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The light of the hallway is dim and dark yellow giving it an almost darker vibe which Simran is unfamiliar with. She walks down the hallway slowly, looking around at each door as she passes it. Her mind is working overtime trying to fight her morals, her upbringings and making excuses that what she is about to do is not wrong, its just her need which she wants to be fulfilled. Its this need that has brought her to the second floor of a cheap motel in Delhi making her way to door no.204. This powerful need which needs to be fulfilled.

Her heart is beating faster than it ever has, its beating so loud that she thinks anyone across the hallway could hear it easily. She hated the look that the bellboy gave her when she asked for the way to room 204. He looked at her like she was a prostitute. Is she? She is just frustrated with her life. At this point she isn't sure what to tell herself. Life seems very complicated and very simple at the same time.

She never was a risk taker but now she is gambling her life, her marriage and the promises she made to her family, her kids and her husband, especially her husband. Can she take this step and put everything at risk just for the sake of a little pleasure? Not just little pleasure, its more. Much more.

''Is this worth it?'' she asks herself now outside room 204.

The dark brown wooden door she is staring at is just at arms length away from her. She has to knock on it, just a little knock on the door with her small fingers and that's it. That will take her out of her complicated life and open the door for simple pleasurable moments.

"I can do it," she tells herself taking a deep breath. Her ample breasts heave up and down in her low cut red top as she breathes heavily. This would be the second time this month that she will cheat on her husband.

"I'm gonna do it," she tells herself again, looking left and right in the dark hallway to make sure she is all alone. She brings her left hand up and knocks on the hard door twice.


The sound is like a slap on her ears because she knows now the door will open and she has to face the music. Her fantasy, her dreams, her expectations, all the buildup upto this moment is behind this wooden door.

Is he inside waiting for her or is this all just a dream? Yes! That's what this is, its a dream and soon she will wake up beside her husband in their marital bed and everything will go back to normal. Normal? That's the reason she is standing here because she is tired of normal, she wants more than normal, she deserves more than normal she argues in her own mind.

Just then the door opens interrupting her train of thought and a tall guy appears from behind the door. He looks at her taking in her beauty, her red shoes, her tight blue jeans showing her curves, her red top showing her creamy cleavage and her pretty face with her hair hanging down loosely. He smiles and she returns his smile with a smile that is fake as she is nervous and doesn't know what to do?

"You look good, come in," the guy says making way for her to enter the room.

"Thanks," is all she can muster, then moves in the room passing the young guy who inhales her sweet fragrance. Her body lightly touches his and a shiver runs through her body and she caresses her bare arms with her shivering hands.

"I wasn't sure you would come."

"Me neither," she replies looking around the room.

It was a decent size room painted dull pink, with a big bed in the middle, a tv at the corner, a chair at one end and a dressing table on the other end. There was a door which she presumed would be the bathroom.

"You look good in that dress," he said staring at her from behind.

"Its the first time I'm wearing a jeans, normally I wear salwar kameez or a sari," she replies facing away from him.

"I know. There's always a first time for everything. Even the good things."

"Yes... it-" she pauses as she feels him come up behind her to interrupt.

He takes his lips close to her ear and lightly blows his hot breath then whispers lightly nibbling her ear, ''You know what I'm gonna do to you?''

She shivers at his touch and hot breath, and tries to move away from him but is unable to move any muscle.

He kisses her ear and then takes it in his mouth and starts sucking. She moans at the new sensations washing her body, no one has ever kissed her ear. She knows its going to be different from what she is used to.

"Uhhh," she cries in a low voice as he gently bites her earlobe and plays with it between his teeth, lightly scraping it.

He wraps his muscular arms around her body in a hug and starts caressing her stomach with his big hands moving them in a circular motion. She can feel the warmth of his hard body pressed against hers. He brings his right hand up her stomach and grabs her left breast in it, squeezing it, feeling the firmness through the light fabric.

"Mmmmhhh," she cries as his left hand goes down her stomach and under her jeans.

She places her hand on his calloused hand which is trying to go to her treasure. He can feel her trimmed pubic hair at the tip of his fingers and his hand caresses her pubic mound. He leaves her ear from his teeth and gently bites on her neck just below her ear, then sucks on her neck as his hands play with her breast and her pussy mound. His left hand goes further down and makes contact with her wet slit, he moves his hand up and down her slit spreading her wetness all over her pussy.

She loses control of her body at the tingling sensations forming from her pussy and moving all over her body, allowing him to manipulate her body at his will.

"You're wet. Very wet," he whispers in her ear.

She cries loudly and bucks her hips against his hand as he rubs her clit with his thumb and inserts a thick finger in her wet pussy enjoying the heat of her tight moist hole as he sucks on her ear.

He withdraws his hand and pulls her top up over her breasts and pulls her red bra cups down revealing her ample bosom and erect nipples. He starts kneading her tits, massaging them and pinching her nipples, pulling them, twisting them as his left hand goes inside her jeans again and works its magic on her pussy with his fingers and thumb alternating his rubbing with slow and fast speed.

She has never felt all these sensations at once and shudders as her body is washed through with her first orgasm of the day from the constant rubbing of her clit and finger thrusting inside her tight wet pussy. Sensing her orgasm he withdraws his finger out of her pussy hole and pinches her clit and sucks on her neck increasing the pleasure and intensity of her orgasm.

She screams throwing her head back in his shoulder, her eyes are closed and her mouth opens revelling at what this young man is doing to her body.

He pulls his hand out of her jeans, unbuttons it and pushes it down her thighs. He caresses her smooth thighs with his hands enjoying the feel of her soft skin on his hard hands and squeezes them. He pulls her panties down and looks at the view which has been on his mind for days, its mesmerizing and its his desire now.

He grabs her ankle and remove the clothes from the feet one by one. He removes her shoes and brings her feet close to his mouth and licks her red polished toe. She grabs onto his shoulder for support and looks down at him sucking her toes. This is another first for her, she likes the feel of his hot mouth on her toes, sucking and licking the skin as she closes her eyes and lets the pleasurable sensations run through her body.

He removes her toe from his mouth then kisses her ankle and places it on the floor and grabs her other foot. He does the same with it and when he is finished he grabs her thighs and looks up at her. Her eyes are closed, her hands on his shoulder.

He turns his head and kisses her wrist and asks, "you like it?"

She opens her eyes, there is lust in them and says as if enchanted, "yes."

"Another first for you?"

She smiles shyly and nods her head biting her lower lip as he is rubbing her thighs just below her pussy. He stands up, removes his t-shirt and looks down at her dark eyes, "the bed is waiting for you."

He holds her hand and guides her to the big bed. She sits on the edge of bed with him towering over her. He is looking down at her and wants to devour her but he doesn't want to scare her off and besides today he just wants to enjoy her body.

"Open your legs and lay back," he says and she does as is asked while he sits on his haunches on the floor and places her left leg on his shoulder.

He looks at her pussy which is wet by now, the lips are swollen and the trimmed black curls shine with the wetness. He moves closer inhaling the scent of her arousal as she closes her eyes and waits for what is about to happen. His tongue snakes out and licks the pink slit from bottom to top, Simran shudders as the contact of his tongue on her sensitive pussy awakens buried passion in her.

He slowly licks around her pussy lips, making his tongue roam on the wet soft skin around her pussy. He kisses her left pussy lip, then with his tongue gives that sensitive pussy petal a lazy hard lick. This makes Simran shudder and cry out as her pussy is on fire. He takes her pussy lip between his lips and starts sucking on it. He sucks her pussy lips for a few seconds then gives her pussy a long slow lick making her buck her hips for more.

He starts licking at her sensitive clit like a hungry cat and she starts shuddering and twisting her head side to side. He puts her clit in his mouth and starts sucking on it hard. The pleasure is too much for Simran to bear and she lets the waves of her orgasm wash over her with a loud scream.

He starts lapping up all the juice that her pussy has produced, licking all around her needy pussy. She pushes at him hard with her feet so that she can breathe and calm herself.

He gets up and looks at her lying on her back, breathing heavily, her bra cups down showing her erect nipples, legs spread and pussy wet. He smiles knowing he has caused this but he is not finished yet. Now its his turn to enjoy. He removes his pants and underwear and brings his hard cock at the entrance of her pussy.

"This time I'm gonna enjoy it a lot," he says looking at her lust filled eyes.

She just nods as he rubs the tip of his cock on her slit up and down lubricating it with her overflowing juices. He places the cockhead at her opening and pushes in. She moans as the tip of his swollen cock enters her already drenched pussy.

He slowly pushes further until he is balls deep in her depths and stops, revelling in the warmth and tightness of her pussy wrapped around his cock. He grabs hold of her waist sinking his fingers in her soft skin and starts moving in and out of her at a steady slow pace. Unlike last time when he didn't get enough time to enjoy the tightness and feel of her snug pussy, today he has all the time in the world.

She starts moaning and clenches her fist grabbing the cheap bed sheet as he quickens his pace and thrust harder into her underused pussy. Her eyes are closed and her lips parted with the sound of her moans vibrating out her throat.

"I love your pussy," he says thrusting deep into her and grinding his pubic bone with her clit, crushing it and making her cum on his cock buried deep in her depths. Her hips gyrate due to his actions.

"Do you love my dick?" he asks her as her pussy is bathing his cock in its juices.

He pulls out halfway and thrusts hard into her hard, she screams at the pain and pleasure of his hard thrusts.

"Huh! Tell me Simran!"

He withdraws till the tip is left inside and thrusts into her hard shaking her to her core and she screams tilting her head. Her orgasm reaches new heights. He does it again, again and again making her shake and quiver with the hardness of his thrusts and she comes again as his cock is buried deep in her well lubricated pussy.

This is what she was missing, this is why she came to this cheap motel so she can cum like this and get fucked like never before. Her mind goes almost numb from the intense pleasure that she is receiving, her whole body feels sensitive and is mildly shaking, her fists clenching the cheap bedsheet tightly.

"Tell me you love my COCK!" he grunts slamming his cock in her again.

She tries to speak but she could not muster any words from her mouth. Its as if words are stuck in her throat and wouldn't come out. Her eyes are closed shut and mouth agape as he withdraws his cock fully from her cumming pussy.

"Tell me what you want? Do you want my cock? Huh? Do you want me to keep fucking you like this? Huh? Tell me? Say you love my cock. SAY IT!" he shouts at her.

She opens her eyes and screams herself, " YES! YES! YES!" she breathes heavily trying to compose herself and says staring at him, "I love your cock in my pussy."

He smiles, sweat formed on his forehead and a drop falls from his nose. He slides his cock inside her pussy and starts fucking her hard and fast. Her sweaty breasts start swinging making her thrail in ecstacy and scream with passion. Her feet wailing beside his hips and smacking them on each outward thrust. She cums again screaming as he buries himself one last time in her and starts spilling his seed in her womb. He falls on her rubbing his sweaty body on hers.

She pushes him aside unable to bear his weight and he moves to the side. His deflating cock springs out of her pussy slick with both their cum. They are both looking at the ceiling enjoying the afterglow of their intense fucking session and falls asleep.

She wakes up and hears him talking on the phone but is unable to make out what he is saying due to her dizziness. She opens her eyes and stretches her arms lazily. She sits up and looks down at her naked body except for her bra which is exposing her tits and her swollen pussy which has been fucked thoroughly today. She can almost still feel the cock inside her.

He comes out of the bathroom and looks at her, he is dressed nicely, "It was Neeraj, he says you're not picking up the phone and Rishi is sick so he is taking him to the doctor."

She closes her eyes as guilt comes over, "its on silent mode."

Her son is sick and her husband is taking him to the doctor while she is naked with his husband's friend.

"Well you should call him so he doesn't worry about you and tell him you would be home in around an hour,"

She looks around the room and meekly replies, "I will call him."

He walks towards her and kisses her forehead, "this was amazing. We should do it again,"

She nods and gives him another fake smile.

"I have to be somewhere so I'm gonna leave, you can have shower, get dressed and go home. I have taken care of the room. OK?"

She nods again unsure of what to say.

"I'll see you tonight at dinner," he says and walks towards the door and looks back at her, "love you bhabhi." And walks out of the room leaving her alone and naked on the bed where they had just been fucking.

She stands up grabs her clothes and goes in the bathroom. She goes under the shower and as the water hits her hot body she caresses her naked wet body. As the guilt and reality of what she has done sets in she presses her back against the wall and sinks to her feet and starts crying.


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