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Long Distance Lovin'


Christine was laying on her bed tapping her fingers lightly on her tight abdomen. She was waiting for the phone next to her left hand to ring. It would be her boyfriend of a year, Ryan. He was away for the weekend looking at potential colleges with his dad. Christine was an unusually sexually active 18 year old high school senior. Ryan was a junior and somehow being older and more experienced than he was turned her on. When they were together she found it difficult to keep her hands away from his cock. The phone rang and her hand grabbed the phone without a moment of hesitation, she clicked the 'talk' button and grinned. "Mmm I miss you, baby." The phone line was her private phone line, there was very minimal risk that it was anyone but Ryan. His deep voice responded to her, "Shit Chris, my dad was on my back all damn day. I tried to get a minute alone to call you but it was like having an extra shadow. We have adjoining hotel rooms but he finally fell asleep. That makes me all yours."

She bit her lip and slid her hand across her chest. "What are you wearing?"

Ryan laughed slightly, "Isn't that the question I should be asking you? I'm wearing those blue boxers you gave me."

"Mmm those look so good on you. I'm in a tight white tank top and cotton panties with a tiny bow right on waistband." Her hand snaked it's way down her stomach to touch the little satin bow.

Ryan cleared his throat and laid back against the pillows on the bed. "Why don't you work that little hand of yours inside those panties and tell me if you're wet right now."

Christine moaned into the phone and parted her legs a bit, her right hand slipped under the elastic waistband of her panties and she moved her fingers down over her nearly bare pussy. The tip of her middle finger dipped just barely inside her slit; she was indeed wet. "Ungh oh fuck, yes, Ryan your voice gets me so wet."

"That's right baby, so wet. Now with that wet finger touch your clit and pretend it's my tongue; it'll feel like I'm licking you." Ryan found his own hand wandering down to rub his hardening cock over the material of the boxers.

Christine did as he told her to and touched her clit with the tip of her finger. He was right, it was electric and she moaned again. "Ry I need you, I need you here to fuck me right now." Her fingers took on a life of their own and she started to massage her clit gently. Every few strokes she would slip down and insert two thin fingers into her warm, gaping slit and gasp.

Ryan could hear her arousal and he'd seen her do this before so the image was burned into his brain. He yanked his boxers down to his knees and wrapped his hand around the base of his now very erect dick. "I'll be there Monday baby, I'll fuck your sweet pussy until you come so hard you're begging me to stop." He started pumping faster.

Any sound she attempted to make got stuck in her throat as her legs fell further apart and she sunk a little further down on the bed. Her fingers slipped deeper and she started driving herself crazy. Her breath came faster and got more shallow as she moved her focus back up to her clit and applied pressure.

Ryan's heart was beating so fast he thought it might leap out of his chest as he imagined Christine with her fingers buried in her pussy. "That's my girl, you gonna come for me? Show me how much you want me."

She took a deep breath and let it out, "Oh shit..." She tucked the phone into her neck and moved her left hand to her left breast and started to knead it. The fingers on her clit were moving in very rapid circles as she let out tiny, soft moans. She slid her hand under her tank top and teased her nippled until it was almost painfully hard. "Oh fuck Ry, I'm so close baby, help me."

Ryan knew Christine very well, she loved dirty talk, it was always what she needed to push her over the edge to orgasm. He too was close so he sped up his own motions and began to talk her into oblivion. "Chris... mmm my sexy little girl. I bet you're soaking wet right now. Those panties must completely drenched and reeking of your sex. I wish my tongue was there to taste you, you know how much I fucking love to eat you out."

Christine started to move in sync with her fingers and his words in her ear triggered her orgasm. She cried out, trying to be quiet knowing her parents were just a few rooms away. Her fingers were covered with her juices as felt the walls of her cunt contracting and pulsating. No words were coming out but she was grunting and moaning as her slick fingers moved from her clit to her slit and back.

He heard her climax and within seconds he was shooting his load; his stomach, hand and chest caught his come and he collapsed back panting into the pillows again.

Christine finally withdrew her fingers and relaxed her body, a silly smile forming on her lips and her blonde hair sticking to her forehead from the sweat she'd worked up. "Baby... mmm that was fucking amazing. Come home. Fuck me." She giggled and played with her exposed nipple.

Ryan reached over and grabbed a tissue to try and clean himself up. It was times like this he really missed her mouth. "I'll see you very soon. Wear a skirt with no panties and I'll finger fuck you on the ride to your house. Just be quiet so my dad doesn't hear you coming all over my fingers."

"Mmm yes. I will see you Monday and you better not forget you promised to fuck me good."

"No forgetting baby. Get some sleep, I'll talk to you tomorrow." Ryan waited until he heard her content sigh and then hung the phone up.

Christine pressed the button and laid the phone down, she was exhausted now. He was always just what she needed.

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