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Long Awaited Lust


I have always known I was bisexual, and after a really hard breakup with my ex boyfriend, I was finally diving full into my curiosities of being with a woman. I had downloaded an app, set my preferences to "Both", and started swiping between males and females alike, which led me to Anna.

I'm 5'2, with a 26 inch waist, 39 inch hips, long black hair that reaches passed my ass, brown eyes, & a handfuls worth of breasts. Anna was about 5'5, had a fuller waist than me with medium length brown hair, bright green eyes, delicious looking lips, & the heaviest tits that I craved instantly the moment I swiped. We matched.

We started talking casually & frequently, which not too long after, always led to telling each other how badly we wanted to fuck each other. She would send me the hottest pictures of her body, her delicious pussy, soaped up in the bath tub, and videos of her pounding fingers & her vibrator in and out of her tight little hole while I heard her moans.

Between the amount of orgasms we would give each other through text, we sometimes had serious conversations. I had always told her how badly I wanted to meet her, as she lives a mere 15 minutes away from my house, but she explained to me that her severe social anxiety kept her from doing so, no matter how badly she wished she could.

I never forced her into it, and finally, after 3 years, we met last Summer. The day she agreed to finally hang out, I swear I was the most excited I had ever been, and instantly aroused at all of the scenarios I had running through my head, which pretty much all involved my mouth on her pussy.

I had picked her up that night and we decided we'd go to her favorite bar, as she was already familiar and comfortable with the setting. We ordered our drinks and after the second round with a shot in between, she became a lot more comfortable with me.

We had our hands on each other's thighs, constantly making eye contact. The sexual tension building. I had told her I needed to use the restroom, so I got up and walked.

After I was done & opened the stall door, there she was, standing by the sinks. She smiled at me as I wash my hands & I told her,

"I didn't expect you to be here."

As I was drying them she locked her eyes on mine and said,

"I couldn't wait anymore."

That was when she kissed me.

Soft at first, and I felt the electricity flow through my entire body. Finally feeling her mouth on mine, & her body pressed against me, I felt all of my blood rushing between my legs. She pushed me against the wall, our mouths opened, and I loved feeling her tongue wrestle against mine.

I wanted her, right then and there, but of course another woman walked in, so we separated. I was beyond turned on at this point. When we sat back down at the bar, we spent a majority of our time eye fucking each other, massaging each other's inner thighs, and all bets were off.

We finished our drinks, I paid the tab, and we made our way back to my car. The parking lot had multiple cars in it, along with a street light, but at this point we didn't care who saw what. The second we got in my car, we shut the doors and attacked each other.

Our tongues were fighting furiously while we moaned into each other's mouths. I ran my hand up the back of her neck, grabbed a handful of her hair from the scalp, and pulled her head back while I bit her neck. After hearing the moan she let out, I could feel how soaked my panties were.

I picked my head up, and finally, after all those years, I pulled her top down, and had her luscious, heaving tits in my hand, & the most delicious nipples that I eagerly sucked into my mouth.

One at a time at first, swirling my tongue around them, & flicking them with my tongue ring, before sucking them between my lips & nibbling them. Then I pushed them together, sucking both of them at once. I was in absolute ecstasy.

She was wearing shorts, and my hand made its way between her thighs. I pulled the denim to the side, only to find out she wasn't wearing any panties (I should've known. She always told me she hated them). I slid my middle finger between her pussy lips, and she was absolutely drenched. I started rubbing her clit in slow circles while I continued sucking her perfect nipples.

Hearing her


And moan, her hand on the back of my head as she watched me devour her tits, I wanted more.

I slid my hand down further, and pushed my finger in her tight, dripping wet pussy. She let out a loud moan, and as people walked by my drivers side to get into the car parked next to us. I'm sure that was a sight to see, but neither of us cared.

My car filled with the sweet smell of her pussy, and I was starving for it. We got into my backseat, she sat behind the passenger side, while I was on my knees behind the drivers seat. I ripped her shorts off as fast as I could, she stretched her left leg across the seats, & put her right foot on the floor.

Her legs were spread nice and wide, she pulled her tank top down revealing those delicious nipples again, and I loved the view in front of me. I couldn't help my urge to suck them again, loving how hard they were between my lips, but I couldn't wait any longer to eat the yummy pussy that was waiting for me.

First close look at it, and it was glistening. Her pussy covered in her wetness, begging to be cleaned with my tongue. I lowered my head, and she yelped as soon as I took a long, slow lick from her dripping hole, to the top of her clit. God, she tasted amazing, and I was officially hooked.

I lapped at her pussy, running my tongue up and down slow, never stopping, savoring every taste of her before sucking her clit between my lips. Her hips slowly started bucking against my mouth as I flicked my tongue across her clit while I sucked on it, and I knew she was begging to have something inside of her.

I released her clit, glided my tongue down, teased her opening with the tip of it, then pushed inside of her as far as I could. She started grinding harder against my face as I tongue fucked her, and I absolutely loved feeling her juices coating my tongue, so I buried my face in her pussy.

I knew she was close to cumming, and I absolutely wanted to devour every drop of it. I licked back up to her clit, sucked it hard between my lips, and started teasing her opening with the tip of my finger. I looked up at her. Her breathing was so quick, her big, beautiful tits in her hands as she pulled on her nipples, eyes closed tight as she anticipated my fingers.

With her clit still in my mouth and without warning, I rammed 2 of my fingers inside of her, bent the tips of them upward, and massaged her g-spot. She was screaming, raised her hips up & grinded her pussy hard against my mouth, begging for me to make her cum.

I pumped my fingers in and out of her, her juices running down my hand, fucking her harder as she moaned that she was going to cum. I wanted to clean up every last drop of it, and I wanted it in the worst way. I kept my lips tightly gripped around her clit as her hips bucked furiously. I felt her walls start to tighten around my fingers as she screamed

"I'm cumming!!"

Before I felt a rush of it coat my hand.

I slowed my fingers, and loosened my grip on her clit as she came down. I slowly pulled my fingers out of her, released her now swollen clit from my mouth, and slid my tongue inside of her, devouring every last drop of her mouth watering cum. She sat up and kissed me, tasting herself on my mouth, her breathing returning to normal, & the biggest smile across her face. I asked her,

"So, was it worth the wait?"

And she responded,

"I'm upset that I've been missing out on this for long."

We both laughed as she got dressed.

We got back in the front seat, and I drove her home. After pulling up to her house, I parked my car, and she said,

"I hope this isn't the first and last time I see you."

I replied,

"Absolutely fucking not. I can promise you that we'll be seeing each other again soon."

She smiled at me, and said

"Good. Because next time, I want to taste you."

We had a long, sensual kiss goodbye, and she went into her house.

My entire drive home, I was in a complete daze. Every glance at my rear view and all I could see was Anna with her legs spread wide, the taste of her still on my tongue, and her pussy juices all over my face. My own panties were completely soaked, but I didn't want anything that night. I was completely focused on being able to savor every inch of her body, that having her reciprocate wasn't even a thought to me.

The second I got home, I ripped off my drenched panties, spread my legs and fucked myself furiously to the thought of what had happened a half hour prior. I swear to god I came so hard within 2 minutes, and I couldn't wait to see her again.

We kept in touch but didn't see each other, until I invited her over for the 4th of July. That's another fun story, but I'll have to save that for Chapter 2 (;

Thanks for reading!

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by Anonymous

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Sorry if I came across as rude

I was just trying to be helpful. I leave feedback like this for most of the stories I read, although I always try to say at least a few positive things. It's probably a bad habit. I naturally assumed itmore...

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by stroudle07/11/18

Well i enjoyed it

I thought your story sounded very real [ turns out it was ] the long wait until you met , i too have experienced that . The little bit of shorthand you used did not detract at all from your story tellingmore...

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Additional Reply

Anna & I also never dated. There was no relationship within those 3 years, so there is no way I could have told any story pertaining to that & if I had, it would’ve turned into fiction, which is whatmore...

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These people aren’t “characters”. This is a true story between myself & Anna, which is legitimately a play by play. I’ve always wanted to post on here, after loving this website for close to amore...

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Comments and criticism

Overall, an interesting idea for a story. The sex parts were well-written, but I think you could have made it better by going into greater depth about the details of their relationship over the coursemore...

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