed by lips pressing against my skin, softly kissing me just the way Matt always did. I shook my head slowly, unable to understand what was happening, and then whimpered again as the hand stroking my face slid down to rest on my stomach, pulling me back against a hard chest. My eyes flew open and I stared at my reflection in the window, bewildered and scared as I watched a strand of my hair be tucked behind my ear by an invisible hand. I felt the hand on my stomach creeping upwards, tracing the line of corset hooks til it reached the smooth skin of my cleavage, and then moaned again as it traced along the edge of the fabric, dipping just far enough underneath it to tease me. My nipples, already hard from the cold, tightened into sharp little points and I whimpered in anticipation. I glanced up at the glass again, and then closed my eyes, willfully denying what was happening to me. I didn't understand, couldn't understand, and some part of me didn't want to. If I was going crazy, so be it. If this was simply a delusion born of wine and loneliness, I could accept it.

I arched my back, thrusting my breasts forward, offering them up to be touched, and the hands obliged, skimming under the silk and stroking across my nipples, gently tweaking them before cupping my breasts and kneading them. I sighed and arched my back further, pressing my breasts into his hands and tilting my head back until it rested on a warm, solid shoulder. I felt the straps of my corset being drawn down until my breasts were bared and I squirmed slightly, suddenly self conscious about the open curtains. My eyes flew open and I began to rise, intending to hide myself from potential voyeurs, but the hands grabbed my arms and held me in place, forcing me to look at myself in the glass as a single finger traced itself down my belly and began to gather my skirt. I stared, fascinated, as my skirt rose over the tops of my stockings and then further, revealing my delicate lace panties. The hand pushed my knees apart, spreading me open and displaying me, and I began to pant softly, turned on by the wanton image in front of me. I gasped suddenly, bucking my hips, as I felt the hand grab hold of my pussy and squeeze it possessively, grinding against my clit and pulling me back against him. My hands flew to where I knew his arm must be, grabbing at it in protest, and he let go of my pussy long enough to grab my wrists, transferring them to one hand before raising them over my head, stretching me upwards and arching my back provocatively. I watched, equally scared and turned on, as the front of my panties was pulled forward and a finger began to work its way down into my wet slit. I groaned, pushing forward against it and then cried out as my clit was pinched. I felt a flood of wetness in my pussy and when the finger slid lower and then thrust itself up into my cunt, I screamed, a shocking orgasm rolling over me.

I knelt there, panting, and stared up at the window. My arms were stretched upwards, exposing my pert breasts and hard, red nipples, and my legs were spread obscenely, the crotch of my panties darkened by my juices. I could feel the invisible hands lightly stroking my breasts, painting my nipples with the cream from my pussy, and there was something hard pressing against my ass, promising more pleasure in my future.

"Matt," I groaned, unsure if this was even real anymore. "Matt, why are you doing this?"

I felt the hand on my breasts still, and then slide up to cup my face, pulling it back so my head was against his shoulder. I closed my eyes again as a breath blew across them and then sighed as a warm mouth came down on my lips, kissing me gently, but with passion. Whatever this hallucination meant, this was Matt I was kissing. I knew the taste of him, the feel of him, and I moaned, kissing him back, sucking on his tongue and nipping at his lips. He continued to kiss me, less gently now, and then his lips moved to my neck, nibbling and licking until he suddenly bit down, hard. I cried out, and my eyes flew open just as he let go. I stared at my reflection but before I could speak I felt myself being hauled to my feet and pushed forward. I struggled slightly, unsure of what was happening, and then yelped as I was pressed up against the window, my nipples hardening against the cold glass, my hands held behind my back.

I could only see a little bit through the reflection, but the trees outside were whipping in the wind, their leaves flying through the air and scuttling along the street. An eerie mist has risen and clouds were scudding across the moon, casting sinister shadows on the ground. I moaned, feeling like I had stepped into some sort of bizarre horror movie, and then yelped as I felt my panties being yanked down to my ankles. I wobbled, struggling against the hands holding me, and then felt my breasts being pressed even further into the glass as my hips were pulled outwards, arching my back and presenting my ass to whatever was behind me. I felt a cock, Matt's cock, sliding up and down the crack of my ass before dipping lower and pressing against my pussy. I whined softly, pressing back, suddenly desperate to feel him inside me, and was rewarded by the head of his cock slipping into my soaked cunt. I closed my eyes again, not wanting to think about how I must look, tits pressed obscenely against the glass, being fucked by an invisible something, and concentrated instead on the pleasure emanating from my dripping pussy.

He drew his dick back, sliding out of me, and then slammed forward, impaling me fully and making me cry out. He began to fuck me hard, my face and tits rubbing against the window, my eyes screwed shut as I focused on my stuffed pussy. I pushed back against him, ignoring the rational part of my mind that was screaming out in terror, and groaned as I felt an orgasm begin to build in my belly. My nipples were tingling as they rubbed up and down on the cold glass, and my pussy was on fire, loving every thrust of the hard cock pummeling me.

"Oh yes, fuck me!" I panted, "Fuck me hard!"

He complied, letting go of my wrists to grab onto my hips and slam himself into me, his cock brushing against my cervix with every stroke. I braced myself against the window with one arm and reached down with the other, fondling his balls a bit before bringing my hand up to rub my aching clit. It didn't take long before I was screaming in orgasm, my head thrown back, my pussy clamping down on his dick. I felt him tighten slightly inside me, but instead of coming he grabbed my chest, pulling me back from the window and spinning me around til I fell forward, landing on my hands and knees on the carpet. I yelped in surprise as his cock immediately thrust back into me and then began to moan again as he fucked me with brutal strokes, punishing my pussy with every thrust. I glanced over my shoulder and then quickly turned back, shutting my mind to the image of my reflected ass and gaping pussy being fucked by nothing, and concentrated again on how good this felt. It felt like Matt, smelled like him, but Matt had never been this rough with me. I cried out again, another orgasm approaching, and vowed to make Matt, the real Matt, not whatever this imagination, dream, or hallucination was, fuck me like this when he came home.

I was just on the edge of coming again when he pulled out of me, prompting a cry of dismay. My disappointment quickly turned to lust when I felt his cock pressing against my asshole, the thick mushroom head spreading me open and making me groan in pain and pleasure. I had always loved anal sex and Matt had been only too happy to oblige me.

"Oh, please fuck my ass. Yes, fuck it!" I moaned, pushing back onto his dick, stretching my own asshole. The head of his cock popped in and he paused, letting me adjust for a moment before ramming forward, making me take the whole thing in one thrust. I yelped and then began to cry out, waves of pleasure washing over me as my ass was fucked hard. I reached one hand back and started playing with my clit again, tweaking it and spreading my juices around before sliding two fingers into my grasping cunt and thrusting them in and out in time with the cock in my ass.

"Oh, fuck, yes! I'm going to come. Oh god, I'm gonna come with your cock in my ass." I cried.

I felt his arms wrap around me, one around my waist, the other grabbing my breasts and his breath was hot in my ear as he shoved himself into my asshole even harder, pounding me like I'd never felt before. I exploded in orgasm, my vision going white, my ass clenching down on his cock even as I felt it swell and begin to spurt inside me. I was crying, tears running down my face at the ecstasy of it all, and I didn't even notice the pain when he clamped his mouth onto the side of my neck and began to suck, hard. I writhed against him, my orgasm stretching longer than I could have imagined possible, and then with one final thrust, he went still. I could feel his cock softening, sliding out of my ass, and something warm and wet was dripping onto my shoulder.

"...Matt?" I whispered, suddenly overcome with an even deeper fear.

The breath sighed again, and I felt a kiss being pressed to my neck where moments before he'd been sucking it.

"I'm sorry, Molly. I love you. Don't forget me." Came the whisper, just barely heard over my gasping breaths.

"Matt!"I cried, but there was nothing. The arms holding me faded away, and I collapsed on the floor, stunned. I rolled to my feet, staring at my reflection in the window, lifting one hand to touch the hickey forming on my neck. It was in the exact spot as the one Matt had given me that night, the first Halloween we'd met. I moved my hand over a bit and touched the wetness on my shoulder, bringing it to my lips and tasting salt. With a wordless cry I crumpled to the floor, sobbing.


When the police came to the door in the morning, I was waiting for them. I'd wrapped myself in Matt's old bathrobe and was sitting on the front porch, my eyes swollen from crying, my feet bare, ignoring the icy bite of the fall air.

"Um, Ma'am?" said one of them, hesitantly. I looked up at him, only barely registering the words.

"Ma'am, I'm afraid we have some bad news about your husband..."

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