tagIncest/TabooLong Lost Cousin

Long Lost Cousin


Growing up I had a favorite cousin. Her name was Lynn. Although we got along well Lynn was four years older than me. I always felt like a little kid around her. After high school I lost touch with what happened to my cousin. I was twenty-three now. I had stopped over to my parents house one weekend. My mother said to guess who was in town. It was my cousin Lynn.

She was staying at my aunt's house so I drove over there. My aunt answered the door and shouted out to my cousin. I could tell by her face she was surprised to see me. Lynn gave me a big hug and even managed to kiss me on the cheek. We chatted for awhile and I asked Lynn if she wanted to have dinner with me. She said yes and I was to pick her up later that afternoon.

I did pick up my cousin and we drove to a local restaurant. Lynn brought me up to date on her life. After graduating from college she got married. It didn't work out according to my cousin. She found out that her hubby was cheating on her barely a year into the marriage. She ended up divorcing him. I could tell she was still upset from the whole affair.

Lynn reached over and held my hand after her story. She said she wished that we had stayed in touch. I wished that as well. Lynn was tall and thin with sandy hair. I had had fantasies about what it might be like having my cousin in bed with me. Here she was sitting across the table from me. We finished eating and we walked out to my car. Don't ask me how or why but I kissed Lynn flush in the lips.

"What was that about?" She asked me.

I said I had thought about her and me on more than one occasion. I left it there to sink in with my cousin. We got into my car. I barely started the engine when Lynn reached over and touched my thigh.

"Did you really mean what you said Rick?"

I nodded my head yes. I got the shock of my life when Lynn suggested we find a room somewhere. I ended driving to a motel at the edge of town. I got us a room and we walked inside.

"I have never done anything like this before," Lynn told me.

I told her not to dwell on it. We both were attracted to one another. I went over and helped Lynn undress. She had nothing to be ashamed about. I unsnapped her bra and her tits came free. Her nipples were hard. I could tell she was already excited. I slipped out of my clothes and we made our way to the bed. We got onto the bed and I pulled her into my body.

I thought that steam was coming from the both of us. I kissed Lynn's mouth and our tongues met. My fingers found her damp slit and I pushed a digit into my cousin. I guess you could say we just lost it. I was soon on top of Lynn's body. My hard dick was aimed right at her opening. Lynn reached down and guided my cock right to her folds.

"Go easy," she said to me.

I slowly pushed inside my cousin's pussy. She was so tight down below. I pushed in an inch at a time. I would ease in then back out. I was soon engulfed by Lynn's tight muscles. You could say she had me in a death grip. I don't think my cousin had sex in quite some time. I fed Lynn every hard inch of my cock. I would slide it in and hold it there.

I could feel her pussy spasms as I took my cousin for the first time. Lynn did let out some moans and pleas.

"Fuck me Rick, I need this!"

She was right about that. I lifted Lynn's legs up. I was going to take control of her body and make her want me. Lynn did need me loving her. I know it was taboo but these two cousins craved passionate sex with each other. I was able to drive my pole in the whole way. Our pubic bones were touching after every stroke. I did lower my mouth and bite on Lynn's hard nipples.

Lynn held my head in place and she urged me to work on her tits. I can say I never wanted anyone as much as I wanted my cousin. We went at it for close to an hour. I told Lynn I was getting close.

"Don't pull out Rick. Cum in me!" She urged me.

I took Lynn's pussy a few more minutes and then I gave her what she needed. I let loose with a few jets of my cream. Lynn tensed up when she felt me unload. Her pussy went into overdrive. She ended up milking my staff dry. It took some time for us to calm ourselves. I slowly pulled out. I looked down to see my cum running out of Lynn's red pussy. She pulled me down to her face and we kissed again.

I pulled away and Lynn got up from the bed and went to the bathroom. When she came back she wanted to talk.

"I shouldn't compare but my ex never made love like that. I had multiple orgasms!"

I think Lynn wanted to know if this was going to be one time or would it lead to something more. I asked how much longer she would be around. Lynn said she was leaving the day after tomorrow. I found out that she lived in the next state over. There weren't plans for her to come back any time soon. I asked if we could get together one more time before she left.

She said she needed to spend some time with her parents yet. Maybe I could pick her up tomorrow and find somewhere we could be alone. I did end up seeing Lynn once more. We drove out to a secluded park. I had some blankets and sleeping bags along. We stripped out of our clothes. We spread the blankets and bags onto the ground. Lynn then mounted me.

First Lynn made me hard with her mouth. I got on my back and Lynn slid down around my shaft. The fucking was more urgent this time. This was going to be it for awhile. I raised my hands up and milked her firm tits. That made Lynn crazy. She also rode up and down my fat cock. I soon moved my hands down to her ass cheeks. I pulled on them as Lynn took every inch of my cock into her craving body.

Luckily no one was around. Lynn was getting loud. She practically screamed every time I would thrust into her body. I told her that she was mine from now on. I would be the only person fucking her. Lynn agreed to everything I said. She had to have my cock from now on. I gave Lynn more of my baby seed out there in the woods. She took every drop of it.

I hosed her pussy with my sticky cum. Lynn squeezed me dry. She ended collapsing on my chest. We had some final kisses. Lynn stood up and pushed much of my cum out onto the ground.

"I wish I could keep all this in me as a reminder," she said to me.

We exchanged phone numbers before we finally went back to our lives.

"Will I see you anytime soon?" Lynn asked me.

"I sure hope so," I said.

I was left with this bomb before we parted. Lynn told me that she would let me impregnate her if I want. I couldn't quite believe what I was hearing.

"I was thinking about this when we were making love. I could almost feel your cum hitting my eggs."

I didn't know what to say. We kissed and I dropped Lynn off at her parent's house. I am back at my place now. My cock is raw from all that fucking with my cousin. I do want her again. I will have to think about the pregnancy part however.

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