tagTransgender & CrossdressersLong Love Broken Pt. 02

Long Love Broken Pt. 02


Ten Months Later...

Las Vegas isn't the den of iniquity that all the TV shows and movies make it out to be. Sure, there was crime, hookers, scams, and lots of other bad things, but now it was home. Tiffany (Melanie) and I (Jaqueline (call me Jackie,)) lived together, hoarding our money for the day we might go our separate ways.

I had given Melanie half the money I had smuggled out of Chicago. She promptly returned twenty-five hundred saying 'fair is fair.' Our initial stake was two thousand for the apartment we shared and another four hundred for a dresser and a bed I could sleep on.

We didn't sleep together by mutual agreement, but we did have sex every once in a while. She always drove, I didn't want to force her to do anything like Rachel and Polly had done. If we found somebody to date, we'd split the cost for a hotel for the other. Melanie had dates every once in a while, but I really didn't have dates, I had friends with benefits.

My current on-and-off friend with benefits was a burly woman bouncer from the club I waited tables and sung at part-time. Harley would gently interfere with any customer that tried anything more than ordering drinks. She was a brute in the club, but a little kitten in bed. That told me she wanted someone to show her softer side with.

I had gotten the job at the club via an unofficial audition. I was trying for a degree in drafting and architecture so I could find stable work. There were electives, of course, and I chose the cheapest one: Introduction to Pole Dancing. My second quarter, I took Advanced Pole Dancing because I liked it so much.

For our final exam, we had to come up with a routine of our own based on a song that the instructor chose. I went one better and found a karaoke version and sung while I danced. The other students in the class stared daggers at me when the instructor gave the final grades and my grade was an A-plus.

After I showered and changed, a woman came up to me outside the locker room and offered me a job with a good wage plus tips to perform at her club. I declined the offer, whispering in her ear that I was a transsexual. She took a few steps back, looking me up and down. For a moment I thought she was going to out me, but she made a different offer instead.

During the week, I would wait tables at her bar in the evening; but on Friday and Saturday I would sing and do a little dancing while other girls performed. I loved the job, and it paid enough to help keep my nest egg intact and have money left over for classes.

Tiffany (Melanie) had gotten a good-paying job at a local law firm doing filing and research while she earned her degree as a paralegal. Patrick couldn't just give her a degree with her new identity, it would cause problem with the backstop, whatever that was.

Every Sunday morning, Melanie and I would go to a casino with fifty dollars cash each. I usually started out on the nickel slots, and if I did well there, I would move up to the quarter slots. With a good win or bad loss at the quarter slots, I usually folded up and went home. Melanie sometimes did better than me and went to the blackjack tables. One day I decided to join her.

When we arrived at a table together, the pit boss politely asked us to move to different tables because we could collude if we sat together. That particular day I was up a thousand dollars when Melanie came up to me with puppy-dog eyes. I split half and wandered over to the poker table. I was new to poker and lost my five hundred pretty quick. As I was getting ready to leave when Melanie brought back fifteen hundred dollars.

She talked me into staying, then went to another poker table to play a game of her own. I managed to bluff my way through a hand to come up with ten thousand dollars. The other patrons of the table were unhappy that I was taking off, but understanding in the end.

After Melanie and I cashed out at the cage, two men approached us and asked if we would be interested in going out with them. We both declined, and they decided to force the invitation. It was a good thing that Harley came up behind us and asked the men if there was any problem. They quickly backed away, hands raised, saying that there had been a misunderstanding.

Harley walked us outside and followed us home. Melanie and I were going to call it a day and go up to our apartment when Harley asked if we might be interested in trading friends for the day. Melanie initially balked, mainly because Harley was so big and she didn't want to get corralled by a larger woman. She agreed when Harley introduced Meghan, a willowy brunette about Melanie's size.

Melanie gave me a quick kiss and told me she would be fine and led Meghan upstairs to her our apartment. Harley took my hand and we got into her car and went to her place.

"Meghan originally wanted you, but I explained to her Melanie's big-woman issues. She'll be good to your girlfriend," Harley explained.

"Melanie is not really my girlfriend," I protested.

"You've come to the club with pussy on your breath once or twice. I know good pussy when I smell it, especially when you get done with me," Harley giggled. "Take your clothes off, wench."

"Yes ma'am." I started slipping out of my Jackie ga

Gambling clothes, not seeing Harley do the same. "What's going on?"

A door opened and a red-head stepped out. She was naked, hair falling over her face and ample breasts. "Hello, Jackie," Lilith said as she pulled her hair back.

I ran over to hug her. "Hey baby. Wait, didn't you have a baby?"

"Patrick's watching her back home. I just wanted you to know we were all right," Lilith said. "We both had girls."

Harley cleared her throat, getting our attention. "Makes me glad I'm on the pill," she giggled. "I'll let you two catch up. Bye, Jackie."

After Harley left, I turned my attention to Lilith and her sexy body. "You look good, red."

"Back at you. Let's get the rest of those clothes off."

"I don't want to interfere with your relationship. Aren't you and Patrick living together?"

"We actually got married. You're the only dick we could trust to help us both have more children," Lilith said. "The pastor said that the three of us should marry in spirit, but didn't see any problem with you giving us more children once we explained the situation."

"The new identify situation?" I asked.

Lilith nodded. "Maybe you could also give Meghan a baby while she's down here?"

"Meghan was pretty hot," I whistled. "She was very skinny, too. Could she handle carrying a child?"

"The doctor says Meghan should be okay. She may have to deliver by cesarean, but carrying a child to term wouldn't be a problem."

"Lilith, I don't know about all this. You look deliciously fuckable right now, but I don't know about...mothering a child I will never see. It was hard enough signing over parental rights to..." I didn't want to say their names. I didn't want to call them 'The Bitches' either.

Lilith didn't betray anything, so I couldn't know what she was feeling. "I knew this might be a possibility. Would you consider being a donor? That way the three of us can have your babies without the associated guilt."

"How about the three of you move down here and I can see my children whenever I can? Wait, I know that's not fair to you. You change lives up there, and you help so many people."

"You're right. If anything, let's have some ex-sex, and we roll the dice. This is Las Vegas, after all."

All of my reasons for rejection just flew out the window at that point. "Roll the dice, then."

I led her into Harley's bedroom, which still smelled of our sexual encounter last night. Lilith made a show of sniffing, and she smiled. I took off the rest of my clothes, cock standing at attention when I pulled down my panties. My heels stayed on, and Lilith bent over the bed in anticipation.

She was wet and hot and loose, probably from spitting out a child a month ago. When I was fully inside her, she crossed her legs, making her feel tight as the first time I fucked her. I pulled back, and slammed into her with a grunt. The second time I pulled out, she pushed back against me, causing my balls to slap against her thighs.

I reached up and grabbed her hair, pulling on it just hard enough to not break her neck. She moaned as I went back and forth, pulling on her hair like I was riding a pony. She started to screech in what I knew was her orgasm noise and kept pounding on her until she had another before I let go of my cum inside her.

Harley and I weren't really into rough sex, and sex with Melanie was extremely gentle, but the sex I was having with Lilith was ball-shattering. The cum I was shooting inside Lilith felt like rockets flying into the sky. She pulled away from me and fell forward onto the bed, turning over and lifting her legs into the air. Her face told me she was satisfied but wanted more.

I spread her legs and put them on my shoulders and slid into her again. This was an amazing position, allowing her to use my shoulders as leverage to rock back and forth. Her face scrunched up as she had her orgasm, and another on top of that. Her legs went limp and I slid out of her. She scooted back on the bed and pointed to her purse on the nightstand.

There was a package of condoms and a tube of lube on the top, and I knew what Lilith was going to let me do. I wanted to do her ass again, and she was going to fulfill that urge. The condoms were dry, no spermicide, perfect for anal play. I slipped one on and lubed it up while she turned on her side.

An extra dollop of lube went onto my fingers as I crawled in behind Lilith. I spread her cheeks and carefully stuck my pinky inside her. She pushed back, taking my finger as far as it could go. I wiggled it around inside her, and she giggled in response. I pulled back and inserted my ring and pinky fingers as far as I could. Another push from her, and more wiggling from me. Next came the middle finger by itself, then the middle and ring fingers. She put a hand behind her, looking for my cock. A tug later, I was pushing it against her anus. Easing came again, but this time she twitched. I pulled back, and she slapped her ass and beckoned with her finger.

When I pushed against her anus, she pushed back, no twitching as I eased myself into her. Slowly I moved, pushing up against her body and reaching around to grab her tits. She latched a leg through mine for leverage and started moving faster.

Lilith's tight ass made me cum fast, and I felt myself softening inside her. I pulled out, realizing that the condom was still inside her. I found the ring and pulled it out, my cum spilling onto Harley's sheets.

"She's not going to be mad is she?" Lilith asked.

"There's plenty on there from Saturday," I said. "She hasn't had a chance to change them yet, I suppose."

"She's attached to you, Jackie. Are you planning a long-term relationship with her?"

"Harley is just a friend with benefits. I think she is more attached to Lauren than to me. Lauren is a genetic woman about her size, and she's not too crazy about Harley's relationship with a swinging dick," I said. "We'll see how it goes. How did you find us anyway?"

"Patrick knew your new names and socials. He initially balked at me looking you up, but eventually agreed. We watched you in the club and tracked you from there. You are a very good singer, but it looks like you are holding back at the dancing."

"It's my agreement with Amy, my boss. Good money comes into the club, we're always full, and we get good tips," I explained.

"You're meant for more," Lilith countered.

"I'm taking classes at UNLV. Architecture and drafting. This job helps me keep the nest egg intact, plus adding a little every once in a while."

"Are you having a relationship with Melanie?"

"Every once in a while we have sex. She has needs, and I have needs as well. We had some girlfriend time today and had fun doing it. Long-term, I don't know. Her time with...well, it scarred her. Mel is seeing a therapist, and it seems to be helping her."

"Good. Is she working as well?"

"Lilith, I think that's something she should tell you," I countered.

"Fair enough. I haven't seen your...friends since moving day, but I keep track of them. You should know that they got engaged and are coming here to celebrate."

"Nice to know they are looking after our children," I muttered.

"They have an au pair, that's all I know. Patrick can get into the ICE database, but any further inquiry would raise flags," Lilith explained.

"And Meghan is?" I queried.

"Meghan is, well, let's call her a good friend. She was with the church when you came to service, and asked to join me when I started showing. Meghan is a free spirit, she takes care of our children when Patrick and I are out saving people; and flies away when we are home. Yes, people. We even saved a husband last month."

"There are all kinds of people out there, I suppose."

"Yes, there are. What do I tell Patrick?"

"Wow, you're so bossy," I snapped. "Some afterglow."

"I need to know. He needs to know. He is toying with the idea of going full FTM so that he can...satisfy Meghan and I better. Patrick is a good father and a great lover, despite his lack of penis."

"Yes, Lilith. I'd like to screw Patrick too. I pray, no, hope that it doesn't cause problems for your marriage," I said.

"Okay, I'll let him know. It should be sometime after your exes come through town, we are in the final stages of a rescue."

"Then you should go," I urged.

"Wait a moment, let things settle," Lilith said. "Let me taste that cock-cocktail."

"I'd rather make out first," I smiled.

Lilith's kisses were something that I had missed. She was wanting and passionate and loved pinching my nipples. She ended up climbing on top of me and slipping my reenergized cock into her. She rode me hard, almost as if she were trying to ram my seed all the way up into her stomach. Even after I came once, she kept on going until she was breathless and spent.

"You're an animal," I sighed after she rolled off me.

"Are you going to get implants?" Lilith asked.

"I don't want to squander my money right now," I said. "If something happens, I don't want to leave Melanie footing the bill for everything."

"Well, I'll pay for you to get bigger tits," Lilith offered.

"I would just put the money in my account, Lilith. Maybe if I get a really good job, I will get some implants, but not now. I still have school to pay for, even if my job pays my tuition and living expenses for now."

"Fair enough," Lilith nodded. "Can I give you a head job now?"

"Maybe later," I hedged. "I don't think I can come again for a long time."

"Okay. Now I have to ask you, what about Meghan?"

"No, Lilith. I am not going to carve notches into my bedpost."

"Please?" She begged.


"Okay, let's get dressed."

Melanie and Meghan were still having sex when Lilith and I slipped into the apartment. I tried to close the door to Melanie's bedroom, but she slipped off the double-headed dildo and pulled the door back open. "Hey, Jackie."

"I'm sorry to interrupt," I said.

"You're not interrupting," Meghan pulled the other end of the dildo out of her pussy and showed me her glistening pubic hair. "Please come in here, Jackie. Cum in here."

Meghan was really hot. She was skinny, but not to the point where her ribs and pelvic bones were showing. "I can't. I can't have sex with you and you leave. I'm sorry."

"I'm staying," Meghan announced. "Melanie accepts the fact that I want to stay, so even if you don't want me, she will."

I turned around to look at Lilith. "What's going on here?"

"Meghan is a free spirit. If she wants to stay here, I'm not going to hold her back," Lilith shrugged. "Is that why you kept bringing Ariel over, Meghan? Were you training her as your replacement?"

"Yes, she'll be a better nanny than I ever was," Meghan nodded.

"There you go, Jackie," Lilith said.

"How can you want me? You don't even know me," I protested.

"I will get to know you," Meghan promised. "I'll need some clothes, but that's all."

"We'll get you some," Melanie said.

"There's your salary to consider," Lilith said.

"I told you I would be your nanny for nothing," Meghan protested.

"And I told you that we would take care of you," Lilith said. "Good enough?"

"That's fine," Meghan said. "Thank you, Miss Lilith."

"You're very welcome. Jackie, walk me to the door?"

I walked Lilith to the door, feeling that I had been set up. "You set me up," I accused.

"I am helping you become more than you were. Now you have two young pussies and two eager mouths to keep you happy. They will treat you well, Jackie. Go to them."

"What if I don't?" I asked.

"You will," Lilith promised. "Give me a kiss."

After Lilith left, I went back to Melanie's room, she and Meghan were already involved in a heavy kissing session. I went into my room, closing the door and collapsing onto my bed. I managed to pull the comforter over me before I fell asleep.

I woke up about an hour later to the smell of steak. I traded my clothes for a pair of spandex shorts and cami.

"Evening, stranger," Meghan waved me over. "Dinner is in progress, Melanie went out to get some things."

I groggily closed the distance between us and she pulled me into a kiss. "If you're up for it, I'd like my dessert before my dinner."

"Sure. How much time do we have, pussy-breath?"

Meghan snickered. "Melanie is going to find us the wine we need and some more steak. I burnt it the first try." She took my hand and led me into Melanie's room. After peeling down my shorts, she took a warm washcloth and cleaned off my cock and balls. Another wash later, I was fully hard and in her mouth.

She took her time swallowing my cock, then she put her claws on my ass cheeks to pull me to her as she bobbed her head on my cock. The earlier orgasms of the day had taken their toll, because even though I was hard, I couldn't orgasm yet.

Megan pulled off me with a slurp. "How about something different?"

"Like what?" I asked.

Meghan spun around and bent over. She had a buttplug in her ass, a little handle sticking out. "Melanie didn't want anal play, so my ass is for you."

I gently pulled the plug out, looking at her anus agape. I found a condom and the lube and got myself ready to enter her when Melanie came into the room. Her initial look was shock, and then she broke out in a smile. "Should I wait on the dinner?"

"You'd have to if you're in here with us," Meghan said, crawling onto the bed.

"It's fine. Jackie, she's just like Patrick. Don't waste her passion." Melanie blew me a kiss and closed the door.

"Get in here, witch," Meghan commanded.

I crawled up behind her and fed myself into her, inch by inch. She straightened out with a grunt, pushing her back against my chest. I reached around her, feeling her tits and pinching her nipples. Then I felt a vibrating motion on my cock. Meghan had inserted a vibrator into her pussy, and was using it to stimulate both of us.

I pinched her nipples and went for her pussy with my fingers. She pushed my hands away and brought them back to her chest. Her hands went back down to play with the vibrator, alternating the speed and moving it in and out of her snatch. The lack of urge I had before started building up in my balls, and I started moving back and forth inside her hole. She moaned and tightened up her anus and a shock went through me as I emptied myself into the condom.

Meghan didn't turn off the vibrator, moving it in at a frantic pace. She finally had her orgasm as I went completely soft inside her. "Oh my god, my holes got so used today," Meghan gasped.

I pulled out of her and she turned over to face me. "You are amazing, sweet woman, Meghan."

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