tagMatureLong Ride Home Ch. 01

Long Ride Home Ch. 01


This story is for a special friend/reader in Australia.....you know who you are ;-)

I welcome all feedback; enjoy!

All characters are over 18.


I'm so nervous; I'm supposed to be meeting my boyfriend's parents for the first time but I have no idea how to act or what to do. The long flight to Australia from Las Vegas is going to do nothing but make me a basket case, giving me hours and hours to stew and think and work myself up. I'm normally a very calm and secure woman but when Owen had finally talked me into flying out for a long weekend to see him and meet his parents, I had tried hard to talk him out of it.

We had met a year ago when we had both started graduate school at UNLV. He was going for finance while I was pursuing hotel management. I had dreamed about becoming a CEO at one of the larger casinos in my hometown of Las Vegas since I was a little girl. My parents both worked at The Bellagio; my mom as a maid and my dad as a maintenance man. I was the first one to go to college but my brother and sister were both really close to finishing their bachelor's degrees at UNLV.

Settling into a chair against the wall in the departure area, I glance around me as I sip on a black coffee from Starbucks. There's not many passengers yet as I had arrived pretty early but one silver haired gentleman catches my eye as he slowly works his way to my gate. I don't think that he's really seeing where he's going since he seems to be really into whatever newspaper he's got in his hand so it's no surprise when he doesn't see the little kid dart out in front of him. I feel bad for him and shout out a warning, making him look up in time to dodge the toddler and avoiding tripping over her.

He walks over and sits down next to me, thanking me for, "Having his back."

"No problem." We smile at each other and I can't help but watch him from the corner of my eye as he goes back to whatever story he's reading. His silver hair is combed back and to the side, his jeans and sports jacket tailored to fit his body perfectly. I can't really figure out how old he is but judging by the color of his hair and the lack of wrinkles on his tanned face, he could be anywhere from 40 to 60.

I'd always had a thing for older men with silver hair and now here he was and I idly wondered how far he was going. Because I had booked my flight a month ago, I'd had to accept changing planes in Los Angeles before catching a flight to Sydney. Glancing at his left hand, I don't see a ring but that doesn't really mean much anymore. He could have a long-term girlfriend or he could just be one of those men who doesn't like to wear a ring.

Feeling guilty for the path my thoughts were going down, I look around and notice that several more passengers had shown up while I was thinking about the stranger next to me. I think about my blonde boyfriend with the freckles across his nose and the surfer body that turned every girl's head on campus. His accent is what had caught my attention and I'd felt so flattered when he had turned those baby blues on me and had asked me to lunch. I'd had plenty of boyfriends over the years but he had captured my heart from the get-go like no one else ever had.

He had started talking about marriage a couple of months ago, and while I wasn't quite ready for that, I had been willing to think it over. I wanted to get my career going before I had to pause to get married and have babies, but he was ready to get started right away. I think that that was why I was so nervous about actually meeting his parent's and two sisters. It made it seem more real than I wanted it to be but I couldn't say no to coming out for a visit when he had put his mom on Skype and had me talk to her.

Owen and I had split the airfare since we were both surviving off of school loans and part-time jobs and couldn't afford much. When I told my parents about my trip, they had insisted on upping my ticket to first class with some money they had been saving for my graduation from graduate school. I hadn't known what to say other than to cry and throw my arms around both of their necks, practically choking them in my enthusiasm.

I had never flown outside of the states before and their argument had been that they wanted me to be comfortable and to be able to enjoy myself.

Now, here I was, waiting at McCarren Airport for the first leg of my flight. I knew that it was going to be a really long flight once I boarded at LAX.

I guess I must have distracted the man next to me when I started bouncing my leg up and down to get rid of some of my nervous energy. "Are you okay?" His voice has a hint of a southern accent to it but I like it and hope that he'll keep talking.

"Oh sorry. I didn't mean to distract you. I've never flown overseas before and I'm kind of nervous."

"Don't worry about it. I remember my first international flight. I made the mistake of drinking too much whiskey sours on the plane and woke up with not only jet lag but a hangover. I'm surprised I didn't get fired."

Laughing with him, I turn slightly in my chair so I can talk to him face to face. "I'm Maria Valtori," I say and hold out my hand for him to shake.

"David. David Smithson. Pleased to meet you, ma'am."

"Same to you. So, are you stopping in Los Angeles or headed somewhere else?"

"I'm actually headed to Australia. My firm is trying to get the business of some new clients in Sydney. What about you?" His friendly blue eyes never leave my face as we get to know one another.

"Really?! Me too!!" What a coincidence!

"Are you going to meet family or is this just a fun trip?" He asks me with a twinkle in his eye.

"I'm going to meet my boyfriend's parents and sisters in Sydney. He flew out a few weeks ago for our break and he's meeting me there." For some reason I'm almost embarrassed to tell him about Owen and I wonder if it's because I'm extremely attracted to David. I should feel horrible at thinking about another man this way but if I were to be honest, I was having my doubts about Owen and I think I was projecting that towards David.

"Congratulations! He's a lucky man. How did you two meet?" Over the next five minutes or so I explain how we met and what my goals are in life. Maybe I was talking too much because I let it slip about not being ready to get engaged and having my doubts. I also mentioned that I felt like I was being used as a meal ticket explaining that Owen was in the states on a visa and might only want to get married to me to keep him here.

"Well, have you talked to him about any of this?" Feeling like an idiot for having said too much I pause to think before answering. A little too late to think of that, Maria!

"Hey, look. If you don't want to talk about it, we don't have to. You seem like you need to talk to somebody and we've got another 30 minutes before we board."

My dark eyes search his for a second before I decide to continue. "I actually hadn't meant to say anything but I really like you. It's nice to get this out in the open though. It's been bothering me for a while now but I didn't want to bother my parents with it."

"I'm all ears," he says with a smile and I relax even further. What the hell is wrong with me? I've never been accused of being shy but then again I've never been this open with a stranger before either.

"I love my mom but I don't want to turn out like her, you know? She had me at 18 and married my dad right out of high school. They both immigrated from Italy when they were kids and wanted to make something of themselves but when Mom got pregnant, she had to give up her dreams and raise three kids. Money was always tight and having no high school diploma didn't help them any. They wanted more for us and now all three of us have a good education and are on our way to making something of ourselves. I guess what I'm saying is, I don't want to give up my dreams just yet to get married and have kids."

"Flight 761 to Los Angeles now boarding." The intercom crackles as the announcement blares through the packed area.

We find out we are sitting on opposite sides of the plane and quickly say our goodbyes. For the next hour I think about Owen and seriously consider breaking up with him before I leave to come back home.

Getting off the plane at LAX, I'm surprised when I see David waiting for me. We hadn't discussed if we were catching the same flight to Australia or not. I had figured that he'd just stay overnight at a hotel or something.

Happy that I have a friend to talk to while we wait for our next plane to board, we discover that we are both in first class and by pure luck we are sitting next to each other! I'm not one to believe in luck or fate but I can't help but think it. A stranger that I had just met a few hours ago that I'm seriously crushing on is not only flying to Australia but is in first class right next to me. Wait until I tell Mom! We were very close and I didn't keep much from her.

An hour later we're boarding. David lets me take the lead with a gesture of his hand and I faintly hear him softly laugh when I gasp out loud as soon as I step into the first class cabin. I'm awestruck at the size of the seats and then even more so by the friendly airline attendant who immediately asks if I'd like a drink. I'm not much for booze so I settle on hot tea while David orders a coffee.

Craning my neck, I try to take in all of the sights and sounds as the cabin fills with a mixture of business casual men and women in expensive looking dresses. Feeling a bit out of place, I glance down at my blue and white checkered dress and ballet flats then back at the woman across the aisle wearing heels and diamonds.

"Is this your first time in first class?" David asks me, taking his coffee from the young attendant with a smile. Taking my tea I pour in some sugar and gently stir it around before taking a small sip.

"It is. I was supposed to be in the main cabin but mom and dad paid the difference as a surprise."

Watching him over the rim of my cup, I can see his eyes briefly lower to look at my bronze legs. He had removed his jacket and had already rolled the sleeves of his dress shirt up over his elbows, exposing his tanned forearms to my gaze. I had a feeling that this was going to be an interesting flight.


Several hours into our 15 hour flight, David and I are still talking and getting to know one another. He's actually very funny and his jokes have left me with a belly ache from laughing so hard. Turns out he was single for the moment and loved to play golf, which I also happened to enjoy. An ex-boyfriend had introduced me to it back in high school and I played every chance I could get.

"I have to tell you something, David." My voice is quieter since the attendants had started dimming the lights when the sun had gone down earlier.

Our arms are touching as he leans closer to hear me. "What's that?"

"I think that you're very handsome. I'll be honest, older men with silver hair have always turned me on and I'm having a great time getting to know you. You've really helped to make a new experience a great one and I'm happy that you're here with me."

David's eyes widen in surprise but he quickly recovers. "I have to admit that I've never had a beautiful young woman hit on me before. How old are you anyway?"

"I'm 25. How old are you?" The fire in his eyes seems to die some when I tell him my age. I've always passed for someone 5-10 years older than I really was with my dark hair and eyes. My mom said that it was the way I carried myself but I wasn't too sure. I knew that men liked me as I'd caught them staring at me ever since I'd turned 16.

"I'm 55. A bit older than you probably thought, huh?" Age has never bothered me and I tell him so.

"It's just a number, David. As long as two people are over 18 and enjoy one another, then who cares how old they are. I certainly don't and neither should you."

"How would you know that I'm not too old for you, Maria? You barely know me and besides....any red-blooded man would love to have you in his bed right now."

"If that's true, then you just admitted that you find me sexy and want to have sex with me."

David doesn't say anything as he processes what I just said. "I have to admit that I never thought that I'd be having this conversation with you. You're a woman that knows what she wants and I like confidant women. Okay, you want to play? Let's play. Yes, I find you to be incredibly sexy. Given the chance, yes, I'd love to have sex with you but I don't see how that will happen."

"Who says it has to be right now? There's other ways to enjoy each other without actually having sex."

Looking around I see that the attendants had dimmed the lights so low it was almost dark in the cabin and handed out blankets and pillows for those that wanted to catch some sleep. Outside the windows it was pitch black.

Putting the arm up between our seats, I scoot as close as I can until I feel David's arm come around me and his leg press up against mine. My hand finds his thigh and he rests his other hand on top of mine as we rest our heads against the others so we can hear each other talk as we whisper.

"You are so sexy, do you know that?" David asks as his fingers stroke my shoulder.

"No, but it's nice to hear. Especially coming from you."

"Why me?"

"Because you're attractive....because you're old enough to have gotten past all the boyish crap that Owen does.....because you turn me on....because I really like you and I think that you like me too or we wouldn't still be having this conversation. Well, maybe we would because isn't it most men's goal to get their dick wet?" The last came out a bit more harsh then I had intended but I was sick of men hitting on me that wanted nothing more than to fuck me once or twice and then move onto their next conquest. While I couldn't be sure that David wasn't after the same thing, I had a feeling that he was deeper than most men I had met and would actually take the time to show me a thing or two. There was just something about him that got to me and I realized that I would probably let him do whatever he wanted. I had never considered myself to be a slut but maybe I was for even thinking the way I was right now.

"No, it's not. Believe it or not, there are still those of us who like to take their time to get to know a woman. We're not all jerks, Maria."

Searching his eyes in the dark I try to make sense of what he's saying. Deciding that I'm done talking, I lean over and kiss his cheek in thanks, thinking that I might try to get some sleep so I'm alert when I meet Owen and his parents in the morning.

David's hand leaves mine and raises up to cup my cheek. His gentle touch melts my heart enough that I turn my face to his just as he brings his lips to mine. His lips are warm as he presses closer to me. I can smell his spicy cologne and feel the buttons on his shirt under my fingers when I bring my hand up to press it against his chest.

Moving his lips, he deepens the kiss as I close my eyes and enjoy the sensations running through me. My nipples are starting to harden and my pussy is starting to pulse with each movement of our lips and when my tongue slips into his mouth, we both moan quietly. Breaking away for a minute, we look around to make sure nobody is watching us. Satisfied that everybody is either sleeping or busy, we kiss again.

For a few minutes we just kiss but I need more. I'm so turned on that I can feel my pussy start to get wet and my clit start to slowly throb. Taking his hand from my face I quietly guide it to my thigh in the hopes that he'll take the hint.

He does as his lips move to my neck to kiss and lightly suck on my skin. His fingers slowly trail up my thigh, playing with the hem of my dress for a second before slipping them further up.

The blankets over our bodies are able to hide what we're doing if anybody decided to look our way but it would be much harder to hide our kissing.

I want to feel him so I move my hand to the bulge in his pants. He's rock hard as I squeeze and explore as his fingers move higher up my thigh. I spread my legs to give him easier access when I feel him lightly run a finger down the junction where my leg and pelvis meet, barely touching my labia through my panties.

Working his finger back up, he stops for a minute to rest his hand on my flat stomach before turning his fingers, slowly inching them down the front of my underwear. My breath catches in my throat when I feel him barely touch my clit. Burying my head in his neck, I bite my lip when his palm presses down on my clit as his fingers dip down into my vagina to test how wet I am. A very low moan rumbles in his chest as I spread my legs wider still and hold onto his shoulder. My arm is trapped between us but I can use it to shift my ass down further in the seat.

He doesn't seem to mind when I swirl my tongue in his ear and kiss his neck in an effort to distract myself from my growing orgasm. His fingers find my clit and he alternates between rubbing and pinching it, periodically dipping lower to lubricate his fingers to make them more slippery. Bucking my hips up I encourage him to go faster and pant softly in his ear. I can't believe how good this feels and all of the emotions from today come together to bring me to a powerful orgasm.

Softly I whisper, "That's it, honey. Right there. Fuck yes! Don't stop..."

Biting my lip, I throw my head back. Slamming my eyes shut I can see stars as my pussy pulses and throbs for David. He's not done yet....just as I'm coming down, he builds me back up again by kissing me and rubbing my very wet pussy to another powerful orgasm. Needing a break, I stop him by placing a hand on his.

Whispering in my ear he says, "Darlin, that was the sexiest thing I think I've ever seen."

I'm just about to say something back when he brings his fingers to his mouth and sucks them clean one by one. "Oh. My. God." I moan as he brings his mouth down to mine for a pussy-flavored kiss.

Looking around, I can't see anybody watching us so I shift my ass over and bend over so my mouth is level with his crotch. Realizing my intentions, he helps me to undo his belt and pants, lifting his ass slightly so he can pull his underwear and jeans down enough so I can get to his cock.

I can't really see him that well but I can tell that he's average in length but a bit larger around than Owen. He's circumcised and secretly I'm relieved. When Owen had first shown me his cock, I'd been shocked to see that he was still uncut and it had been weird giving him a blow job with the extra skin.

David's hands rest on my head and shoulder as I start to swirl my tongue on the tip, tasting his salty precum. He tastes really good and I go back for more, sucking harder to get him to coat my tongue again. Looking up to see his reaction, I smile when I see that his head is thrown back at the pleasure I'm giving him.

I've never given a blow job when the man was fully clothed so it's a bit of a challenge working more of him into my warm mouth. Using my hand to hold his cock out from his body, I slowly work my mouth down his cock. David's hands encourage me as I slide lower and then slowly back off to minimize the sounds of slurping and sucking.

I love the power of bringing this man so much pleasure when he had just blown me away with not one, but two powerful orgasms.

I have a feeling that he's not going to last long so I start an up and down rhythm while swirling my tongue around his hard cock. The combination of my wet mouth and tongue working had never failed to get Owen off and David proved to be no exception when I feel his balls tighten up against his body.

Working him deeper into my mouth, I back off and try again when I hit my gag reflex. My head sinks lower as my lips flare out to accommodate his thick shaft as it slides further down my throat. Reaching my limit, I hold still for a second before slowly working back up.

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