Long Hard Night


I laughed and rolled off the bed. My coochie was raw and it burned, but it felt delightful at the same time.

As he rolled off the bed, Kent asked, "Can I use your phone or should I go to a bar and use one?"

"I think you need to make that decision. I don't know how demanding your wife is or how she would feel if she knew you were here fucking me."

"Better go to a bar, where's the closet one?"

"About five minutes down the road, The Crisscross Room. Just watch out there; I heard someone was shot there, last week, and all the women have crabs." I teased and laughed out loud.

"I won't be long. Keep that pretty little twat warm for me," he leaned down and ran his tongue over my clit then rammed his linguae deep in my mouth with a hard kiss.

While he was gone, I called James. The phone rang three times before he answered. "James here!" he answered. I could hear the tiredness in his voice.

"Hi! How are things going over there?"

"Oh, hi yourself! It's going slower than I had hoped, but we're getting things arranged. What have you been doing this evening?"

"Well, I have a gift for you when you get home. I'll try to keep it warm until you get here. It's heavy and thick. I really believe you'll love it." I chided him.

"Now you're getting me hard. Not good since I can't control it. Where did you find him?"

"I pulled out the paper and found him at a revealing of new cars. His name is Kent and he's married. He had to go call his wife and let her know he was running late, real late. So, I thought I'd give you a call and tell you what you're missing."

"Totally unfair!" he laughed. Just make sure you keep it warm. Tastes better that way."

"Yes, dear," I giggled.

"Well, I have to run. Maybe I'll be lucky and can get home before your new friend has to return to his wife."

"Maybe, have a good night. Bye!"

"Bye! And thanks for the energy boost!" I could hear his smile.

"It's my pleasure," I assured him and hang up the receiver just as the doorbell rang.

I opened it without even thinking to cover my body. What if it hadn't been Kent? Oh well; it was he. Who else would knock on my door at three o'clock in the morning?

"Boy! Was she ever pissed! I told her I had gone to this bar and when I got ready to leave someone had flattened my tires. I told her I had no way to get home. Bitch didn't even offer to come pick me up."

"Well, I guess I could take you home. Or better yet, you could stay the rest of the night."

"Now that's an option I like. But what about your boyfriend; I thought he was coming home?"

"He will, sometime in the morning. You can do all kinds of sexy and kinky things to me before he gets here."

"Do you know the time? It's already three o'clock. Only a few more hours before the sun will peek over the clouds. Then I'll have to return to the Queen Bitch. Come on, I need to get all the pleasure I can before then."

Kent took my hand leading me back to the bedroom. The sheets were cold and wet from our previous romp. I tore then off and we put clean sheets on the mattress.

Slipping into the bed, Kent rolled over on his back and took his long dick in his hand. He stroked it form hilt to tip slowly and moaned softly.

Watching him run his thumb over its opening as the precum trickled out made me wet. I wanted to cover his knob and lick the salty fluid while he lapped at my wetness.

I knelt between his open legs and pushed away his hand. Licking my lips, I covered the velvety mushroom in the thick saliva that covered the inside of my mouth.

The tip of my tongue darted in and out of the salty, sticky cum. It felt slippery on my lips.

I licked my fingers and massaged the thin membrane under his balls. Around and around I teased this erogenous area, then without warning, I pressed my fingers deep into his ass and tickled his prostate.

"Oh baby," he breathed heavily. "Oh yeah, do it bitch, fuck my ass! Ohhhh, Ohhhh, Ohhhh yeah! Ahhhhhhh! Feels so good! Don't let it stop. Suck me, suck me baby!"

I bent over his long prick and slipped the tip of my tongue into his pee hole then playfully licked in and out of it while my hand continued massaging that most erogenous area.

"Marry me. I'll get a divorce and you can loose that wimp of a boyfriend. I keep you happy every day of your life. Come on, marry me!"

"Can't do that. I need more than one man to please me. You could never handle that. I need to be fucked every night at least four or five times. It would kill you to keep up with me."

"Okay, stay with that wimp of a boyfriend, but let me come take care of you at least three or four times a week. My wife is a cold bitch and honestly I'm lucky to catch her in the shower without clothes. She wears these granny gowns and puts rollers in her hair. Not what I bargained for six years ago."

"I'm sure James would love to have a new Bull, especially one with your talent. You wouldn't be put off if he sucked your hose from time to time would you?"

"Damn! No, that's more than my wife does that's for sure. Bring him on. His mouth is probably better than hers any day. But right now you can suck it," he smiled as he placed his hand on the back of my head and slightly pressed my mouth over his bobbing mushroom.

Eagerly, I sucked him in and his fingers buried themselves in my wetness. My hips rose to meet them and tried to force them deeper.

"That's it baby, slow though; deep and slow. Yeah, that's the way I like it," his hand held my head close to his pubic area. His hair tickled my nose. It excited me and my mouth sucked hard, trying to pull that salty seed back into my mouth.

Suddenly, Kent jumped up and rolled me over. "I'm going to cum and I want it in your pussy. I want it to run down your legs and then I want your cuck to come home and drink me out of you. And while he's sucking my juices out of you, I'm gonna fuck his tight little ass and maybe even yank his useless prick. Think he'd like that?"

With my mouth full of him, all I could do was nod my head and mumble; I couldn't talk coherently.

For the next two hours he screwed me in every orifice I had and even in my armpits. Then he fell asleep.

About six o'clock, I heard the front door open. I stayed in the bed because I didn't want to rouse Kent.

James tiptoed into the bedroom. I smiled and waved. He gave me thumbs up and then walked around the sleeper to view the man who had covered his bed with cum.

I saw his dicklett twitch and knew he was pleased.

He came back to my side of the bed. I sat up and placed my legs over the side of the bed. I opened them wide and with my fingers revealed the thick cum that was overflowing my sore pussy.

"Lick it up and suck it out."

"Yes, Mistress, with pleasure!" he whispered not wanting to stir my guest.

He knelt in front of me. His fingers gently grazed my clit as he slid then down the middle of my puffy pussy lips.

"Looks like you had a real good time last night. He must have turned you every way but loose," James whispered.

I just smiled and nodded my head. Then pressed my swollen cunt into his face. His experienced tongue quickly found its way into the liquid center of my sex. Moaning, he lapped at the heavy cum. His hands squeezed my thighs and pulled me closer to him.

Soft moans escaped my lips and my hands push hard on the back of his head forcing his nose deeper into my cunt and his tongue further into the cum inside of me. Unbeknownst to either of us, halfway through James' cleaning Kent awoke. He had lain there secretly watching James as his tongue artfully brought me to an orgasm and he scraped the seed from my nookie.

"Get up here, wimp, I'll help you with that!" Kent demanded.

Looking up, James answered, "Yes, Master!" and crawled onto the bed.

Kneeling on the bed, between my legs, James continued his clean up and Kent squatted behind him. I handed him some lubricant and he squirted it onto his butt. Then he spread James' cheeks and forced his large pole into James' bunghole.

James bit his lip to keep from crying out. He continued to attempt to clean me but was having problems.

Kent was oblivious to this. He continued to ram his rod deep into James' butt. With it being so tight, it was only a short time before I felt the warm cum fall onto my bare legs.

Kent pulled out and James fell to the bed. His face was red and I knew that his behind was hurting as well.

"Shall I clean you, Master?" James asked.

"Damn right, you'd better!" Kent snarled.

James turned to him and took his prick into his mouth. I could tell he didn't like the taste of the phallus, but did what he must.

Kent bonked James' face as of it were a snatch. His jizz dripped down James' chin and onto my uncovered legs. Once he had emptied his hose, he threw James off the bed.

"Go run a shower for me, sissy boy. I need to get home and satisfy the wife," Kent demanded.

"Yes, Master!" James replied and left the room. I heard the water running and rolled off the bed.

"Where you going, baby?"

"I need some coffee; would you like some?"

"That sounds good, really good actually! Sure, black, no sugar."

I put a robe on and headed for the kitchen. When I returned, Kent was in the shower. I heard him moaning as the hot water refreshed him and cleaned the night before off him.

I took his coffee in the bathroom and told him it was there. Then I went back into the bedroom where James sat on the side of the bed. He seemed deep in thought.

"What are you thinking about?"

"I was wondering if he treated you like he did me this morning."

"No, he didn't. He was very good to me and gave more than I expected.

"Well, I'm glad to hear that. You had a great time then, I take it?"

"Yes, one could put it that way. I'd say it was a long, hard, night myself."

His sly smile snuck across his face and his eyes twinkled.

"Damn, I need to get to work, babe. Thanks for last night. Best I ever had; honestly. I will be back just like I promised. Nice meeting you, man, maybe you can join the fun next time I'm here."

"Yeah, that sounds great," James replied and escorted Kent to the door.

He returned and said, "I'm really tired; I've had a long night. But I'm glad you had a long hard night too." He winked, took my hand and led me to the kitchen. We had a cup of coffee.

Then we both jumped in the shower. James then went to sleep. I found a good book to read and went out to the hammock so the birds could serenade me while I read.

~ Lady Dora

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