tagRomanceLong Absence

Long Absence


She returned after long absence, his once upon a time love.

She was young and needed her freedom. To stretch her new found wings. He, just old enough to understand and wise enough to let go. Yet... she held a place still in his heart.

They hugged and exchanged chaste kisses. They were, after all, only friends now. They talked over lunch, laughed and caught up. He told her stories that made her giggle. In the pauses he drank her in, silently, with his eyes. Smoldering looks she once had called them.

After dinner he suggested they stretch their legs. He knew a lovely park along the river. As they strolled they joked about a prior walk where they got lost. He promised that could not happen here.

At a bend in the river, in a small clearing, they paused. He reminded her of a similar clearing in a different place and time. They kissed, then, this time holding the kiss only a moment longer, with just the slightest exchange of breath. They touched upon that moment where if he pressed harder, her mouth would open. He eased back from that place, not knowing her desires. As he did his hands slid across her ribs and his thumbs just brushed her stiffened nipples through the fabric of her t-shirt. So light and quick it could have been an accident...but wasn't. He looked at her half closed eyes and softly smiled.

Returning to his apartment, they relaxed and watched a movie together. She pled fatigue from her trip and retired to the guest bedroom. He sank into his favorite deep arm chair to read, and fell into slumber where he dreamed.

He awoke to find her standing next to his chair clad only in a long t-shirt.

"You fell asleep, silly" she said as she took the book from his chest where it had fallen.

"You know I sleep out here often. I think I hate to go to that big empty bed. It's a lonely place with only one there."

She stood closer. Her thighs pressed against his.

"Go to bed, hon."

She bent down and kissed him. This time neither pulled back. It started soft and gentle. Her lips parted, just a little. The tip of his tongue just touched them. Hers darted out in reply. It was a light exploring kiss that seemed to go on for hours

She slid into his lap. The kisses continued, growing harder and more passionate. Tongues probing and teeth lightly biting at lips. His hands gently touched her, learning again the feel of her skin and the ways to make her feel passion. Her fingers traced lines across his face, touching his beard, running through his hair.

He slipped his hand under the hem of her shirt, moved it upwards and cupped her breast. It was so warm and soft. He felt her long nipple grow stiff as his thumb rubbed across it. The kisses grew deeper , longer, and slower. She moaned, softly.

Drawing back for a moment she pulled her t-shirt over her head and then eased back into his arms. Her head nestled on his shoulder as one hand softly caressed her bare back and the other her thigh. They sat that way for a while, just holding and touching.

Then the kissing started again. His hand slid along an inner thigh as his mouth found her nipple. Her thighs spread and his hand went to the place where they met. As in the past he found it moist and ready. His finger slipped between the lips quite easily. Her clit was already engorged.

"Were you dreaming sensual dreams, too, you wicked girl?"

She nodded in response, too caught up in the feelings his fingers caused to speak.

He eased her to her feet and stood next to her. She glanced towards his bedroom, a question in her eyes. He shook his head no and nodded towards his club chair. She sat, looking up at him. Once again he just gazed at her, taking in the beauty that was before him, naked, with slightly tousled hair. It was enough to drive any man insane with desire.

Kneeling on the floor in front of her, he spread her thighs wide, placing a leg over each arm of the chair, causing her to slide down and bring her pussy closer to the edge. Slowly, he kissed and licked and lightly nibbled down each inner thigh. He marveled at the smooth silky texture of her skin. As he got lower he could detect her scent. The scent that only an aroused and receptive woman has.

His lips lightly kissed her pubic mound, going around but not quite touching the lips. He could see they were moist and pouting, aching to be spread. But not yet. He trailed his kisses and licks closer and closer, teasing her.

She gave a frustrated little moan and moved her hips. He pulled away and gave her an evil grin. She grabbed his hair and pulled his face into her. Her need had overcome any shyness.

Now he started licking at her pussy lips...lapping up her flow of nectar. He used his thumbs to part the lips, exposing her swollen clit. As his tongue lightly flicked across it, he used the tip of one finger to tease the opening below it. Feeling the juices flow from her, he spread them lower down with his finger, rubbing them over the tight little ring and teasing that as well.

Soon the licking on her clit grew more urgent. He started to add sucking, lightly at first and then harder and harder. His finger started slipping deeper into her pussy. As she responded to that he then curled his finger slightly upwards...pressing on that one spot certain to give her pleasure.

He felt her getting closer to that point...and backed away a little. He was teasing again, letting her get close then backing down. Alternating light licks and hard sucking. Slipping in one finger, then two, then none. Changing constantly and making her uncertain what would be next.

With a growl she said "Dammit make me cum...please make me cum".

A command he would not, indeed could not refuse.

Sucking hard and fingering her both front and back, she was soon bucking against his face. Her thighs pressed against his head as she lost control. Her face was flushed and her eyes focused somewhere far away. He lapped eagerly at the new flood of moisture on her lips, in her slit, and between her cheeks. His face was covered with it, and that made him happy.

He watched, fascinated, as her orgasm continued long after he stopped. Tiny after tremors that made her arch and gasp.

Once she had calmed, he gently raised her to her feet and led her to his bed. He slipped in beside her under his warm down comforter, and wrapped his arms around her, gently kissing her.

She soon fell asleep. By candle light he lay watching her as her breathing slowed to the rhythm of deep sleep.

There were things he wanted to say. Things to tell her. But to do so would end the dream.

So he watched her sleeping. And when she smiled he knew that in her dream within a dream she had wings... she was flying...and free.

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