tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLonely Programmer Pt. 03

Lonely Programmer Pt. 03


The Uninvited House Guest

I knew that this call from my brother was going to end up with me in front of my computer, so I meandered back in that direction, pit-stopping at the fridge for another beer. I took the last swig from the first and left the empty in the sink. I immediately took half of the second one down in almost one pull. Sawyer was already with one of her own and another for me. I took the third one and was happy to see it still closed. I was just about done with number two when the Skype popped up on my computer again. I needed to minimize a half a dozen screens to get the box where I wanted before answering again.

"Bro, WHAT. THE. FUCK?!" as all Jim's frowning face came up with when I finally clicked 'answer'.

"I'm sorry man, what's up?"

"I've been looking for you all day!"

"It's my weekend off, Jim, I was sleeping in. You remember what that's like, right, Asshole?

"Whatever, slacker... Hey where the fuck are you? I don't need to see your sweaty homage to a collage frat house."

"What? Oh, shit, sorry, I was moving stuff around and the camera got moved, too. Besides, that couch cost more than half of what you paid me for my first game." My brother and I share a unique relationship. We insult each other to prove who loves the other more... Or who's least 'Gay'... Brothers... Am I right?

I completely forgot about my slumber party straggler while riffing with Jim.

"It cost HOW MUCH?!" Sawyer said, coming into view while dragging my office chair's ottoman over to sit on, completely in view of the camera, seemingly memorizing my older brother's contribution to the Spyke conversation.

"So that's why you look like Spring Break in Tijuana?! Were you trying on each other's dresses all night?" Jim said, not slowing down his show of affection. His eyebrows showed me he was impressed, though. Maybe it's what we don't say/say that shows the love?

"He was busy gettin' the three of us out of our swim suits last night." She said right into the camera.

I almost choked on another swig and overly cleared my throat.

"Sawyer, this is walking Pussy is my brother, Jamey."

"Don't call me that, Fucktard. James or Jim, if you prefer, Miss Sawyer."

"Jimmy, why are you buggin' poor Alex, here?" Sawyer said not missing an opportunity to join the Boy's Club in her own way.

"Well Ginger, it seems that Alex "the Stud" here, never sent us the complete coding noted on PO'd Pigs. Now we need to make sure he still has it all and can send it to us again." Jim fired back with a smile on his face staring back at his camera.

"Fuck me..." I said

"No thanks!!" and "Again?!" they said over each other.

"Look, Alex, We have a Tech adviser coming over to drop a hard line into our system for you so you don't need to compress your files and yada-yada geek speak bullshit anymore. They will be over in a few hours with your security FOB and some other shit. Be nice. Larry is still pissed off at you from the last time."

"Larry is a tool and tried to convince me that Time Travelers walk among us. He's probably exactly the type of geek you think I am." I said.

"You're prettier and have a lot more money that him. You can hide it better." He said in return.

"That almost sounded like a compliment, Alex." Sawyer chided.

"Almost, Red. Almost doesn't count for anything. Anyway, Be nice to the Tech and stay out of the way. I don't want anymore fuck ups."

"Blow me." I barked poorly stifling a smile.

"Okay!" Sawyer said stroking my inner thigh. I just now noticed that she didn't put her bikini bottoms back on under the beach sarong. I'd been unconsciously stroking her hip and ass with my arm around her during the whole conversation.

Jim looked at me with squinted eyes and said "Call your Mother."

"It's funny, I feel like I was just talking to her."

"Oh, FUCK. Yo-" * click * I cut him off as his come back fell short.

(The Tech will be there between 2:30 and 3, asshole. Clean yourself up and act like the millionaire you pretend to NOT be.) Was Jim's final swipe at me. I already had my mouth on Sawyer's neck when the Spyke text came through, but she saw it.

"Alex... Alex baby, hold on." She mumbled.

"What?" I said looking up tracing her gaze to the screen. "Oh... well, damn..."

"Why are you slumming on the night shift at a hotel for fourteen dollars an hour when you're RICH?!"

"Who the FUCK makes $14/hr? Do you get paid that much?!" I skeptically shot back.

"Don't change the subject, Casanova." She said a little too sarcastically.

"I'm well off. I'm not really rich. The term 'millionaire' means if I liquidated all of my assets, I'd have a lump sum of over one million dollars. Rich is something I'm not. Not really."

I could tell the math meant nothing to her. She was still letting the wheels turn in her head. She got lost in some fantasies of exotic trips or a new car, but then it looked like she settled on my humble living and was impressed.

" So you still work because...?"

"I want to? It gives me time to work in peace and helps me keep a schedule. I know I probably don't have to work anymore, but it also helps me keep the games and work separate. There's WORK and there's making GAMES. I don't want it to turn into my job. Jobs aren't fun." I probably over explained it to her and you probably already got the jist of it if you read the earlier chapters, but I still have to say it to myself sometimes to keep it forward in my mind.

It was at this moment, that Sawyer made me realize that I was no longer living a loser's life.

"Ya know, the girls and I thought it would be nice to come over and help you celebrate your little house warming. We had NO idea that you'd be shacked up in this house. We all know we were never close at work, mostly because of the scheduling, but we all liked you just fine. We never bugged you about yer love life er nothin because you looked so lonely and tired all the time. You were pegged as a nice loser that worked real hard. Now, we know different. You coulda been partyin and sleepin around and been the envy of the whole department. If management knew that you had all this programmin shi... stuff... down, you coulda moved to days and got a big raise. You didn't want any of that, did you? You're pretty amazing. I should tell you to wear a cape, but something tells me you already own one, ya nerd."

That was the most Sawyer ever said to me at one time. There was no sexy talk or bossy work bullshit in there; just real Southern sounding classy shit.

After a long pause she finally said to me "You're alright, Alex." suddenly sounding less Southern and much, much softer. I'm gonna take another shower before your play date gets here."

"I think I'll join you." I said after finally breaking my pensive trance.

I managed to grab my Home Manager Tablet off of it's cradle and followed her to my bathroom. One of my favorite parts of this house is the Master suite bathroom. Finally, a bathtub large enough for my long and pudgy ass as well as a shower stall that I don't have to worry about knocking into cold tile walls or touching the slimy curtain. This baby would be a snuff fit if all four of us were in there at the same time, but Sawyer and I had plenty of room to stretch and play.

The Tablet stood on it's own legged frame on the counter top and luckily, neither it nor the shower glass fogged up. I could see the security cameras cycle and hear any intercom interactions from the shower. I was hoping that the Tech wouldn't show up early.

None of my shower stuff was designed for a lady's use, so Sawyer focused on me. There's two shelves in the stall large enough to sit on. She eased me down once the tiles were nice and warm from the cascading water. She decided that top to bottom was the best course of action if she were going to give me her best "Southern Hospitality" treatment. She washed my hair, my neck and my shoulders first while I was seated, given my significant height advantage. When she stood me up, she focused on my nipples, making sure that the space between the studs running through them were clear of any fuzz or dirt. She eased her way to my abdomen, which has more "love" on them than I'd like, but she didn't mind. You can already guess that not having a six pack was not a deal breaker for her or her buddies. She had me turn around and face the wall. I instinctively "assumed the position", being raised in NYC. She giggled and even kicked my feet apart for better access. After making sure my back and ass were thoroughly squeaky clean, she began massaging my foamy body wash into my balls and shaft from behind. Her kisses were clearly felt on my mid back even after the water washed them away.

I was fully hard again when I finally turned around and grabbed her waist. I lifted her up and slammed her into the wall, my hand padding her head and neck from the unforgiving tiles. As she slid down the warm wall, she easily slid right onto my cock. Our ministrations were neither loving nor fuck-like they were precise and deliberate. There was no worries of over doing it with a virgin goody-goody and no fear of hurting a much smaller frame. We met each other at each thrust, even with her suspended in the air with her legs wrapped around the backs of my thighs. In fact, she could almost stand up and slam down on me with her powerful legs gripping me that way; flesh slick with water be damned.

Sawyer gripped the hair on the back of my neck, making me vaguely aware that I needed a hair cut as she climaxed wordlessly. We pounded into each other until she finally loosened her vice grip on me and found the floor with her feet on top of wobbly legs. The opposite seat acted as a perfect ledge to brace herself on as I entered her from behind. I could feel my own climax climbing to the surface for the third time through foursomes, virgins and a modest amount of alcohol. I wasn't holding back like I always felt I needed to do.

The animal, my Wolf, was coming out to play and I didn't need to worry about Him hurting anyone. I didn't need to worry about Him taking over at inopportune times like at the pub or during a sporting event because he was getting his fill of Sawyer. He was easily content battling my inner demons as long as I fed him a prey or a solid Mate-worthy fuck session. There was no obsessing over anal sex or blindfolds or any of that kinky sex my normal deviant mind was interested in. The Wolf either wanted to Eat/Fuck, Mate or Battle. My primary Id was already taking a sabbatical by this point, so I wasn't sure, at the time, which He was indulging. Judging by my personal lack of control and the reciprocated actions of my partner, I'd have to guess Mating, but I know the outcome of the next few chapters. I'm in the future, too.

"Cum with me! Cum inside me! It's safe!" She screamed. There was little I could do but oblige her. I could feel her gripping me like a batter choking up for an inside pitch. My orgasm synced perfectly with hers as a comically envisioned puff of smoke erupted out of the tip of my cock. This was, after all, my third go around in less than a whole day.

She righted herself and embraced me with her open mouth on mine as the rapidly cooling water cascaded off of us, washing away our devilish evidence. I wasn't even aware you could sweat in the shower.

After toweling off and redressing, I noticed that Sawyer was wearing a cute little sundress. It was yellow with light pink flowers on it here and there. She magically had produced it, a bra and matching panties. She no longer looked like a seasoned beach bunny like yesterday or earlier today. Her hair was still damp, but pulled back in an expert ponytail; the kind you'd see after a swim meet.

I managed to pull on a pair of board shorts and a loose light blue linen button down. I'm pretty sure the buttons were never once undone and it's never seen an iron. Ever. It was a perfect shirt for lounging on the back deck and watching summer fireworks at night.

There was the loud roar of an engine and the sound of crunching gravel out side. I could tell it was from my driveway.

"The Tech is here." I said. "Let's be on our best behavior."

"Sure, sure..." she said already sounding bored.

I remembered to grab the tablet from the bathroom just as the intercom chime rang. I did a double take when I saw who was at the front door. Sawyer leered around my upper arm after seeing my expression in the mirror.

"A Lady Tech! This could prove interesting after all!" Was her reaction.

I barely managed a lumbering gait down the stairs to the front door. Sawyer had already stolen the tablet and fixed the cycle to just the front porch and studied the poor, unsuspecting Tech, practically breathing in her aura through the electronic device.

"She's not ugly, I'll give her that." the two cameras on the porch faced down over the front step and one was fixed to where the peephole would be in the door. She scanned both views and was spouting comments on her appearance.

"How many colors do you think are in her hair? 3? 4? they are all so blended it's tough to tell! I wish I could do something so cool like that!"

"Don't you touch those fiery locks of yours, Missy!" I barked almost paternally. Natural red heads are so tough to find, nowadays.

"She looks like one of those 'Mungo' girls from your backwards comic books! So pretty!"

"Manga? Okay... Try to act cool, yeah?"

"She's such a BADASS! All those colors in her hair! Oi! Her head is shaved on one side! Is that a neck tattoo?! That carrier bag is so cute! Look at all the patches!" She said as she turned the tablet in my direction; just long enough for me to see a blurry blur of a blob.

"Uh huh" I replied really not thinking more of her than an obligatory invasion of my inner sanctum, compliments of my ass of a brother, Jim.

After a quick swatting of Sawyer's hand at the door handle and a pleading look, she composed herself long enough for me to take a deep breath.

The intercom chimed once more, hinting that our newest guest was growing impatient. I pulled the door open finally seeing my reluctant guest clearly for the first time. She stood maybe 5'4" in her 3in blue heels. Her hair was every color of an 8 count crayon box I ever had and looked like they were melted together in the dryer. The left side of her head was, indeed shaved to the crown, leaving a modest amount of peach fuzz. She wore a near uniform-looking white blouse with rolled up sleeves and a tight fitting blue sweater vest over it; looking dreadfully over dressed for the Alabama summer air. She added an A line skirt down to her knees with a slit going up to mid thigh. I can see why she was so eager to get inside. She was visibly perspiring at her temples and exposed cleavage. Her messenger bag was indeed covered in patches and buttons of various anime and rock bands; most of which I recognized. I also noticed a significant wear pattern; telling me she was carrying a large, heavy laptop. She reminded me of Ramona Flowers in a way. I wonder if her boyfriend is pocketed in that bag, too. Her complexion told me that she spent a lot of time indoors and/or preferred the night life like I do.

"Aurora Tibbalt. Please call me Rory. You must be... Axel?. May I come in?"

"Alex," I corrected her politely, "Please come in." I immediately felt sorry for her if she needed to work side by side with Larry.

She looked me up and down with unsure eyes. I'm pretty sure she's seen a few game developers/ programmers before and definitely noticed that I didn't track with any of her preconceived notions. She's met the likely chubby, shut-in, gawky guys. But she's never seen a guy like me doubled over a rig pounding away code. She's probably never even included me in a category remotely close to "equal".

She glanced at the tattoos on my legs and creeping over my shoulders clearly visible through my thin, gauzy shirt. My nipples, forever hard, with modest gauged steel running through them poking the translucent fabric on my chest. I looked like a 3rd string bouncer at a second rate night club more than a computer geek.

To her, anyways... I'm assuming.

Sawyer was surprising patient, waiting for her introduction, knowing she'd probably sound too eager, hungry, desperate, aggressive, what have you.

"This is Sawyer. She's a good friend of mine and my house guest for the weekend. I'm sorry to see not everyone gets off on the weekends." I said breaking the tense ice forming in the front hall of my house.

"That's okay. Your handler covered my airfare, lodging and is paying me double overtime. He was lucky to get me on a 5AM flight. Getting the rental car was a different story, though. I waited for the first return at MOB.

"Your, or his, first mistake was flying into Mobile. It's a nightmare. Do you have a return flight? You're better off flying out of PNS, err... Pensacola." Sawyer said truthfully.

"If Jim is paying the bill, let's have her fly out of Gulf Shores." I said kidding, of course... No, really.

"No way that'll happen, Axel. Don't be mean to your big brother." She scolded.

"James is your brother? That explains a lot. You're like the same person but complete opposites at the same time." Rory said.

"Awe, shit... You know Jamie?! Don't call me Axel, Missy..." I said. "Wait... 5AM flight? You're not from NYC are you?"

" I live in Palo Alto, but I work at the Silicon Valley office of the company your brother brokers you to." She said.

"He's cutting himself out as your middleman. The Tech stuff is over his head. You still have the support of his company's legal team, but you just earned yourself an official liaison. That's me."

"Makes sense. He's a salesman and sold me to the highest bidder. No need to hold my hand anymore, I guess. I'm still kicking his boney ass for not telling me, though."

"Ha Ha! You're so hot, your pimp couldn't hold onto you!" Sawyer said.

"In a matter of speaking... Yeah... I'm your new handler. That reminds me. Here." Rory said, while retrieving an envelope from the front zipper pouch of her bag.

"My new pimp?" I sighed. "There wasn't any missing files from my last note pack was there?" I said while opening the envelope. It was a check for, let's say 20 more houses... "Umm... What's this?"

Rory looked down and to the right swinging up to the right in one full roll. "Ummm... Nope. I'm here to hard line you to the server at home and get your security clearance squared away. I'll be here for the week at 'Blahblah Hotel' (You don't need to know the name, Reader!), Then I'm setting back for the other three weeks. And back for one again. That's the remaining collateral after the forming of Axel Premier."

"That's Our Hotel!" Sawyer said beaming at me, My mind still not following...

"Pardon?" Rory asked looking rather confused.

"I moon-light at that hotel. Sawyer works the day shift with the rest of my friends." I said calmly after knocking a cob web in my brain loose. I was certain that Jim had something to do with this. He still denies it to this day saying that it's the only hotel in town he knows by name. Even his jocky, cocky, Luddite ass can Google "hotels in the gulf coast area".

"I'm afraid that you might not have the time to work a second job anymore. It'll be pretty hard to run your own company working a graveyard shift." I swear... At any moment, she was going to call me "Senpai".

"Huh?!" Sawyer and I said in unison. "Wait... What?!" I said letting the check slip out of my hands. Sawyer grabbed it before it found a home on the floor.

"Whoa... That's a lot of zeros... James was right, Millionaire."

"Oh, yeah... You're now the CEO of Axel Premier. I'm your COO and Liaison to the transition. It's all pretty standard nowadays."

"I'm gonna take a minute to let this process... Let me watch some TV while you work. Sawyer can you show her to my office, please? Get her anything she needs, too please." I said feeling suddenly green.

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