tagBDSMLong, Black Car

Long, Black Car


To the Reader, my Master has granted his permission for me to submit this story. He is a good Master and has won me.

The door on the long black car opened quickly.

His eyes were glued to the long stockinged leg that gracefully stretched out. It's red shoe landed directly on the edge of the puddle. The second leg followed, almost sliding down the length of the first. Tiny drops of water splashed over her shoes.

The chauffeur arrived. Standing beside her, he offered his assistance. Svelte pale fingers were placed in his. She stood, leaning on his arm for support. He guided her from the car across the wet path to the well-lit restaurant. Perfectly displayed in the glow of the lights, her high necked red dress snuggled tightly against her slender body. The chauffeur's hand moved to the small of her back. She walked with her head held high, stepping into the restaurant and away from his eyes.

He strained to see where she was taken to sit. Moments later he watched as she was led to the table near the back of the room by the floor to ceiling window. He saw her look around the restaurant. Then with a little shrug she picked up the wine list and gave her drink order to the waiter.

He watched as she placed her evening bag on the table. Using her mobile phone to make a call, her lips glistened as she spoke into the mouthpiece. Smiling she ended the call and put the phone back into her bag.

It was time.

He moved across the street and entered the restaurant. He asked to be taken to his reserved table. The other side of the restaurant shielded by indoor plants was a perfect place for him to sit. His order arrived quickly. While he ate, he watched her. Her movements were smooth; she showed no sign of being outwardly scared.

When he finished his meal, he moved across to the lift. He knew she would be following soon. He entered his apartment, checked it was tidy and sat quietly in the dark to wait.

The tentative knock on his door brought him out of his relaxed state. He rose, making sure he stood behind the door. Opening it, he let her in. She followed her instructions explicitly and stopped only a couple of steps in the room. He closed the door. Standing behind her, he breathed in deeply her scent as he lifted the scarf in his hands and brought it to run loosely across the front of her throat. She trembled, but stood quietly and waited. He lifted the scarf and covered her eyes, tying it at the back firmly. She was blindfolded. Effectively unable to see him.

"It's nice to see you sub," his deep voice sending a thrill down her back.

"Thank you Sir. It's good to finally be with you."

"Yes. Now sub, are you ready for me? Are you ready for what we are about to do?"

"Yes Sir. I am ready."

He guided her directly to the bedroom.

"Undress for me sub. I will watch you." The slight creak of the armchair was noticeable in the cold silence of the room.

She reached behind and slid the zip on her dress down. Then she lifted it off her shoulders and slid it carefully down her body. Usually she could see what she was doing, but being blindfolded turned it into a task that needed concentration.

She ensured the dress fell to her feet by keeping hold of it with one hand. Her movements were exaggerated as she stepped out of it. Not knowing where to put it, she simply dropped it to the floor and kicked it away from her.

Next she reached up behind and undid the clasp on her bra. As it fell away from her body, her breasts bounced a little. The bra landed on the dress. She stopped, feeling suddenly self-conscious.

"Carry on sub. I want to see you."

"Yes Sir," her voice was a little shaky now. She slid her hands down the sides of her body and hooked her fingers into her panties. She pushed them down and off. They too joined her mounting pile of clothes.

"Good sub. That will do for now. I'm glad to see you put your stockings and suspenders on. You are getting better at following my instructions."

"Thank you Sir. I only want to please you Sir."

He stood and guided her to the bed.

"Lie down sub."

She did as she was told.

"Spread your legs for me sub."

A slight hesitation and she did as he said.

"Do not dare to hesitate with me sub. You will be punished if you do that again. Understand?"

"Yes Sir. I understand Sir."

"Now take your hand, hold your breast. I will watch you as you touch yourself." She felt the edge of the bed move as he sat down beside her. Her body had begun aching when she had dressed herself for tonight. The car ride with the chauffeur had increased her internal throbbing. Undressing for him only intensified the ache. Now, touching herself and knowing that he was watching almost sent her into orgasm.

She held her breast.

"Pinch your nipple hard," he ordered. She pinched it.

"Twist it a little." She twisted and moaned loudly as pain shot through her body.

"Good sub. Now, hold your breast still." Next thing she felt was his mouth on her body. His tongue lapping her nipple. She arched her back, giving him herself.

"Are you getting wet sub?" he questioned. "How wet are you sub?"

"Oh Sir, I can feel my juices dripping. I want release so bad. I need you Sir. Please will you let me cum?" she begged.

"I may let you cum sub. But not yet."

Disappointment flooded her. She gasped as he bit her breast hard. He licked her pain away gently. His mouth moved down her body.

"Sub, you will let your hand touch your pussy. Not your clit."

Thankful, she moved her hand down her body. Her fingertip lightly brushed her clitty as it moved toward her pussy.

"You will be punished for that sub." He took his belt off. Quickly he tied her hands and lifted them above her head, securing them to the headboard. She squirmed with need.

"Sir, I'm sorry. Please let me go. Please untie my hands. I want to touch you so badly. I need to feel you. Sir, please?"

"Be quiet sub. This is your punishment. You will like your punishment. You deserve to be punished sub."

"Yes Sir," she quietened.

"Hmm sub, I can see you are wet. You look as if you are ready for me."

Just hearing him talk like this made her desire move up another notch.

"You want me to fuck you, don't you my sub. You want me to touch your pussy with my hand. You want me to lick your pussy with my tongue. Don't you sub? Yes, I can see you do. Your nipples have grown." Reaching down he flicked his fingertip quickly over one nipple. A spasm ripped through her body.

"Sir, please help me. I want you Sir. I want your tongue on my body. Please Sir," her head tossed from side to side on the pillow.

"Is this what you want sub? Do you like it when I run my tongue lightly over your pussy lips like this? Do you like it when I let my fingertip touch your pussy? Whose pussy is this sub? Tell me, who does it belong to? Who owns this pussy?"

"You do Sir. You own her. She belongs to you and to you alone Sir. Please Sir, let me cum. I need to cum so badly Sir."

She felt his body brush against her legs. Warm wetness pressed against her pussy lips. She moaned out loud and pushed her hips against his mouth as he slipped his tongue deep inside her.

"Mmm good sub. You may cum for me sub. I want to taste all your cream. I want it all. Cum now sub!"

She couldn't stop herself. Shudders wrecked through her body as her muscles clenched against his onslaught. She came hard; her tears of joy soaking the blindfold as her pussy soaked his face. He sucked at her passion, drinking everything that flowed from her body. When her convulsions stopped, his tongue found her sensitive clitty at last.

Gasping with pain she tried to move away from him. She didn't want to be touched there. It hurt so much. He held her legs still, leaning on them with the full weight of his body still circling her clitty with his tongue. Finally she felt the tightening, she moved through the pain and fought against her restraints trying to reach for him.

"Oh Sir!" she screamed as his intense licking brought her again to orgasm. His mouth moved over her and sucked gently. His tongue licking and cleaning her. He moved up her body and lay half across her. Their breathing slowed. The clock ticked loudly.

"Sir, please Sir, will you let me pleasure you now?" she asked.

"Later my sub. The night is not over yet."

As they slept, the long black car sat quietly, waiting.

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