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Lonely Housewife


This is a story about role-play between a husband and wife. If you were expecting a cheating wife, this is not that story. This is a real loving wife. I hope you enjoy it anyway.

This story, like most that will be submitted by me , is a collaboration between my beautiful wife and myself. We have been writing stories for each other for some time, and have decided to share them. Some are true, some are fantasies, but I won't tell which... Enjoy.

Lonely Housewife


Knock, knock, knock!!

Lonely housewife: "Can I help you, sir?" Seductive eyes drink in his buttoned shirt, silky black tie, and black cotton pants.

Salesman: "Yes ma'am. I am from the company Suck 'Em and Fuck 'Em. I am here to see if you're interested in what I have to offer." Holds up his briefcase, but nonchalantly thrusts his pelvis forward.

Lonely Housewife: "Well, sir, I think you should cum on inside and show me what you've got." Grabs him by the tie and pulls him inside. Candles lit, porno on the television, she pulls him towards her bed.

Salesman: "I see you already have our free sales video... enjoying it, I hope?" She nods and stands closer to him. "Are you ready to see what I have to offer you, ma'am?"

Lonely Housewife: "Mmm... I believe it's more like what I have to offer you..." Her pink bathrobe falls to the floor revealing her sexiest red lace nightie, reaching only as far down as the middle of her butt cheeks, her thigh highs, and her knee-high boots. Her hands move to his tie and begin to undo it. Her lips move to his and kiss him hard, licking his tongue with hers.

His arms pulled her to him as he kissed her back, wanting every part of her body to be close to his. Her hands fiercely removed his tie, his shirt, then his pants. She sank to her knees and wrapped her mouth around him.

Salesman: "Who would want to leave such a hot piece of ass alone all day? That's what my company aims to remedy. Oooh yeeeeaaaahhhh... that's riiight... suck it baby... such a hot, wet mouth... mmm, you do that so well..."

Lonely Housewife: "You're so big and hard! Let's see what kind of deal you can make me," she said as she continues to stroke him with her hand and tongue.

Salesman: "I don't normally do this for customers... but I guess I must make the exception for such a sexy little slut."

Lonely Housewife: "I only do this for sexy salesmen..."

She stood up and kissed him again. He pushed her down on the bed and knelt before her, spreading her legs. No underwear stood in his way... his mouth sank into her, tasting every drop she had to offer. She moaned as he found her sweet spots, grabbing at the blankets beneath her as moans turned to begging screams. He suckled her tightly, taking her pleasure quickly to blissful orgasm.

He pulled her to her feet, kissing her deeply, letting her taste herself on his tongue. She turned him and pushed him to the bed, climbing atop his hardness. He pushed into hot wetness and began moving inside her. She gasped as he entered her, feeling his largeness fill her. She started moving herself on top of him, feeling every inch of him move through her. He pulled her down to kiss her, still moving inside her. Her breath quickened as another orgasm built deep inside. She sat up and rode him expertly, crying out in ecstasy. She came so hard, juices spilled forth onto him. He felt her insides shudder around him and her hot cum swirl around him.

Once her cries subsided, he lifted her off of him and stood up, lowering her to her knees and ordering her to put her mouth around him again. She obeyed and handled him well, drinking his cum down with a smile when he cried out and throbbed in her mouth. She stood up and kissed him again.

Salesman: "This concludes my presentation. Any questions?"

Lonely Housewife: "Well sir, I believe we have a deal... But first, I would like to see that presentation one more time..."

Lonely Housewife played by Me.
Salesman played by my Hubby.
Last night, 10PM.
Role-playing is fun.

Afterwards, I lay on top of him, cuddling, kissing his body. He became aroused again and pushed himself inside of me. I continued to lay on him, but moved him inside of me. I fucked him just for fuck's sake. Just to HAVE him inside of me was enough. His hands on my back, his lips crushing mine... it was all too different and incredible. We stayed joined like this for so long... He finally pushed me onto my knees on the bed and came at me from behind. Mmmm, doggie style... my favorite. He slid back and forth, nice and slow... then pounded me fast, making me scream obscenities at him. I told him to fuck me with his huge cock... my pussy so wet and hot for him... make me cum baby! Oh fuck fuck fuck!! I came all over his cock. He spurted his cum into me right at that moment, crying out his second time this night. I screamed with him, hoping it felt as good for him as it did me. I could keep him inside me forever...

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